Hello toy and genre fans. I figure I should get the hot button issues out of the way here: – I did NOT see any Skrulls, pink or otherwise. Rather, we were told there were certain figures in The Avengers … Continue reading

Hasbro Toy Fair 2012: Spider-Man, Joe, Avengers and Battleship

Hello toy and genre fans.

I figure I should get the hot button issues out of the way here:

- I did NOT see any Skrulls, pink or otherwise. Rather, we were told there were certain figures in The Avengers line that we couldn’t see yet, but will be part of Wave 3. (I also blogged about this yesterday, spoilers abound)


- I DID get to see a couple of different versions of The Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man in toy form (in case Quicktime screengrabs and director vagaries  aren’t your bag). Sadly, I did NOT get sent any product photos for these villain figures, so all we have are my brief video shots of the Lizard Mask, the 8 inch figure and a few 3.5 inch figures. One has clear legs – which could be some sort of camouflage? [Note: If you don't want to know what The Lizard looks like, I would NOT click here]


- On the Joe side: The Joe Colton figure looks like Bruce Willis. The Blind Master figure looks like RZA. All around, pretty amazing sculpts here.


- Jar Jar Binx encased in carbonite is the Star Wars Comic Con exclusive. The also did not send out HD stills of that amazing figure, so – yes – I tossed him in the video.

We cool?

First up – a random montage of video I took at the event on my Flip Cam. Just to give you a taste of the madness and some peeks at the changes that have been made to the game Battleship (bringing it more in line with Peter Berg’s movie version) … and a couple different versions of Spider-Man (what can I say, I really like Spider-Man).


As you might notice in the video, the movie Battleship has actually updated the game Battleship. There will be a classic version out there, but the movie version of the game adds different layers of combat based on the alien tech from the movie. Also there are things called “Spy Planes” that allow you to see parts of your opponent’s setup.

I really, really should have asked if there’s a new mechanic for moving your ships during gameplay, but, honestly: I was surprised to see such a big room dedicated to Battleship and was even more surprised that the logo for the film is something I can get behind.

Am I grasping at straws trying to stay excited about Battleship? Yes.

Ok, let’s get a closer look at some of the more movie-centric toys, eh boys? (and girls? Do girls read this site?)


The best news for Spider-Man action figure aficionados is that there will be an Amazing Spider-Man super articulated figure for your stop motion and or super posing needs. This figure actually backs up a lot of stuff I’ve been saying about the Amazing Spider-Man costume.

You may or may not remember that at last year’s Hasbro event, I talked to an executive who had gotten to spend some time with Marc Webb’s suit. The new Spidey-suit is glossy to reflect light and make better use of the 3D and textured like a magnificent bastard. The more I see of The Amazing Spider-Man the more I think that it’s a visually texture based film. The role playing sets that will be released include a number of masks, gloves and glowing emblems, but they all look complex, detailed and textured. Gone are the days of painting black web lines on red gloves, this new Spider-Man is a wonder to look at.

Let’s hope the movie is enjoyable.

The Avengers

The Avengers 10-inch figures are the ones you’ll be wanting. They only exist of the core 4 Avengers (Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk), but they’re all pretty awesome and accurate to the movie versions down to the way the fabric looks. Behold, above, the glossy Captain America outfit. The set pictures of this new costume sometimes looked like bad Dr. Manhattan cosplay, but the finished product is going to be sleek with no frills, just like Steve Rogers.

Avengers Thor is pretty great. These 10 inch figures all feature the character’s battle powers, so the Thor and Cap figures actually hurl their respective hammer/shield up to three feet. Small nitpick from me, the Marvel fanboy: That’s a new Mjolnir design. YOU CAN’T RE-DESIGN MJOLNIR! There’s only one!

Bad news for those of you who haven’t been doing what I’ve been doing (saving up Iron Man mask and repulsor from Iron Man II, Mjolnir from Thor and Cap Shield and mask from Captain America), the Avengers versions of the hammer, shield, masks, repulser and – yes – even the now-4th generation Hulk Hands toy – are significantly SMALLER than the previous versions that have been released.

That’s fine for me, I’m a tiny guy, but for you adults looking to get some Hulk Hands so you can SMASH things? Might want to eBay some of the previous versions made for Ang Lee’s HULK or The Incredible Hulk’s reissue.

Speaking of Hulk, there he is. This 10-inch figure “SMASH” things (you can see his action in my video). Most importantly, though, this is BY FAR the best look we’ve gotten at the full sculpt of Mark Ruffalo’s FRAKing-hating Hulk.

Part of me is sad that the stretch pants aren’t slightly purple, but as long as they don’t seriously mess with the character, I can get on board with these slacks.

Raise 10-inch Iron Man’s repulsor arm and his back-mounted guns shift into place. This is certainly the Avengers Mark Armor, which we’ll say is Mark VII. The Iron Man II armor is Mark VI and easily distinguished by the triangle arc reactor in the chest. This has a circular one again, denoting it as the Avenger’s Mark VII armor. There IS a Mark VI figure in the 3.5 inch line, but if freaked me out in the above video because the Mark VI figure is ALL BLACK. It’s some sort of stealth mode, but it was displayed amongst the movie-accurate figures. So, better men than me would question if the Mark VI is going to go dark in the film, causing Tony Stark to upgrade. But, I’m not saying that happens like I’m telling you the Skrulls are the aliens in the film.

I’m just saying it’s interesting.

Also interesting: Black Widow and Hawkeye will not be getting tons of action figure love. I’ve been hearing some concerns that Joss Whedon’s Avengers has too many characters it needs to establish beyond our heroes: Who is Nick Fury? How long has Black Widow been around? Hawk-what-now? Son of Cole has super powers?

Judging purely from the amount of toys based around Black Widow, Fury and Hawkeye, I can safely say that I don’t think any of these characters are going to get much – if ANY – backstory. We might hear someone mention Howling Commandos, but Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye gets almost no love. ScarJo doesn’t favor much better.

Both of their characters DO NOT get Deluxe 10 inch versions OR 8 inch versions, but instead get relegated to the third wave of 3.5 inch versions. Jeremy Renner doesn’t even get a face:

Don’t feel too bad for him, though. This is the guy who is the center of the Bourne and Mission Impossible franchises these days.


There’s not a ton of movie-related info here. The interesting thing about the panel was how much the Hasbro reps nailed home that they thought “Rise of the Cobra” was fun, but “wanted to work with Paramount” to address some fan concerns.

Which, to me and anyone who remembers how the first film was buzzed, means that someone at Hasbro got a big exec on the phone and told them: “You WILL put Cobra Commander in his god-damn mirror mask! Why hire Joseph Gordon Levitt only to bury him in makeup that no one recognized as being from GI JOE?”

So, Hasbro and Paramount “worked together” and now Cobra Commander looks like Cobra Commander again:

This seemingly Hasbro-directed decision making extended to the vehicles and to The Rock’s fighting style which the rep described as “BattleKata.”

Basically, Roadblock (the Rock’s character) was trained by Snake Eyes at some point, so the collision of Snake Eyes’ ninja style and Roadblock’s natural military style makes “BattleKata.”

From what I can understand it’s based around using a base weapon and a vest with attachments to add a fluid motion to large battles. So, if you look at the BattleKata Roadblock movie-accurate figure:

You can see that both his gun and his knife have pistol-grips. The way this was described is that Roadblock can double-fist pistols and when he runs empty, everything but the grip gets discarded and he uses the grip to attach to a new weapon on his vest. In the case of the above photo, a hunting knife. But he could just as easily eject the hunting knife and attach the pistol grip to the base of a sword.

So the essence of BattleKata is that you’re constantly holding these grips in each hand, discard a weapon when it’s empty or useless, and seamlessly attach the grip to the next weapon without stopping the fight.

It sounds cool, and I won’t mind if they use it in the movie if they DON’T actually say “BattleKata.”

For a toy line that started as generic soldiers, I have to say that more attention than I thought necessary was paid to the sculpts of the movie-accurate figures. That’s Adrianne Palicki as Lady Jaye and it kind of looks like a brunette Tyra from Friday Night Lights figure. Which is a compliment.

Finally, the sculpts get really, really surreal when they start looking like people more famous than their characters. Like RZA of Wu Tang Clan, who plays the Blind Master and whose figure looks like it might have been a Wu Tang figure a little over a decade ago.

And – the best thing about Hasbro’s GI Joe line – The John McClane Action Figure:

Ok. So it’s actually General Joe Colton, the “original” GI Joe as played by Bruce Willis. But LOOK AT THAT FIGURE! It’s basically a Die Hard figure, right down to the pistol-grip shotgun he gets as a weapon.

I’m going to buy this figure and make it fight a Harry Potter Snape figure. Then it can fight some terrorists at an airport, then it can team up with the Avenger’s Nick Fury figure and fight Jeremy Irons.

Seriously, this is a John McClane toy, I refuse to acknowledge elsewise.

Thanks be to Hasbro for letting me take a peek again, even after I kind of took sides against them on last week’s podcast.

Also, thank you for reading, I really restrained myself from posting tons of pictures of the Marvel Legends line, which is super cool. If you want to see some of those, hit us up in the comments.


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    Bruce Willis G.I. Joe figure…
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    I know. I want. I will have.

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    Same here!
    Some days I’ll call him Joe…
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