So Universal just dropped the hot trailer for American Reunion which you can peep here. Did you also know that one of Mayimbe’s Minions attended one of the preview screenings in Arizona? Reader “Adam C” chimed in his thoughts below. … Continue reading

Reader’s Review: ‘American Reunion’

So Universal just dropped the hot trailer for American Reunion which you can peep here.

Did you also know that one of Mayimbe’s Minions attended one of the preview screenings in Arizona? Reader “Adam C” chimed in his thoughts below.

My fellow Dominican Dania Ramirez looks really good in this and based on both the trailer and the review, the film is definitely worth a look this April.

Buenos dias, El Mayimbe. Let me start by saying I always found the American Pie movies to be just okay. Like most people I enjoyed the first one, but did it really need a sequel? Then we got a sequel to that (with only half the original cast, I might add), followed by a handful of DTV spin-offs. Boy, those studios sure know how to milk a franchise to death don’t they?. My first thought when I heard about American Reunion was “they’re too old” and brother, that ain’t far from the truth. I will admit, it was nice seeing much of the old gang again, but even though the characters haven’t changed all that much, the actors certainly have.

American Reunion gets off to a hilarious start with that scene you may remember from the trailer, where Jason Biggs’ Jim tries to make some personal masturbation time for himself only to get caught by his toddler son, followed by catching his wife Alyson Hannigan in the same act. Not only are Jim and Michelle the only members of the gang with a kid, but things haven’t been so hot in the bedroom since the little tyke was born.

Chris Klein’s Oz is now an NFL sportscaster on cable, but his biggest claim to fame is his failure on a celebrity dance show. Thomas Ian Nicholas’ Kevin works from home as an architect and has a beautiful wife who enjoys watching chick shows on the DVR with him and Eddie Kaye Thomas’ Finch has been traveling the world and experiencing various cultures. The one dude that hasn’t changed unfortunately is Stifler and yeah, he’s still and asshole. Out of everyone in the entire cast, I was amazed that Sean William Scott looks almost exactly the same as he did in 1999, right down to his hair. Speaking of hair, Chris Klein’s has thinned out quite a bit. I mean, here I am worried about my own receding hairline and this guy looks like Bill Paxton’s “Chet” from Weird Science. Anyway, Stifler enjoys acting like he’s this major big shot at his office, when in reality he’s the bitch for a spoiled millionaire who likes to put him in his place. On top of that, he also still lives with his mom. Yeah, Stifler’s mom is in the movie, she’s still single and wait till you see who she hooks up with and what she does to them in a movie theater.

While recounting his exploits, Finch does mention visiting some country back in ’09, so it seems like this isn’t their tenth High School reunion the boys are attending and the film is actually set in the present. One thing I did find enjoyable is how the guys find themselves out of their element when they return to East Great Falls and that they’re generation is considered to be dinosaurs. Jim discovers that the little girl he used to babysit next door is now a hot teenager ready to lose her virginity. Two major problems are that she wants to lose her virginity to him and she has a douche bag boyfriend who is no different from Stifler. I mean this is the kind of guy who likes to pull off a girl’s bikini top at the beach and run off laughing like an idiot. When this happens to Oz’ girlfriend, Stifler takes his idea of revenge too far by leaving a nice warm, brown and runny surprise for the kid and his friends in their ice chest.

I mentioned before that the cast really seemed old for this movie and they do. I’m guessing everyone is about thirty, but they just seem tired and even older than they actually are. They’re also too old for some of these antics that might have worked in the first American Pie. There’s one sequence where the boys have to sneak that girl-next-door with the crush on Jim into her house without her parents suspecting. Making matters worse is the fact that while Jim is putting her to bed upstairs, she’s drunk and pulling off her clothes, while downstairs, Finch and Oz try to keep her folks pre-occupied. Stifler only escalates the situation with his excitement over being around a naked girl and you can guess what comedic cat and mouse game with the folks ensues. Like I said, this might work for teens, but these guys look old and tired.

Where American Reunion worked for me was the relationships. Jim’s dad was always a favorite of mine and now that he’s a widower, I love him even more. Eugene Levy is just a natural and even as Jim and Michelle try to give him a make-over and get him out into the dating world, he still has time to give advice concerning their little marital problem. The writers do manage to make a bit of a buffoon out of his character when Stifler gets him drunk at a party, but the situation does introduce Jim’s dad to another famous character that I mentioned earlier.

I never cared much for Thomas Ian Nicolas’ Kevin and though he reconnects with Tara Reid’s boring Vicky and spends much of the third act trying to figure out if he drunkenly slept with her, I couldn’t care less. The reconnection between Mena Suvari’s Mia and Chris Klein’s Oz does work and it almost feels as if they two have picked up where they left off. I’m not a fan of Klein either but I was a fan of El Guapo’s article where he criticized his performance in that horrible Street Fighter reboot. Having said that, I have to give Klein some props for willingly making himself look like a fool in this film. When we finally do see the footage of Oz from that celebrity dance show, the guy puts his heart into it, looking like a dope, but making it one of the funniest scenes in the film. Mia’s current boyfriend is an MD that turns out to be a real dick, but I like the fact that even though Oz figures this out for himself, he remains a gentleman and doesn’t clue Mia in on how sleazy this guy is.

Another surprise is Finch finding a romantic interest in one of Michelle’s old girlfriends from band camp. During High School, she was an overweight nerd in glasses, but today, she’s Dania Ramirez and surprise, she’s worshiped Finch from afar and still does. She looks good, but frankly, Ramirez’ implants seem awkward on her and bigger than Stifler’s Mom’s natural Double D’s. Stifler too reconnects with a girl who gave him the best sex of his life back in High School, but where her looks are concerned, the reverse has happened. Still, he’s desperate and the ladies will like how this chick eventually turns the tables on him. As much as I hated Stifler in the original, Sean William Scott is so good, he makes the character grow on you. He becomes so pathetic at one point that you soon start to feel sorry for him and the fact that he never left 1999 behind.

I’m happy to say that everyone from the first American Pie is back and I do mean everyone. Well, okay, maybe not Stifler’s little brother or Kevin’s wise older sibling, played by Casey Affleck, but you do get a pair of guys who coined a popular phrase, a Russian beauty who looks exactly the same and a red-headed womanizer whose name rhymes with Terminator. My biggest gripe with the film is that some of the situations the guys find themselves in are just too juvenile. Did I really need to find out why Jason Biggs is really called “Biggs”? I not gonna go into detail, but there’s definitely a reason why his last name has two “G’s” instead of one. I wouldn’t have minded if they were vile or outrageous like in the Hangover films, but the gags just make the boys seem like they still aren’t that smart. And yet they have the nerve to tell Stifler to grow up. The girls aren’t much better, with Michelle attempting to salvage her relationship with Jim by buying them leather S & M outfits that look ridiculous. I mean, I’ve always like Alyson Hannigan, but I was kinda embarrassed for her. The movie could have been a lot better, but it also could have been a lot worse. I suppose if I see it a second time, I may enjoy it more. I will admit that it gave me a nice feeling seeing the old gang again and that the way this visit concludes, we definitely will be seeing more of them real soon. Thanks for your time El Mayimbe and if you use this please call me Adam C. from Arizona.


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