It turns out Warner Bros. really wants to reboot the Batman franchise, and it all might be happening sooner than you think. Even after Christopher Nolan’s fantastic ending, the studio wants the Caped Crusader to return to the big screen … Continue reading

Warner Brothers Wants ‘Batman’ Reboot To Hit Theaters In 2016

It turns out Warner Bros. really wants to reboot the Batman franchise, and it all might be happening sooner than you think. Even after Christopher Nolan’s fantastic ending, the studio wants the Caped Crusader to return to the big screen in just four short years.

Cosmic Books News is reporting that Warner Bros. wants the new Batman movie to follow the Justice League movie (tentative release date for that is 2015). However, this reboot won’t be another origin story (like The Amazing Spider-Man), instead it’ll focus on Batman’s second year as a hero. The film may be titled The Batman.

But wait, there’s more details. This new Batman “will be part of the same shared DC Universe that features the Justice League Movie as well as having Henry Cavill in the role of Superman in Justice League and subsequent sequels to the Man of Steel.

It’s definitely way too soon to even be talking about a reboot, but the details sound somewhat promising. One of the things that The Amazing Spider-Man got wrong was retelling the origin story. (How many times must we see Uncle Ben die, seriously?) Batman’s origin story has been told and retold so it’ll be interesting to see something else… but in a decade or two. 2016 seems like way too soon.

Hopefully these are just rumors. After all, it’s not like The Dark Knight Rises isn’t making the studio any money.

SOURCE: Cosmic Book News

  • Jason Falter

    The new Spider-man had the heart and the soul of the comic so the way they did the origin worked. It is a way better version than the Rami versions were.

  • A_Wise_Man

    I did not realise the comics were about an emo looking for a prom date…

  • LordVolta

    Glad they are skipping the origin story.

  • A_Wise_Man

    Screw You Warner just can’t resist that $$$.

  • ThoseNerds

    Why is this surprising to anyone? How can they possibly include Bruce Wayne as Batman in a Justice League movie without rebooting him (or atleast ignoring the Nolan ending of the series). I’m glad they aren’t doing a full reboot of the character but rather just starting off in the middle of his career. Also, Spider-man needed to be rebooted. The Sam Raimi series was 1960s Spider-man and did not reflect what the comic is today. The Amazing Spider-man is much closer to the Peter Parker and Spider-man we see every week in the comics.

  • Josh

    I’ve never been to fond of Batman being apart of the JLA only because (with the exception of Robin) he’s always been kind of a loner with a “I do it my way” kind of vibe. Batman being in the JLA has always been kind of a stretch in the comics and cartoons and I feel its just going to come off weird or campy in a live action movie. Honestly I wouldn’t mind if they just rebooted Bats but left him out of this larger DC MovieU that they are creating.

  • N3sT

    I’m confused… Will Christian Bale still be playing Batman in this film even if Nolan isn’t apart of it, or are they going to get a different actor?

  • Chris Greffrath

    Completely disagree. That’s what makes Batman such a great fit on the Justice League, because he is so much different than all the others. To have a great team, you need different types of characters, and having Batman in the Justice League mixes it up perfectly. The fact that he is just a man and he can hold his own on a team like that just goes to show how great of a character Batman is.

  • Jeff Williams

    Unlike with the Spider-Man franchise being rebooted 10 years later into Amazing Spider-Man, This is more understandable and a responsable move of DC/Warner’s doing. While Nolan did a great job of introducing a new interpretation of the character and it’s universe, if they continued this with a new cast/crew and connected it with both Man of Steel and Justice League, It would more than likely wouldn’t work. Also, while I’ve liked this and the other interpretations of the character in regards to the live-action spectrum, I personally felt that we haven’t gotten that true Batman film that we’ve been craving for since 1989 when Burton’s film debuted.

    Another thing is that I really do like that this isn’t another origin story but starting in his 2nd year of being the caped crusader. For this reboot to the character, I would really love them (DC/Warner) to not only be inspired by the comics (would really like to see some inspiration from Danny O’Neil’s run) and the 90′s animated series obviously, but also the Arkham game series done by Rocksteady and the current Detective Comics’s run being done by Scot Snyder.

  • Chris Greffrath

    Seriously?! 60′s Spider-Man?! I’m not even going to bother with this.

  • Bryan Føntez

    As a Batman fan, how could anyone be upset about this? Isn’t more Batman a good thing??

    I’m not gonna rip on WB for this reboot, it’s necessary and completely welcome.

    Nolan’s Batman wasn’t the only version. It was a GREAT version that was based on realism and was what the character really needed to put some life back into the franchise.

    But Nolan’s Batman was limited by his “realism”. He avoided soo many villains simply because they were too far fetched to fit into his world.

    Someone needs to reimagine Batman closer to the comics, more like the Arkham Asylum video game. Bigger, Darker, Grittier. We need a grizzled batman like the one in the picture above. Someone huge with a physically demanding presence.

    I can’t wait for the reboot, I’m excited to see where they take it. Here’s hoping for some new villains as well. Croc, Mad Hatter, Penguin, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Clayface, etc.

  • Jeff Williams

    To add to my original post, I didn’t hate Amazing Spider-Man. I personally preferred it over Sam Raimi’s trilogy. I liked both and through I do like this new interpretation of the character more by Marc Webb, I do see why people were pissed of Sony rebooting the series in just a decade’s gap.

  • ThoseNerds

    Bother with what? The dialogue and tone are of early Spider-man comics. If you disagree with what I’m saying that actually respond with an opinion more than “I’m not going to bother…” Are you telling me it didn’t have the vibe?

  • Playhouse

    Serious. Nolan’s Batman was a fantastic Elseworlds tale. But if you’re going to introduce a shared world concept and launch it with the premier team of top-level heroes, it’ll look foolish not to include Batman. As Nolan’s Batman clearly operates outside of that shared universe idea, it’s only fitting that a new Bats and continuity would be introduced.

    And as Batman is WB’s reigning box office king of heroes, it makes little financial sense to put the franchise on hold.

  • Dan Riedel

    To be honest, if they don’t do a Crisis on Infinite Earths story for the first Justice League (where they could bring back every film/tv incarnation of Superman/Wonder Woman/Batman), I’m not interested. I’ll pass. Nolan’s version of Batman was definitive for me.

  • Playhouse

    Oh lord. And how many people would be hunting WB done with torches and pitchforks if they don’t include some version of Batman in the Justice League movie?

  • Johnny Harper

    Really I don´t think so my friend! maybe if he is the producer or writer!

  • Chemsem

    Actually, that is an interesting way of putting the character difference. It makes sense since Raimi adorec the earlier version of the character. Still hated the MJ being a pain in the ass though…and Peter cried a little too much (the second was ok but by the third, really?).

  • Jason Falter

    If you think that the “love story” was a major part of the movie you clearly didn’t see it.
    Further more it appears you never read the early Amazing Spider-man comics either.

  • ThoseNerds

    Third was balls by anyone’s standard.

  • rockynrusty

    An “emo” or teen angst as otherwise known is a big part of what Spidey was about, especially in the beginning.
    Like Jason said you obviously know nothing about the character.
    Better to keep your mouth shut and have folk think you’re stupid than open it and proving us right.

  • A_Wise_Man

    This isn’t about JL, this is about the obvious reboot for a cash in.

  • Corey Denny

    If they do it, don’t let it be an origin story. Go back to Tim Burton, lets see him cast a new Batman and reinvent his vision.

  • Charles Jackson III

    I’m skeptical of a Justice League film until I see how they handle Superman’s powers in Man of Steel. Putting him with the Green Lantern and the rest means you need really powerful threats and that’s going to be a challenge to pull off. And if they go with Darkseid in the same year the Avengers use Thanos those 2 films will cannibalize each other more than they already would.

  • venvariants

    Can we finally get Crispin Glover for Joker, please??

  • Stephen Juan Jones

    Note to Warner Brothers – You may want to call Paul Dini to assist in the script writing & try not to interfere or hell just have him do it by himself.

  • Will Sammartano

    Why not just pick up where DKR left off. I dont care if the only part of the movie I didn’t like made the reference of “Robin”, it doesnt mean there has to be a Robin. If you look closely at the end of the movie the bat signal was repaired and John Blake was reborn in the batcave with a touch of “Begins” with the bats surrounding him and the platform rising producing the bat suit. Why not have him pick up the torch as Batman and see where it goes. Don’t keep re-doing something that doesn’t need it, not anymore. Go with the nugget you’ve been given. Nolan left you W.B. a perfect setup with a younger caped crusader to continue. Don’t shit on it. Be smart and keep the Nolan fans and gain new ones as well.


    I agree 100% with your comment, you got it right! DKR left the story ready for the next Batman movie. This Robin guy at the end of the movie is a great actor and he is young, so he can continue with the Batman legacy for a while.

  • Brian Millar

    first of all, it’s always been about cash, this isn’t a new thing. second, don’t see anybody complaining when a new bond film comes out every 4 years… batman’s been around since like 1939. he’s not going anywhere. nolan’s series was cool, but in a lot of ways its not even really batman…

  • Brian Millar

    emo? what did you drink your way through spiderman 3 and not remember it?

  • Travis J DeSantis

    Marvel: The House of Ideas
    DC: So Jelly

  • Lee Rainberg

    Shouldn’t they make singles movies for the new Batman and WonderWoman that all tie into and build to a Justice League movie first?

  • Brian Millar

    it’s all about cash everywhere in hollywood. don’t be naive. fucking avengers was the third highest grossing movie of all time.

  • Brian Millar

    too bad the story would be a complete sacrilegious fuck-all of the cannon.

  • Brian Millar

    he doesn’t want to bother because he has no clue what he’s talking about.

  • A_Wise_Man

    Avengers is not a reboot. Learn to read. And the crappy 3D played a huge roll in inflating the income.

  • Joseph Chaisson

    I was hoping for more of the Arkham based batman

  • Ian Lane

    We’ve seen Uncle Ben die once before on film, and it’s WRONG for ASM to show it again? Okay, guys.

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  • Kaare Dyrness

    So what. It’s the movie version of the Batman universe. The Nolan trilogy earned the right to depart from continuity a great deal already. Just build on what is already a very solid foundation, and do something NEW and DARING! Batman is ripe for a radical reinvisionment, and a JGL starring Batman film with someone new as Batman is far more interesting then anything the new 52 is doing.

  • AlexiasLazar


  • myclawismypenis

    Thats a matter of opinion. This reboot just followed the same formula that raimi’s did except it sucked all the air out of it.

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  • Larry Fenix

    Great post and I agree. Check out Scott Adkins on youtube. He has the Arkham Aslyum moves down.

  • Larry Fenix

    Scott Adkins for Batman. Only guy who can Physically fight like Batman and actually looks like Bruce Wayne. Look him up on youtube.

  • Steve Jay

    It’s called too much of a good thing. It could be an amazing reboot, but still too soon. I think they should focus on other characters in the DC universe. They need to do what Marvel is doing and establish characters first, then build up to the JL movie. After we’ve seen these characters and after we’ve gotten a JL movie or two… THEN we should get a new Batman franchise. That’s we even want to see more of this new incarnation.

  • Steve Jay

    I agree completely. If Batman were to act/react the same way as the other heroes (as much as a human being could that is), then that IMO would be boring as hell.

  • Dan Riedel

    Agreed. Or, introduce a new Batman from the multiverse and have this Batman be “canonical” from a different universe. That way, you can start fresh and at the same time, make a nod to what came before.

  • Ej Liwag

    i won’t be a hypocrite
    if they can make a good Comics based BATMAN
    why not?

    as long as its good, comic based or something else
    i’d want it, coz its BATMAN

  • Ej Liwag

    true true
    would like to see a comic based one too

    or something like Burton’s BATMAN and BATMAN RETURNS

    though they better stop calling it REBOOT coz its that word that makes the other people feel…… weird lol

  • Blake Simmons

    Batman’s origin story has been told and retold? I assume we’re talking about films here, in which case, the Batman origin story has been told once in Batman Begins. Tim Burton’s Batman was not an origin story for Batman, but for the Joker. Yes, we get flashbacks to his parents’ murder, but during the film, Bruce has already established himself. Every Batman film up until the Nolan Trilogy was a continuation of that version, however much it veered.

    That being said, I think having the new film come out after the Justice League film is a great idea considering how RECENTLY the Batman origin story has been told. I think the balance is going to be ideal considering how popular the Nolan version is and that we can’t have that version for Justice League (which is very sad.)

  • Blake Simmons

    Right, it is just about cash. But the film industry has started to realize that they aren’t going to be able to just throw shit at us and we’ll eat it up just because its a superhero (Looking at you Fantastic Four). They seem to be working a lot harder to make QUALITY films now, even if it is about making money. In which case, its a business. They should be all about making money. But I feel like they don’t neglect the art aspect of it as much.

    P.S. Not really Batman? How so? Nolan’s Batman was the most true-to-character version yet.

  • Abhineet Sharma

    We want Christian bale as batman again n waht Fourth Part ….n he shud b d same fr JUSTICE LEAGUE Too plz plz pplzz :(

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  • Luis Pacheco Jr.

    Gay! WB Are Going Lose Money For JL Movie If They Take Out Bale.. The Fans Batman Wan’ts Bale In JL Movie And If WB And Dc Do That Just Watch Marvel Movies Are Going Win Again Dc Comic Should Leave Bale As Batman In JL Movie It’s Too Soon Reboot Bale

  • Calum Atkinson

    As long as they keep it dark, gritty and realistic, not as dark as Nolan’s but close, because I do think he missed out on some characters with it, but i’d rather be wanting more characters than sit through more Schumacher films. Anyway Characters to consider (IMO) Nightwing ( Dick Grayson ) I’d like to see ‘there’ already ( have him there and a flashback to show him as Robin leaving for TeenTitans, then the ultimatum posed by Bruce and him choosing Nightwing ) done quickly but well and then he can be part of the story as Nightwing. If/when the Joker is used again i’d love for Michael Massee to be considered as he does crazy pretty well and with enogh white make-up he wouldn’t look as old. Riddler done right would be very good, but I wouldn’t want him to be the solo villain in any scenario. A well done Mad Hatter would also be very good. Killer Croc-yes. Clayface!. Penquin, Philip Seymour Hoffman. Zsasz. A more subtle Mr. Freeze. I really like the Ventriloquist and it would be cool to see him in a film. A Harley Quinn more like in the Arkham games-yes please!. Solomon Grundy. Hush. Hugo Strange. Deadshot. All to climax in a movie that involved the Court Of Owls. To end, the only 4 actors I like to wear the cowl are: Gerard Butler (for a more Arkham City/Asylum look), Bradley Cooper (Don’t kill me immediately, he could easily pull off Wayne, and in Alias I thought he could do serious, but not ultimatley sure about him as Batman), Gabriel Macht, and Jim Caviezel (although with him i’m not sure about his Bruce Wayne :/ ).

  • Marco Chaudry

    If this gonna happen. A second reboot? .. What? … So while Joseph Gordan Levitt is kicking up the same people in Batman Begins and Dark Knight, possibly Dark Knight Rises too the reboot Crusader is gonna be aliens and super villain kickin’ ass with the Justice League. It’s like treating the last trilogy like the 2003 Hulk film XD Ah who gives a shit, I wanna see Batman kick some alien ass XD

  • Marco Chaudry

    If anything. I think this reboot is the prophesied Arkham Asylum to Arkham City type movie verison we’ve been waiting for. Whose to say you can’t make a Batman movie just like the Arkham games with the great voice casting and everything, which would make it darker, grittier and above all, closer to the comics?

  • wrath_of_fett

    Um, yeah It’s never too soon for a Batman movie. A decade or two? Turn in your geek card immedately!

  • Cole Christie

    well there was the comics you know . . . and the several antimated series

  • Cole Christie

    i like them too but
    batman is not a detective in the films . . . he’s more of a ninja
    also since the trilogy is based on realism you can’t do half of the things done in the comics

  • Eustace Cromartie

    Yea but all the bond movies are different. It has never been rebooted. I think Nolan’s was the very essence of Batman

  • Eustace Cromartie

    Michael Massee will be 60 by the time the reboot happens but a good pick if he wasn’t so old. I was with you until your list of people to play Batman. You lost me and all credibility with those names. Gabriel Macht is box office poison no studio will put him in a leading role in a big film again. Gerard Butler you must be just joking. I like that guy but he doesn’t have a chance in hell at being Batman or a decent Bruce Wayne. Bradley Cooper would not be a good Bruce at all. Jim Caviezel is a great actor and maybe he could pull it off. Personally I want I imposing figure to be batman, some one at least six two that can get buff like he is in the games.

  • Eustace Cromartie

    Bale doesn’t want to do anymore Batman movies

  • Eustace Cromartie

    He said he was done with Batman unless Nolan did one more with a great script and Nolan said he is done and he wants nothing to do with a JL movie

  • Xavier Ciliento

    can we get a long series of good movies without reboots that tell us their origins over and over again?

  • seksivitez

    Oh hell no! No more Burton in comics!!! It was okay for the first Batman and slightly okay in Returns… but no more. I like his other movies, but we need something ongoing, not a bunch of shit with curls on the end.

  • seksivitez

    My biggest issue with the Raimi SM movies (other than the emo dance scene) were all the impossible coincidences. Why did EVERY bad guy have to be someone tied to Peter Parker??? Venom got his suit because he JUST so happened to walk into the same church Parker was in JUST when he was ripping off the suit. Lord. Peter got the suit because he was on his Moped JUST when the shit fell from the sky.

  • Jak Boxer

    How much bigger, darker, and griitter can you get than Nolan bat movies? I think what your asking for is a more ‘comic-booky’ Batman.

  • Zap_Branigan

    I hereby ban the use of “Gritty”,”Dark”, and “Realistic” when talking about Batman.

  • arun279

    told and retold? I think in movies, Batman’s origin story has only been told once…

  • bradley

    “How many times must we see Uncle Ben die?”
    “This would be the second time, if you don’t count the flashbacks in Spider-man 3.

  • bradley

    I prefer ‘grounded’. Nolan’s Batman films are grounded in a reality very similar to ours. That doesn’t Necessarily make them ‘dark’ or ‘gritty’.

  • Storymark

    Yes. A problem they corrected in Amazing Spider-Man by instead have *every* character connected to Spidey, not just the villains.

  • Japetto

    Well you could have the Gaspar Noe Batman.

  • Calum Atkinson

    Yeah I hadn’t thought about how old Massee would be, but maybe, just maybe with all the white make-up it wouldn’t notice? :/. Yeah most of the names for Batman were people I saw good as Bruce Wayne, except Jim Caviezel who was the only one I like for both Batman and Bruce W. I’m more than open to suggestions about Batman, because hell, I can’t think of anyone.

  • Jon Bloor

    Massive fan of the Batman movies and even though this is gossip you want to here, i doubt it will happen so soon for the fourth Batman film. Justice league maybe but again thats another long shot. I reckon when the fourth comes the writers should show us Arkham Asylum or make it into the story line.

  • Robert Julio


  • Solomonwreathe

    I don’t think it’s way to soon. The wait time is seems reasonable besides it’s not like anyone will still be coming off the last films so there is a cooling period.

  • Robert Julio

    Please leave BRUCE WAYNE to rest in Florence and besides this is all rumors, we need to see more DC characters WB wants the JUSTICE LEAGUE I`m down for that with the right Director, Writer and Producer like Bruce Timm he knows these characters all around. Also rumors are The Wachowskis Brothers to direct I will love to see their visual effects in the works. Personally I prefer the same BATMAN from Nolansverse to be part of JL I think it can obviously work no need to change C.Bales character he is human regardless

  • bubblegum princess

    If the Batman in the reboot is the same actor/Batman in the Justice League movie, I officially will not see a single on of the Batman movies.
    DON”T mix Batman with the Justice League. It RUINS Gotham. Batman is one of the few heroes you can make into a realistic character and make a realistic universe out of. By throwing him with all the Justice League members, you ruin it. I don’t like Superman, but him and Batman both deserve their own seperate movies. Cast some other ators to play those two in the Justice League movie.

  • James Waitforit Plank

    IM ones of the biggest batman fans out there… and i like the version that nolan went with… realistic, and dark. Please dont insult the last awesome trilogy by doing a crappy version From the older series the only good movie was batman… then it just got out of control.

  • Darius TarHeel Born Dukes

    WBs problem is too much focus on Batman. One thing that Marvel has over DC in movies is, they took time to developing multiple heroes for mvies. How long must we wait for The Flash, Wonder Woman, and anyone else. Id get Superman up, bring in everyone else and then set Batman up again, then come w/ World’s Finest (Superman & Batman) film, then do JLA.

  • Paul J Mason

    Batman can get grittier outside of Nolan. Just because Nolan made it work doesn’t mean it’s the only way that can be done.

  • Rowan Charlton

    I don’t mind the Justice League franchise.
    But I don’t want Man of Steel to be in the same universe. I would rather they make a new great trilogy about Superman, that might possibly be better than the original classic, but I don’t want it to be involved in the Justice League, I just want Superman by himself.

  • Terry Budd

    totally agree wth yu, it wud be equally a wicked film and new directuion..

  • Michael Corrado

    I just have one question. Why? There’s nothing wrong with the current Batman movies.

  • Jae DKST

    i want more, but I want Nolan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  • Georgina Quiñones

    I’m SO tired of Batman getting all this attention, why can they get creative and select other heros other than fucking Batman and Superman?… someone like WOOOOOONDEEEEEER WOOOOOOOOMAAAAAAAN FOR GOD SAKE!

  • Hernán Camilo

    I can’t possibly imagine who could do a better batman that Bale, or a better Alfred than Michael Cain. The joker, for example, would be so freaking impossible to beat, unless they show a very old joker just dying in the first 10 minutes. And Bale, seriously!?

  • Harout H. Marashlian

    sadly ill have to disagree,there’s no better batman than christian bale.

  • Gerardo Promise Vargas

    you are by yourself of this one my friend

  • Emil Prahl

    Hallo .Alove Batman Nexet movise .Baybay

  • Emil Prahl

    Batman And Robin and Bat-Girlse In 2016

  • Emil Prahl


  • Emil Prahl


  • Emil Prahl


  • me

    Batman being in 2016 is GOOD! I don’t want to see Batman again when I’m old.. 4 years is good.

  • Ramone DeCurta

    I like the idea of casting a relative unknown in the role…certainly not an A-lister. The USA Channel has quite a nice stable of up-and-coming actors who could play Batman. For example, Gabriel Macht (“Suits”) would be the perfect Bruce Wayne and Batman. Neal Caffrey (“White Collar”) or Jeffrey Donovan (“Burn Notice”) would also be brilliant.

    Aside from those guys, an experienced actor like Billy Zane (he played Cal in “Titanic”) was made for the role, and there are rumors that he was actually meeting with Nolan about the role for the third movie until Christian Bale signed back on. For the re-boot/trilogy, I think he would have been a better choice than Bale, and his name came up several times with studio heads.

    Villain: I would like to have seen Sophia Vergara as Harley Quinn. Any doubters need to check her out as a jail psycho in Tyler Perry’s “Madea Goes to Jail”. Of course Sarah Michelle Gellar (“Cruel Intentions”) and Natalie Portman (“Thor”, “Black Swan”) would also have been stunning choices for the role.

  • Ramone DeCurta

    The ironic part is that Joel Schumacher’s version of Batman would fit into the Justice League universe much better than could Nolan’s realistic version. To fit Batman into the Justice League (with Superman, Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern, the Flash, etc.), the producers will have to revisit a world where Batman has other-worldy abilities because of all of his gadgets, which are far more advanced and diverse than anything Bale’s Batman had to work with.

  • Amin

    Actually, now would be the perfect time for Tim Burton/Michael Keaton/Danny Elfman to get back together and do one more Batman film-completing their own trilogy. Using Frank Miller “The Dark Knight Returns” as inspiration would be perfect!
    Keaton (the best Batman) is now 60 years old. He would be a Bruce Wayne who’s retired, but due to certain-sudden circumstances, is forced to be Batman one last time. Spielberg and Ford did it with Indy 4 nearly 20 years after Indy 3, why can’t Burton do it? It would be HUUUUGE!

  • Hmmm….

    Not sure if you’re serious or a magnificent troll…

  • SheepODoom

    Because Burton wants to make EVERYTHING he touches Goth & Freaky (Willy Wonka played as Michael Jackson but creepier) Also you forget Batman II was NOT as HUGE as you think. I agree Keaton was THE best Batman to date. However he’s too old they need a younger taller (6’2″ ) actor with an action film background.

  • Bill Bailey

    Seriously? Screw you Hollywood!!!!!

  • your mom

    People are so fucking stupid. The next Batman should be in a comic book type of setting or at least unrealistic. It brings in more room for creativity that way. The realistic thing is done, and Nolan did an excellent job. It’s now time for a batman fantasy spectacle

  • brennen provine

    i heard that they were going to base this movie off of arkham city

  • Frisby

    I wish Warner Bros. would just pick up the “Batman Beyond” project instead.

    Anyways, hopefully this reboot will stay to Batman’s fictional roots & not none of that down to earth & realistic bullsh!t that bored me to death in Nolan’s.

  • Damien Wayne

    batman meets the matrix?

  • Jeffrey Ballesteros

    If there is going to be a reboot, I hope the new Batman would be similar to the ones from The Dark Knight Trilogy and the Arkham Series video games. The Dark Knight Trilogy shows realism and drama much like The Godfather. The Arkham Series shows free-flow combat, stealth, and a lot of villains from the Rogues Gallery such as the Joker, Two-Face, the Penguin, the Riddler, Bane, Black Mask, Hush, the Scarecrow, and more.

  • caca

    I hope a mix between realism and fantasy…just like the arkham games…to be honest, im little bored about nolan’s hyperealism…

  • james

    Yeah but if its the same universe, why didn’t superman et al sweep in and help batman during the crisis when bane had the city under siege. a justice league movie could in no way connect with nolanverse batman

  • james

    with you on that. The Marvel movies were thought through, except maybe the Hulk, 3 times to get it right with Rufallo. Anyway. All the big guns were set up before they did Avengers, with some rudimentary tie in scenes at the end hinting at the wider (avengers) world, and they still can have their own ‘solo careers’. Suppose you could drop a JL movie and then go from there, but with Superman getting a movie first, shouldn’t they all?

  • Tiago Luiz

    OK, Nolan is great, but he went too far from the comics with that one. Let’s remember that there was a source for all that, and we, the ones who love the comic book character, are STILL to see a film about the Batman in which he acts like the Batman we know, and goes around doing Batman things. We have always had only movies (sometimes great movies) in which we see a nice and refreshing and alternative view on the character. Isn’t it time for us to have a Batman movie in which Batman is not bold and daringly different than what he is in comics?

  • Tiago Luiz

    Nope, boys. Nolan made HIS Batman, not THE Batman. HIS Batman would never exist in the same universe as Superman, because there wouldn’t be extraterrestrial superpowered beings in it, and THE Batman not only thrives in that very universe, but he manages to be at the same level with all of those superdudes. THE Batman is the best detective there is, THE Batman would never have given up his fight. If necessary, he would have remained active, but in hiding. He would never actually retire. There are way too many differences between Nolan’s Batman and THE Batman for us to admit Nolan’s was the essence of Batman. As I said above, we are still to see a real Batman movie. As we are still to see a real Superman movie – Chris Reeve was lovely, but let’s agree: those movies were only good because they were what we had then.

  • Timothy Crenshaw

    No one should have been pissed at Sony for the reboot. They should have been grateful like I was although I would have liked it sooner. Sam Raimi’s Spiderman was so far off cannon it was completely ridiculous. They would great superhero movies but not great Spiderman movies. The reboot was the real Spiderman story which we all deserved for supporting everything else Spiderman that we had been fed previously even when it was so far from the comic. Raimi took pieces of every single iteration of Spiderman and then threw together characters who did not belong together in the prescribed times of Parker’s life. The reboot FINALLY fixes all of the garbage that we were sold before because no one else before really cared.

  • Timothy Crenshaw

    Bond has never been rebooted??? Where have you been living since Daniel Craig became bond?

  • Timothy Crenshaw

    There is no such thing as a Batman reboot. Just like with Sam Raimi’s and all of the others’ Spiderman movies there have not been any canon movies at all. Nolan’s Batman is the farthest from canon there is. Batman is a DC comic and the DC universe has a LOT more heroes in it. Batman is not the only one as Nolan asserts in his movies. There is no movie where there is any indication that Batman is part of the Justice League or that there are other heroes. What we need is the FIRST Batman movie that actually exists in the DC universe and is canon. Still waiting for a real Batman movie and it cannot come too soon.

  • Riley James Bernard

    Honestly bring on the Batman. Just use someone who’ll look like the Arkham games Bat.

  • Riley James Bernard

    I saw him in Ninja. and Yes. As long as he acted like Batman

  • paladin

    Definitely Scott Adkins for Batman, he looks like a Bruce Wayne, he can act, do an American accent, and he’s got the physical/action part down as well.

  • deepblue

    @Josh – Whether you like it or not, Batman will always be a core and crucial member of the JLA. He is the brains and the wallet of the JLA after all. His brooding and cynical ways has been proven to be the League’s protection against itself a couple of times and his strategies (born out of research, detective work, and deductive skills) have been the source of their victories countless times. If they create a JL movie, I’d like to see just that and as for the action scenes I don’t think they have to show him go toe-to-toe with super beings (I think that makes you think it will be campy) since he is just a human. I’d like them to show him do the evasive maneuvers then outwit them with his toys.

  • Jonata

    We need less Nolan and more Adam West for the next Batman. That’s for sure.

  • Spoderman

    i disagree with the comment in the article made about The Amazing Spiderman just another retelling of his origins. The first Spiderman movie did a bad job telling the origin of Peter Parker, it kinda left you in the dark about his parents. The new one not only goes along with the comics, but it also shows his parents and the connection between his fathers work and Peter becoming spiderman.

  • BigNerd

    They should do a Batman movie every year. Just like looks and money… no such thing as too much Batman.

  • Huwtm

    I have no problem with a new Batman coming out as soon as possible. Frankly, I’d start it where the last movie left off. It would be a mistake to make The Batman a fantasy or joke figure like in the past. Here’s an idea free of charge, Robin has picked up Batman’s mantel, but his inexperience gets him in trouble. and he’s captured by the criminal element, threatening his life unless Batman returns to face them. Bang a third of the way in we see the newly cast Batman arrive home. Then off we go! I’ll even do the script when I’ve finished Coruscare – WB call me.

  • chris

    why does it all have to be rebooted?? surely they don’t have to use bruce wayne as batman. the nolan films perfectly lead into robin becoming the next batman. why not stick with that? it saves rebooting the franchise and joseph gordon-levitt would be pretty good at it too. they can introduce so much and change the style of batman to whatever they want as it’s a new batman. saves the reboot. i say just continue with what exists. rebooting too soon just ruins what came before.

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  • David Klecker

    I doubt WB will want to go back to the Schumaker style of Batman since it flopped and now people are clamoring over Nolan’s version, which is fantastic but not as “fun” as the previous versions. I rather like WB realizing that origin stories are getting tiring. We know who Batman is and where he came from, now it’s time to just start creating new stories around what Nolan has created. In a sense if WB really wants to make a neat Batman movie, they should literally step off where The Dark Knight Rises left off, show us Night Wing and never look back.

  • Liam Ainsley

    Am I the only one who wants a Batman origin movie where it shows EVERYTHING that he went through? As in, ALL of his training, schooling, forensics studies, and technology savvy learning?