Mayimbe here…again with another scoop… One of the things I get a kick out of reading online is when trades report stuff and say, “plot details are being kept under wraps.” It’s like your daring me to go and find … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: We Know Where The New Tony Montana Hails From In Universal’s ‘SCARFACE’ Remake

Mayimbe here…again with another scoop…

One of the things I get a kick out of reading online is when trades report stuff and say, “plot details are being kept under wraps.” It’s like your daring me to go and find out. Guess what? Ninety nine percent of the time I do because that is the kind of closer that I am. #humblebrag

Case in point…

Back in October, Mike Fleming over at Deadline reported that Paul Attanasio is rewriting David Ayer’s original draft of Universal’s Scarface remake. The following is what caught my attention.

Scarface was first done in 1932 and then turned into the iconic 1983 film that starred Al Pacino as Cuban gangster Tony Montana. The film is not intended to be a remake or a sequel. It will take the common elements of the first two films: An outsider, an immigrant, barges his way into the criminal establishment in pursuit of a twisted version of the American dream, becoming a kingpin through a campaign of ruthlessness and violent ambition. The studio is keeping the specifics of where the new Tony character comes from under wraps at the moment, but ethnicity and geography were important in the first two versions.

Keeping the specifics of where the new Tony character comes from under wraps at the moment?  Why so secretive?  What is the big deal?

Well, according to sources, we have discovered that the new Tony Montana is actually Mexican and the remake takes place in the world of drug cartels.

Shocker. Are you really that surprised? #sarcasm

The bigger question post election is, is it smart business to incend and really piss off Latinos with yet another Latino drug dealer movie?  I mean really? Come on man.

What do you guys think? Tell me below in the comments. I’m especially curious of what our Latino readers think so please chime in.

Hasta el proximo capitulo…

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  • integramiata

    I was hoping they’d make it with Europeans and the sex trade or something. Make it as different from the De Palma film as it was from the original.

  • marcvader

    Whatever and I’m hispanic.

  • Heidy M.

    I’m not surprised by the ‘new’ Tony Montana’s history… and I’m also Latina.

  • elmayimbe

    How do you feel about it though?

  • elmayimbe

    Doesn’t bother you?

  • Rudy PuertoReal

    There are certain movies that should not be remade because of the actor and scope of the movie and the 1983 version is the end all. Sure you can remake the godfather but would you? Conan, Clash of the Titans, Total Recall are all recent remakes that failed miserably because the originals were so iconic it is almost impossible to live up to what was. I say find something else to throw money at. As far as the character now being Mexican. Is it a lie or a fabrication of what life is? No it certainly is not and I am Latin.

  • Jim Dodd

    If it’s set in the cartels, it kind of has to be a Latin character. I don’t know much about the Cartels, but i doubt many are led by Europeans. I don’t see the point, though. Seems more like an updated remake of the 80′s version.

  • Joe

    Bad move…….I think Al Pacino nailed it….I think Indiana Jones is having the same issue….the original Indiana Jones was made in the ’30s and Harrison Ford made-it-his-own in the 80s. Now they are having problems with someone picking up where he left off. I think it is too soon for this—-Star Trek made it big since their fans are used to seeing different characters within their universe, but this is a bad, bad, bad move. It makes sense but it is too soon.

  • yo

    Make a drug, latino cartel movie or whatever the fuk….BUT dont call it

    a scarface remake! like what, Jake Gyllenhaal is gonna play the new Tony??lol

  • Aaron Virola

    of course he’s Latino – we’re all BAMFs. But seriously, I think it would’ve be cool to see a Scarface that was Russian or better yet Chinese and throw the whole mob/triad thing in. As a Latino I’m not really bothered by the angle of the flick but it definitely is stale. Hollywood like our current environment is scared of the thing is doesn’t really know so it portrays us in ways that demoralizes our character and potential as a people.

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  • Howzah123

    Some movies don’t need to be made again.

    This is one of them

    What are they going to remake next? The Godfather? Goodfellas?

  • Anarchitech

    It would certainly be nice if they would use the opportunity to shine a light on the seriousness of the issue to mainstream America. Scarface has brand recognition and could provide some insights to people that are pretty clueless on the conditions. I enjoy the original, but if they treated the subject matter with respect (something I think the original remake kinda missed), it would be worth it.

  • Ruvian

    How about another Latino background besides Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican or Dominican. Latinos do come from other countries besides those. How about a South American or Central American country. Just Saying.

  • Ruvian

    The only thing that bothers me is that only the known hispanic countries are used. Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba & DR.

  • Guest


  • fernando

    well, just ANOTHER example that hollywood has no original ideas left. why? why? I ask. as long as people go see this it will continue.

  • JP Tartaglino

    Why would anyone be offended that this ‘totally not an exact remake’ of a mob “classic” about a latino drug kingpin is about a … latino drug kingpin?

  • Barchiel

    Thats because we dont do major business with Mexico. If we did, they would remake a violent movie with Mexicans in it. Same way they watered down Iron Man 3 for the Chinese.

  • mikecruz

    I’m Latino and I’m not offended. It’s not a fabrication. The Mexican Cartels are real and a relevant issue. The Italians, Russians & Chinese are not relevant right now. I’m also sure there’s been more than one real-life Mexican “Tony Montana”. Offensive is if the only way Latinos were ever portrayed on television and in the movies were in a negative stereo-typical manner. But that’s clearly not the case.

  • jazzyjules63

    Why don’t they just call it something else and write an original screenplay? Oh wait, I forgot. We’re talking Hollywood here.

  • Bigballs

    Say hello to my little taco!

  • MonkeyWork

    #humblebrag, #sarcasm ??

    I’m sorry, but as long as you write like a 12 year old girl, I will not take you seriously. Please tell me you’ve never called yourself a writer or journalist.

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    bla bla bla, what are you people talking about? wether he’s latino is not important, THE important question here is…. who’s going to be the new scarface. whoever it is is going to have to fill some BIG shoes man. I vote Oscar Isacc!

  • PandaAttack

    The next Tony should be Yakuza, てめ!

  • Rafael Antonio Cabrero

    AAAAAAMEEEEEN!!!!! Mayimbe. Funny thing, Scarface is supposed to be a remake on a story on the life of one Alphonse (Scarface) Capone. Why not bring it back to its original story?

  • Softie

    As much as they complained about the original Godfather due to the risk of racial profiling the Italians did ok by it! I think you’d be hard pressed to find many Italians born after 1960 that aren’t proud of it in some way for the simple reason that it’s a very good movie (yeah that’s right i’m prejudiced towards old people!) that was done to a large degree by Italians (Mario Puzo and a large part of the cast). Did you guys complain about Savages? Cartoony as it may have been Salma Hayek was happy to be in that. Love your own latinos. it’s a movie- not your life! Do i agree that this movie could suck? Yes!

  • Jim Dodd

    Indiana Jones was not made in the 30′s, the character first appeared in the 80′s.

  • elmayimbe

    ZING! Best comment of the day!

  • Will Martinez

    Mexican drug cartels are extremely violent in todays world and I can absolutely see a Tony Montana coming from that location to gain dominance in the drug race. Would have to be based more on Cali than in Florida though.

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  • 50MEX

    I like it and I should be cast as the lead role

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  • Joe

    Hi Jim,

    See the below link for a version of Indian Jones released in ’51…..there were a grip of films that were “shorts” from the matinees from the 40′s. Lucas and Spielberg did not create anything new. He is A LOT older than you think, thats why the setting is always in the 30′-late 40′s

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  • FernandoOjeda

    I think they should have continued in the tradition of the first two films, and done something completely new, culturally speaking. To go Hispanic again seems like the easy (and boring) route. What if they did Armenians, or Poles in Chicago, or Muslim Americans in Queens? There are countless ethnic options. Instead, in proper Hollywood fashion, they are just regurgitating what worked the first time (which was actually the second time). All that being said… huge Ayers fan. Wonder what was wrong with his draft. Probably too “hood/LA-centric.” for a broad audience. At least that’s what I imagine they said at the studio. God, can you imagine a PG-13 SCARFACE remake?

  • FernandoOjeda

    Did you see the 1983 version?

  • FernandoOjeda

    I’m sorry, but on what basis are you claiming that the aforementioned ethnic groups are not relative? Combined, those groups are responsible for a majority of organized crime in this country.

  • grupo tres


  • Israel Ortiz

    I feel the need to protect a group/culture from a fictional character(s) who exhibits a negative aspect of *all* humanity way more offensive than the portrayal itself, even if it appears to be a current hot button. It’s one character and his cohorts, not the race personified. As a hispanic, I don’t need all my fictional ‘brethren’ to be the noble, blemish-free protagonists. I want my fucking Iagos and Darth Vaders too!

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  • Akira2020

    GTA 4……………….that’s all I need to say

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  • 1016

    This movie is such a classic. I don’t mind remakes, If you don’t want to watch, don’t watch it. I think it would have been interesting if they went totally left field and made him a Jamaican immigrant if they keep the film in Miami. In either event, I doubt the outcome will be a classic. Hard for anyone to top Al Pacino’s performance. Although, I watched the original scar-face, most people I know have not. However, younger generations still watch the Al Pacino version of scar-face, like it’s a right of passage to adulthood. Let’s see how it goes.

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  • TruGrit

    With the popularity this film has had among the african-american community I was really thinking they were going to go for a brother….

  • Strik-nizzle

    Thats weak as a muthafucka.They just had to attach that ‘scarface’ name to the film didnt they lol?! Bunch of unoriginal hacks.I have yet to see one remake that is better than the original film,aside from the new ‘silent night’ which was great.

  • Ashley Butler

    you are a moron… that was made by piecing different movies together..

  • Rich

    who the fuck is worried about pissing of “the Latinos”. I mean really? Come on man. Who gives a fuck stop being so politically correct and treat a spade like a spade.

  • sdfgjhsa

    I think zergnet can suck my balls for naming their link “New Tony Montana Revealed in Scarface Remake.”

  • Jeronimo Mico

    Al Pacino’s version should be enough…Hollywood now are loosing the idea to create epic movies, we see nothing today day but bunch of Reboots and Remakes type of films.

  • Roman

    Just saw ‘Scarface’ again the other night. I forgot how entertaining it was. As far as another latino based drug cartel type movie coming out…It is what it is. Its not offensive or overwhelming. AlI I ask is that if this movie has to be remade, please let it come out as good or better then the original. #mexicanlovesgansterflickshatesracism

  • Fredrick Høifødt

    Do not remake this movie, you will NOT get it right! fuck!

  • Marco Perez

    As a Mexican…… I think it’s fantastic!!!!!!!! I just hope they don’t get another italian to play a Mexican.

  • Hashtag

    Why do you use hash tags? That’s #stupid. And did you even proof read this before you put it up? Are you in middle school or something?

  • Albano Bruno

    every albanian is tony montana

  • cax

    its not a remake or sequel,its a movie with the same elements of those other two scarface movies,an immigrant comes to the US to live the american dream,his name is not going to be tony montana, i don’t want nobody to try make a remake of the 1983 classic either but this one sounds interesting and its not going to be a remake

  • Craig Washington

    why would they remake this ?

  • NeonskyQ1

    I think we Latinos deserve the recognition so what it’s a scarf ace remake

  • AdrianR0014

    Hello my name is Adrian Im from Mexico City. I dont think that the goal of the movie is to piss off Latinos but in a sense it will give and reinforce a twisted idea of what Mexico really is. Just like everyone thinks that no country in the middle east is safe due to what Fox News and other stations say everyday and movies like seal team six, the same thing is happening to Mexico’s image. My fiancé who’s american comes and goes with me to Mexico and we have never had any problems. All I’m saying is that as a Latino I don’t mind these type of movies I just advice people to not base their idea of what a country really is like in what they see in movies. Oh and good luck to the crew that is making this new Scarface movie because filling the shoes of some one like Pacino is something nearly impossible. Good day everyone.

  • az

    Sometimes remakes can be way better than the original. Scarface is a remake of a 1932 movie. So why not again?

    The problem is not the remakes, it all depends on who’s attached (actors, directors, producers).

  • Donvic S. Torio

    Remaking this is like f*cking with Tony Montana! And when you f*ck with him you’re….

  • lemley

    some things just won’t be better or even as good when remade……. ” The Three Stooges “

  • Jose M Colon

    Mexican tony cucaracha.let’s see .from a rafter to a wet back tony from Colombia n the secret service

  • Dallas Slieker

    Why not again? Because it’s a masterpiece. How would you feel about another cover of Freebird or Stairway to Heaven?

  • Timothy Johnson

    Don’t remake or reimagine a classic. Just re-release Scarface in 3-D. Hire Pacino to do the trailer voice-over, ‘Say hello to my little 3-D!’ :)

  • SonnyCrockett

    I don’t think they would dare make a remake out of this as it would have too much to live up to. The plot not so much but whether or not the new Tony Montana has anything on Pacino’s iconic performance.

  • mrparlett

    Someone might have said this already, but if you’re going to go in this direction, why not make him an asylum seeker in Britain. From Iraq, Afghanistan or somewhere in Africa. A Muslim Tony Montana – tell me that doesn’t sound cool.

  • Tycoon

    Let’ some movies remain classics please cause remakes not always better then the first one

  • Jonathan Manon

    sounds to me like in theory “Scarface” pretty much gets reincarnated over and over to live out the same dream over and over. If thats the case why not try a new ethnitcity?? coming from Eastern Europe, or the Hoodlums of Africa? Yakuza’s in the US

  • Jonathan Manon

    i said the same thing, i just saw your post now lol

  • Jonathan Manon

    seriously??? lololol! this is not a movie “to be recognized in”

  • Jake Witmer

    Here’s how you get it right: Have the religious BS eliminated, have the character be consistently more moral and better all-around than the government scum. Adopt SEK3′s philosophy, and take it to the maximum. Get consultants from and maybe Ian Freeman, and others like him to work as consultants, so normally clueless Hollywood actually gets it right. (Or give it to the Wachowskis, since they’re some of the few in Hollywood who are actually smart enough to comprehend such ideas). I agree that the Eastern Europeans working the sex trade is a good idea, but that’s already been somewhat done by “Taken.” I really like the idea of a Russian scarface, a capitalist rebel from the communist motherland. Same with a Chinese triad “operator.” And even better, he could trade in things that governments REALLY don’t want bought and sold, like things that threaten their existence. (Things that allow the slaves to shelter their wealth, such as strong encryption; military hardware; military software, plutonium and nuke-instructions.) Selling drugs, or facilitating victimless crimes is not criminal behavior, in fact, according to such proper thinkers as Henry David Thoreau, not paying your taxes is less criminal and bloody than paying them. I agree.

  • Tha JackaL

    In a long line of bad ideas this is one of the worst… Either make a direct sequel “Son of Tony” which was rumored a while back, and one which I only found out about because me, and a friend wrote a script outline of a sequel we wanted to pitch to the studios, and were told someone pitched something similar. We had no clue but someone wanted to use rapper Cuban Linx in as the Son of Tony. The basic idea was the same tho that his wife was pregnant in the movie she just kept it from Tony. Out actual storyline was much different, and ours was much more solid. We included a lot of the same actors from the original who are currently working today in our script. But this is what they plan on doing? A Mexican remake? I’ll pass….

  • Proud Latino

    Just dumb, dumb, DUMB! Why??? First off, what’s this nonsense about the Pacino Scarface movie being “iconic”? In what respect?? As a Latino myself, I found this movie to be a load of BAD stereotypical drivel! Bad accents, cartoony characters and HIGHLY negative and incendiary portrayals of Latinos and Cubans specifically. Stop the madness…stop the remakes, redux’s, redo’s, do-over’s, and re-imaginings of previously done movies!! Especially when these nut jobs are considering making the NEW Tony Montana Mexican and a storyline involving the cartels!! No more!

  • Andrew F. Moncrieff

    The Pacino one is awesome, I don’t give a shit if oversensitive race-obsessed latinos don’t like it. IT’s well acted, well put together, and totally gripping. But this sounds stupid – the new one should be about a Middle Eastern or Eastern European conman.

  • Andrew F. Moncrieff

    Whiny bitch.

  • Coulthurst Nick

    Studio should have watched more ‘Breakin Bad’, Americans (and everyone else for that matter) have plenty of home grown gangsters..

  • Bubba66

    I can’t imagine portraying a latino as a drug dealer, my God, what’s next, protraying a muslim as a suicide bomber!!

  • Kosta Kostandinos
  • Kosta Kostandinos

    Ashley is right. You are a moron.
    Secret of the Incas starring Charlton Heston is where Lucas got the look for Indiana Jones
    Those other scenes are just cuts from other movies to make it look like it’s an old trailer.

  • ProperDude79

    Have a DOMINICAN play SCARFACE, not a Mexican.

  • Tim Snyder

    keep away from scarface!! no, hell no…its iconic, and there is no reason to remake it..

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