WHAT. WHAT?!?! IS MARC WEBB GETTING HIS SECRET ORIGIN BACK? Here’s why this throws me – remember my interview with Avi Arad and Matt Tolemach? Before that I was talking to Kellvin, Latino-Review’s fearless Editor-In-Chief about who could be the villain … Continue reading

Paul Giamatti in Talks for RHINO in ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′?




Here’s why this throws me – remember my interview with Avi Arad and Matt Tolemach? Before that I was talking to Kellvin, Latino-Review’s fearless Editor-In-Chief about who could be the villain for ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2.’

“Well,” I said, “when Peter is on the tour of Oscorp, they show the genetic tree they are working with and there’s a Scorpion and a Rhino in there to tie into the video game.”

Which lead me to botch the direct question when talking to ASM’s producers (me in bold):

Are there HINTS on the walls? Because I know, like, on the DNA tree we get a close up of the spider, but we see a Rhino and a Scorpian, which I know are the video game bad guys – so I’m not going to ask you guys if it’s Rhino or Scorpian – but is there something in the movie besides the end credits scene that shows us where you guys think this is immediately going?


Avi: I think, obviously, if you’re a comic fan, [Gwen’s] father is dead, so…

Well, yeah, Norman Osborn is in the world, but that [Gwen Stacy’s death at the hands of the Green Goblin] seems like a trilogy capper, guys, so where are we going immediately – are we going to investigate the Parkers more?


Matt: We know and it’s awesome, but it’s in the hands of Kurtzman and Orci now.

Here I thought they just wouldn’t use the plotline from the video game, because it was SO DEPENDENT on Rajit Ratha (portrayed in the movie by Irrfan Khan and he of the deleted scene that revealed Parker’s “hidden” origins).

Imagine my surprise when THR reported:

Paul Giamatti is in talks to join The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to play the villain known as The Rhino while Felicity Jones also is negotiating for an unspecified role.

And this character isn’t new to the universe. Here’s how the ASM Wiki describes this new origin in the re-booted ASM universe:

Unlike all of the other cross-species, which were created after Curt Connors terrorized the city as the Lizard, Rhino was the result of a pet project of Connors’ direct superior, Rajit Ratha. As Connors and Peter Parkerworked to develop the serum that would ultimately turn Connors into the Lizard, Ratha applied what he had learned through Connors’ research to black-market dealings. Without the knowledge or consent of his superiors at Oscorp, Ratha forcefully enlisted the help of Dr. Michael Morbius, threatening to end the reclusive biochemist’s career if he refused to help. Morbius reluctantly complied, applying the rhinoceros DNA with which Ratha supplied him to a cross-species serum similar in nature to Connors’ own for the Lizard.

Ratha’s next step was to test the serum, and his underworld clients were all too happy to providce his oblivious human test subject: a low-level thug named Aleksei Sytsevich. If it worked, the mafia would have a new weapon on its hands; if not… no great loss.

After and [sic] excruciatingly painful transformation, Sytsevich was now a hybrid of man and rhinoceros, ready to tear apart anything in his path – Ratha’s clients would be pleased. Unfortuanetly [sic] for the corrupted businessman, however, his own life was taken by the Lizard before the transaction could be completed. Morbius would soon claim that he created Rhino entirely of his own volition, with help from Connors’ notes. Also, knowing that animalizing a human crossed an ethical line even at Oscorp, Morbius furthered the lie to suggest that Rhino was in fact originally a rhinoceros that was infused with human DNA. Only Sytsevich knows otherwise.

The game doesn’t end with Rhino dying, so is it possible Marc Webb gets to retcon his own failed retcon by investigating what happened to Dr. Ratha in his drastically-altered theatrical cut?

And why hire non-body-builder Paul Giamatti?

Theory One – because he asked for it on Conan:

Theory Two – because he won’t be in the costume much if at all.


We know Electro is going to feel like he’s a peer to Spider-Man and won’t be a true villain in the way we thought. We also know that we’re building to Osborn’s Green Goblin throwing Gwen Stacy off a bridge. So the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ of the series, if you will, is going to take us down a dark road of the consequences of the Parker and Osborn experiments.

Namely, I think we’ll mostly be seeing the down-powered Aleksei Sytsevich, not a Paul Giamatti face plastered on a big CGI Rhino. If you need someone to sell the pain of “my badass scenes were relegated to a video game,” you can’t do much better than Giamatti.

I’m on board with Theory 2, because I’m already super cautious about villain overload, and anyone involved in any Marvel property should be too.

As for Felicity Jones and my speculation – Well, Betty Brant never got a serious shot at a real character in the original Spider-Man trilogy, and why not toss in a brunette with the red-head for ASM2.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1780752665 Taylor Smith

    I swear, the casting for this movie is crazy. And i don’t mean that in a good way. Who knows how it will turn out, but Jamie Fox as Electro? and Now Paul Giamatti as the Rhino?? WTF!? You know, if this were Christopher Nolan casting this actors I would have much more confidence, but because Marc Webb is not a good fit to direct these types of movies (as shown by the first movie), my confidence level is almost nonexistent. Good luck Webb, I just hope the Rhino’s plan at the end of the movie isn’t him trying to turn everyone in New York into Rhinos.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=528937773 Shaun Patrick O’Rourke

    Didn’t see the last one, and not really interested in this one. Can’t get past that lead actors long neck and bobble head. Very distracting.

  • ACOD

    I finally got around to watching The Amazing Spiderman this weekend and I liked it. I expected to hate it so it could have been an expectations thing, but I found it t be much better than I anticipated.

  • http://twitter.com/JHarper_81 Johnny Harper

    she could be a very good choice for Wonder Woman , she is BEAUTIFUL! with a little bit more of muscle on her body and that´s it!

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  • Howzah123

    How do you go from Sideways to The Rhino?

  • http://twitter.com/DAlires303 David

    Is this suppose to be a comedy now? Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti, sounds like Hangover 4

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  • http://twitter.com/mixta110 MIXTER

    Shame, I’d like to see Rhino, but as an armored suit (like Iron-Man style but bulky. We already had an animal crossover in the first film. I guess it ties in the story though, but still.

    I loved amazing spidey, preferred it to the Raimi films (apart from Doc Ock/Jameson and Aunt May) but the new film i thought I’d hate, turned out a pleasant surprise.

  • http://twitter.com/mixta110 MIXTER

    Totally agree!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peter-James/100002603705062 Peter James

    The spelling in this article is atrocious.

    To wit:-

    >>>>” …Green Goblin throwing Gwen Stacy off a bride…..”

    >>>>” …but we see a Rhino and Scorpian..”

    >>>”After and excruciatingly painful transformation…”

    >>>”Unfortuanetly for the corrupted businessman,… ”


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  • http://readitordont.com Da7e

    One time my “g” key didn’t press down, one an/and lifted from a previous article and two mistakes from a Wiki I quote and had nothing to do with? I find it pretty believable. But thanks for editing me, saves me the work.

  • AlexiasLazar

    He should not have to – you should learn to proof-read buddy.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Reymondo-Leon/100002349384206 Reymondo Leon

    And let’s get Taylor Kitsch a guest appearance as Gambit.

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  • Teq

    everybody loves the grammar police!

  • Teq

    Im just hoping for Morbius -> Vampires -> BLADE