There are two superheroes that have as much quantity as well as depth when it comes to their rogues gallery. The first and oldest is Batman; any of his villains are eagerly anticipated to be put on screen. Such is … Continue reading

‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Sequel to Add Venom?


There are two superheroes that have as much quantity as well as depth when it comes to their rogues gallery. The first and oldest is Batman; any of his villains are eagerly anticipated to be put on screen. Such is the case with last film, where the Riddler and the return of Ra’s Al Ghul were rumored before Bain appeared. The same thing can be said of Spider-Man, and now there is a potential clue.

Speculation suggests that actor Dane DeHaan will be the next incarnation of Venom. Tweeting a friendly happy birthday to DeHaan, director Marc Webb also sent a mysterious photo. Though it is quite plain, just being a locker, there is a possible meaning.

The locker being numbered fourteen might be a reference to “Ultimate Spider-Man” comics where the Venom symbiote was discovered. This will not be the first time Peter Parker’s dark side will surface. It was previously played by Topher Grace, in the bloated and disappointing “Spider-Man 3.” There has been for a long time rumors of a possible Venom spin-off movie as well, perhaps this will also enhance the character’s chances.

Unless it’s the Sinister Six that’s out to get Peter, hopefully the movie will only focus on one. So far, it seems there will be potentially three: Electro, the rumored Rhino, and maybe an Osborn.

The new rebooted Spidey movie will star Andrew Garfield in the titular role, as well as Emma Stone, and Jamie Foxx. “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” will be web-slinging into a May 2014 release.



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Source: Marc Webb

  • chris



    I almost want to hate this idea of Venom because of SM3. However, its not venom that i hate, its the way it was handled. A Venom could be made to work if its done CORRECTLY! But, I think a build up is necessary, in this film, then have Venom as main villain in next movie. (thats one thing ruined sm3, the build up was ok, then venom was badly shoehorned in at the end and then killed off and was mostly seen with Tophers face and unaltered voice.

    I would be up for seeing a Venom that makes me go wow and not wtf??

  • VadersRightHand

    I want Carnage!!!!!

  • Travis J DeSantis

    Waaaaay to early for Venom in this reboot.

  • MrGoyaOhBoya

    So Deehan is going to be Ultimate Eddie Brock instead of Harry Osborn? Thats cool. Or are they merging the two characters? An Osborn as Venom? That’s thin ice, Webb…

  • Dan Riedel

    Yea, I’m thinking Sinister Six this film. It may not be too early for Venom if they play it up early and trivialize the symbiote as some kind of enhanced power suit, ala the Scorpion. It’ll probably piss people off.

    But hey, chances are Parker AND Stacy will be dead by the end of SM3, so who cares? Venom could then return as a bigger baddy – as he’s doing in the Ultimate line now against Miles Morales.

  • beane2099

    Well Harry as Venom wouldn’t be completely out of the question. Hell, Scorpion was Venom for a while, so why not Harry. Either way, I hated Webb’s first Spiderman flick (I loathed it). So I’m out for this one unless it gets some sparkling reviews (but the last one got great reviews too, so I guess that don’t mean much).

  • myclawismypenis

    Wow, brave move. It better come with the HORROR or its going to be lame azz city

  • scarecrow

    no. more. ultimate stuff!

  • jordi

    yeahhhhhh venom is amazing!!!!!

  • Xmasevebaby

    Meh…what do you expect from the studio that gave us Spider-man 3 (or as I like to call it, Bugman and Venom).

  • Robb Wolford

    Hate Venom almost as much as Carnage! Bring on The Sinister Six.

  • Chris Kevin

    VadersRightHand. I believe that Marvel Studios will give us Carnage as well, but Venom his symbiote pop needs to be rebooted and done correctly, according to the Marvel Comics that wrote his stories and made him the villain icon he is today. Carnage is a legend as well appearing on one of the best Marvel Comics stories ever told “Maximum Carnage” released in 1994 as a video game and I think the novel book comic book was released, the same year. DC Comics also, released “The Death and Return Of Superman” as one of there most best-selling comic books of all time, along with a blockbuster video game too. Carnage was originally suppose to get his own films but, Marvel cancelled the projects. Carnage does have his own comic-books which, I’ve seen online but not in real life as of yet. Carnage appeared in a comic-book with Venom his father, and his enemy Spiderman. Carnage is also, a father like his dad Venom is and his son’s name is “Toxin” aka Edward Mulligan a NYPD Cop who did not know there is a symbiote inside of him and Toxin is stronger than both, Venom and Carnage combined.

  • Chris Kevin

    Chris. Bane is not licensed and published by Marvel Comics. DC Comics owns the licensing and publishing rights to the villain Bane since, he is one of Batman’s enemies. Bane was recently, shown in Chris Nolan’s “Batman:The Dark Knight Rises” film last year in July but, he was totally disgraced and disrespected. Bane will look like he should in a future rebooted Batman film sequel should they decide to bring him back. Bane was in “Justice League:Doom” a DC Comics, Warner Brothers animated film, He was in “Batman:Arkham Asylum”, and “Batman:Arkham City” in 2009 and 2011. He will also, appear in Warner Brothers and Netherrealm Studio’s “Injustice Gods:Among Us” fighting game as his real comic book self not the joke interpretation Chris Nolan did with actor, Tom Hardy.

  • M@rvel

    You’re a dumbass. He was correcting the author of this article that spelled his name “Bain”.