A scooper friend of Joblo has already seen an early screening of the film. Here are his initial thoughts which he provided in bullet notes: “- Imagine a Nolan story with Snyder effects/action. – It’s the best movie of the year. … Continue reading

Early Reactions to Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel”


A scooper friend of Joblo has already seen an early screening of the film. Here are his initial thoughts which he provided in bullet notes:

“- Imagine a Nolan story with Snyder effects/action.
- It’s the best movie of the year.
- There’s TONS of action with Superman kicking all kinds of ass in his suit.
- The cape is CG’d most of the time so it can look awesome.
- They have intentionally left out most of the the Super action in trailers to save it.
- It’s not nearly as dour and serious as the trailers suggest.
- The movie is complete, minus the 3D post-conversion, which is currently taking place”

Many have presented the upcoming superman reboot as a product of Christopher Nolan so I’m glad this scooper gave props to Zack Snyder upfront. While it’s great what Nolan did with the Batman franchise, the media hasn’t given enough acclaim to the actual director, Snyder. This is the same guy who made 300 and Watchmen. Granted, the latest trailer reminds me more of his 2004 revival of Dawn of the Dead. 


The cinematography is shaky and looks has a more natural look compared to 300 and Watchmen which were glossier with darker lighting. The trailer doesn’t give away a lot of the action scenes as the scooper suggested, but if is indeed a: “Nolan film with Snyder effects and action”, then it should have Snyder’s trademark speed-up, slow-down action style.

The scooper says that the film isn’t “as serious as the trailer suggests”. Does this mean Christopher Meloni will provide comic relief as Colonel Hardy? Or will it be Laurence Fishbourne as The Daily Planet Editor? Perhaps the story will have situational humor involving Henry Cavill (Superman) sprinkled throughout, similar to Chris Hemsworth’s role in Thor.

I still crack up when I remember Hemsworth smashing the coffee mug on the floor and yelling, “I’ll have another!”


  • http://www.facebook.com/StephenMCroft Steve Croft

    Definitely good news. Cannot wait for it!!!

  • MrRocking

    This year, Zack Snyder’s main task will be repeating. “and Me!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=768069601 Alec Grimes

    Well…they need to release a second trailer….because the ones released so far, hasn’t done it for me. But still going to see it. Prehaps not opening weekend…but will see it eventually.

  • http://twitter.com/BiancaChristine Bianca Horkan

    The video link no longer works — which makes me want to see it even more now…

  • http://twitter.com/Owsler Owsler

    Snyder is unfairly maligned considering his output. His DAWN remake is actually pretty damn nifty with some great additions like the guy on the roof and the ending. WATCHMEN is an impossible adaptation and yet he managed to transfer a lot of what made the book great, and it looks fantastic. SUCKERPUNCH and 300 are heavy on the visuals, less heavy on characterisation but they’re Snyder trying different things which you can’t say about the majority of directors on his level. Hoping MAN OF STEEL lifts him up to better standing.

  • C.

    The only reason I expect this movie to be any good: Nolan. Please Snyder don’t screw up…again.

  • smb73

    I love Snyder’s films, he hasn’t disappointed me yet, except for Sucker Punch but even that was a beautiful film to look at. The only reason I’m willing to see this is because of Snyder and Nolan coming together.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robb.wolford Robb Wolford

    This, more than any other, is the film I can’t wait to see! If done right, Superman has so much potential. Some people say Superman can do anything so what can you do with him? I say, with today’s special effects? Anything! Superman’s villains need to be “as bad as it gets”. That seems to be what they’re doing with this movie.

  • Scott

    Huge mistake not to include the Superman theme. Loses points on that alone

  • Derek Humbleman

    Watchmen is my favorite superhero movie of the last 10 years (yes, I like it more than TDK) and probably my favorite comicbook adaptation. The way that Snyder translates comicbook language to movie language deserves a close study, even if you hated it. The remake of Dawn of the Dead is better than the original (yes, I like the original a lot, but I don’t think it’s the best Romero’s movie, I prefer Night of the Living Dead). Legend of the Guardians is an awesome attempt to introduce the archetypical hero’s journey to small kids, dealing with heavy themes without being awkward to children. 300 is the redemption of the “macho movies” and the sword & sandals genre, a movie so filled with testosterone (and yet so homoerotic, which is really cool) that even I want to go fight the persians when Leonidas makes his speeches — and, although it’s not a thought-provoking movie, I don’t think it’s dumb neither. And the controversial Sucker Punch can be his weakest film, but it’s an ambitious attempt that deserved more recognition.

    So yeah, I really like Snyder and I’m very, very curious to watch Man of Steel. So bring it! Hope these reactions are accurate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1340236162 Andy Casals

    If this is true and Snyder’s Supes is on par with what Nolan did for Batman then I’d like to see a Justice League film with this feel. Also heard there is a cameo at the end from another superhero who’s not Batman. Wonder if the Wonder Woman rumor is true.

  • Knowthyself

    Bah. Superman Returns sucked all the nostalgic wang and still sucked. Let it go. New themes. New SUPERMAN. Time to release Donner’s film as canon and do something new.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=768069601 Alec Grimes

    I agree with you. That music is so engrained in pop culture; that it’ll be hard to hear new music for MOS. Don’t know why they didn’t John williams to score it…he’s very much alive.

  • Scott


    Well, here’s an idea, Star Wars Ep. 1-3 sucked so let’s not use that theme in Ep. 4-6.

    Or since Star Trek sucked, let’s not use that theme anymore.

    The John Williams score is iconic, when people hear it, they know exactly what it is. Using it doesn’t scream DONNER’S FILMS, it screams SUPERMAN.

  • http://twitter.com/DeCabota Rahul Fernando

    Lets be honest “all” the old Superman films were awful. I watched the first one recently and apart from the soundtrack everything else lacked quality. All the characters were corny including Christopher Reeve as Supe. People who really love the olds were jaded by the nuance of the film. Their childhood heros be brought to life was a huge deal. I am hoping that this film can portray Superman properly.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1034709619 Dan Riedel

    I disagree. The Burton and 60s Batman soundtracks were memorable too. And then Nolan scrapped that in preference for something new.

    After TDKR, I’m sure most of you guys barely remember the track from the 89′ film.

  • MichaelRWorthingon

    The “Best movie of the year” in February and not knowing the quality of what else will be released. Makes a lot of sense…just killed any credibility of the rest of that review from that dopey comment.

  • johnathankanna

    What do I think? I still think Rashida Jones should be playing Lois Lane, thats what I think.

  • youre wrong


  • Liderc

    lol exactly. Iron Man 3 comes out in April, which should be a contender, and I’m sure there’s quite a few more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m insanely excited about Man of Steel and it very well could be the best movie of this year, but being so early it seems very amateurish to say such a thing. Actually makes me doubt the whole scoop since the only people who would see a pre-screening would be people within the business and if they’re in the business they wouldn’t say things like that unless they’re the 8 year old son of some exec.

  • Liderc

    Agreed. When I rewatch them I realize just how ridiculous they are. Sure they fit the times they were in, but the acting is awful. Rose colored glasses for sure.

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