First some legal stuff… DISCLAIMER: Wonder Woman is a non-profit film for private use only, and is not for sale or resale. It is strictly for the promotional use of the filmmaker. It is in NO way endorsed by Warner … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Check Out the HOT Trailer For ‘Wonder Woman’


First some legal stuff…

DISCLAIMER: Wonder Woman is a non-profit film for private use only, and is not for sale or resale. It is strictly for the promotional use of the filmmaker. It is in NO way endorsed by Warner Brothers or DC Comics nor is it intended to undermine or compete with any existing or forthcoming material. Wonder Woman is created for fun and should not be sold, rented or used for anything of the sort. Station 3 and Jesse V. Johnson make no claim to any of the characters, locations, storylines, props, costume designs, logos, names or situations that are trademarked, copyrighted or otherwise protected by the federal, state, international or other intellectual property law. This film is produced solely for the personal enjoyment of the cast, crew and any other Wonder Woman fans. No copyright infringement is intended or implied.

If DC ever got around to making a movie about the Amazonian Warrior Princess, chances are it would look something like this!

Fanboy Nation! Meet stuntman turned director Jesse V. Johnson. Mr. Johnson has been a stuntman, or stunt coordinator on dozens of major theatrical releases including Spielberg’s LINCOLN, THE MASTER, AVATAR, and PLANET OF THE APES, TIN TIN, THOR, SPIDERMAN etc. Jesse’s stunt experience has afforded him a profound knowledge of action, visual effects, and big budget technique, watching and working with some of the greatest living actors and storytellers of our generation. Cool kids, did you also know that stuntman legend Vic Armstrong (RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK) is Jesse’s uncle? Jesse’s latest film is the action thriller THE PACKAGE starring Steve Austin and Dolph Lundgren.

Jesse got to that point in his career where he wanted to graduate to directing films at the studio level. If he was offered, let’s say a comic book property, which one would he do? Which comic book character has been done, but never really at the feature level?

So like Kevin Tancharoen (Mortal Kombat: Rebirth), and Dan Trachtenberg (Portal: No Escape) before him, Jesse and his team at Station Three decided to shoot a proof of concept/promotional trailer.

Enter Wonder Woman.

Jesse rounded up a professional crew which includes cinematographer HC Van Urfalian, found his leading lady in actress Nina Bergman, and got character actor Peter Stormare to come along for the ride. Here is what Jesse had to say about the making of the trailer:

It was my manager / producing partner Kailey Marsh’s idea to shoot the trailer.  She really believes I should be a studio director, and thought shooting Wonder Woman would be a great way to show off my skills in a fun way that people could get excited about.

Check out this concept poster made by Robert Sebree which I think looks better than a lot of actual superhero movie posters.

NINA BERGMAN_jump3Pretty damn cool don’t you think?

Now that we got the backstory out of the way, how about we get this show poppin’ and onto our feature presentation! So without further adieu, we at Latino-Review are excited to be the first to exclusively present to you the trailer for WONDER WOMAN. Enjoy the show and don’t forget to tell us your thoughts below!

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  • CoolwhipSpecial


  • Playhouse

    Opulence … I has it!

  • Matt

    …That? That was the scoop? The scoop we had been waiting all week for? I have no words… So disappointed.

  • Connor Quinn

    While the trailer is cool, I was expecting some official news from WB concerning one of the JL characters, not just a trailer for a fan film..

  • Emmanuel Baez

    This doesn’t get even near the quality of the MK: Rebirth short-film. It’s very amateurish. You can barely see the real action, just a bunch of slow-mo approved by Michael Bay. Don’t hurt your own reputation over-teasing stuff like this. I really think you know better.

  • CoolwhipSpecial

    How bout a scoop for a real movie?

  • Jcool

    Wow you guys should be embarrassed by this… A hack director makes a fan film and you build it up like you are going to break some big scoop on Justice League…. Disappointing on so many levels.

  • Sarhan Rashid

    This is what you guys were bragging about on Twitter? Really? Jeez. What a letdown. Not to hate on the folks who put in their time and effort into making this but it just isn’t any good. The actress/stuntwoman cast as Wonder Woman seems all wrong, as a teaser it fails to get the audience anticipation up and what little plot there is is all over the place. My 2 cents worth: If they really knew what they were doing they would keep WW shrouded in secret until she breaks out of captivity. We don’t even see a cool scene of her actually breaking out of the torture chamber she’s in. That would’ve been enough to warrant admission. Just show her putting on her “tiara” after that and cut to title. That’s a teaser not this attempt at showing off stuntwork.

  • Sarhan Rashid

    By the way, the poster is also a terrible mess. Random WW2 vehicles does not make a good WW poster. I think fans would still show support to the filmmakers had elmayimbe and Latino Review not over hyped it. Sorry but big L for you folks (and I’m not talking about Lamont Coleman).

  • Jordan

    Idk why I got my hopes up. Nonetheless it was a solid piece, Wonder Woman feature would probably workout pretty well.

  • jazzyjules63

    That’s just embarrassing. The actress looks like she’s 5′ tall. Worse than that is the costume. “Pretty damn cool”? No. The director must be a relative of yours to get you so excited..

  • Playhouse

    It’s not bad. Seen worse. Certainly seen better. (‘Grayson’ easily comes to mind.) The one thing that really stands out to me is the rather unfortunate rear end shot. The costume is not kind.

  • 8manAbe

    I agree with all comments here – what the hell is this about and why are you associating yourself with it? Bad news day? I feel so bad for you. Such a disappointment!

  • CoolwhipSpecial

    I’ve seen better things laying at the bottom of a toilet.

  • DanielStampe

    I liked the actress and her costume. However, the issue I have with this is in no way would WB/DC ever make a Wonder Woman set in that time period. I understand she debuted around that time, but I think your movie would have been much better set in the present day. It would have made her more relate able, the problems she deals with more relate able, and her circumstances much more meaningful. Kind of what “Man of Steel” is doing with “What would it be like to have a super-powered alien in our present day world?”

    Special effects and acting were good. But the part with her using a machine gun was unnecessary. This is Wonder Woman we’re talking about. She rips people apart with her bare hands. She doesn’t need to use any guns.

    But nonetheless, the ambition and enthusiasm for this is good so I applaud you for that.

  • McMeatface

    I dug it. I enjoyed the Captain America/WW2 tone. I would love to see WB get their act together and produce a solid Wonder Woman movie.

    Also, you can never go wrong with gratuitous @ss shots!

  • Julis

    Complete letdown, and Mayimbe’s probably laughing about it after all of that buildup.

  • Julius

    So you’re saying that it was worth all of that buildup? And why is this showing my name at Matt? That’s not what I put in…

  • Brian McQuery

    Sad that they got Peter Stormare and then can’t even spell his name right in their credits.

  • McMeatface

    I haven’t been following on twitter today so not sure about the build up. I thought is was pretty good for what it was.

  • Claudio Mario Paone

    First off, she should have been dressed normal … trying to hint to who she is from the start kind of builds this expectation. i would have preferred her to be like an agent – think zero dark thirty type of girl. Introduce the suit after, those nazis probably would have enjoyed her dressed like that off the bat. I give props to the people who put this together, bc its better than what i could do, it just feels very amateurish to be honest.

  • Jcool

    It was built up for the last week as a big DC scoop.

  • DJR

    Cool trailer, but the actress isn’t working for me. Doesn’t have enough muscle or boobage to fill out the suit

  • Darryl ET Miller

    Nicely done. I’m a huge WW fan but I can understand the disappointment of readers who were teased by some sort of major DC news breaking on this site. That said, at least someone cares enough about the most iconic female superhero of all time to actually film something. And I def appreciate Latino Review promoting Diana (few know that Lynda Carter was half-Mexican and I’m crossing my fingers a Latina actress snags the role again!). Hopefully we’ll get an official WW movie before the next ice age. :)

  • Bill

    This was the big scoop? A mediocre fan film trailer directed by some Zack Snyder wannabe? This is a huge disappointment.

    Latino Review seems to have gotten high on itself after the Han Solo press from a few weeks ago. It seems like El Mayimbe is more interested in boasting on Twitter or trying to chat up Kevin Feige than he his in delivering actual scoops now.

  • Josh

    Really? The big post-Oscar’s scoop is a fan made film. To say the HUGE, OVERLY DRAMATIC buildup was overdone is a vast understatement. Here’s a fan made Batman film, if I stick “HUGE BATMAN JLA SCOOP” on it can i have a job?

    Disappointing fellas

  • Mr.Fuller

    Intent is NOT a requirement for copyright infringement. This is a violation of U.S.C. Title 17 and does NOT fall under any Fair Use exception. Your “disclaimer” is worthless. Good luck dealing with WB/DC when they come to protect their rights.

  • Bill

    Seriously. Was all that legal info necessary? No one was ever going to mistake this for something Warner Bros./DC actually produced.

  • Roger

    Latino Review just jumped the shark.

  • DAVE

    kinda bummed tht is all we will ever see of a WW movie! DC YOU SUCK BaLLS!! LOVED THE ASS SHOT, the rest looked pretty damn cool, I would love a whole movie more

  • Andrew Francis

    Wtf how can this shit be categorized as a JLA scoop!. wtf crap

  • Jcool

    Why does this film make Wonder Woman look weaker then Captain America? This makes her look like just some normal woman with good fighting skills not one of the most powerful people in the world.

  • Andrew Francis

    Sorry this was the worst scoop ever complete Bs

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  • ANTI Douche

    Everyone else’s comments… Agreed.

    Also, nasty looking WONDER WANNABE.

  • Tebo Teke GeoMba Sonkwa

    Thanks for nothing. Now I know who not to turn to for this kind of thing.

  • DAVE

    I do not want ANOTHER WWII THEMED TURD rolling around the world!! IT IS MUCH BETTER THN I CAN DO BUT HAT IS ONLY SAYING SO MUCH. Im More pissed this site was so SCOOPISH about this, than I am in it being made! PROPS to those who made it BUT LR should be embarrassed that their guy talked like this was the biggest scoop since EARTH was found to be round!

  • DAVE

    therewere just 31 comments, WHAT, LR only keeps good NON steaming turd comments OFF HERE

  • elmayimbe

    FANBOY NATION! This story is obviously not my big Justice League story that I am working on. Far from it. Take this Wonder Woman trailer for what it is. A trailer to keep the nation busy as I close my actual Justice League investigation. I will have much to report soon.

  • El Bandido

    It was pretty good for me.
    Wonder Woman vs the nazi plane was cool.
    I tired of “relate able” characters. I want to be surprised !
    So go on Mr Johnson, I want to see more.

  • Wiccy Christina

    The costume need SERIOUS work, but the casting is ok, though Diana really should be taller and broader, and the overall feel of the piece is pretty spot on for a modern interpretation of the Diana of that era. I give is a B-. Good job.

  • Darryl ET Miller

    Thanks for snooping around. :)

  • Wiccy Christina

    “She rips people apart with her bare hands.”

    Ummm, no. No, she decidedly does not. I do agree about Diana and the use of projectile weapons though. That would have been a SPECATULAR point to show her using the Lasso of Truth to bring down the plane.

  • Elijah

    Love how so many comments disappeared! Haha it’s a solid short. I honestly didn’t think Wonder Woman would translate well to live action in this time, but this was a real eye opener. Don’t care too much for the director, but great short nonetheless.

  • YourMomma

    You Da Man!

  • Leo Ridgway

    Well made, but I just dont think Wonder Woman translates to film in this day and age

  • (Warren) Scofield

    eh…….. it is good for fan made I guess. It wasn’t exactly a scoop but ok.

  • (Warren) Scofield

    With decent visuals, it manages to show why a Wonder Woman film… WON’T work on its own. I think it is going to be important to have Justice League (though I’d prefer World’s Finest first) establish credibility for a female superhero with a decent sized part. They just have a horrid track record of carrying films. No way I’d give her a movie unless JL is done first and WW is a standout character.

  • David Bui Castanien

    I thought the same about Thor but look at the franchise now. You can make anything work, but it just take the right talent behind it. Well except if you’re John Carter.

  • merwanor

    Is it me, or does the woman speaking of courage sound like Marina Sirtis or Troy from TNG for those who don’t know her name. The only issue I have with this though is that the actor playing WW is not buff enough, she is supposed to be this tall strong Amazon…. And in this more realistic setting, they really have to do something with that suit, it look way to out of place.

  • CCEkeke

    I really hope that there’s good news to be shared.

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  • Eric_Jaffa

    I liked it until Wonder Woman shot down a plane.

    That’s more of a Rambo or Chuck Norris character thing to do.

    Superheros are distinguished from other heroes by NOT using guns.

  • CoolwhipSpecial

    I guess the 1st amendment doesn’t mean much around here. Deleting comments is for cunts who can’t take someone having a different opinion than they do.

  • PurpleGoat

    Looked good – not a major release (natch), but still looked like a film I’d watch. Solid work.

  • Wiccy Christina

    “establish credibility for a female superhero”

    Are you serious with that sexist bull? Female superhero movies don’t have a good track record because the movies were crap starting from the script phrase on up. NOT because they were female lead. If a studio put out a GOOD Female Superhero movie it would do just as well as it’s Male counter-parts. Also, should we talk about all the failed Male superhero movies (including 2 Hulks and a Superman) and how nobody seems to think that means that male superheroes should have to “establish credibility”?

    Wonder Woman is part of the Holy Trinity of Comics. Her “credibility” is WELL established and all a movie with her would need to be a success is to have a creative team that would treat her as such instead of as “problem” that needs to be solved. You know, like how they treat all the male superheroes.

  • Sorrynothingpersonal


  • Steve Croft

    And it was a very tappable ass at that…

  • Redbull Werewolf

    looked good, but not great. Not up there with Batman dead end, but better then most


    I agree, track records of Female standalone superhero films have been terrible because of either the movie or casting… ie Supergirl, (fine actress-bad film) Catwoman (bad casting-terrible film) Minds gone blank to other examples. What this fan film showed me is this new girls take was more about action than heroic lip pouting, a great start!

    Yet 3 Aliens films were fantastic, all lead by a great female and with serious effort put into the movies. (yes i discount Alien-4, but i love Alien-3)

    ps, for a fan film, this WW was great! Not perfect for a mainstream Marvel movie, but still, a good effort. Check out JUDGE MINTY on the web too, a Judge Dredd comics spin-off that is doing festival circuits at the moment.

  • willy2fly

    Fighting for our rights, in her satin tights!

  • plazmaorb

    So you didnt like that Captain America used guns in the Avengers movie?
    Batman used to carry a guy in the comics a long time ago, when it first came out… they all have their weapons.. if they are a gun, a bow and arrow, laser type weaponry or whatever it might be…
    Granted, it did seem out of place but she couldnt get to her invisible plane fast enough to go after that guy :)

  • plazmaorb

    The costume looks better than the one they did for that TV Pilot where she looked like a Hollywood Hooker

  • He Who Cannot Be Named

    Too skinny.

  • sircadlab

    Good lord hardly “hot”. You guys need to tone down the hyperbole. Between that and the constant “maillist” plugs youre dilluting what was once a site worth frequently checking. First-WW looks like a skinny high school girl in a homemade ill fitting costumer. Second its nothing but “Matrix ” chop suey fighting-which would be appropriate for a “Underworld” sequel. Shes a strong goddess so some sort of tank or airplane lifting would be more appropriate than non stop flipping and kicking. Its been done to death.

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  • Sarhan Rashid

    Wow! I can’t believe you guys actually removed my comments. Is there a policy against posting anything negative about Latino Review or elmayimbe?

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  • kdoc13

    The Pro’s –
    It was pretty solid as far as trailers go. It set up the back story pretty well, and had the requisite amount of action. The stunts were good, especially the gun breaking on that guy.

    The Con’s –
    That girl ain’t Wonder Woman. Not tall enough, not muscular enough, not enough ass or breasts to fill out the costume, and honestly, not attractive enough. Also, it’s a trailer, there’s no script so you can pretty much pick or choose what you want to do there to make it look good. The Costume, not cutting it. Wonder Wedgie this is not. Might be time to update WW to the stretchy pants. Shooting the gun. What? I mean throw the thing like a javelin through the engine if you’re WW, but shooting down the plane? Stupid. And what is up with the “Drop and give me 20″ pushups thing after the one fight? If it’s the “I barely broke a sweat fighting these chumps, let me do a few thousand push-ups so I can at least get a small workout in” thing, then it would be cool. Here, it looks like she wanted to see if the new turf had taken.

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  • Movie Guy

    Short trailer was okay and much like the rest, another person for this role would make it work.

  • myclawismypenis

    LAME!!! I would say more, but that pretty much says it all!

  • (Warren) Scofield

    The worst part is that everything about the film EXCEPT Wonder Woman looks good in terms of composition on screen. Th actress, hair, and partly the costume just bring it down a notch. A shame because the rest of it looks pretty decent for a fan film. Definitely leagues above the days of Batman Dead End though

  • (Warren) Scofield

    Everything is sexist or racist. smh…If you actually had paid attention to what I said instead of going off on a tangent, you’d realize that I stated there has been no track record of a successful superhero film with a lead female character. To have credibility Wonder Woman would have to first work in a JL film, in order for fans to get behind her and actually see a solo film. Nothing sexist at all about it.

  • (Warren) Scofield

    All I said is after all of the superhero films with females as leads, completely tanking… Credibility will be needed, which would be gained if she works out well in a JL film before getting her own solo movie. She also just had a failed tv series that couldn’t get off the ground. Whether it is casting, diretor’s, writers, producers, fans… whoever… Superhero female leads have not worked out. It is asinine asiten asieleven asitwelve to ignore that they lack credibility. Put the blame on whoever you want as that has NOTHING to do with my point. Again, let’s see if she can get some popularity through a JL film, and get her own after. After Green Lantern I’d suspect there are other JL heroes that would benefit in solo films after a JL film. After GL failed, it will be harder to a Flash movie off the ground for example. Just like WW.

  • (Warren) Scofield

    It also doesn’t help that she looks like a young Marcia Gay Harden in some angles…

  • Sleeper99999

    Rips people apart with her bare hands??? She’s supposed to be an ambassador of peace. ugh. Modern superhero fans are just the worst…

  • Sleeper99999

    Yes, and Wonder Woman does NOT use guns.

  • Sleeper99999

    The Constitution does not entitle you to post comments on someone else’s website.

  • TreyLane

    “If DC ever got around to making a movie about the Amazonian Warrior Princess, chances are it would look something like this!” You mean a boring, cliche-ridden waste of a brilliant property? You’re probably right

  • TreyLane

    You deleted my comment? Wow, fuck this website. See ya never.

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  • comic reader

    Then someone hasn’t been reading Wonder Woman in a year and half. Shut up.

  • GeneralChaos

    I love people who cite the 1st Amendment yet have no idea what rights it actually gives them.

  • CoolwhipSpecial

    I was just trying to say how stupid it was to delete comments. First amendment just popped into my head. Sorry if I offended your delicate sensiblities.

  • Sleeper99999

    Someone seems to have only read the last year and a half. You know there were actually comics published before the late 2000s?? Sounds crazy, I know. Some of these characters even go back well before your parents were born! Unbelievable.

  • CoolwhipSpecial

    I’m an Atheist. I know perfectly well what rights it gives me.

  • Joe

    Loved it! Real potential to be a great movie!

  • luis heffer

    Pretty decent fan made trailer!!!

  • sircadlab

    Sadly she’s so skinny and the costume so ill fitting I found myself more trying to look in the gap of her shorts to see some goodies rather than be impressed with antying

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  • MichaelRWorthingon

    She’s almost but her hair is too stringly…should be longer with more volume. Also as others have said , sh’es not much of a superherone, just figihing mfers liker regular guys do.

  • itbegins2005

    Ehhhh… no.

    First of all, while the bondage elements at the beginning are a semi-decent callback to WW’s Golden Age history, they’re a callback to something that’s probably best left in the past.

    Secondly, this seems oriented almost entirely on the most exploitative elements of Wonder Woman’s story: Nazis, bondage, violence. Sure, I get that they can’t do much of the Paradise Island stuff since it’s basically a fan video, but they don’t even try to broach any of the more peaceful elements of Wonder Woman’s nature.

    Third, the actress, while both pretty and fit, just isn’t very Wonder Woman-ish.

    And forth, there doesn’t seem to be a story. Trailers may be just jumbles of action scenes and snatches of out-of-context dialogue, but most two-minute trailers give you at least a HINT of a plot.

    Again, I know it’s just a fan video, but I just don’t get a good impression from this thing. It just feels… off.

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  • johnathankanna

    hahaha this was pretty bad. the shots were bad and the editing was even worse. You can probably edit this to make it look decent, with more quick cuts to hide the bad staging, but only so much. this also shows how hard it is to shoot something. I mean, this guy thought he had it down, thought he could pull it off, and its just not good. as a matter of fact its all over the place. when the random woman’s voice showed up in the middle muttering something to diana…LOL. just bad. put that VO in the beginning if anything.I always want to reedit this for him. Almost.

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  • Kyle

    Looks great, wish you used more of wonder woman’s accessories, but in a non-cheesy way. Best of luck

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  • Christine D’Angelo

    Actually, no, you don’t. Otherwise, you’d realize that while the First Amendment gives you freedom of speech, it does NOT demand that everyone give you a platform upon which to declaim said speech. If I don’t want you standing on my front lawn and running your mouth, I have every right to kick you off it. Ditto any private service such as this one. It’s their site, and if they don’t want to listen to you, they’re under no obligation to do so. If you want to run your mouth against them, go start your own site and say whatever you want. We can all ignore you there equally well.

    However, given your choice of language, I can well see why they deleted your comments. You don’t appear to have anything constructive to say, so why should the rest of us have to waste time with you?

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  • Kara Zor-El

    The fight scenes were weak considering they were created by a stunt man. It would have been exciting to me had DIANA took down the plane with her TIARA.

  • Jonathan Hagenbuch

    I feel like those villains would have fit Captain America better… as in my only gripe with his movie was they never showed him fighting Nazis… only Hydra which wasn’t supposed to exist till after WWII. I really like her costume though.

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  • DanielStampe

    Yeah I gave them a critical one and they deleted it. Looks like they can’t handle criticism. Definitely not film making standards. This comment will probably get deleted too haha

  • Lastrisorte

    Actually, I believe you offended your government class teachers. But I do agree that the deletion of opinions that the site specifically asks for is pretty juvenile.

  • Lastrisorte

    Hey, now. Dead End still holds up pretty damn well. But I agree that there were some details just…off about the actress and costume.

  • Lastrisorte

    Agreed. Not trying to start a sexism debate, but Wonder Woman is suppose to be one of those women who walk into a room and instantly turn every male in the room stupid. The girl in the video is certainly attractive, but just as certainly NOT Amazonian. Part of WW’s trademark is the large bust and amazing curves on a tall, well-built woman. Take that away, and you also take a way a little part of what makes WW the force she is.
    And for fan-made budget, the costume wasn’t half bad, but could have been tweaked a little to be better.
    Would also like to point out that WB’s Wonder Woman animated film did a spectacular job of creating a plot that served to show WW in all her glory, keeping the focus on her and her struggle to understand the world she had chosen to insert herself into, while also giving a great read into where she came from. Just wish sometimes that the animation teams would get behind a larger-budget live-action feature.

  • James Rocco

    Based on Jett’s hints on BatmanOnFilm, it seems Batman won’t be in Justice League and a Batman Reboot is YEARS away.

  • Christy Smith

    The woman sucked and now way does the suit match the character cm on ppl get it together I grew up on wonder woman hell I tried to be like her lol she was my hero and no way does this woman portray my hero plz plz bring my hero truly back maybe try and bring back the original suit it might make a difference this suit is to boring and dull we headband was shiny and the bracelets too and belt and lasso was gold the stars on them was red and inlaid not poking out the breastplate was red and gold and bottom was blue with lots of stars boots were solid red red with a red stripe running down front with slight heels I know this cause I tried to make it for my self lolwith silver aluminumpie pans and I colored a red star in it so cmon guys ” treaded boots” with shredded white strings ” plz” try again can do better than this

  • Robert Tetsuo Passerelle

    I masturbated profusely.

  • Christy Smith

    omg ur so right lol

  • Christy Smith


  • Christy Smith

    lol ur awful

  • Yassir Ketchum

    why can you really appreciate the hard work they put on this other then focus how big her ass is or boobs if she s tall and what not

  • Yassir Ketchum

    Agreed as for WW looks she s a amazonian which we understand they re race of huge build warrior women, the trailer looks good enough and i think if this does well enough maybe in the future could get a bigger budget, i really like to see this done!

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  • eli

    not good guys. ww is not this weak or vulnerable. She’s an amazonian warrior gifted with super speed, strength, flight and invulnerability. There’s no way she’d be caught and imprisoned by a mere nazi!!

  • Amra

    She would need to bulk up, as WW is one of the only heroes not clad head to toe in garb that can fake muscles, but she has the right face for it, imo; intense and serious.

    All would hinge on the script, ofc, and Nazis have been done to death, but not a bad lil psuedo-trailer short.

  • DC Hero

    I think this was a good solid effort. If anything, it was entertaining even if it was a trailer. What you guys have done is still a hell of a lot more than Warner Brothers has done!! Good Job.

  • Daniel Santiago

    isnt she amazonian? why are all these studios so scared of casting a woman with curves? shes beautiful but i dont see her as wondermwoman.

  • Darth Hoob

    I really LOVED that trailer. Having grown up in the 80s on a very unhealthy diet of cheesy shows and comics and now loving the 21st century superhero revival (mostly Marvel atm), I cannot wait to see Wonder Woman revived.
    Well done all. A very promising trailer, well made, well acted. Nina Bergman, despite not having the typical Wonder Woman physique most comic book fans know and love really pulled it off.
    Keep working on it guys. It looks very promising!

  • HavocNHell

    Evidently, Latino Review does not like to be proven wrong, or they delete post that are negative towards them, or catches them in lies.

  • Shannon ODonnell

    It wasn’t horrible. I liked the Nazi extras and the Nazi bad guy. WW was beautiful, but not Amazonian. Plus, recognizing that it is a fan-film (I.e., low-budget)…still…the cuts to that drew the eye to the boots made me instantly think “professional wrestler footwear” and then later on, at least three of the hand-to-hand combat shots were moves lifted straight out of a WWE wrestling match. All that being said…this was very well made and all of the actors, cinematographers, lighting, sound, and yes, even the person responsible for the costumes (working on a low budget), all of this was done very well!
    I liked it a lot as a “proof of concept” trailer. It’s actually 1,000 times better than the proof-of-concept trailer that Peter Jackson put together for the Lord of the Rings movie when he was shopping it around to the studios! Perspective people! It wasn’t meant as a finished product!

  • DougK

    The director learned his lessons well from Zack Snyder (a good thing).

  • Alexa

    It reminded me a little bit of Bloodrayne: The Third Reich. But to be far if it was directed way better, and had Wonder Woman instead. But besides this it was good, just a tad Zack Snyder-ish, plus didn’t really like the costume. That seems to be the problem with live action adaptations for heroes with bright costumes, no one wants to go all the way and be pretty faithful with the design unless its a Marvel movie.

  • Robb Sturtcman

    Well, this was exponentially better than the last David E Kelley TV pilot. I do appreciate the solid effort demonstrated here, but this is still no where near the quality Diana deserves. Wondy should be WB’s top priority. There has yet to be any female hero movie (Elektra and Catwoman don’t count since they and are spin-offs from the male characters’ franchises). The world needs a blockbuster Wonder Woman. Screw Justice League- do her justice first.

  • fishcado

    Nice poster. Mock trailer was alright.

  • DanielStampe

    I never said anything about how big her ass was or boobs. I was critiquing the actual film. I could give five shits about what she looks like or her costume. Why don’t you read my comment way down below before assuming.

  • Tym Hanson

    Do Not like the outfit, hair or actress !!! Not one bit!!! And Wonder Woman wouldn’t use a gun!

  • Jackie Jormpjomp

    Completely honest review: very professional looking. A very earnest attempt by the lead actress, but she is 100% NOT Wonder Woman.

    The character could be adapted to the big screen. All those who say otherwise have a very limited imagination, but something doesn’t feel right about this approach. A solid effort though.

  • Tyla Sosa Hager

    Wonder Woman was the only one of the big three to actually kill a foe.

  • Sleeper99999

    Yes, Maxwell Lord. And it was so out of character for her that Superman and Batman had a huge falling out with her. That was probably the start of this whole “WW as a brutal merciless warrior” nonsense. The problem is that rather than realizing she did the wrong thing and looking for redemption, she didn’t learn her lesson. (Or rather, the writers behind the scenes didn’t.)

  • Worth Less

    You seem a little obsessed with bondage. If this was a Captain American movie and the Nazi’s had him tied up when they captured him and during interrogation, would that be a bondage scene too or is it only when the character is a female?

  • itbegins2005

    No, it’s because Wonder Woman has a specific history with bondage. Try looking up the history of William Moulton Marston’s Wonder Woman books– almost EVERY SINGLE ISSUE featured Wonder Woman being tied up, or tying up another woman. And it has been acknowledged that this WASN’T incidental; Marston had some… peculiar views when it comes to gender relations.

    But also– JUST LOOK AT THIS. At one point, they have her roped up around the midsection and hanging from the ceiling. Then they slap her, and we get a shot of her feet dangling by the tip toes. Have you EVER seen that done to a male action hero? That’s not your standard “tying up the good guy” stuff– that pretty definitively IS bondage.

    Hell, the entire TRAILER is disturbingly fetishistic, from the creepy interrogation scene that looks like something out of a torture porn, to the lingering shot of Wonder Woman’s butt at one point. And notice that Wonder Woman herself has almost NOTHING to say? She’s seems to be nothing but an object to the filmmaker– there’s no character here, only a litany of exploitative action shots while other people describe what she’s capable of (and NOT who she is).

    Again, I know this is just supposed to be a trailer, but come on. The filmmaker had total control to present any aspects of the character that he wanted to– it’s not like he’s selling a real movie, after all. But the fact is, this guy only seems to be interested in LOOKING at Wonder Woman; he doesn’t actually care ABOUT Wonder Woman.

  • Elliot Dash

    Excellent Job ! Please do not listen to fan boy haters The actress playing WW is great! Definitely what a ‘real’ WW would look like rather than attempting the emulate the myth. Music was great and so was the action. I hope you do more.

  • Tony Freeman

    cant believe all the negative crap here, as if any of you could do better, shut up already with your whiny comments. IT WAS AWESOME, F**k you all. I LOVED IT.

  • Paul Presti

    Great trailer but, is that chick on an atkins diet?. As “DJR” said, “No boobage no fill suit”.

  • Mystiiqel

    Too skinny! Doesn’t fill out the uniform. Unconvincing actress.

  • Chad Bee

    where is her lasso of truth???

    they should have get Gina Carano to play Wonderwoman, see her movie:)

  • Sujoy D

    Cool trailer. The actress chosen is good in the sense that the body’s right in representing WW but the face is off – its got to look pretty, graceful yet strong – I don’t know who would fit that cos it’s really like (if) “the grace of Meryl Streep meets the beauty of Anne Hathway and has the determined pout of Jessica Biehl from her Blade days! All the best with that….. :-P

  • Wonder womfan

    Loved it! the only thing i think it lacks are scene from her home in the amazon defending outsiders from huge spider,snakes, and other creature city folk have never seen. anyways love the actress and the outfit and the action, i do think that some of the action could look a little better but great would love to see this become a big film.

  • matrix86

    To be honest, I don’t care about the T&A. Her not having an ass or big tits is no big deal for me. I can easily look past it. The costume seems a bit…”meh” and the actress just doesn’t sell it. Having such a small frame doesn’t make sense for a wonder woman. A woman with a more musculature body would be better.
    BUT, this is just a fan film, so I see no need to get all angry and upset about any of this.

    The only thing that bothers me the most here, is the rampant unprofessionalism. Deleting comments you don’t like? If you can’t take criticism, whether you asked for it or not, then the internet…or, anywhere for that matter, is not the place for you. If you don’t agree with commenters, just move on. No need to go around deleting their comments. That’s just plane rude and unprofessional (bet this gets deleted, which will just prove my point).

  • Barbara Ruiz

    Did u see what ABC was gonna do with her? This is my preference between the two, didn’t like the costume fit but it wasn’t a big deal-obviously didn’t keep me from watching, liked that the woman actually did have muscle tone. Some of the faces she made while fighting were not great and those were the times they slowed everything down but this was impressive to me.

  • Zamanta De Jesus

    She did wrong? Are you sure of that? Maxwell had Superman’s mind controlled. Superman was unstoppable. As batman said to Clark “She’s an amazon, a warrior, a queen. She has the mind and strength to make the hard decisions Not like you. Deal with it!” It was a hard move, but it had to be done. And as amazon training, WW has said time and time again, you use what is available. She prefers one on one combat, because is more honourable But sometimes that is not possible.

  • Zamanta De Jesus

    In reality all of the trinity have killed before, it was just implied. She is the only one that DC decided to make the murder publicly.

  • Sleeper99999

    There was no other way because that’s what the authors decreed, and they made their characters agree. But of course there was another way. They know any number of people who could have compelled Max to release Superman from his control (Doctor Fate, Zatanna, etc.). They could have used kryptonite or magic to incapacitate Superman temporarily. And for all they know, Max could have implanted Superman with a “doomsday switch” sending him into an uncontrollable murderous rampage the moment Max Lord dies, a final order rampage that Max may not have been compelled to mention even while lasso-bound (since Superman would, in fact, still be free…after that last order), so it was a tactical mistake to just kill him.

    The point is that there have been any number of other “no way out” stories where the heroes, in fact, found a way out because they persevered. And there have been numerous “mind control” stories where one or more of the heroes was taken over, by Starro or Despero or Brainiac or some other menace, and the heroes didn’t resort to cold-blooded murder. I just think that this was a terrible story that did a disservice to one of DC’s oldest heroes. Between this and IDENTITY CRISIS, the ’00s were just awful for DC heroes.

  • OuchmyBrain

    WTF is this junk. Looks like the acting from a $500,000 B movie.

    It’s bad when soon to be 62 year old Lynda Carter is STILL a better Wonder Woman choice in every way than the actress you pick for a current blockbuster.

    Lynda is over 60 and is still far sexier than whatever that thing was I just watched. I don’t like my Wonder Woman to look like a Man in drag with flat behind and no definition anywhere else either.

    I reiterate W T F

  • CEH

    It’s a cool concept, but I think WW was miscast. Diana is an Amazonian Princess with muscle and curves. Not an anorexic model. I mean, the actress is pretty, but not quite right. I would also suggest a slight update in costume. The film still needs tweaking in my opinion.

  • Joshua Yamada

    Awesome! She and Captain America would make an excellent team!

  • WHOVIAN2013

    Everything about the trailer was wrong- the actress, the costume, the action, the nazis….Wonder Woman wasn’t that petite first of all. She was an AMAZON WOMAN! The costume looked like the actress’ mother made it for her in the basement of the family home, and last time I checked- WW didn’t wear boxing shoes!! lol The action was phony and unbelievable, especially the “Rambo moment”…and the Nazis….Why make everything in the first 2 mins of the trailer look like it should be taking place in the 1940′s, then she is fighting bad guys in what is obviously a modern city complete with cool skyscrapers…..It just didn’t work …sorry. Better luck next time to whoever made this when they do a mock trailer for Richie Rich…lol

  • Maria Paramythatzou

    You guys did a good job, but though the Wonder Woman is beautiful and flexible her build is that of a ballerina and not a heroine. I mean it only well. But if you think of it all the big action blockbusters, they use for action female leads women who look very thin.
    I hope you achieve what you meant to with this short/trailer.

  • James H.

    Ample looks for me – She’s fantastic and believable as a ‘kick-ass’ Heroine.
    Love the actress and the trailer – Can’t wait for more!

  • James H.

    Totally agree Yassir. She’s great and the acting looks excellent from what is in the preview. For entertainment… it’s going to be an exciting movie.

  • JMOThanks

    ohh wow!! You’re an Atheist…Big Deal!!! What does that have to do with posting a comment. Get over yourself…

  • Shawn

    This wasn’t Wonder Woman… it was Captain America with boobs.

  • T.j. Learnihan

    Superman-Henry Cavill; Batman-Karl Urban, Richard Armitage, or Jim

    Caviezel; Green Lantern- John Stewart=Idris Elba/ Hal Jordan=Nathan

    Fillion; Martian Manhunter – Carl Lumbly, Dennis Haysbert, or Peter

    Mensah; Flash – Patrick Wilsom, Liam Hemsworth, or Liam McIntyre;

    Wonder Woman – Jaime Alexander, Gina Carano, Adrianne Palicki,Gemma
    Arterton, or Lynn Collins; Aquaman – Benedict Cumberbatch or Alexander
    Skarsgard; DARKSEID -

    Kevin Durand or Joe Manganiello (Would have chosen Michael Clarke Duncan

    - Awesome Actor, whom has since passed, R.I.P.) Remember that first

    and foremost that Budget is the name of the game here and many if not

    most of the actors are not in the Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr. Income Bracket can be met with these Folks!!!

  • John Boney

    No No No! Wonder Woman is an amazon princess, So you would have to make her a Angalina Jolie type, you know 6’0″ or so, works out to show definition. I’m not talking buffed, but more then this girl. I am sure she’s a good actress, but WONDER WOMAN she is not

  • Micalos Arnold

    I think the point is that Wonder Woman here is wayyyyy under-powered. Wonder Woman is really damn near at Superman capacity in the DC Universe.

  • Rick Stapel

    FUN!! Very cool, don’t listen to the haters….it was FUN!!!

  • DCFan

    looks promising – but you can never take the character seriously
    DC really is out of luck and only has Supes Batman to carry the mantle alone.

    hate to say it – but marvel has far more interesting lineup .
    of course – if some egghead in the studios realizes there’s a character called LOBO in DC’s arsenal…….

  • Irrevenant

    Agree re: the machine gun – Wonder Woman would be more likely to bring down a plane by THROWING a machine gun at it. :)

    Disagree re: the Nazis. Wonder Woman is immortal. She’s a perfect character to do the same as the Captain America movie – cover her origins in WWII then jump to present day (the last few seconds of the trailer suggest this). And (Captain America aside) setting it in WWII would make it stand out from the current crop of superhero movies.

    re: Power levels, it really depends whether you’re basing it on the contemporary comics or on the old TV series. This looks like the latter (or a little lower), but you’d probably want to go with the former if you intend to use her in a Justice League movie. It would probably be hard to make nazis a realistic threat to a fully-powered WW unless you bring in ubermenschen (DC owns the rights to Captain Nazi, yeah?).

  • Nick Jones

    So, I have to admit ESPECIALLY for a fan made trailer for a fake movie this is pretty f#cking cool. Except the “through the crotch” shot of the city. Like, her name is Wonder Woman. It’s right there in the title. I don’t need to get gym shorts close to know she owns a vajay.

  • John W Hargis

    why use Michael jacksons face????

  • James Berg

    I liked the gritty look it had and Wonder Woman was just awesome.

  • Applereddy

    So you want feedback?

    Solid Short, yes. Good quality. Love the poster.

    Loved the costume, face was good for WW. Good coloring. It is the fashion season for high shorts (didn’t like the ride-ride shot though–very un-WW-ish. Takes away from her powerful persona. True, maybe needed someone a little taller, more curvey, solid-looking.

    I like it shot in the WWII time period–but didn’t like that it started out with an interrogation, too predictable???? Some interrogations from the old show involved truth serum–which could be cool–a different twist to the usual punches with Q and A.

    Liked the color and length of the hair, but the style didn’t seem like her–too unkempt, like she doesn’t take care of herself, not just that it’s messy from fighting/interrogation.

    Shoes look authentic, and we all appreciate that eye for detail, but maybe too much time on them–in ratio to the length of the film, since, well… I don’t know if the director wanted to say ‘defenseless’ or ‘done’ of WW. But that’s my feeling when I see them. Is that the impression he is wanting to make on her first trailer??

    Fight scenes: WW is a defense fighter, like a previous commenter said. Is not aiming to hurt anyone, just disable them. Confound them. Make them ashamed of themselves for what they are doing by allaying them so easily…

    Are those golden arm bands just there for show? No, she deflects bullets off them–matrix style–with sparks! (Has the creator not see original WW with Linda Evans?)

    Why did they have her doing judo moves when she has such unique superhero skills?

    Her signature spin turning her into WW could be so cool with today’s cgi capacities.

    I agree, using a machine gun to shoot down a plane is not her style. Magic Lasso, jump up and distract the pilot, take over the plane, more like it…

    Okay, don’t mean to rag on this, because I love seeing any well-made clip not straight out of the major studios and we all love WW, so thank you! Hope she gets a chance to show up again.

  • Applereddy

    I have to retract, boots in fact, are all wrong. Knew there was something off… Should be red, high, with a white stripe and heel.

  • Applereddy

    I meant Lynda Carter…

  • genesisdevice

    Sorry, but this girl is too masculine and unattractive and has virtually no hips. Wonder Woman is a big, tough chick but has always been a very attractive woman and shapely woman. Either get someone with the same attributes as Lynda Carter back in the day or forget it.

  • kevalex

    Based of what yo presented,it has potential to be a potential winner.

  • GerryF

    WW movie that is both faithful to the comic but does not descend to an embarrassing showcase of sexual female bravado will be the “Holy Grail” of the superhero genre. I predict that writing a script for this regardless of time period will be tough. Movie heroines are not new. We’ve grown up with them. In fact, I venture that more men than women find it utterly entertaining to see a woman ( the supposed weaker sex) overcome impossible adversity and kick some butt. To bring the ultimate female superhero icon to “movie” life will be daunting. I wasn’t particularly awed by the trailer. She didn’t reveal any superhero traits that sets her apart from some serious female marines. Remember guys, she’s Wonder Woman! Awe us. The actress and the costume needs major work. We want to recognize our heros not feel disappointed on how they differ from our dreams of them in our childhood. For example, lets talk about the laces on her boots. She looks like a wrestler in drag. Chuck the WWF gear and give us the WW. Yea WW has to be hot, but WW’s esthetic appeal transcends her voluptuous figure. Ultimately, she’s a warrior. She doesn’t care a bit that her outfit sends male hormones into a tailspin. Remember she lived with women in an uncharted island all her life. Why would she care what men are drooling about. The fact that she is oblivious of her sex appeal only magnifies it. It’s her uniform and she’s here to get a job done.

  • Rivkaesque

    I was pretty sure Wonder Woman hated guns – other than that, it was really solid! I’d go see it in theaters – if only because it IS Wonder Woman.

    Love the hint that she’s still around/has come back to modern America, all these years after WWII, when she first teamed up with Americans. I’d love to see that fully played out!

  • ColBob

    Any person with a pecker would pay money to see that. I’d see it in the theater then buy it on DVD!!!

  • James

    Well from a male perspective I would have to say there is little wondrous about her. She has a so-so face, decent body (but not toned or muscled at all? WTF?), and no boobs. Sorry, no sale. Megan Fox should have been the model. Nazi bad guys? Done too often. Ho hum.

  • lenlenlen1

    Ummm, yes. Yes she decidely does.
    Imagine what would happen to a person if Superman punched them. It would be like a getting shot with a cannon! Same thing with Wonder Woman.

  • lenlenlen1

    It wasnt meant LITERALLY! Obviously heroes dont rip people apart. He meant that she should be way more powerful.

  • lenlenlen1

    As well made as this short film was it suffers from the same thing that all the other short films about Wonder Woman suffer from… When it comes down to it Wonder Woman is turned into a chick wearing a ridiculous outfit, who can get caught, held and tortured by average men, punches and kicks a few guys, and doesnt really do anything WONDERful (Here she even ducked from a guy shooting at her? And she would have thrown a car at that plane!).
    I realize that this short film, and the others we’ve all seen online, dont have the budget to do large scale FX, but a Wonder Woman preview should look like the Man of Steel previews. She lifts tanks over her head, her arms move at blinding speeds when she blocks bullets, even from a machine gun, and she flies. Yes folks, Wonder Woman flies. Basically, she’s a female Superman.

  • ND

    too skinny not ripped enough and believable enough.Cute girl just not convincing as a wonder woman to me

  • Soldier

    Dat ass shot.

  • ellen

    what was the song used at the end?

  • britbloke

    I am a WW fan like no other and this trailer was good in that it had WW in WW2. I like that idea and it is a good way to introduce WW. Placing her in a historical context (ALA captain America) gives WW a more mythic quality and would have played out a seriously decent story to tie into the Nolan/Snyder/DC universe. I also think the actress has the classic face of WW, but she should have been taller and a little bit more curvier, but not too much as she has to run and jump around like an athlete. Her costume is classic WW but I would have much preferred a pre-costume classic Greek armor look as she is supposed to be a Greek Goddess/Princess. In the WW2/Nazi sequence I envisage scenes where she allows herself to be deliberately captured, beaten up but then escapes and is pitted against an Aryan giant who she soundly beats too a pulp(one down to the Master Race). Then she discovers a plot by the Nazis to explode an experimental nuclear device against the D-Day troups. She foils their attempt but inadvertantly sets off the device, destroying the entire facility and shoving her headlong, with some crazy film science, to the present day. This is when she changes her costume to meet present day standards. In the present day she is pitted against the decendents of some of the nazis who want to still create a new world order, nada, nada. I don’t know if this is too cliched but if not, I want copyright!

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