FINAL UPDATE 3/14/13 WWE’s Dave Bautista has officially signed on to play Drax The Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, says The Hollywood Reporter. UPDATE 3/10/13: Because so many of have been asking me, I figure I update the … Continue reading

Update On Marvel’s ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’



WWE’s Dave Bautista has officially signed on to play Drax The Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, says The Hollywood Reporter.

UPDATE 3/10/13:

Because so many of have been asking me, I figure I update the story. So from what I understand, Jason Momoa is now officially out and Dave Baustista is flying in to meet with Marvel in Los Angeles this week to discuss the role of Drax. Bautista has been the good soldier, auditioning, and it now looks like he has outlasted not only Momoa, but Isiah Mustafa, and Brian Patrick Wade. Again, he is flying into Marvel to take a meeting. Could he get an offer? Maybe. Depending how he does in the room with the execs. I also think they’re trying to drum up fan support hence why you saw Vin Diesel drop a picture on his facebook page of him and Bautista in the upcoming Riddick. Let’s see how this plays out. Should be an interesting week.

So about that Planet Hulk thingie.

Where is the rule that says when a movie adapts a comic book it has to verbatim? Mark Ruffalo’s role in a Planet Hulk movie wouldn’t be reduced. There are huge chunks of that story where Hulk can revert back to Banner. Simple fix. Think dialogue scenes when he is not in the arena. Remember, The Avengers in the 3rd act set up that Banner now has control over his transformations. That is key. Yes, Ruffalo signed a six picture deal but think about it fanboy nation, you really believe we are going to see Ruffalo in only two other Avengers sequels? Does that make sense? If Marvel only wanted him for just Avengers sequels, Ruffalo’s team at UTA would have negotiated for only three pictures. Like I said before, how many times are we going to see Hulk smash puny humans and be on the run from General Ross, ESPECIALLY now that he is part of the Avenger initiative? Audiences absolutely loved when Hulk smashed puny aliens last summer. Some food for thought.

So what is going on with Guardians Of The Galaxy concerning Drax? Jason Momoa is still in the mix, but now I’m also told that former wrestler Dave Bautista is the other top candidate. It’s between them two actors. Half want Momoa who is holding out for a better deal, and the other half want Bautista who will next be seen in Universal’s Riddick. Bautista certainly has the physicality for the role.

WWE Wrestler Batista Portrait SessionIf neither Momoa or Bautista work out, expect Marvel to go with a complete unknown.

I’m also hearing that actor Kevin Durand is in the mix for a role, but at this hour on a Friday night, I couldn’t find out for which part.

Kevin DurandEnjoy your weekend cool kids.

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  • James Rocco

    How about that Justice League/Batman scoop as well? :D

  • Charles Jackson III

    Hope you’re correct on Planet Hulk… I never expected a verbatim adaptation anyway.

  • Steve Croft

    Go Bautista!!!

  • Alec Grimes

    Damn that guy is huge !!! He’s bigger tham Momoa

  • Chris

    This guy has more nonscoops scoops than anyone online. He boost himself up all the time but always underwhelms.

  • Suffer559

    Haha so you couldn’t just say ” I was wrong” about the planet hulk thing? Good job spinning that shit. Bring back El Guapo.

  • Liderc

    They land a few scoops sometimes, but I guess when you throw a thousand darts, you’re bound to get at least one or two bullseyes every now and then.

  • Armand Rock

    Kevin Durand for Starhawk

  • Armand Rock

    im not familliar with his Acting but physically speaking I think he would be better suited for the role of Drax

  • Guardian Outlaw

    I can see Kevin Durand shooting for the Rocket Raccoon role.

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  • Robb Wolford

    I’m not really familar with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.

  • Marcus D. Ellison

    You know I’m cool with either Batista or Momoa getting the role. I like both guys.

  • Chris Groves

    I don’t care whether it’s Planet Hulk or not, Hulk/Banner is seriously under-represented in the MCU. I want him everywhere, I want him to have his own films, cameos and references in other films, and major roles in the Avengers films. They have 5 more movies they can spread Ruffalo across before they need to re-sign him. Both Avengers sequels and a new Hulk film would only be 3….leaving room for 2 more, give him a key minor role in one of the other films. ALSO, Hulk, being all CGI, can technically make a cameo without the use of Ruffalo, they need to use that to their advantage.

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  • Ian Austin

    He can’t act.

    Sorry, but it’s true. Not saying wrestlers are all bad actors, but Batista was never particularly good. His best ‘acting’ came at the end of his career, where he started overacting and stealing the show by being hilariously ridiculous.

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  • Truxton Spangler

    This is a re-post of what I wrote almost immediately after reading the Latino Review article. I’m sure some of the details are off, but it’s probably far closer to what Disney/Marvel has in mind, than what LR reported.

    After he proved himself a hero with the Avengers, it makes no sense for another movie of Hulk being chased around by General Ross or some other military group. What will likely happen is that Hulk sacrifices himself at the end of Avengers 2, just like Iron Man did at the end of Avengers 1. Only Hulk doesn’t make it back to Earth like Tony did. In some post-credits scene we see him end up on some alien planet where his own solo movie will no doubt take place. He will smash plenty of alien monsters there. At the end of that solo movie he finds a way back home in time for Avengers 3, where he will be needed to smash armies of Ultrons. So, Hulk will be featured in both Avengers 2 and 3, with his own movie in between. And he will continue on as a hero because that’s how 99% of fans want to see Mark Ruffalo. That first solo Ruffalo Hulk movie will be heavy on character development. Even if set on another planet. In fact, Ruffalo’s acting is what will ground such an “incredible” story. With Ruffalo signed on for multiple movies, I don’t see Disney/Marvel turning Hulk into a villain so soon. Probably closer to the end of his contract, or around Avengers 4 or 5.

    After Avengers 1, we know for sure Ruffalo Hulk will be in A2 and A3 plus a solo movie in between. That’s 3 more outings as a hero, and leaves officially 2 more movies for Ruffalo before Disney/Marvel contemplate turning him villainous, or at least dangerous. A4 could be that movie, with A5 as maybe a redemption movie. Point is, no one is in a rush to see Hulk as a bad guy so soon. I much prefer hero Hulk. Most fans do as well. Disney/Marvel ain’t gonna fix what’s not broken. At least not yet.

    A2 features Thanos as the main villain. With Ant-Man movie part of Phase 3 it likely means Ultron will be the main villain for A3. No chance for Hulk to be bad guy in it. But maybe he does something where he goes overboard to the point the Avengers begin to question how stable he is. The other Phase 3 movie will be Doctor Strange, and we know from the comics he has a relationship with Hulk as part of the Defenders. Maybe Hulk’s turn leads to him leaving the Avengers and joining Strange to form the Defenders as part of Phase 4. With Guardians of the Galaxy we know Disney/Marvel are willing to produce other team movies besides Avengers. And with lesser known characters no less. A Defenders movie with Hulk, Doctor Strange and other heroes (Namor owned by Disney or Fox?) would surely be a big hit with fans. It could set up Avengers vs. Defenders for Phase 4.

    What would fans rather see, Avengers vs. Hulk or Avengers vs. Defenders? It’s a no brainer to me. And it might also set up the eventual arrival of Kang the Conqueror from the future for Phase 5. Just sayin’.

  • Armand Rock

    if he can’t act then they are better off without him in the movie

  • Ian Austin

    He does look the part, mind.

  • Marcus D. Ellison

    Honestly that’s all the really matters. Drax is a role that requires alot of intensity which he can definitely bring to the table.

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  • Armand Rock

    after thinking about it i think your right…its doubtful his role would talk a lot anyways

  • john delorean

    It’s not like Momoa can act either. I doubt drax is going to get David Mamet type dialogue to spit anyway.

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  • Dean

    Kevin Durands voice would be good for Groot think his role in Origins Wolverine although seems like too big of an actor to just have him saying “Groot Groot” maybe they’ll change Groot’s character up in the film.

  • Travis J DeSantis

    Says you. Momoa was awesome in Game of Thrones.

  • Truxton Spangler

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. There is a reason why Phase 3 features a Doctor Strange movie. In the comics Doc Strange and Hulk are buddies. It’s inevitable that Banner/Hulk will feature quite a bit in that movie, possibly setting up a Defenders movie at some point soon. Disney/Marvel now understands that Hulk works best as part of an ensemble cast. That’s why Defenders is perfect for Hulk, Doctor Strange and other oddball characters not fit for the Avengers. Mark my words, Avengers versus Defenders for Phase 3 or 4 will happen.

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  • Fraffodin Hachibi Fanel

    Thanos would get batista-bombed **

  • Truxton Spangler

    Banner/Hulk will be in Doctor Strange. The good Doctor could help out Banner mystically or in some other fashion and use that to split him up from the Avengers and set up the Defenders coming together and eventually get their own movie. Avengers vs. Defenders will happen before long.

  • Armand Rock

    good job on getting this right. Lets get a scoop on one of the original guardians of the galaxy members being in the movie

  • ANTI Douche



    So, this Guardians of the Galaxy thing, I keep seeing stuff about the movie etc.. but I’ve never heard of it before. Are the comics that popular?

  • Santiago Cruz

    In related news… You were wrong

  • ninja pizza

    Kevin could make a good thanos he’s tall and has a menacing smile to him…. do the mo-cap stuff and there you go.