Bryan Singer talked to SFX in an interview published Friday about X-Men Days of Future Past. Unfortunately, the small excerpt of the interview made available made no mention of the Fox vs. Marvel for Quicksilver debacle.  Instead, Singer chatted about his … Continue reading

Bryan Singer On ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’, James Cameron said it makes sense

Bryan Singer

Bryan Singer talked to SFX in an interview published Friday about X-Men Days of Future Past. Unfortunately, the small excerpt of the interview made available made no mention of the Fox vs. Marvel for Quicksilver debacle. 

Instead, Singer chatted about his enthusiasm regarding the plot, which he says James Cameron approved of. Singer says that he was dealing with issues of time within the story and that last year while in New Zealand, he pitched it to Cameron (if you recall, Cameron was on a farm writing Avatar sequels) who told him it made sense.

The X-Men director also talked about where the movie fits in the X-Men timeline. Singer said, “We also wanted to play with the notion of different times and stuff like the way that time affects destinies. It enables the film to not just be a sequel to First Class or X-Men 3 but to actually be its own thing.”


  • Hephaestus1

    James Cameron lost his mind, lucas-style, some time after titanic. Can’t really hold him as a credible source.

  • Truxton Spangler

    Cameron is still King until somebody takes the title from him. He doesn’t make the two most successful films in the history of cinema if he’s lost his mind. He may have some wacky ideas, but he’s still the most innovative filmmaker out there. And he has a good grasp of ‘movie’ time travel logic.

    Having said that, it doesn’t mean that Singer can execute a time travel story well just because Cameron thinks it makes sense. Outside of The Usual Suspects, I have yet to see Singer direct anything good.

  • Trav631

    James Cameron is King with his films and Avatar being the biggest movie of all time. This new generation has no taste. no the movie goers lost their minds making Iron Man 3 gross a billion dollars, movie goers have no taste anymore, they just like going to the movies. Checking their brains at the door.

  • disqusDanner

    Avatar sucked ( imo ) The 3D hype made it what it is. The Thing ( 1982 ) was a total flopp at the box office , but i would rather watch it twice in one night, once with and once without the commentary by Russel and Carpenter , before ever watching Avatar again…..

  • disqusDanner

    Makes sense??? Days of Future Past made perfect sense to me when I read the book the first time. Go with that!!!

  • Chris Groves

    Loads of 3D movies, before and after Avatar, did not and have not come anywhere close to what it grossed. You’re like the movie execs who thought CGI was the reason Jurassic Park was a hit, and so they started putting CGI creatures/effects in THEIR movies to try and duplicate the success…it didn’t happen.

    Avatar was a great movie.

  • Chris Groves

    So a sequel to both ‘timelines’ and a ‘reboot’ all in one…..well played…well played.

  • GunzOfNavarone

    I think what you mean there is that the visual FX were great. – Other than that, it was Dances With Wolves in space. A far hark from Cameron’s creativity in the 80′s / 90′s. The Abyss? Terminator? True Lies?

  • Brian Chapman

    If by “lost his mind” you mean went to the depths of the ocean creating new technology to film the Titanic and then working for NASA designing camera equipment and other gear for space and the Mars rover. Yeah he’s so not credible for a science related subject.

  • Brian Chapman

    not to mention an alternate universe where X3 didn’t happen!

  • Chris Groves

    That seems to be pure conjecture at this point. Singer said he would ‘fix things’ and some overzealous fanboys seemed to have run with it. I mean, he’s said before that he isn’t ignoring any of the films, and even here he says that it will work as a sequel to First Class, X3, and as a new thing. I think people hoping that they are just going to not acknowledge The Last Stand at all will be disappointed. Origins likely won’t get much recognition at all, fans will probably be able to play pretend like it never happened…but with the inclusion of Ellen Page as Kitty…I have doubts that X3 is going to be anywhere near as ‘shunned’ in terms of canon.

  • Chris Groves

    True Lies in my opinion is his worst film(I assume we don’t count the Piranha sequel)…

    And every generation or so, I really think that a sort of simple, pure, adventure film/morality tale needs to be made. Star Wars is not extremely unique in terms of narrative, just in the setting/world. Jurassic Park is essentially a more scientific execution of King Kong(dinosaurs on an island), etc etc. Avatar is dances with wolves/Pocahontas/Ferngully…but it transposes that story into a space setting on an alien planet and features a lot of fun sci-fi concepts(such as controlling a biological body from another location)

    And I won’t even touch on the technical side, cinematography, action, effects, score, design, etc…which are all quite flawless.

  • disqusDanner

    I love The Abyss, Aliens , and the terminator movies ( 1 and 2 ) Im not for a second knocking cameron as a filmmaker or storyteller, but I still think Avatar was a crap movie.

  • Royal Rican Prince

    Right on!

  • KaiChen

    So it’s the same quality of an Academy Award winning picture full of character-driven drama AND has eye-popping FX?

    That sounds like a good picture.

  • TruthHurts

    Just because it copies the same general storyline and theme, doesn’t mean the story is told equally as well. There’s a reason it didn’t win any Oscars for anything but effects and cinematograhy. The CGI was great, but it failed to tell an already Academy Award winning story better than it did the first time.

  • KaiChen

    It failed because since the 2001s the Academy has moved towards awarding indie and political films.

    I agree the storytelling was simple and full of achtypes. But it worked. And the effects were not for effects sake, they createad a full-fledged world. Not better than Titanic. Not the best picture of the year. But far from dreadful.