Chalk this one down to the very obvious department. Morris Chestnut made noise a few weeks back on his twitter and facebook account talking about Marvel’s The Black Panther and then it all magically disappeared. In my experience, that means … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: We Know Who Is At The Top Of A VERY Short List For Marvel’s ‘The Black Panther’

blackpantherChalk this one down to the very obvious department.

Morris Chestnut made noise a few weeks back on his twitter and facebook account talking about Marvel’s The Black Panther and then it all magically disappeared. In my experience, that means someone got an ass chewing from Marvel.

But then something else happened during that time period which we will get to in a second but first some inside baseball talk.

Marvel operates a drone program inside Los Angeles county. So if you Angelenos look up in the sky you should spot an MQ-9 Reaper drone within the Beverly Hills/Century City area. The drone’s Hellfire missiles are looking for HEAT SIGNATURES on talent within the vicinity. No other movie studio’s drone program chases heat the way Marvel does.

In other words, Marvel Studios are star fuckers. Actually, up and coming star fuckers. So if you pop in a recent hit movie or hit TV show, Feige wants to talk to you bro! Some recent examples include Michael Rooker (Walking Dead), Chris Pratt (Zero Dark Thirty), and who can forget Chris Hemsworth’s 15 minutes as Captain Kirk’s papi in JJ’s Star Trek.

So anyway, something happened last month. A movie came out starring an up and comer in his first leading man role which was quite the home run for the studio. In fact that movie is still performing at the box office and will double it’s production budget by this weekend. Box office nerds tell me that this film has a trajectory that could hit $100 million when it’s all said and done.

The film?


It’s up and coming star?

Chadwick Boseman.
Chadwick_Boseman_at_the_42_Premiere_2013Are you surprised? I’m not. The guy is starring in a box office hit, he is accessible to both African American AND mainstream audiences which is key, he is both lean and handsome, and according to some of the brothers I spoke to he is chocolate enough. That and the fact he is affordable and within the price point Marvel pays.

Now at press time, to my knowledge no offer has been made or deal is in place. Boseman is simply at the top of the list. I actually reached out to Boseman’s reps at boutique agency Greene & Associates and of course they refuse to comment.

Make no mistake, Marvel is taking general meetings with actors for not only this role but other roles as well. Morris Chestnut alone proved that.

The following is just speculation, but I think we will most likely see Black Panther in a cameo in Avengers 2 and maybe he graduates to his own phase 3 film.

Regardless, I think Boseman is a solid choice. My personal choice is Nate Parker who has been on fire lately and will pop after Liam Neeson movie Non-Stop.

What do you cool kids think about Boseman? You think he would make a dope Black Panther? Who are your choices? Chime in your thoughts below and keep it civil.

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  • Jeremy

    Idris Elba. That is all. He’s being wasted in Thor.

  • Jay

    Chadwick Boseman FTW! Its a logical choice. Get him right before tipping him into stardom. Like you said, Hemsworth, RDJ was literally blacklisted before IM1, Chris Evans hasn’t really exploded yet, but being Cap surely doesn’t hurt. And im convinced Chris Pratt will pan out.

  • Quack!

    Michael Jai White would be good. A little bit too old?

  • DMcK

    YES, I Absolutely agree on Idris Elba as The Black Panther or if not, then DEFINITELY, Blade!

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  • ElMaybe

    I hope this didn’t come from the source that told you Black Panther was Marvel’s mystery 2014 movie.

  • Owsler

    Bah. Surely Chiwetel Ejiofor wouldn’t be outside Marvel’s budget and the guy would kill as based on his theatrical work and role as the Operative in Serenity.

  • WarrenWII

    dont see Black Panther in him at all, but if Marvel and Joss are already planning to use him, Im glad about it

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  • xmasevebaby

    Forget that cameo ish! If you’re gonna cast “Jackie Robinson” to play the first Black superhero, Marvel Studios had better do right by T’Challa and make him a major figure in the Avengers sequel…

    Plus, Nate Parker is still my choice to portray Black Panther.

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  • JB

    He’s too old. Black Panther should be in the age range of Evans, Hemsworth, and Johansson.

  • jamthemaj

    Agree and disagree. yes, he would be great as the panther. but he was fantastic in thor. that role could’ve been so cheesy, but he made it not

  • jamthemaj


  • Boricua En La Luna.

    Haven’t seen 42 yet, but from the traIlers I knew he would be in the running. Thankfully Marvel auditions extensively, so I hope Aldis Hodge gets the chance to show that he is perfect for this role. Too bad Liam Neeson is too espensive to play Klaw.

  • Boricua En La Luna


  • Andres

    Idris Elba as John Stewart the best Green Lantern

  • ShadowInc

    Chiwetel Ejiofor would be great. He kicked much ass in REDBELT.


    Casting? The actor? Don’t care. Just don’t make the nation of Wakanda (whatever etymolgical origins) appear as if they just walked of 1950′s Tarzan movie set. Wakanda should so advanced that they are able to cloak their entire nation from satellites. They should be respected for their knowledge and restraint, and yet feared’ all due to their technology and military defensive power.

  • Santiago Cruz

    He’s good but, remember when you said Mamoa got the role of Drax in Guardians? I’ll just wait til Marvel confirms this

  • L.R. Giles

    I think Boseman is an excellent choice. If I had to pick another, I wouldn’t mind seeing Michael B. Jordan (Vince from Friday Night Lights, and Steve from Chronicle) in the role. He’s the age (and most likely, the price) they’re probably looking for, and supremely talented.

  • BobL

    Yeah man. Ejiofor is regal, he can fight (see Red Belt) and he has a relationship with Whedon. Sign him up now.

  • Shane Justice

    MJW needs to be Luke Cage

  • Guest

    Jordan’s TOO young…mid-20′s won’t cut it.Need an actor in their mid to early 30′s.T’Challa’s a grown man but still young enough to be the heir to the throne

  • Shane Justice

    Falcon was the first black superhero

  • Guest

    I’m down….but my pick is still and prolly will remain NATE PARKER.Sign him up Marvel he’d be the best choice

  • Redbull Werewolf

    Why not cast blood diamond. He’s a real African and he’s a much more established actor

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  • Elektra Hammond

    Given his performance in 42–Boseman has proven himself a dramatic force. He has the gravitas and the raw athleticism to do Black Panther justice. He’s a solid choice–would love to see him headline in Phase 3.

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  • xmasevebaby

    ‘Fraid not, Shane. Sam Wilson first appeared in the pages of Captain America in 1969. T’Challa had already done his damn thing three years earlier in Fantastic Four #52 (1966).

  • Rick Hunter

    While Idris Elba is my first choice, unfortunately that ship has sailed. With that being said Chadwick Boseman is absolutely perfect for the role. Plus he has the right physique for the role, the dude is ripped. He’ll definitely be the Black Panther. Fucking hell I love Marvel.

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  • FlamingTROLLZ

    Cool, whatever. Just make the film.

  • ALM

    Yes, yes and yes!

  • ALM

    His name is Djimon…..LOL

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  • Doug Collins

    Boseman was great (dare I say regal?) in 42 – powerful, passionate yet in control of his outrage over the injustices visited upon him – just as the King of Wakanda should be.

  • mrm1138

    FUCK. AND. YES!!!

  • mrm1138

    Hounsou is a little too old for what they’re going for. He’d be an excellent choice to play T’Chaka, should they decide to include him.

  • Redbull Werewolf

    I don’t get this “too old” argument. if an actor is in shape then age really shouldn’t matter (to an extent of course, i’m not recommending Kirk douglas play ant man)

    But lots of actors have been older and have been well accepted in action or superhero roles

    Downey was in his early 40′s when he first played iron man,
    Micheal keaton was in his late 30′s when he played batman
    Wesley snipes was in his late 30′s when he first played blade
    Thomas Jane was in his mid 30′s when he played Punisher

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  • LivinLarge

    Chiwetel would be great for T’Challa especially since he has an authentic accent. As for Luke Cage I’ve always thought Henry Simmons from NYPD Blue would be the perfect FIt. He already has the height, size and voice for the character plus he’s probably still very affordable!

  • Nyk

    Michael Jai White is the best Actor for this part. Seriously Marvel learn how to pick the right people for roles smh

  • Joel Brown

    Michael Jai White is the only Martial Artist/ Actor that should even be considered for this role.
    I will gladly do some stunt or stand-in work for this pic also…just sayin…

  • Lane Meyer

    I’m cool with this. Never really gave a crap about Black Panther anyway. But, you know, anything to hurry this process along.

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  • GeneJacket

    Oh yeah, Rooker, man that guy sure is an up-and-comer.

    Oh, wait no, no…he’s been kicking ass for 30 years and was absolutely NOT cast in Guardians because he’s suddenly on a hit tv show but, in fact, because he’s an excellent actor and is one of director James Gunn’s best friends.

  • R-Blaze

    Michael Jai White is the only person I see portraying Black Panther

  • R-Blaze

    I believe Chadwick Boseman is a viable option for Black Panther. During the filming of ’42′ he showed the work ethic to be great. #ChadwickforBlackPanther

  • R-Blaze

    Yes, Michael B. Jordan would be a great choice. His performance in Fruitvale was amazing.

  • Ashley

    Michael B. Jordan Michael B. Jordan Michael B. Jordan! I mean he is so up and coming!

  • UmfromBrooklyn

    The Black community approves

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  • AlexiasLazar


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  • ty

    “…and according to some of the brothers I spoke to he is chocolate enough.”
    - something published on a respected news site.

  • rilonze

    No, the rapper Common is the best choice to play John Stewart/Green Lantern!!

  • rilonze

    Wow, that’s interesting! I hadn’t consider him for that role, but I can see that!!

  • rilonze

    Djimon Hounsou as T’Chaka and Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa!!

  • puddintain

    forgot about his connection to Whedon! I’m sure he’s out of the running though. too old.

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  • D Williams

    Derek Luke has the chops for sure.

  • Xmasevebaby

    If Will & Jaden’s “After Earth” does big numbers at the box office, perhaps the idea of a Black father and son in a science fiction movie won’t seem so…alien to the white boys that run Marvel Studios.

  • They call me Jay

    Finally!!! Someone mentions the accent. I thank you as an African who nearly comes to tears when I hear the atrocities being spewed by LAZY AFRICAN AMERICAN ACTORS WHO WON’T WATCH AFRICAN MOVIES TO LEARN AN ACCENT FOR A ROLE.

  • They call me Jay

    Normally I’d agree but Djimon is 49 and marvel thinks long-term.

  • Convoy

    They should save him for a Blade reboot or for Luke Cage.

  • vikram koppikar

    I was wondering what happened to Latino Review’s IM3 scoop – when he reportedly flies off into space!!!

  • fbrooks69

    I just hope the rumors of an upcoming BLACK PANTHER film actually sticks this time, i’m tired of seeing this great character left out in the cold. It’s T’Challa’s’ time to shine on the big screen as well as the nation of Wakanda baby, bring it on. If ‘Chadwick Boseman’ is indeed on Marvel’s radar i’m good with that. He’s one of the top choices for the role in my opinion, other good choices would be ‘Gbenga Akinnagbe’, ‘Chiwetel Ejiofor’, ‘David Owelowo’ & ‘Adis Hodge’, i think all of those brothers have the potential to shine in this role.

  • FanFreakinTastic

    wait wait…no caucasian actors? We’re already set on the FF relaunch with a African American Johnny Storm and there are no other considerations out there for Black Panther. Pfft

  • FanFreakinTastic white actors considered? We have a black Johnny Storm now and ‘broken’ the racial barrier….pretty sure equality can go both ways here.

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  • tubradford

    Agreed! Michael Jai White is an awesome martial artist and he’s very athletic and perfect for the part of Black Panther.

  • dan

    You mean that peanut-complexion kid from The Wire who got killed for being a punk? HELL NO! Does he even look like he can be of royal African blood? Come on! No way! He can’t be T’Challa.

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  • Lanesha Miller

    I’m going to have to say Derek Luke.. hes a solid actor, great body, perfect chocolatey complexion…

  • Demondog 06

    terry crews would be excellent as luke cage

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