Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman was at the Phoenix Comicon when he answered a couple of questions concerning Michael Bay’s upcoming reboot. The movie has been under fire ever since it was announced that Bay would be a … Continue reading

Kevin Eastman Calls Michael Bay ‘Amazingly Respectful,’ Compares ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ To ‘The Avengers’

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman was at the Phoenix Comicon when he answered a couple of questions concerning Michael Bay’s upcoming reboot. The movie has been under fire ever since it was announced that Bay would be a producer on it. Naturally fans had questions for Eastman.

When asked how he felt about Bay’s involvement in TMNT, Kevin Eastman said:

“He’s been nothing but amazingly respectful, and Jonathan Liebesman’s been the director… I’ve seen the script. I’ve seen the design of the characters. It’s fantastic. The story has all the right turtleisms. They’re in the sewers. I’m very excited to see the movie.”

Eastman also talked about what he’s expecting for the fight scenes:

“We want to do something better than like Raid: Redemption.”

Eastman added that Paramount wants TMNT to be like The Avengers. Now before you get all offended, here’s some news that ought to make you feel better: Eastman went on record to, once again, assure fans that the Turtles would not be aliens. Bay had previously mentioned this, but it’s always nice to hear it again, especially from the TMNT creator himself, don’t you think?

Source: ComicBookNews

  • Vulgar.Prophet

    If the turtles look like the header photo then I’m stoked.

  • Steve Croft

    What’s Laird think? Eastmans actively involved with the film isn’t he? If so there’s a *lot* of bias going on…

  • pick up bart

    You’re going to try to outdo The Raid in your fighting scenes? Seriously good luck.

  • fernando

    Well i guess the movie is under Platinium Dunes(Bays company) he´s not on the chair, and that formula has already worked before(Nightmare on Elm Street its actually really good) hopefully this would happen again.

  • Steve Croft

    Will not happen. Indo movies usually have that savage, brutal feel to their fighting for the very reason most of the cast spend their entire life training in the arts. Haven’t seen many american movies ever that could match? Even Iko Uwais other movie, where he fights two yanks at the end, the fights slowed riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight down for them to be in it you could tell lol

  • Steve Croft

    (Nightmare on Elm Street its actually really good)

    It’s actually really not!


    The fact that theyre even going to attempt it is incredible news!


    True, however as the Turtles are Mocap, they would most likely get proper martial artists to do the fighting. One of the beauties of Mocap, is you can have lots of different people in the pingpong suit yet the Turtles will be the same.

    I wouldn’t expect any blood though. It took almost 20 years i think for us here in the UK to see Michael Angelo’s Nunchuks on screen. (They were edited out from the movies and the cartoons even, and only put back in when DVD came out. – Same with Bruce Lee fils etc.., Hell even the word Ninja was changed to Hero here in Britain.)

  • Hephaestus1

    Was the nudity taken out too?

  • Grey_Pilgrim

    Platinum Dunes = cinematic abortion

  • Grey_Pilgrim

    I have been a TMNT fan since the 1980s, and enjoy reading my old comics with my son. I even like the Nickelodeon series currently airing (check it out, pretty funny stuff). I have zero faith that this movie will be within a country mile of Avengers. Platinum Dunes is a travesty of a production company, with a name more akin to the porn industry. Kevin Eastman wants us to see this movie because he get royalties. I don’t trust his approving statements. Lastly, why are their shells so obnoxiously large on the mocap photos we’ve seen? The look like the bulky aliens at the start of The Fifth Element.

  • Grey_Pilgrim

    Really?! The UK banned nunchucks and the word ‘ninja’? That is some seriously creepy state-mandated paternalistic shit. The benefits are clear though, it’s not like innocent men are being hacked to death in the streets, wait, what?

  • http://www.moderngafa.com/ The Modern Gafa

    Nobody every said it would. People around the net just started using it because why not?

  • Steve Croft

    To be fair the Ninja turtles were censored in the 80s/early 90s… a far cry from our more modern, far less civil, times.

  • john delorean

    Raid:Redemption fight scenes? I seriously doubt they will be going with a rated R action flick.

  • LordVolta

    Was he saying this while holding money bags with dollar signs on them?


    Yep! All true. Nunchuks were banned in films after the release of Enter the Dragon in the 70s because people were making them, and using them. I think mostly football fans and gangs. Lots of riots in the early 80s too. As for the Ninja being replaced by Hero, they felt it sounded too violent for kids, and the word Ninja wasn’t well known over here. Silly eh!

    Its one of the beautiful things about the Judge Dredd comics, its all about 70s/80s Thatchers Britain and its iron fist policing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Droncz87 Daniel Ronczkowski

    Call me crazy but didn’t the turtles have a sister in some version of the TMNT?

  • jamthemaj

    yeah on that crappy live-action saturday morning tv show! i don’t know about the comics though.

  • jamthemaj

    i agree on the shells for sure! as for the rest, i dunno yet til i actually see some of the film. i hope you’re wrong, but i think you’re right!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Droncz87 Daniel Ronczkowski

    Ya ya ya, they fought against the power rangers too! It all comes back to me.

  • Dayglo

    Platinium Dunes also made the TCM movies, Conan reboot, and a friday the 13th where the ONE reason to watch is the one chick’s tits! Nothing worthwhile has come out of them at all…

  • J.A.C.

    “Turtles will not be aliens” Thanks to a massive rewrite.

  • fernando

    Why? Because Freddie it´s not play by Robert Englund?

    If you can grab a franchise that basicaly turn into a joke and make it scary again, it means you are doing things right, that whole micronap was clever enough to make the scenes tense, and the dreams were really creative, plus that whole “Freddie was inocent” was a good turn(even though they kinda fuck it up) it did really well for the era when remakes are about dumb horny teenagers.

  • Dan Riedel

    OMG, the puppies!

  • Steve Croft

    Bad plot, badly cast teens, disjointed story, no real momentum, no sense of threat for the teens in the story. Jackie was fine as Freddy, he was the LEAST of the troubles with that movie. Over reliance on CGI, you name it.

  • fernando

    The CGI face was stupid, thats true, i seriously dont know what´s with cg´ed things that would look better on make up(Harvey Dent im looking at you)

  • http://www.moderngafa.com/ The Modern Gafa

    You do know the shells themselves are probably the only thing to scale, i.e. the turtles inside of them will probably be larger and it’ll look more like the source… just bigger? and what is wrong with the Fifth Element?

  • http://www.moderngafa.com/ The Modern Gafa

    “massive?” you really think it was that big of a part of the story? it was probably one scene at the forty minute mark where the turtles explained what planet they were from. just like the five minutes of exposition in the middle of all the transformers films. they probably just pulled that scene out and replaced it with sewers and goo.

  • Steve Croft

    JEH was giving 110% you could tell. There was nothing wrong with him at all. I loved him as real life Krueger, then as Freddy in their dreams, for the first time in years he was scary again, evil. It was more the production feeling like it didn’t know exactly what it wanted to be, a scooby doo movie? A horror? A teen thriller? A black comedy to some degree?

  • Steve Croft

    Oh goddddddddddd the tits..

    Oh there’s also the fact that F13 is a Transformers Crossover lol. The preppy kid in it is the guy who beats up Sam in Transformers, same character, same name, same car :D (Obviously a homage or whatever but it was no coincidence given its a bay movie as well)

    Seriously of all the fucking movies to cross over LOL

  • Grey_Pilgrim

    Fifth Element is one of may faves. The turtles just shouldn’t look like mondoshawans is all!