What’s poppin’ cool kids! One of the things that annoys me is when I tweet tidbits that I personally think aren’t newsworthy, and writers go and make news stories out of my embedded tweets anyway. So I’m going to take … Continue reading

Mayimbe’s Marvel Movie News Roundup: ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ ‘Thor 2′

MARVELWhat’s poppin’ cool kids!

One of the things that annoys me is when I tweet tidbits that I personally think aren’t newsworthy, and writers go and make news stories out of my embedded tweets anyway. So I’m going to take a page from the Slashfilm playbook and but these tidbits into one story. Win/Win me thinks.


For all you webheads, Spidey is coming to San Diego Comic Con! The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be part of the Sony Pictures Hall H panel which takes place this year on Friday July 19th, 2013. I’m pretty sure director Marc Webb and star Andrew Garfield are going to be there and show you some cool footage of the sequel that is currently in production here in New York City. So all you Comic Con Hall H line diehards can start lining up now. If I’m bored out of my skull at the Wired Lounge, I’ll maybe check this panel out.


Marvel is out to the agencies looking for screenwriters to do a 2-3 week rewrite job on the script. Sounds to me like they’re looking for a closer to do a polish before production starts since Whedon is probably busy writing Avengers 2. Now PLEASE don’t send me your piss poor superhero movie writing samples and email me asking how you can get the rewrite job because I hate to break to you bro, it’s not gonna happen.


Over the weekend, one of my twitter followers pointed me to a comment on a forum over on Film Score Monthly. Now I don’t give comments on any forum the time of the day but this one proved interesting because it mentioned that composer Carter Burwell was off the film a full two days before Deadline broke it as their so called exclusive. Here is the kicker, the same post also mentioned that Alan Taylor is off the film as well. Check it out.

FYI, I checked with a REALLY WELL INFORMED SOURCE and it was confirmed

Carter is off the film.

It also appears so is the director who seems to have been asked to take a long vacation until AFTER the film opens.

Is Alan Taylor off the film? I couldn’t get it confirmed and was hitting all sorts of brick walls so consider it unconfirmed. But in my experience, where there is smoke there is fire. The chances of the guy above being wrong are low since he was proven right by Deadline yesterday. I’m expecting Marvel to go full court press and bullshit us to the contrary.

But that’s not all cool kids!

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  • http://batman-news.com/ Chris

    Jamie Foxx confirmed he’ll also be at Comic Con with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in an interview with Yahoo! Movies last week: http://spidermannews.com/2013/05/23/jamie-foxx-confirms-the-amazing-spider-man-2-comic-con-presence-and-more/

  • jamthemaj

    please don’t let it be true about taylor! i loved thor, and the dark world looks great! does this mean it’s gonna be awful? i hope not!!!

  • BobL

    If Taylor is out, it can’t be a script problem (Marvel obviously cleared that). It must be either a visual or editing problem. I’m thinking Marvel saw some early clips of Man of Steel and decided that Thor 2 wasn’t up to par.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ignacio-Molina/100001048047511 Ignacio Molina

    Why is THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 included in the Phase 2 news.

  • AlexiasLazar

    El… Maybe should’a taken a Community College course in writing/film television production.

  • Redbull Werewolf

    Taylor Was apparently butting heads with Fiege over the run time and final edit. Taylor wants the film to be 2 and a half hours, Marvel says he’s contracted to give them a 2 hour film and he;s breaching his contract. He hasn’t been fired but Editing has stopped for 2 weeks while both parties take some time to cool off before a mediator will be brought in middle of June. Bottom line is that the film is only 5 months from release and A decision is going to have to be made soon especially if re shoots are required

  • http://thormovies.tumblr.com/archive thormovies

    How do you know all of this?

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    He is… Redbull.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/anthonypatryn Anthony Patryn

    That’s piss poor writing/research.

  • ccdev

    LR should be paying Redbull, his scoops are better.

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Truth. :)

  • http://thormovies.tumblr.com/archive thormovies

    sorry to say I’m still more than a little skeptical of random people on the internet saying stuff about such things. Just wondering where his info came from, and where his history of being right is. ???

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    I feel you, Thor.
    Reminds me of the famous(?) Jett from the AICN boards.
    He was always talking to Michael Bay, etc.
    Whether Redbull is legit, it is entertaining to read.
    And, if true, even better. :)

  • http://thormovies.tumblr.com/archive thormovies

    Well certainly it is a MUCH less scary allegation that some of the others flying around about this, so sort of hope it’s true, and yet… I want Thor 2 to be longer than 2 hours so I’m definitely rooting for Taylor if this is the case. ;)

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Agreed. Longer the better, full immersion!

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