Kevin Feige spoke with Collider recently and was asked whether Marvel had considered casting The Rock in the Marvel universe. Feige said: I think yeah, I mean his name has come up in the past.  I’m a gigantic fan of his, I think he’s … Continue reading

The Rock Wants To Play Luke Cage For Marvel

G.I. Joe: Retaliation

Kevin Feige spoke with Collider recently and was asked whether Marvel had considered casting The Rock in the Marvel universe. Feige said:

I think yeah, I mean his name has come up in the past.  I’m a gigantic fan of his, I think he’s an incredible – I might have met him once a long time ago, but I haven’t really met him.  I don’t really know him – but I think he’s an unbelievable personality and an unbelievable sort of force of nature.  He’s awesome in ‘Pain & Gain,’ he was great in ‘G.I. Joe,’ he’s really kind of an amazing human being.  His Twitter’s always cool and he promotes the hell out of everything he does.  I would love him to be part of the Marvel universe somewhere, someday.

The Rock responded with the following tweet:

A Luke Cage film is not believed to be in development. There are rumors that Cage is appearing in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (played by a different actor).

Fan poster below via igeektooper.


What do you think? The Rock as Luke Cage, or a different character?

SOURCE: Dwayne Johnson Twitter, Collider, Igeektrooper

  • Fernando

    Luke Cage vs Jax The Destroyer Wrestlemania XX Re-Match!

  • Alec Grimes


  • Hephaestus1


  • Evan Pretzer

    Eric King….. That is all!

  • Xmasevebaby

    If he and Vin Diesel weren’t both already channeling their inner Luke Cage in the F&F franchise, I’d be the first one to shout “Sweet Christmas!”

  • GremlinAIDS

    Can’t say I care for The Rock.

  • Guest

    I had doubts about him as Luke Cage, but he does pretty much have the look. He’s not 100 percent what I would imagine Luke Cage looking like on film, but I think he’d do a great job. he’s half black, half Samoan, which I think is close enough for him to play the character. I like the actors to be true to the characters and it turns out that it looks like he’d be very true to Luke Cage.

  • Anthony Dellova

    I have an idea. Cast an actual black guy. I love the Rock, he’s one of my favorite actors but he had no place as Roadblock and he’s not Luke Cage, or Blade, of Falcon, or Black Panther. Before anyone wants to educate me about the Rock being half black let me just point out he’s in no way “a black man”. And to me, “a black man” is pretty much at the top of the casting call sheet under the description of Luke Cage.

  • Chemsem

    I think he would elevate the material and character because of his natural charisma…so definitely would watch him as cage…similar to how snipes owned blade…or downey owns stark.

  • Travis J DeSantis

    I like The Rock, but I see Cage being played by Michael Jai White.

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    I could live with that. It’s The Rock, he can pretty much play anything.

  • Reymondo Leon

    Word. Jai White can do the power and the humor, and even though Dwayne is awesome, I think White is a better, more nuanced actor.

  • Reymondo Leon

    How about Dwayne Johnson and Michael Jai White arm wrestle for the role.

    …unless Marvel already has White tagged for the Black Panther.

  • SaltyB

    Terry Crews is the only choice for Luke Cage.

  • Pfffffft

    Thanks for helping us define racial terms, white boy.

  • Anthony Dellova

    You’re welcome? I am only half white actually, but I guess since I look like a “white boy” to you then you are supporting my point. Good work pfffft lady!

  • moviefan

    I do definitely like to see rock nab a superhero role and would be fun to see him in a marvel film. Since dc is still ways off of getting other characters off the ground. Though I don’t really think he would be the best choice as cage. I would be ok with it but there is plently of other actors I rather see picked before rock was.

  • ggggggg

    MICHAEL JAI WHITE!!! Nuff said.

  • chaburchak

    I guess I’ve been out of the loop for a while…well, ever since Cage and Danny Rand first started Heroes For Hire. Cage still had hair back then, and was rocking the open-neck yellow shirt and the chain for a belt…

  • Royal Rican Prince

    NO! The Rock should NOT get everything he wants.

  • john delorean

    Out the loop? You must’ve been encased in ice for 30 years.

  • john delorean

    Who is Jax the Destroyer?

  • Fernando

    Drax* I dont know, why i always botch that.

  • Israel Cruz


  • Steve Croft

    Both are good, but at this point, I think we’re getting Gunn playing him on TV… a pity. Personally I wanted Jai to play T’Challa, the Black Panther.

  • Peter James

    I love the fact that someone who was talking about them re-naming it into ‘Fantastic Fo’” on account of a potential change of Johnny Storm’s race to black on the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot, on another thread, is now here trying to big up his race-discussing credibility and bonafides on account of his being only “half white”.


    Just like the Fantastic Fo’ joke.

    Because nothing says credibility like making a racist joke.

  • Peter James

    Terrible photoshop job on that mock-poster.

    Compare his arms in that poster with his arms in that wrestling picture above it (which hews closer to the iconic Cage look from the comics as is evident in that Luke Cage picture beside it).

  • Rei Chase

    Hey, agreed brother. I mean really what’s wrong with looking at a comic character, then finding someone who looks like the “GOTT-DAMN PICTURE” and before, this is waived of as Angry Black Rant? ,..Cast an Iranian, Israeli, or Mediterranean/asian as SuperMan? then Watch Hate and tears flood Media.
    Thanks Mr Dellova. Always love your classes

  • DannerDaliel

    He could play Mr Fantastic…..

  • Anthony Dellova

    Wow, great detectice work unearthing something i posted 2 headlines up. Sorry you did not find it jovial, guess it wasn’t meant for you. I never claimed to be an expert on race, and Im not overly concerned about credibility on a LR talk back. I only mentioned that I was “half white” because someone else made the assumption to call me “white boy” in response to a comment about the Rock being half black. My point in the other thread is the same as it is in this thread: If there is no reason to change a notable comic book character from black to white or vice versa, don’t do it. Getting butt-hurt over my Fantastic Fo joke is your deal and has nothing to do with me. To me, being too up tight about race does a bigger disservice to humanity than an occasional joke but different strokes to the world I guess. I don’t know how people can want a black Johnny Storm and then make Luke Cage (one of the few notable BLACK Marvel heroes) into a Pacific Islander looking guy. But whatever, “big up” what you like.

  • Peter James

    Whatever you say Homeboy (or is that Homeboi?)

    And I wasn’t butt hurt by your “joke” ( if that’s what you insist on calling it.)
    I was merely pointing out the irony.

    And yes, I dissed a “sweet” piece of fan art based on my CLEARLY limited understanding of anatomy and perspective (being an Architect in as my profession and having taken Art and Sketching classes as part of my training, I can confirm this to be true. But whatevs) which was completely wrong on my part.
    Because, again CLEARLY this is so OBVIOUSLY on the same level as making a “Fantastic Fo” joke (And then almost immediately apologizing for it, because there’s nothing wrong about it to get “butt-hurt over”.).

    Fo’ Sho.

  • Godot42

    I would love to see a Luke Cage movie, or even better, a Heroes for Hire movie. I just don’t think the Rock is right for the part. I like the Rock. Maybe he could play a different Marvel superhero, but I just don’t see him as Luke Cage. It isn’t the right casting for the part.

  • jamthemaj

    no thanks

  • Tequilero

    PLEEAASE DON’T! HE ABSOLUTLY RUINED ROAD BLOCK! Road block always brought some smart-ass comedic relief, much like Luke Cage.

    Dwayne is just a joke, and brings zero humor to anything.

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  • Guest

    The Rock has proven he can play a hero. I think he’d be great. He certainly does look like Luke Cage in that poster.

  • Guest

    Racebending is a touchy subject, considering years of whitewashing, etc. When it comes to characters of color, the general agreement is that races define who they are. That The Rock is half black and half Samoan is obviously a concern for some people. I’m not an expert on casting but if The Rock wants to play Luke Cage, I’d watch him as Luke Cage. I’m for whatever is fair and if The Rock is the right man for the role, he could be awesome in it. He’s got the action experience.

  • Guest

    I’d always thought LL Cool J would be great as Luke Cage. I never thought about The Rock as Luke Cage. I just never thought to imagine him as Luke Cage, so it wasn’t until I really thought about it and took a good look at that photoshopped poster that I got to thinking that, if The Rock wants the role, he could be great in it. I thought about the fact that he’s got the action experience. He looks like Luke Cage in the poster. If The Rock is the right man for the job, than that’s cool. I’d love to see a Luke Cage movie.

  • Guest

    I thought at first that The Rock looked too much like a wrestler, which he used to be, for Luke Cage. But he’s got the look. Racebending is a sensitive subject, and definitely when it comes to characters of color, their race seems to be important to who they are, and people seem to be concerned about The Rock being half black and half Samoan. But Marvel, and The Rock himself, seem to think he’d be right for the part. If he’s the man for the role, then that’s cool. I’d watch him as Luke Cage.

  • Guest

    I’m for whoever the right actor is for the role. The Rock might be cool as Luke Cage.

  • Guest

    I realize now that it was foolish of me to think The Rock looked too much like a wrestler for the role of Luke Cage. Luke Cage is a big buff, tough guy.

  • Guest

    Wrestlers have heroic physiques and so does Luke Cage.

  • Guest

    Not that I ever thought Luke Cage didn’t have a heroic physique, but there are different kinds of heroic physiques. But The Rock does seem to have the same kind of heroic physique as Luke Cage I think.

  • Guest

    That second “but” might not have been necessary but, oh well.

  • Guest

    Actually, I don’t think I thought he looked too much like a wrestler. He has the physique of a wrestler which isn’t a problem. I haven’t seen a lot of wrestlers play lead heroes in comic book movies, though that’s not to say that they couldn’t. I think the big thing with me was that I was so into the idea of LL Cool J as Luke Cage, and I hadn’t thought to imagine any other actor as the character. I hadn’t given a lot of thought to who all could play Luke Cage, and I hadn’t tried to imagine them in the role. I think at one point Tyrese Gibson was being considered, or at least he was interested in the role. But, The Rock could be cool as Luke Cage.

  • Guest

    I don’t know who all could play Luke Cage. Tyrese Gibson might be cool in the role too.

  • Guest

    Of course I also think LL Cool J would be great in the role.

  • jmralls2001

    As far as looks, he does have the look, and I’m speaking generally. Some people are concerned about him being half black and half Samoan instead of all black, but race or otherwise, he’s got the look, and he’s got the acting skills. He’s great at playing an action hero, he’s good at humor. I think he’s got range. I think if The Rock gets cast as Luke Cage, he might be great in the role.

  • jmralls2001

    He wasn’t who I’d originally had in mind for Luke Cage, but I think he could be great in the role. I didn’t picture him as Luke Cage at first. Some people are concerned about his race, being half black and half Samoan. It wasn’t about that for me. I think his race doesn’t seem to be a problem. If he and Marvel are okay with him playing Luke Cage, than it seems like it would be okay if he did. Personally, the actor I’d had in mind for Luke Cage was LL Cool J. But I think The Rock would do great too.

  • Guest

    I mean, it does seem like sometimes a character’s race is important to who they are, like in the case of Luke Cage. And, the actor has to embody the personality of the character. It seems like The Rock might be a good fit as Luke Cage. He seems to have what it takes.

  • Guest

    And he’s an action star, which helps.

  • Guest

    Some people are concerned about The Rock not being all black. But, like I said, he and Marvel seem to think he’d work in the role. I’m not totally knowledgeable about how casting works, but in any case, utimately the casting is up to the people in charge of the movie.

  • jmralls2001

    The Rock seems like he might be cool in the role.

  • Guest

    The Rock might not be exactly how some people think Luke Cage should be, but he seems to fit the role very well if a Luke Cage movie ever happens..

  • Guest

    Or he seems like he would fit the role. He hasn’t been cast, yet at least.

  • Guest

    He seems like he would fit the role very well, that is to say.

  • Guest

    The Rock seems like he might be cool as Luke Cage.

  • Guest

    Like I said, race definitely does seem important to who a character is when it comes to characters of color. For one thing, whitewashing has been a problem over the decades. But race doesn’t seem like a problem for The Rock playing Luke Cage.

  • Guest

    The Rock seems to have the skills and all. And he does look like Luke Cage in that poster.

  • Guest

    Whitewashing has nothing to do with The Rock. I was giving an example of why race is important to who a character of color is. Whitewashing is obviously controversial and actors of color have missed out on roles over the decades because of it.

  • Guest

    But like I was talking about, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with The Rock playing Luke Cage if it happens.

  • Guest

    The Rock might be cool as Luke Cage.

  • Guest

    Marvel and Kevin Feige probably do take part in the making of the movie somehow. The Rock might be cool as Luke Cage.