Just so you don’t mis-interpret some of my snark here – Man of Steel: Best Superman movie ever, but not a good movie – Ok. Now you know where I’m at. I really dislike being in a feedback loop in … Continue reading

Goyer Says ‘Man of Steel’ Universe Will Re-Boot Batman


Just so you don’t mis-interpret some of my snark here – Man of Steel: Best Superman movie ever, but not a good movie – Ok. Now you know where I’m at.

I really dislike being in a feedback loop in the Nolan superhero universe. I feel like I just came to terms with The Dark Knight Rises turning into a bold-faced dark-tone comedy the more you watch it and didn’t dig the lack of world building in Man of Steel.

So imagine my surprise when David Goyer, writer of Man of Steel and presumptive writer of the Justice League movie (that is likely inevitable) mentioned to Hey You Guys that all the work they did on Batman for the better part of the past decade is going to get tossed:

“It would be disingenuous to say Warner Bros doesn’t hope that this would be the starting point for a shared universe. And Zack has said that Bruce Wayne exists in this universe. It would be a different Bruce Wayne from Chris’ [Nolan] Dark Knight trilogy, and it would be disingenuous to say that Zack and I haven’t had various conversations on set, around ‘what if’ and ‘moving forward’.

“That having been said, it’s all going to depend on the next few weeks. Warner Bros has hopes that there will be more Man Of Steel films, and that this will be the beginning of a shared universe. We could meet Batman, or Wonder Woman, or the Justice League in these movies. But they all hinge on box office reception.

“If that happens, I would be happy, and nervous, to dive in.”

Great. So – if Man of Steel does well, it has to be the first movie in a series of new Unified DC Universe films? And even though Nolan produced Man of Steel and directed the three Batman films, it’s impossible to meld the two together?

This makes me super curious as to what the draw is to rushing a Justice League movie if it’s just going to be another movie in this universe instead of the culmination of multiple hero arcs.

Jeez, DC/WB, get it together.

  • venvariants

    Yuck. How to make people not want to see a movie 101.

  • estacado

    Batman ended with the 3rd movie. They can’t bring him back for Justice League. To bring him back will actually toss all the work they did on Batman for the better part of the past decade.

  • Peyton

    well…for starters Nolan ALWAYS said that his Batman movies were a stand alone world!! so no surprise here…. article sounds a bit moany, its early days and everybody knew that this was the steeping stone for JL …DUH! as for keeping it together… let the guys breathe, brainstorm, whatever.

  • ANTI Douche

    I would much rather see…
    Arkham or Animated Batman…
    Than Nolan, again. Even though it was enjoyable.
    Batman, like Superman, can stand multiple iterations.

  • ANTI Douche

    As enjoyable as Nolan’s DK was (1&@2)…
    He is not the correct ‘interpretation’ to stand…
    Toe to toe, with Superman, and the League.


    Hope this is true! Nolans Batman was interesting, and it saved the Bat from Schumachers hell, but Rises was a terrible but ambitious mess, and one of the biggest missed oportunities ever! Oh what could have been. Also by Rises, Bale looked bored of the role and didn’t even pump up for the role, though he did look bigger than Bane. But looking at him in Rises, had he not been in the previous 2 films, he did not look the part of Batman or Bruce.

    We need a new Batman, the type we Batfans love. Arkham City style, and one that wants to be Batman, not goes into hiding for years. I mean, I expected him to go into the shadows and be hunted but still out beating up crims after TDK, but to see he’s just retired completely? That aint Batman!

    Reboot the Bat!

  • Darth Kaos

    I’m tired of this guy….geeeeezzz! I hate WB, such a lazy studio with no balls…can’t take chances with new writers, or directors. They are toooooooo safe.

  • http://da7e.com/ Da7e

    I guess I was expecting it, especially after Superman had it’s main character grappling with his place in society, much like Batman has to become the hero the people of that city needed him to be. With themes that similar, you think you could just take 3 minutes and have Superman show up and be like: “Bruce, I know who you are. The world needs you, it’s bigger than Gotham.” then we have two characters we’re already invested in and you can spend more of the movie getting us invested in characters like Aquaman…somehow.

    That’s where the “moany” bit comes from. But if they want to re-boot their whole DC franchise on Man of Steel, that’s up to them, it just seems like a lot of unnecessary story work for whatever the team-up movie ends up being.

  • ShriekoftheVulture

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they change their mind. WB is not stupid. They see the huge interest there is pairing up Cavill’s Superman with Bale’s Batman. Not to mention the hassle in going on with a full on reboot. Goyer is a writer and not a decision maker.

  • rsixsmith

    obviously. for so many reasons, obviously.

  • ANTI Douche

    Da7e, you’re spot on, in this to, I agree.
    It’s quicker, intuitive-relatable, and is Nolan bankable…
    I just cannot imagine a Batman – that takes ‘years off’ to mourn…
    Being the Batman, that is often the De facto leader of the League.
    Can we, maybe, have 2 versions of the DC Film-verse…
    A 52 or New 52 and/or a DC style Ultimates. ;)

  • Steve Croft

    “Jeez, DC/WB, get it together.”

    Sounds like this is exactly what they’re doing now. They’ve decided to start Batman anew. There’s no reason not to do this. There would be continuiity problems etc with Nolans one. A fresh start for Batman would allow the fantastical to exist in his new world etc. A great idea. Nolans works wont cease to exist, they’re just a different take on Batman, like THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS is a different take on Bruce Wayne/Batman too.

  • Steve Croft

    However, there’s also the fact that this allows them to have a ‘fantastical’ approach to the Batman. Where the villains have a super approach to them as well. You can have a new joker, a Mr Freeze, a Clayface etc. There’s the true comic element you can bring in which Nolan strove to get away from. Hell, you could bring a true Luchador style Bane in complete with Venom strength enhancing drugs. It’s not all negative, it’s possibly ‘too soon’, but no truly sooner than Spiderman by the time Batman gets here. Not the greatest comparison, but hey, it still worked to a degree.

  • Philip

    I loved Man of Steel and felt it had the feel throughout that made me believe Bruce Wayne was watching the events of this story unfold somewhere on a TV:


  • rsixsmith

    thank you! jeesis! i’m sorry, but the ONLY reason i and millions of other people throw our hard earned cash at comics is because they are fantastic and, in the case of batman at least, usually weird to some degree. what the hell ISN”T weird about batman?? fine, we had the version of batman that’s going to pull in the fans since they’re going to watch whatever whether they like it or not and also pulls in the dramatic action/thriller crowd. now can we have one that at the very least resembles the feel of, say, the animated series. sin city proved it could be done, and no, i’m not angling for a rated r batman (even though that would be cool, like a trilogy involving the r.i.p. run somehow. never happen). i’m so bummed that i didn’t get to see superman today. tomorrow for sure.

  • john delorean

    My biggest question to the Nolan/Goyer DC Universe is “Why so serious?”

  • william_h_macy

    I agree to a point, but in this day and age, $$$$$$ count. So they will do what they need to do to get it in.

    If that means re-booting the Caped Crusader, then that is what they’ll do, unfortunately.

    We shall see as time goes on.

    In the meantime, lets embrace Man Of Steel.

    AWESOME film.

    On a side note, I’m typing this whilst the soundtrack to the aforementioned Man Of Steel soundtrack is on :)

  • william_h_macy

    $56,050,000 in ONE day says it all :)

  • Kameron McQueen

    Why can’t they just blend Chris Nolan’s TDK Trilogy and Zack S Man of Steel together for a Worlds Finest movie already! I mean it’s the obvious thing to do!

  • jack

    Clearly the best story would be Lex Luthor being used as a pawn by Darkseid and Superman teams up with Batman to help bring them down

  • Kurt G. Buttstadt

    Too bad. I had always had hopes for Nolan’s Batman being the first hero in the DC movieverse. I.e. Iron Man in the MCU. Batman would have been the first hero to inspire all the others, go into retirement (the end of TDKR), and then return as a different actor in JLA or Worlds Finest. But no? So Marvel is the PS4 and DC is the X Box One? Lesson learned: don’t be scared of the characters you have film rights to.

  • Kurt G. Buttstadt

    wayyyyy too scared of the characters they have film rights to.

  • KaiChen

    Thank GOD!

    Now get it right. Batman should be smart. A true detective.

    He should not be constantly trying to quit.

    And let’s get a Robin, shall we?

  • ThaddeusVonPumpernicke;

    “Thanks GOD!” – with you 100%. An upvote despite that Robin comment. Seriously, with the rest of your comment, I’m with you 80%.

  • Who Knows…

    Batman belongs to Warner Bros. It’s their property. They could, if they wished, reboot it every year, month, day and on if they wanted to.

    The Nolan movies are just one version of Batman, just as the Adam West version was and the same with Time Burton’s and, God help us, Schumacher’s films were.

    The point is that these are characters that can be interpreted over and over. While the Nolan versions may be thought of as the best and definitive (or not), they will always exist on their own.

    In the end it’s just a movie, not life.

  • Who Knows…

    “…Time Burton’s”

    I meant Tim Burton’s. Typing too damn fast.

  • disqusDanner

    Jaden Smith for Batman !!!

  • Cavaleiro_do_Jumento_Excitado


  • Cavaleiro_do_Jumento_Excitado

    I Want a Batman like that one of Animated Series

  • smb73


  • bigriver

    No ambiguosly gay superhero pedophile relationships. Leave “Robin” back in the less cynical, less homosexual 50′s where he belongs.

    There’s no way to make that character work in the 21st century.

  • bigriver00

    Here’s a radical idea for Hollywood….

    Try casting the new Batman with an older actor….at least in his 40s – for any reboot.

    He needs to provide a cynical, angry and imperial counter-point to the young, idealistic Superman. Batman should be the cold, hard reality red-state contrast to Supermands blue-state idealism.

  • bigriver00

    Cavill was/is a perfect choice for Superman by the way.

  • KaiChen

    They said the same about Superman and Man Of Steel is doing fine.

    Robin is a huge part of comics. In fact, Batman features a whole roosters of partners.

    No need to retell Batman story the third time. A clever new triology could be how he adapts working with Robin(s).

    And if they decide to skip Dick and Grayson, Tim Drake has an excellent backstory and so does Damien.

  • rsixsmith

    robin has never left. there’s always a robin except for when he occasionally dies or moves on and is replaced. maybe you should go back to the repressive 1950′s where you belong.

  • JD

    No on the Old…..He has to be young but already in the game 4 or 5 years….Batman should be Smart, athletic and be the best in hand to hand combat. He’s world should be like Ninja Assassin.

  • JD

    You meant Dick Grayson and Jason Todd right?….As much as I like Robin and even more NightWing we need Batman to be solo he’s more scarier when he has no partner. He’ll be taken more seriously on his own.

  • KaiChen

    Thank you for the correction. I typed it wrong.

    On the topic, we’ve had a solo Batman trilogy.

    Let’s have a Robin one.

  • JD

    We need a Batman reboot….let the trilogy be what it is Legen….wait for it…..dary.

  • JD

    We don’t want a Marvel Movie.

  • JD

    We need to see the Animated series Batman Portrayed…Ohh hell a Comic Book batman dark and cold but a super genius and awesome in hand to hand combat.

  • JD

    With DC..you have to be safe I mean look at Green Lantern and Superman Returns…DC has more serious tone Characters than Marvel.

  • JD

    NIcely said …but not one that wants to be Batman but one who can’t stop being Batman…because he is batman

  • Steve Croft

    The Animated series Batman would be the perfect one to base it on. Why? Because he encapsulates all aspects of Batman. The fantastical, the realistic, the moral, the heroic, the savage, the brutal and the caring. Everything. Perfect suggestion.

  • john delorean

    Right, I mean who follows comics because they can be a well written and fun fantastic escape?

  • john delorean

    The fact that Marvel has the balls to make a ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ speaks volumes as DC sits on their properties.

  • bigriver

    So in 2013 its “repressive” to be against pedophilia?

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  • rsixsmith

    it’s your own sick mind that makes their relationship sexual. bruce’s own son is robin for a brief period. why don’t you go f**k yourself?

  • KaiChen

    No. But projecting Pedophilia everywhere does inform people how creepy you are.

  • Onyx

    Batman should be smart? Agreed

    A true detective? Agreed

    Nolan’s Batman a rich guy with toys? Disagree.

    That is where the realism of the Nolan films come into perspective for me when trying to establish a reality based Batman. He needs the toys to do his work and he needs to have a company (like his own) to supply him with military grade equipment.This gives him an edge like no other imo. Gray tights aren’t going to cut it this day and age. It’s also what helps set him apart from normal, otherwise he’s just some guy in a batsuit running around with ninja and detective skills. If a reboot happens and holds true to tradition then I think that it would be rather boring to watch for 2 /12 or 3hrs if that’s all he can do.

  • Onechi

    Why does it have to be a melding of character arcs? Just because that’s what marvel did?