Jim Carrey has come out on Twitter and stated that he will not be doing promotion for Kick-Ass 2 because of the violence. Of course, the irony is that he’s doing more to promote the film with his recent statements … Continue reading

Jim Carrey won’t promote ‘Kick-Ass 2′


Jim Carrey has come out on Twitter and stated that he will not be doing promotion for Kick-Ass 2 because of the violence. Of course, the irony is that he’s doing more to promote the film with his recent statements than he ever could going on the Tonight Show or The View.



Kick-Ass creator Mark Millar, who is also an exec producer on the film, went to his blog to address Carrey’s comments.

In his retort Millar points out that while both the Kick-Ass films and comics contain graphic violence, they do show the real world consequences of such acts. You can read all of Millar’s response by visiting his blog Millar World.

What do you think of Carrey’s new stance on films violence?

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  • Steve Croft

    I think it’s a joke. As Millar pointed out, Carrey saw Kickass part 1, he had the script a LONG time before Sandy Hook and he knew the content of it. Why did Sandy Hook suddenly change his mind and not shootings before it? Colonel Stars and Stripes is a character who rejects the use of firearms, he sees them as vulgar, it’s what attracted Jim in the first place. Personally I hope he’s sued for his fee back if he refuses to promote the film as his actions here could potentially damage the movies box office (we all know of course it’ll likely increase its popularity but hey…) it’s a slap in the face to all involved. Seriously, sue the shit out of him.

  • Redbull Werewolf

    this sounds like a dick move, It’s a movie dumbass, Sandyhook was real life, are we just going to let the madmen of the world win?

  • Gammera2

    Do you or Mark Miller understand what the term “change or heart” means? Obviously this particular shooting has changed him in some way. Jim isn’t a hypercritical like you are making him out to be.

  • Preston

    So Sandy Hook was the first shooting ever that Jim Carrey cared about? That’s what it sounds like to me. The others before he didn’t give a shit about, but this one finally pushed him over the edge? I knew he was a douche, but to be this big of a douche is just crazy. No one goes to the movies for you anymore anyway Carrey. Good riddance.

  • Kurt G. Buttstadt

    I’m pretty sure senseless violence existed before he filmed this movie….

  • Kurt G. Buttstadt

    shitty for the filmmakers that thought they would have him on the press junkets.

  • Mike the nurse

    Let Mr. Carrey hand over his check and all future monies to crime victims then.

  • Steve Croft

    Do you understand what the term ‘hypercritical’ actually means? If you did, you wouldn’t have used it. I do understand entirely what HYPOCRITE and HYPOCRITICAL mean however. I also understand Mr Carey had the script around six months to a year before the movie commenced shooting, I also understand he saw the first one, I also understand Mr Carey could have had this change of heart before that and handed back the money he TOOK to star in this movie he now rallies against.

    Tell me, this movie Jim goes against… will he give back the money seeing as he doesn’t agree with its message? How can he live with himself taking those millions? Will he donate it to the Sandy Hook families (about the ONLY thing he could do now to save face). No, he won’t. He’ll keep it. Ass licking bootstraps like yourself however will have their heads so far in his pants felching him however that you won’t care, you’ll just pay to see the next fucking Burt Wonderstone and proclaim how wonderful a HYPOCRITE (not hypercritical mind you but HYPOCRITE) like him is.

  • LaraCroftLover

    What a hoax

  • Kill Bomb

    Jim, you are an asshole. No one on the planet would connect Kickass 2 with Sandy Hook.


    Carrey needs to go blame the Republicans, as I will in the next election here in Florida! I am all about getting guns, if you passed all requirements, but come on Carrey, it’s a movie which I cannot wait to see — Want to make a different, throw a few thousand dollars of donation to parties that support gun restrictions on people that should not have guns — Perhaps a bill on mother’s who wants guns, yet, have a mentally ill person living on them!

  • venvariants


  • Gammera2

    You aren’t the brightest spark around buddy. It doesn’t matter if he saw the script and shot the darn movie, he had a change of heart after this. It’s like me I have a Japanese girlfriend and never really understood casual racism very well until I saw it happen to someone I really care about. A human learns things, we are learning machines. Things I found funny about casual racism are now no longer funny to me. Its called a CHANGE OF HEART!

    Obviously in good concious Jim now has to give the money to charity if he wants to appear genuine.

  • Steve Croft

    “I never understood casual racism” *cough bullshit cough*

    What a load of trite, self serving crap that has absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand other than to self aggrandise yourself lol. You’re saying I’m not the brightest spark around? Better to be a dull ember than to be an unlit charcoal briquette like yourself.

  • Kingsley Baconhausen

    Does anyone else think he’s just pulling an Andy Kaufman?