So who is going to be the Goddamn Batman in the 2015 Man Of Steel sequel or Batman vs Superman or World’s Finest or whatever they will call the upcoming 2015 movie? Earlier in the week, Jett over at Batman … Continue reading

Contenders Emerge For The Goddamn Batman In ‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel


So who is going to be the Goddamn Batman in the 2015 Man Of Steel sequel or Batman vs Superman or World’s Finest or whatever they will call the upcoming 2015 movie?

Earlier in the week, Jett over at Batman On Film broke the story that the studio was looking for an older Batman in his 40s. Not surprising since younger leading men have been having a problem at the box office lately while older actors have been filling the seats. Ben Affleck in Argo, Gerard Butler in Olypus Has Fallen, Mark Whalberg and Denzel Washington in this weekend’s number one hit 2 Guns are recent examples.

According to Borys Kit over at Hollywood Reporter, some of the following names have managed to make it to the top of the list. Let’s take a look at some of the few…

Josh Brolin. 

From what I am hearing the frontrunner. Hot choice. If a nasty, edgy, Frank Milleresque bone breaking Batman is what Zack is looking for, well then this is the guy. The only thing that makes me think he won’t do it is because he went through a nasty divorce this year with Superman’s mom Diane Lane. Yes, I know they won’t have scenes together but there is a thing in pre-production called a table read with the whole cast which could be quite awkward. That and junket/premiere appearances can be awkward as well. I can be totally wrong but who knows.

Joe Manganiello.

The guy is a beast and was one of the original Superman contenders. He certainly got the height and the physicality for the role. Plus he is Playboy Bruce Wayne in real life with a smoking hot model girlfriend I saw him rock at the Wired Cafe at Comic Con.

Ryan Gosling.

Hell no. Hipster Batman?! Ryan Gosling is one of those artsy fartsy high brow art film pretty boy actors that take themselves a tad too seriously. I just saw his last movie and he got his ass handed to him by the middle age police chief in Only God Forgives. Sorry, but Gosling can’t scrap for shit onscreen and he is the farthest thing from being the next Steve McQueen let alone a Goddamn Batman.

Here is another name that the Hollywood Reporter article didn’t drop who is also in contention.

Gerard Butler.

Yes, the Spartan King. He’s another dope actor who got the height, presence, acting chops, and is a winstrol cycle away from being a physically imposing macho Batman. The only negative is his accent which my twitter followers have been giving me shit over. Remember though, Butler already worked with Zack in 300 and is coming off a hit Olympus Has Fallen, the movie that murdered White House Down.

There is also Jim Caviziel and Jon Hamm but sorry cool kids, their TV commitments will keep them out of contention since the film will shoot during the winter time.

The Hollywood Reporter piece also mentioned some other minor names which you can read HERE.

So what do you guys think? Let me know below.

Stick around because I might have a huge scoop early next week concerning the sequel!

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SOURCE: Batman On Film, Hollywood Reporter

  • GoodEnoughPictures

    Why is Karl Urban not on this list?! He could totally pull it off! Josh Brolin is too much of a Hollywood nam. I don’t see him as Batman AT ALL (maybe Bruce Wayne) and Gerard Butler, though I like him, I feel he doesn’t quite have the charm of Bruce Wayne.

  • movmovies

    Josh Brolin is the perfect choice. Great voice, he looks the part, has serious acting skills, and he could really stand his ground in a fist fight with Henry Cavill.

  • Goonie

    Eric Bana!

  • GrandpaBatman

    NOOOOOOOO. I have completely lost faith in the DC universe and all future DC movies. Superman VS Grandpa Batman. I’m not wasting my money to see any of those guys play Batman.

  • Daniel Paul Harder

    Anson Mount (“Hell On Wheels” star) would be the perfect Batman and a great Bruce Wayne.

  • Monica

    gerard butler is a good actor? Thanks for the laugh of the day! Downgrade, warner! MoS was a disaster and it will be worse.

  • TJW

    Disaster? Lmao. You are the queen bitch of exaggeration Monica.

  • elmayimbe

    Yes you will. Stop lying. ;)

  • elmayimbe


  • elmayimbe

    Don’t hate!

  • TJW

    You bringing up the point that you have seen certain actors get beaten up on screen is beyond strange. That’s because of the story. Duh. It’s not a pick-your-own-adventure for the actor.

  • Eddie

    ROTFL you can’t be serious. Cavill will mop the floor with Brolin’s dusty old butt.

  • Guesty

    My pick is Patrick Wilson.

  • Eddie

    If they wants and “old” Batman they should have kept Bale. This is the dumbest decision in comic history. I’m looking forward to Captain America and Avengers 2. Bad decision making makes DC a lost cause.

  • Andres

    I really dont think they should go too old with this New Batman, They should want to build a franchise around this New guy and an older guy just wouldnt cut it. Out of the the three above I would pick Joe Manganiello but I would think outside the box with KARL URBAN or LIAM MCINTYRE.

  • elmayimbe

    Gosling can’t scrap onscreen. Period.

  • elmayimbe

    They have no choice. Bale won’t take a payday and annoy Chris Nolan.

  • Average Fagman

    Wes Bentley

  • Andres

    I agree. Why not keep Bale if they want an older batman?

  • Maks

    Holy sh*t somebody give Joe Manganiello that part if he is being considered. Dude would be perfect for Batman. Plus he is only 36y old. Allows for a couple of movies afterwards and maybe 1 or 2 JL movies.

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  • thinker365

    I am so glad someone finally addressed the Ryan Gosling thing. I can’t stand him. He is so damned smug! And man, he is a baby-faced pretty boy with a high pitched voice. No way. Maybe a good fit for the Flash, but not Batman. I dunno who will be chosen for Batman, but it better not be frickin’ Ryan Gosling.

  • tgwtdt

    I thought he was still on the loop?

  • Owsler

    It’s ridiculous, I know, but I’d love to see Kyle Chandler play Bats.

  • Hamad

    I understand having a Batman who is already established as a crime-fighter in the movie, but I don’t get why he has to be over 40. Why can’t he be in the 30-39 range? Henry Cavill is 30, It would look odd to have a Batman who is 10-15 years older than him.

  • UgottaBeKiddin

    I wonder what old actress they’re going to cast as catwoman

    diane keaton??? LOL

    They should’ve kept Bale if they wanted an older batman

  • RedRiver38

    God, all of these guys suck. Brolin is Jonas Hex, not Bruce Wayne.

  • TheNotoriousDRB

    The problem here is that WB/DC have no Kevin Feige to strongarm actors into submission. The ONLY actors who ever turned on Feige were Terrence Howard and Norton.

    Both haven’t seen a big payday since.

    Even if it takes Jeff Bewkes himself to close the deal (something that is way, way beneath his pay grade), their best option would be to back up the truck to Casa De Bale. Pay him more than Downey is getting, and he’ll play nice.


    One choice: Andrew Lincoln.

  • WaitingforJusticeLeague

    So how old will Batman be by time Justice League finally gets made?

  • Goddamn

    “Goddamn” is right. Basted on the names listed, I think it’s official; the next Batman will suck.

  • FuckFace

    So this is why Nolan agreed to help? He wanted to make sure that his batman remained the best batman ever. Well played

  • FuckFace

    He’ll be in a wheel-chair like professor X haha

  • Neo_

    None of the above I hope… People scoffed at Bale being cast too. Turned out pretty good.. We dont need an established big name..

  • WaitingforJusticeLeague

    Bale’s Batman was in pieces by the end of the trilogy. Plus how can he give Supes a lecture on restraint after killing Two-Face?

  • estacado

    If they want really old, go for Michael Keaton. He’s got the history. If if he’s too old, make him Alfred.

  • Preston

    I’m not sure why you need an older Batman? The guy I could totally see playing Batman is Ben Whishaw. He’s British I know and kinda small, but he looks like he could pull off a Batman.

  • Average Fagman

    Bale was the fan favourite before Begins. I remember polls on internet geek web sights were drastically slanted in his favour.

  • Common Sense

    Jim Cavizel gets my vote.

  • mike payton

    Berlin was handed TWO franchises: MIB and Jonah Hex. No way he gets a third chance after those bombs.

  • Mindy_English

    I’m all for Josh Brolin as Batman. He’s already proven he can handle the Bruce Wayne side (think Bretton James in Wall Street:MNS) and the Batman side (think Jonah Hex meets Agent K meets O’Mara from Ganster Squad). Plus, he is gorgeous to boot. The Diane Lane thing…their split was reportedly amicable, so why couldn’t they handle a group read? Plus, how big of a role is Superman’s mommy going to play? Really now?

  • Letshugitoutbch

    I too would love to see Karl Urban as Batman, but I think his schedule is just too full right now. Between them trying to fast track Star Trek 3 and the possibility of Almost Human getting picked up I imagine he’s too busy unfortunately. That being said if he doesn’t get a shot, I hope Dredd 2 could at least get a damn greenlight!

  • Peyton

    Gross. Another old woman fantasizing about an old man being Batman SMH.
    You old folks are ruining Batman for the younger generation. We are the generation that actually buys most of the movie tickets, the comics, games, action figures, merchandise etc. Old people should stick to CSI and desperate housewives. We don’t want an old Batman unless it’s in Batman Beyond. Josh Brolin for Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond but not in MOS2 or JL.

    Just you saying that he’s gorgeous proves that you are old.

  • Steve Croft

    Joe Manganiello. Yeah I can actually see him in this role. I mean in True Blood he’s a little dire (blame the script… blame the quality of production… shows still fun though) but in his movies he’s a damn good actor. Plus he’s got the size for Batman, the looks for Bruce Wayne and *the voice*.

  • Steve Croft

    It’s the internet, for most people it’s a pre-requisite. Hating and overreaction.

  • oxman21

    and he is far too baby-faced to be anything close to intimidating.

  • oxman21


    You do realise 40 isn’t really that old right…
    You might as well call Iron Man ‘Iron Gramps’

  • Guy Gabois

    Why not Ray Stevenson? Yes, he played the Punisher but he did it like a fucking boss and could bring the necessary stoic badassery needed for a proper Frank Miller Batman. Josh Brolin? Meh.

  • Mindy_English

    I am twenty-four, jackass.

  • myclawismypenis

    Wes Bentley.

  • Jake

    Sounds like you have some daddy issues.

  • Chris Groves

    Gerard Butler, Josh Brolin, Karl Urban, Patrick Wilson, and even Ben Affleck are all choices I would be happy with.

  • Chris Groves

    Don’t be an a$$

  • Mindy_English

    More like I just find the guy really hot for an older man. What’s the difference between saying I think Brolin is hot and any of these other actors. They are all older than me. Brolin just happens to be hot in a gnarly, gruff sort of way. (It doesn’t help that my older sister used to make me watch him on an old tv show on the Hallmark Channel, “The Young Riders.” He was hot there, too…)

  • ali

    YES THIS!!! Karl Urban is absolutely perfect for Batman, but unfortunately I think his new tv show would interfere with filming this new movie. I would Jason Isaacs or Josh Holloway over anyone else on this list. Maybe even Leonardo DiCaprio if you want left field choices

  • ali

    I would also pick Richard Armitage – and seeing as how he is rumored in the THR article, I am happier

  • KillerKali

    um why not throw a buncha money and christian bale, and keep some continuity? seems dumb to pick an older batman for 1 or 2 movies, then reboot, when you already have the best batman/bruce wayne, ever available

  • Frank

    I agree. I’d cast Bale as an older Batman and Scott Adkins in the reboot.

  • dean456

    I can picture the scene with Brolin holding Cavil by the throat after beating him the other older suggestions not so much.

  • TonyStark

    Gerard Butler looked bad ass under the cowl in 300.

  • dean456

    Yea let’s ignore the fact that those movies we’re bad, not on the level of Batman and Brolin being the best part about those movies reguardless how bad they were

  • dean456

    Lol your pathetic. Not only do you make a wild assumption based on nothing but you then attack someone for having an opinion you don’t agree with about a casting RUMOR for a MOVIE that is way off from starting production I know the next Batman movie is the only good thing in your life but don’t take your problems out on other people.

    Brolin could be a great Batman and the fact that you disagree leaves me confident that he will be if it turns out to be true.

  • dean456

    Yea I like him I also think he’d be great for Joel if they ever made a Last of Us movie looks and even sounds like Joel.

  • JofnuFRILLS

    Since when is Gerard Butler a good actor?? He’s probably the worst choice on anyone’s list. I’m in for Brolin.

  • Christian Tassi

    Batman can’t be the Martha Kent’s “husband”…. (Josh Brolin ❤ Diane Lane)

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Karl is PERFECT!!!!

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Bale was terrible.

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Bale was one of the worst elements of TDK Trilogy of lame.

  • Steve Croft

    He’d be a good choice indeed for Joel.

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Too short and boring. He greatly assisted, in making The Hulk boring, come on!

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Too true.

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Hmmm. Left field suggestion. Not bad at all. Koodos!!!

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Sounds like YOU, have daddy issues, Jake.
    Did daddy not spank you enough or too much?
    Or just enough, you liked it, naughty boy?

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Don’t working Mindy, not all guys are @sshats. Like away. :)

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Ignore Jake, he’s just jealous you might steel away, his daddy crushes.
    Self hate, is a terrible thing. Right Jake? Heh.

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Broiling is the man. An awesome actor, man and personality.

    But, and a big one, he is not BROADLY likable.
    Somehow, say Tommy Lee Jones, pulled it off, much better.
    I’m very curious to know what the studio(s) tracking results of him, via consumers are in summary.

  • MyNameIsErl

    I like him in person of interest but not as Batman. I understand why you’d choose him because I’m a huge fan of his but I hope to God that he doesn’t play Batman.

  • TrackerLV

    I’d be happy with any of the following:

    Matt Bomer
    Jason O’Mara
    Joe Manganiello
    Charlie Hunnam
    Jensen Ackles
    D.J. Cotrona
    Karl Urban

    Brolin is too friggin old. Tack 6-10 more years on that guy for sequels & Justice League and he’ll look like Bruce Wyane from Batman Beyond.

  • TrackerLV

    I’ve been reading DC comics for 36 years and I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • GothamKnight2K

    Holy fantasy Batman! You Sir have have a wonderful imagination. A Batman that can barely throw a punch, never mind kick. Even with a stunt double, it would not look believable. And yes, I’ve seen “True Grit”, “MIB3″, “Jonah Hex”, “American Gangster”, “Gangster Squad” etc….. He looks tough with a gun in his hand but take the gun away and he’s really not scary at all. The new Bruce Wayne should be more like the one in the Arkham games. I feel like people are still trying to recreate the Batmans of the past. Key word is past (The times have changed people and so has Batman)

    Karl Urban / Scott Adkins


    There’s a very good chance that the person they end up casting isn’t even on this list so why fight with strangers over something you have absolutely no control over? Just sit back and enjoy the show.

    The script isn’t even ready yet so everyone just calm down.

  • Michelle

    You have quite the fan club Mindy. I respect when a gentleman comes to a lady’s rescue but some of the comments are a bit creepy. What about Michael Douglas? Just a thought or Patrick Dempsey

  • Marcus D. Ellison

    I get several things from Ryan Gosling and smug isn’t one of them. He actually seems really humble and awkward. Plus he’s one of the few pretty faced actors who actually seems interested in tackling roles that challenge him and the viewer when he could EASILY be doing big budget products based on his fanbase alone. I think some of you guys just don’t want to like the guy.

  • Moses

    Solomon Kane or Hell on wheels star

  • jackoswolfpack


  • IMO

    Scott Adkins. Forget about his fighting skills. Just his presence is intimidating and commands respect. That deep stare, his voice sounds like the animated batman. He always has this look like he knows something you don’t which would be cool for the Detective side of the character. I think he’d be a good Bruce Wayne (like Bale, he’s British and completely transforms his body and personality to suit his roles) No disrespect to anyone as I think that the others are good choices, I just want to see someone new get a shot. If they wanted someone old then they should’ve stuck with Bale but if you’re going to bring in someone new then, cast someone NEW like they did with Superman.

    Henry Caville was up against people like Nick Cage, Ashton Kutcher, Josh Hartnett, Brendan Fraser, David Boreanaz (Angel), JUDE LAW, Matt Bomer, Paul Walker (LOL, I know), Matthew Goode, ARMIE HAMMER, JOE MANGANIELLO, Zac Efron, Colin O’Donoghue and James Franco.

    My point is the MOS and Marvel movies have proven that sometimes the best choice is the “unknown underdog” because they’ll try harder to prove that they deserve the role.

    Most people wanted Brad Pitt to play Captain America and Thor (Imagine that). People said that Chris Hemsworth was a bad actor now they love him.

    Give Scott Adkins a chance.

  • Shallbecomeabat

    You are right, man! Brolin is the guy for the job. As much as I like Gosling in Drive, he hasn’t got the look for Batman, takes himself too seriously to play Batman and has the voice of a 15 year old who just got kicked in the balls.
    Again, I like him in a lot of movies and he is a talented guy… but he is no Batman.
    Brolin seems like a cool dude. I could easily see him playing Batman for a few movies and having a lot of fun doing it. Because that is an important part of it. WB has to find a Batman who wnats to be Batman for a few years, because they cannot reboot twice in a decade.

  • Shallbecomeabat

    You and Keaton are terrible.

  • Shallbecomeabat

    Too much of a pretty boy and not enough acting chops. Also he and Matt Bomer look too much like Cavill.

  • Rugo

    Scott Adkins for batman

  • Shallbecomeabat

    Yeah, why not use the skinny small hairloss guy who looked nothing like Batman, even when he was Batman, who is now even +20 years older and was a part of the Batman movies that would mesh terribly with the new tone and style.
    Hey! Why not cast Kevin Conroy? He looks even less like the role, is a non actor but he has a dope voice, or how about animating Batman completely!

    Sorry man, but this kind of stupid, thoughtless fanboy casting really makes me loose hope in peoples mental capabilities. Keatons Batman going head to head with Cavills Superman… don’t make me laugh, man.

  • Rugo


  • Rugo

    he has the look of the batman

  • Rugo

    batman interrogates a thug

  • Rugo

    oesnt he look like bruce wayne

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  • jazzyjules63

    You’re an idiot for dissing Gosling. Brolin’s too old. Fassbender!

  • Rugo

    you took it right outta me gob mate

  • Da Evil Genius

    Joe Manganiello or Karl Urban. They have the physique to play Batman, and the charisma to be Bruce Wayne.

  • chris

    Holy s#!t Rugo, shut the hell up with this Scott Adkins crap.

  • chris

    I love how you throw Caviezel and Hamm out of contention because of their TV commitments during the winter time… like you know for sure that they won’t be able to it. How that hell do you know? Stop saying things like you know exactly what’s going on when you don’t know AT ALL if they will or will not be able to do it. It comes off as arrogant and it’s very annoying. Be a cool kid, cool kid.

  • Alejandro Goicouria

    Im just nmot thrilled for this sequel whats so ever. Really liked Mos, am a die hard fan of all things Batman esp The Dark Knight Trilogy (which was perfect to me.) I just think supes needed 1 maybe 2 more stand alones before maybe a cameo at the end of 3 indicating the start of JL. I guess im just not a big JL fan because I cant see it working on film the way avengers did.

  • chris

    Why can’t you see a Justice League movie working like The Avengers did? Frankly, a Justice League movie should and will be better than The Avengers.

  • Bondinferno

    My thoughts exactly, Brolin’s track record is a bit mixed Jonah Hex anyone? But personally i think if they could get Jon Hamm that would be amazing, but out of anyone Karl Urban is clearly the perfect Batman and needs to be on the top of every list

  • Bondinferno

    Let’s get a petition for Karl Urban!!!

  • FanFreakinTastic

    None of these work for me.

  • Rugo

    jump off the cliff if u dont like it.

  • rsixsmith

    agreed, bale was boring to watch.

  • Patrick Newson

    Ha yeah he will

  • The Usual Suspect

    Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. This list got progressively worse as it went on.

    It’s looking like this will be a terrible movie. Good job Snyder and DC, you’re attempted quick money-grab that is this film will suck but somehow still make loads of cash.

  • Johanna

    I was going to say Josh Brolin but I’ve changed my mind. I would rather see the Adkins guy play the Caped Crusader.

  • Chaos_Online

    he’s an amazing fighter, a decent actor (who could pull of a Bruce Wayne), he even looks a little like Bale and he actually looks more like Bruce than Bale did, His Batman voice wouldn’t be as annoying given that he soinds like John Conroy, Adkins & Henry Cavill team up as Batman/Superman would actually look right. A famous actor doesn’t sell a Batman movie, having Batman in a film does.

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  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Thank you, thank you. :)

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Who? ;)

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Bless you, Smith! :-D

  • ninja pizza

    cowl test!!!!! hand over the dudes face to see if he’s got the batman chin… then ya know……

  • DC_Ignores_Fans

    Even though Scott Adkins is leading every online fancast poll by a
    landslide, despite the fact that #AdkinsforBatman has been trending on
    twitter or the troves of online petitions demanding that WB casts him as
    the next Bruce Wayne…..Someone like Josh Brolin would probably get
    the part because unlike Marvel, DC films are controlled by Hollywood

    If I were him, I wouldn’t even do the stunts unless offered the lead
    role. He’s not a stunt man that acts but an actor that performs his own
    stunts like Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise. Brolin will be a good Bruce
    Wayne but his Batman will be mediocre at best (See Jonah Hex and
    MIB3). If not Adkins then they should bring Bale back.

  • I_read_the_Comics

    Karl Urban or the guy from Burn Notice as 2Face and Josh Brolin or Sean Penn as Black Mask. They’d be amazing in those roles just think about it.

    Brolin is my pick for Black Mask.
    I want to see someone new as Batman like they did with Superman.

  • chris

    It’s annoying, you moron.

  • vin

    get use to it you twat. im just getting started

  • vin

    there is someone with taste

  • vin

    some people will hang themselves over this nobody

  • Zack

    I agree with you Vin. I’m 100% in favor of Scott Adkins as Batman. Tbh I didn’t even know Christian Bale before Batman.

  • vin

    neither did I

  • vin

    this nobody could be wayne

  • Madness


  • Andres

    Liam Mcintyre

  • Internet Warlord

    I have a hard time believing that Warner Brothers/DC will reboot the Batman franchise with an actor pushing 50 (not against the idea, just that I don’t see it happening). Besides, if they want an older Batman, then they better drive a couple of Brinks trucks to Christian Bale’s house.

    Out of this list, I think Ryan Gosling, and Joe Manganiello would be my top choices. I don’t get the hate behind the idea of Ryan Gosling playing Batman (or Star Wars), the guy is a good actor. Let’s not forget that a lot of people initially hated the casting of Health Ledger as the Joker.

  • Gustavo Corrêa

    me too, that is why i want this manganiello. but i think that if ryan gosling dyes his hair he would be my favorite

  • Internet Warlord

    That is a really good choice.

  • Bo

    I could see Gerard Butler of that list. He was great in Olympus Has Fallen. The right age, acting chops, and can do action.

  • SuperFanBoy12

    For those arguing that Scott Adkins can’t be Bruce Wayne. Not only
    would he be the ultimate Batman but the guy would be an incredible Bruce

    He’s not just an action star, he has a range that most people don’t know about.

    He might not be the Batman in MOS2 but he deserves to be and he
    should definitely be Batman in the Justice League film. He reminds me
    of the Bruce Wayne from “World’s Finest” and “Public Enemies”. His
    Batman would be a real live version of the Arkham series Batman. I’m
    not making a case for the actor, I’m making a case for Batman and Scott
    Adkins is Batman. Just look at him.

    I’ve also considered Holloway, Hamm, Urban and others but I can not
    deny the fact that those guys would be good if given that chance yet
    Adkins would be more believable. I like Brolin and Urban (I really do)
    but it’s not about which actor we like rather which actor can actually
    pull off Batman (Bruce Wayne is the alter ego but you guys don’t realize
    that) I have no doubt that he’d be great as Bruce Wayne; the “real”
    Bruce Wayne that doesn’t whine and complain. Urban is my second choice
    followed by Brolin but, I say Scott Adkins bar none for the role of the
    Dark Knight as well as the man behind the mask.

    No need for hateful comments (especially from you Chris) this is just my opinion.

  • SuperFanBoy12

    Gosling or Speedman for Flash. #AdkinsForBatman
    Scott Adkins

  • SuperFanBoy12

    Joe Manganiello would be good but, he’s too tall. If Cavill was taller it’ll work but you can’t have a Batman that towers over Superman. His height all but guarantees that he won’t be Batman. He’d make a great Hawkman / LoBo though. Older Batman = Bale. Reboot = Scott Adkins

    Jesse Metcalfe? I still say Scott Adkins but I’d settle for him.

  • SuperFanBoy12

    Josh Brolin? Really? To play BATMAN??????
    Have you seen him with his shirt off? After he’s been “working out”????
    Josh Brolin??? WOW

    He may look good in a suit but he won’t look good in THE SUIT ;)

    Superman fans would be happy if he gets the gig

  • Natasha

    Well said. You took the words right out of my mouth

  • Natasha

    Since he said “THIS IS SPATA” LOL j/k I couldn’t help it. I say Ney to Brolin

  • Natasha

    Keep asking God for stupid things and your prayers will continue to go unanswered. Brolin as Batman? Com’om dude get a clue. You could have said Urban or anyone else. Why wasn’t he picked when they were casting Kilmer, Clooney and Bale? Think about that. He was around when they made the first Batman movie…..I’m not saying your choice sucked, I just want you to put more thought and effort into this because some of us actually care about Batman and the overall outcome of this movie.


  • Carmen

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. That’s not ridiculous, it’s just awful.

  • Julia

    He’s Hott! Where’s he from? He has that sexy don’t mess w me look. I
    can’t tell if he’s a pretty boy or a bad boy but there’s something about
    him. Wet dream material and he kind of looks like Bale which would help with the transition.

    He has my vote

  • Junesong Trigger

    Don’t be that guy. I hate it when people call him The Goddamn Batman. As much as I like Frank Miller’s writing, All-Star Batman and Robin was shit. It completely changed Batman’s personality and turned him into a sadist. And it gave people who can’t logically explain why they think Batman is the superior hero a stupid phase they can pull out of their asses because they think that it trumps all arguments.

  • KNG of the WCKER PPL

    Chael Sonnen :) Beats me how he’d fair as an actor, but he looks the part of Bruce Wayne and would make for a beast as Batman.

  • HunterOfTROLLZ


  • Diesel

    Lol. He is a pretty boy(Bruce Wayne) and a bad boy(batman) he is English same as henry Cavill (superman MOS) and a wet dream material for the ladies

  • vin

    yea that chris guy has got anger issues. like batman is God Almighty or sommat. scotty is the man in my opinion

  • vin

    besides remember to like my comment on here an check out scottadkinsFC on Facebook. this nobody could do with some support in becoming a somebody. maybe a future Batman. and spread the love to your friends and fam

  • empirewacksback

    Karl Urban– I didn’t say it first, but he is the best.

  • vin

    these men are all good actors but lets face it. if we or WB wants continuity for Batman say for a future JLA movie yea, then getting an older Batman wont really work for some of the guys mentioned in the article. for instance,
    Brolin= Good actor but will be too old by 2017 for JLA unless its a one off movie
    Gosling= good actor but dont really think he’s got it in him in my opinion
    Hamm= good actor could be a Bruce wayne but not an imposing batman in my opinion
    Carl Urban= love the guy in Dredd and shows potential as batman. There are always potentials out there but this nobody nailed it for me. this is my opinion so no aggressive comments people lol

  • Brandon

    Christian Bale’s Batman sucked. Sorry if that’s just my opinion but that’s how I felt watching the trilogy. The scratchy voice in TDK and TDKR was irritating, he had absolutely no detective skills (he pieces together one bullet using a computer technique is all we get to see), and the new fighting style was horribly overused and over-shown (it was good in Batman Begins because it was only shown in brief flashes and the hands were kept in front of the face and chest, when they changed it to Batman keeping his hands over and on his head it looked ridiculous and impractical to the types of fights he was in)…… say nothing of the fact that most of the second and third movie we got a depressed Bruce Wayne than a kick-ass Batman.

    Overall the Nolan trilogy did a great job of setting Batman into a more realistic world and grounding Batman’s gadgets and overall arsenal, but to say that Bale was the best Batman I think is overrating how he portrayed the character as well as how the character was written and used.

    As for Adkins…..its an interesting choice. He’s definitely not an A-level actor, but I don’t necessarily think that’s needed for Batman…..either in a Justice League movie or solo films. Bruce Wayne is not a hard character to play. He purposely acts like an aloft playboy (though personally I prefer how he was characterized in the Animated Series where he was an active CEO of Wayne Enterprises) so I don’t see a need for high quality acting when for that. If we are talking about duplicating the drama seen in Nolan’s trilogy…..simple……DON’T! Batman doesn’t need to be constantly questioning his life and role in Gotham. I don’t understand why Hollywood continues to think this will make Batman a better character. Remembering Tim Burton’s Batman and Keaton’s portrayal of the character, there was none of the doubt in that Bruce Wayne/Batman that would come up in other films (even Burton’s Batman Returns brought it into play). It was Vicky Vale that asked Bruce to stop being Batman, to let other people handle crime, and point blank Bruce dismisses the idea and states that this is the life and role he’s chosen. THAT’S BATMAN! and its an aspect of the character that I think any actor can play, including Scott Adkins.

    Being as physical as Adkins is would be great for the role, just as Bale was physical for it (really my biggest compliment to Bale’s Batman is how Bale got prepared for the character) because you want to see a ripped (but not overly buff) Batman to visually get across the point that this is a guy at peak human levels. He also has a good, deep voice that would work well for his scenes as Batman and he’s put together well enough that you throw him in a tux and tie and he’s not going to do to any injustices to the role of Bruce Wayne.

    He’s 5’11″…..which isn’t the shortest actor to play Batman and compared to the comics is only 3 inches shorter than Batman’s stats…..not a great difference all-in-all. It would work well against Cavill’s Superman, since he’s 6’0″ and its clearly stated in the comics that Superman is taller than Batman (by 2 inches in the comics, 1 inch in the movies).

    The choice of Adkins would also not sway the next portrayal of Batman into a detective or fighter role. That’s completely up to the writing. At the end of the day it doesn’t take acting ability to give audiences a detective focused Batman. All he has to do is explain things. That’s not hard. It doesn’t require great emotional range. It doesn’t require an Oscar nominated actor. It requires the writers and director to actually make Batman more than a straightline fighter, which is not something Nolan and others before him have done. If Adkins can read and deliver dialog than he can portray a detective inclined Batman. That’s really all the acting ability it takes, read and speak.

    But Hollywood hasn’t given us a detective inclined Batman yet because they have been focused on the action aspect of his character (which is the easiest aspect and doesn’t require a great script to do) or, in Nolan’s case, trimming down Batman’s abilities in order to make it more believable of what a single person could actually do. F#ck the realistic approach. Look at how Marvel did Iron Man and Tony Stark. You can make a Bruce Wayne/Batman that is near identical to the comics and still bring conflict and drama into the story because of the odds you make the character go up against.

    Sorry, that was more a rant against everything that had come before with Batman than answering the thread. To put simply, I don’t see any reason why Adkins couldn’t play the character and do Bruce Wayne/Batman of the comic books justice. The bigger issue is whether Hollywood will finally stop creating action only Batman’s and give us the full package.


    Not Brolin (Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond),

    Not Goslin (Flash if Scott Speedman isn’t available),

    Not Urban (My 2nd choice but I’d rather have him as Two Face),

    Not Hamm (looks too much like Aaron Eckhart. Would be better as Lex Luthor),

    Not Caviezel (Great actor, I love this guy. James Bond maybe but not Batman)

    Give us the Bale from “Batman Begins” or replace him with “Scott Adkins”

    I would’ve said Cavill but he’s already Superman. So there you have it people, feel free to comment

  • vin

    Mate your comment is intense. i rate you big time. this is exactly what i have been trying to explain to a lot of people on here that being Batman doesn’t require a Hollywood A-Lister who has won all the awards on this planet. its all about the right script, the right director, and more of detective work we seen in the animated series which we all fell in love with. like you asserted, Cavill could have don the cape and cowl but he is Superman now so the next best thing is Scott Adkins. A lot of people describe him as a very bad actor which from the movies I’ve seen of him wasn’t bad at all as they claim. the man does what he is told to do by directors and he does it brilliantly in my opinion. so if he gets the chance to work with a better director like Zack Synder as batman, then what could possibly go wrong?

    Bruce Lee wasnt so good an actor but the Man is a Legend today.
    I respect your reasoning Brandon

  • Punching_Puppies

    Scott Adkins and here’s why; He has not been given a chance to show his true potential when it comes to acting. all he needs is a big role in a big movie, and Scott Adkins works hard for every movie and takes it seriously, half of his martial arts skills came for a movie role that needed it. as Batman he will excel in fighting. and I don’t think he would be a bad Bruce Wayne. not as bad as people think he would, he definitely has the look. You don’t need to constantly make Bruce Wayne an emotional mess, just a business man faking his day life and by the night he becomes this badass vigilante. Adkins for the win

  • Chris

    LMAO you are funny. MIB3-had Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.
    Jonah Hex had – Michael Fassbender, Wes Bently and John Malkovich. Do you know anything about the film industry? He had a supporting role in MIB. Fassbender, Bently and Malkovich stole the show in Jonah Hex. He also had a supporting role in Wall Street MNS, American Gangster and Gangster Squad. He’s a good actor though don’t get me wrong. You just needed to be educated on Brolin’s track record. He’d be better as a villain or Thomas Wayne.

  • idkwhatever

    Scott Adkins is the real life Batman! I will forever weep at the missed opportunity if he isn’t cast.

  • J.A.C.

    I can’t see any of those actors take on the role of batman.

  • Quex-Ul

    Josh Brolin is very much an Alex Ross Batman.

  • SuperFanBoy12

    my My favorite Adkins film is “Assassination Games” I think he basically played Batman in that film; You get to see him being caring, a baddass fighter who uses detective skills to track down criminals, you get to see him interrogate people, you see him get captured and tortured, he has a sidekick who didn’t trust him in the beginning (like Robin). You even get to see him try to leave the life of of violence behind for those who liked the Nolan Batman. The guy can do every accent including an American accent (Ninja, Ninja 2, Zero Dark 30)

  • Guest

    Arnie Hammer as Bruce Wayne/Batman!

  • vin

    maybe she is selina kyle

  • Neo_

    The guys got the acting chops. Have you seen drive? He also beats all kinds of ass in that. He could definitely pull it off.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Well if you want an OLDER batman – why not put KEATON back in!? You want your older clint eastwood type Dark knight bats…then bring on the BEST Batman.

  • Neo_

    Hopefully they will cast it already so you guys can quit the bitching… Oh what am I thinking, I meant so you can bitch from now to 2015 about how much you hate the new Batman. ..

  • elmayimbe

    Great conversation guys! Thanks for participating!

  • StillAtMyMoms

    Get an unknown to don the cape and cowl. All of these suggestions aren’t a good fit. Maybe Karl Urban, but I suspect he is tired of doing franchises now; especially with Dredd flopping. I am sick of H-wood always going young, too. Batman should be older and wiser; it will add some dynamic and counter the youthfulness of Clark. They should also stick to the dark, mysterious, and brooding kind of Bruce; akin to Michael Keaton’s rendition. Jon Hamm comes to mind, but I think read once he refuses to do comic book movies.

  • Randall Emerson Appleby

    Thanks for making it crystal clear that you are an empty headed idiot.

  • Randall Emerson Appleby

    I agree, but I blame that on the writing, and the directing more than I do Bale. Just look at his performances in other films as proof, I mean, Bale can deliver some amazingly electrifying shit, but somehow seems dull as hell as Bruce Wayne. I am not a big Nolan fan the dood treats actors like software.

  • vin

    you are the man. and this pic is perfect

  • vin

    my question is, does it take a veteran Batman to beat or out-think the man of steel

  • vin

    my question is, does it take a veteran Batman to beat or out-think the man of steel?

  • Blockworld

    for an unknown how about Russ Russo – indie actor who has done some TV (Revolution, Sex and the City) and bears a strong resemblance to Bale. He played Batman in a YouTube music video that went viral and got 1.7 million hits and exposure on websites for Oprah, Ryan Seacrest, MTV, etc.

    he’s not as tall as some of the others, but he’s a very intense actor. He used to be a wrestler.

  • Moneyspyder

    …Armie Hammer is the perfect next Batman

  • Notgive_A_Fuck

    so is Goddamn Batman going to be what the character is called in the sequel?

  • jamthemaj

    I think Anson Mount from Hell on Wheels would be a fantastic Batman. I would rather them cast closer to Cavill’s age than go with an older Bats. Having an aged Batman doesn’t make a lot of sense considering Supes is young and just getting started. That said, I don’t care if they go the aged route so long as they do it well. Regardless, I trust the guys behind the scenes and can’t wait for summer 2015!

  • jamthemaj

    I love the idea of a Batman/Superman film, but I agree with you. Bats has always been my favorite, and the TDK trilogy was also perfect to me. Supes is a close second, and I loved Man of Steel. I would rather Supes get one more solo film before a Bats/Supes team-up film. And I agree with you on Justice League. I love the cartoon and the comics, but I have a hard time seeing Batman fighting aliens in live-action. I hope we’re wrong and it’s awesome, so we’ll see!


    Gabriel Macht from Suits would make a better Batman than those guys on that list

  • vin

    IMO, George Clooney is still the worst batman and he is a good actor if not a great one. i bet he looks back sometimes and wished he never took the role lol. I dunno, tell me to bugger off if i’m chatting shit. I mean what do i know right. he(adkins) aint one of the best actors around but I think he’s got potential thats all. I could be wrong.

    WB is considering using an older batman. it is also rumored that Brolin(jonah Hex) is one of the contenders? I mean why him? with that accent? for batman? dont get me wrong about his acting skills cos he’s good. but the BIG question is, If he is chosen to play as batman, will he be in JLA as well? because they are gonna have sequels right? how old is he gonna be then? or is this MOS sequel with an older batman a one off movie? which is why i would strongly suggest they get an actor in his late 30s and early 40s if they are planning on using a Batman in MOS sequel and JLA or else they’ll hafta reboot batman again. perharps WB think having an older Bats will rake in the money lol. IMO

  • beane2099

    No Judi Dench? C’mon, Judy Dench would kill it as Bruce Wayne!

  • jazzyjules63

    Thomas Jane.

  • batmanfan

    Really old Batman: Pierce Brosnan

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  • dean456

    Firstly El Mayimbe said that Brolin in Oldboy did a fantastic job in his fight scenes and is the main reason he’s being seriously looked at for this role and secondly when he’s in the cowl their are a lot of stunt doubles capable of filling his shoes for the more athletic parts this is hollywood after all we don’t need to have a real life Batman to play the role.

  • dean456

    You’re kidding right if anything the suit will be similar to TDK trilogy and won’t be tights like the oldschool batman outfits and just about every superhero buffs up huge before their roles these days anyway.

  • dean456

    I’m more concerned with his voice more than anything he’s yet to play a role I’ve seen without a high pitched voice and I think their are better suited people for the role that being said if he did end up getting the role I would give him a chance.

  • dean456

    Jonah Hex aside as I didn’t see it many people said and I agree that Brolin did a fantastic job emulating a younger Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black 3 and the point was that it was because of Brolin that franchises like Jonah Hex and MIB3 onwards failed which I think is unfair and not true.

    Also if you believe the statement above is true (which I assume you don’t) for arguments sake the same broad statement can be said for Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Michael Fassbender, Wes Bently and John Malkovich that they aren’t broadly likable which couldn’t be further from the truth.

  • dean456

    This is the only reason I wouldn’t like Brolin as Bruce Wayne however if the rumors about a Batman Beyond movie in the works are true that might be possibly what their going for get this movie (Batman Superman) and a couple of Justice League movies out of the way Brolin will be in his early 50′s then you move onto Batman Beyond with an ageing Brolin as a mentor for the next set of solo Batman films.

  • TrackerLV

    WB does not have the balls to officially confirm their intent to make a Justice League movie and deem a solo Wonder Woman film “too tricky” to make. Yet they are going to cast Brolin with the intent and design on him aging into an 80 year old Bruce Wayne to set up a Batman Beyond flick? If that’s the “only” reason to pick Brolin, then it’s best to just move on now and get someone who fits all if the role requirements. ;)

  • jazzyjules63

    Sold. If I had a vote he’d get it.

  • SuperFanBoy12

    Thank you, I really hope hay give him a chance

  • SuperFanBoy12

    They**** pardon the typo. He’s leading every online fan poll but I’m afraid that they’ll pass him over.

  • SuperFanBoy12

    He’s leading every online fan poll yet I haven’t heard anything about him getting a call or screen test. I feel like this fight is fixed.

  • SuperFanBoy12

    I agree, shame on them if they decide to pass him over. He’d make them a lot of money.

  • Dan Riedel

    When I saw Reign of Fire, I decided right then in there that there were two stars that would be PERFECT for Batman and Superman, Christian Bale and Gerard Butler, respectively.

    If Gerard gets the role for Batman, it’s seriously going to f*ck with me for his entire run. As he has SUPERMAN hair (black and curly) and traits obviously not American (read: alien).

  • Dan Riedel

    Batman came back from worse in the comics, including a broken back and death. Bane went in broad daylight to make the transaction to bankrupt Wayne, there’s your proof that the derivative trade was computer fraud.

  • Dan Riedel

    Maybe there arent many lessons to teach except technique and subterfuge. Maybe Wayne and Lex share the same distrust from someone as powerful as Kal?

  • Dan Riedel

    I disagree. They could introduce elements to fix all of your gripes. Batman electronically changes his voice so he sounds different but better. Batman has Robin now, who can serve as his henchman, allowing him to other things, like provide logistical support, and focusing more on the detective aspect.

    He gets his hands dirty only hen he needs to, and maybe he takes painkilers/performance enhancers now – that actually happened in the comics (venom). Making Bruce more vulnerable, but still badass and even sneaky would make Batman even MORE interesting.

  • Dan Riedel

    That and it would be easy to figure out who Batman is. The rich guy with the long face and big forehead!

  • Dan Riedel

    Richard Armitage or Jim Cavizel (who knows Jonah Nolan). That is all.

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    I respect your opininion. I’d rather see Terry McGinnis, if there is a protege. Or Arkham or JLU or BTAS or any other iteration of Batman. It’s time for the Great Detective or the bitter older Bruce, who alienates everyone. But, no more quitter whiny p*ssy Bruce ‘Nolan’ Wayne.

  • Soldier

    No matter how many comments and photos we put up on here, Petitions to WB, get an angry mob of torches and pitch forks to match towards hollywood yea, to be heard right, will never get WB to change their minds on Scott Adkins as Batman because as people say “he cannot ACT the part”. Its all about the money and this is a billion dollar franchise so screw the fans and lets get an old shit ass batman to beat superman. And get another older batman in JLA to fight aliens and godlike villains cos its batman and can kick ass even in his grave. They have got their man. All of these comments don’t mean shit. No one reads them. So lets all just sit back and enjoy woteva we are been fed

  • Stephanie

    After watching the reels of various contenders acting, Max Martini is by far the most fitting guy to play the role. He is down right frightening and dark. I like Richard Armitage for his deep voice but not his looks.

  • Stephanie

    He’d be great too! Not as a hardened tough old guy but as a vigilant, good guy-batman!

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  • Dan Riedel

    I think Batman’s mission was always to protect Gotham (hence why he almost never leaves). During The Dark Knight, he thought Harvey would be able to fix things legally, so the Batman was no longer needed.

    Anyone in their right mind, mourning the loss of a loved one at their own hands would probably quit doing whatever they did to prevent the loss of anyone else close. You can’t blame Balebats for quitting there.

    In Rises, he simply passed the torch – which is fine, and which he’s done before (to Azrael and McGinnis).

    That said, because something LARGER looms, this Batman could come out of retirement to at least investigate, with Robin in tow. Because whatever happens to the Earth, happens to Gotham.

    But yea, I definitely would be for a Batman Beyond film – but it should respect a great deal of canon (it should take place in the future).

    I love the idea of having a composite Robin (Blake, Todd, and Grayson rolled into one), because to be honest, you don’t know if he’s going to become Nightwing, Batman, or even die!

    I would like to see Bale come back as a I’ve-been-there-so-don’t-mess-with-me Batman. One who takes drugs to keep the pain at bay, one who’s less reluctant to fight and more reliant on Robin and his gadgets during altercations. But when he does fight, he’s like a Sharknado – because he wants to end the fight quickly, so he’s not physically taxed. So rather than expecting knockouts, expect broken limbs at the end of every fight. “If a man can’t stand…” :D

  • Drew Hunter

    Who needs to scrap when you can stomp a guy’s head into mush in an elevator?

  • Onyx

    I don’t like any of the choices for Batman. Well,maybe Joe M. he has the physical attributes needed to play this superhero.
    I want a batman that looks the part. I also want a black and gray suit akin to the Arkyum games suit only I want the cowl to hide his nostrils. I don’t think his nostrils should show underneath..but yeah anyways, Joe M. has my vote on this one but I’m sure it’s probably none of the above. This is just fodder to keep the whole film a buzz.

  • Onyx

    I don’t know who Scott Adkins is but after scrolling down through here and looking at the pics of him especially the one that has him side by side next to the cowl. I can really imagine this guy as Batman now.
    Can he act? If he can sell his acting then I’m all for him.

  • Onyx

    Patrick Wilson is nerdy. He was alright in Watchmen but I don’t think he should play batman he’s too dweeby looking.

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    Hey Dan, dig your passion. Like all your suggestions. It’s cool we have divergent, yet solid ideas on direction(s) to go. Either was with BvsS we all hopefully win! :-D

  • SuperFanBoy12

    Gosling would make an amazing Flash. If not him then Scott Speedman. As far as Batman is concerned…….

  • CorinaRogers

    He’s the top pick on most of the comic websites and fancast polls.

    Search for him on youtube. As for films, I suggest you watch; “Assassination Games”, Universal Soldiers DOR, but most of all “Undisputed 2 and 3″

  • CorinaRogers

    Fuck yea!!! Scott Adkins would make a kick ass Batman.

  • nobullshitter

    check out El Gringo as well

  • nobullshitter

    good lad

  • vin

    nice one mate

  • Onyx

    Thanks,I’ll have a look.

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  • Onyx

    Ok so I just watched Assassination Games and I never thought that I would get all caught up in the ”Scott Adkins for Batman” campaign but I am totally convinced that this guy can play Batman. His look his build his on screen fighting ability and the dude can act.
    He definitely has my vote!

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  • vin

    I agree with you a 100%

  • idkwhatever

    I heard he auditioned recently !! Tell me I’m not dreaming!

  • vin

    You are not dreaming. It was on his twitter for a few minutes two days ago and then deleted

  • idkwhatever

    Butler would make an awesome Hawkman

  • SuperFanBoy12

    You’re not dreaming it’s all over the internet.

  • vin

    Check this out

  • Cal

    Jim, Ca-friggin’-viezel. ‘Nuff said.

  • vin
  • vin

    thought you might like this vid

  • Onyx

    Thanks Vin’ers I’ve already watched a few Scott Adkins movies since posting to this article. It was because of you in other comment sections that now has me preaching the goodword of Brother Scott for Batman. Thank you sir!!

  • vin

    lol no worries m8

  • Onyx

    I hope they give him a shot I really do. He would be an amazing Batman!
    I’m all for an updated character with armor or what have you but the new suit couldn’t be something that gets in the way of his skills. That would sorta nullify the point of getting him for the part in the first place. lol

  • Jer Welch

    besides Dredd, which really didn’t have Karl Urban doing much besides scowling and shooting, what the hell makes everyone so sure Urban would be a good choice for Batman? Screw that, the guy doesn’t have the charisma and as for leading a film, he doesn’t have the chops

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