With Ben Affleck now fully committed to play Batman, pre-production and location scouting is currently underway for a February production start date. We got the scoop on two major cities which may play a huge part and offer clues to … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Could The Motor City Sub For Gotham In ‘Man Of Steel 2′?

Superman-Batman-Public-enemies-batman-8241521-1024-768With Ben Affleck now fully committed to play Batman, pre-production and location scouting is currently underway for a February production start date. We got the scoop on two major cities which may play a huge part and offer clues to the upcoming sequel.

But before we begin, a quick humble brag. Who told you that we would we know who the Goddamn Batman was before Labor Day? Also who first mentioned Affleck early this year?

Anyway, back to the story.

According to sources, the production team scouted the Motor City of Detroit, Michigan as a possible location to sub for Gotham City.

If an edgier Batman is what they are going after, then I can totally see the next cinematic Gotham City in the vein of Detroit. Michigan is going through a production boom right now and offers generous tax incentives. Michael Bay’s Transformers 4 is currently shooting there and I hear it is a great place to make a movie. Having Man Of Steel 2 would be a huge victory for the state of Michigan.

I put in a few calls to the Michigan Film Office earlier today for an official comment and my calls went unreturned by press time.


You know where else the production team scouted heavily?


Now what can be shot in Morocco? I have a theory. Is it possible that maybe the Moroccan desert will be where either Bruce Wayne or Lex Luthor discover the radioactive meteorite known as KRYPTONITE? Warner Brothers has a great relationship with the city which hosted three shoots for major WB productions. Body Of Lies shot there in 2008 and both Sex & The City 2 and Chris Nolan’s Inception were shot in Morocco back in 2010.

That’s all I got for now. Chime in your thoughts and theories below and please keep it clean or I will hulk smash you with my banhammer.

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Hasta el proximo capitulo cool kids!


  • Darth Kaos

    Cool. They can trash it, and no one would be able to tell the difference.

  • Internet Warlord

    I hoping for a No Man’s Land-style Gotham City.

  • Max

    Morocco is a country, not a city.

  • keef_an

    Is Toronto still Metropolis?

  • Roddy Doyle

    I’m only on board if the batmobile is now the Ford one from the 60′s batman show

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  • Trav631

    Well, I heard that This role was more than about Batman it was about writting and directing the new Batman movies. Let Zack do the Justice League movies and Affleck write and direct the new Batman movies. I don’t want Affleck touching a JL movie, he is better dealing with reality based grounded material. kevin Smith might help him out too. I know Ben had alot of imput in Daredevil as well as Kevin Smith. That movie was decent, but could have been better. I know the JL movie’s if Zack is directing them will be epic and have scope, but if Ben is directing the new batman movies, they will not be better than Nolan movies. Nolan is a better director. They may want to go a different route with it, to be different from the Nolan franchise.Make it more Personal and Violent. That’s cool and all,but I want some action in it too. Zack should help Affleck and produce the new Batman movies as well.

  • jjerker1

    They should shoot in detroit!

  • Carrie

    Sounds interesting. I think they might end up using multiple locations i.e. CW’s Arrow

  • luis37molina

    People need to get off Nolan’s D**k already. His Batman movies were not perfect, but are the best Batman movies to date.

  • Vulgar.Prophet


  • Redbull Werewolf

    This makes sense if they are shooting Toronto for metropolis. Detroit is not very far from Toronto which would make for easy travel for cast and crew. Affleck is gonna hit this outta the park, I think we are in for a great batman

  • adamemerson1977

    That’s not a humble brag, that’s just a regular brag. And it’s a pretty stupid brag considering it was announced elsewhere that WB wanted Affleck to direct JL.

  • jamthemaj

    Agreed! I can’t wait to see him as Batman! A lot of fanboys are going to eat plenty of crow come 2015.

  • blkyank

    Shortly after this film was announced at Comic-Con, WB put out that production which was being looked at for Vancouver had been shifted to Toronto due to some tax incentive issue.

    Most people assumed that city would stand in for a rebuilt Metropolis
    with maybe some additional shooting in Chicago (Metropolis in MOS) and the downstate part of Illinois that stood in for Smallville. Toronto,Chicago,Detroit
    shooting locations would keep the costs down.

    Since we appear to be getting scenes in Gotham,does that also mean it is more likely we get to see Batman supporting characters like Alfred and Gordon along with maybe a bat villain(The Joker?) in the new film?

  • Luis Rodriguez

    Wow you also said that someone was offered $50 million how did that go lol lol

  • Junesong Trigger

    It makes sense to me. You’ve got the nicer stuff in downtown to stand in for the better parts of Gotham, and I can see some of the shittier parts of Detroit as places like Park Row. Lots of vacant houses and industrial buildings. Then you’ve got the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair for Gotham Bay. A big unemployment rate, so they could get plenty of local extras. Plus the city’s in Wayne County. I’d go with it. Though, I’d still have to rethink casting. I just can’t see Ben Affleck as a convincing Batman. Maybe an older Dick Grayson, but not Bruce’s Batman.

  • UziOzbourne

    Depends on where they trash it. If they trash any of the new multi-million dollar complexes that have been built here in the last few years people will be able to tell. If they trash the places that look like your house…well yeah, no one will notice.

  • Iam Batman !

    To all the people who think Ben Affleck will make a bad Batman. There is only two reasons the Batman trilogy was any good. Director and Script !

  • Shallbecomeabat


  • The Ususal Suspect

    Stop trying to defend Detroit, that place is a gutter bro.

  • Vulgar.Prophet

    I had no idea about this! Good to know, hopefully I get to see them film something while downtown.

  • UziOzbourne

    Um excuse me, I wasn’t defending Detroit, I was putting down a sissy who has never been here. Honestly though, a gutter? How would you know? You live in Sterling Heights right? GTFOutta here. Where do you live? Utopia?

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  • D12

    I hope Eminem plays The Riddler. lol

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