Last weekend perhaps the biggest news out of the D23 Expo was the lack of ANY NEWS from “Star War: Episode VII.” The fans had every right to boo Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn when he said: “I do … Continue reading

‘Palpatine’ Will Return (But Not As A Clone) in ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’


Last weekend perhaps the biggest news out of the D23 Expo was the lack of ANY NEWS from “Star War: Episode VII.” The fans had every right to boo Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn when he said:

“I do wish I could tell you more but there are dark forces. And they are watching.”

Prior to the presentation Walt Disney Co. chairman and CEO Bob Iger also said:

“Now we’re just as excited as you are about Star Wars: Episode VII. In fact, we’re speechless. At least we’re going to be somewhat speechless at this Expo because we aren’t ready to share some of the details with you just yet.”


As my man El Mayimbe would say, “BUMJUICE!”

So basically they had nothing to show you, and all you got was lip service.

One would think that they would at least give you the title or some casting from the upcoming trilogy, but all you got was what you already know, J.J. Abrams will direct “Star Wars: Episode VII” from a script by Michael Arndt and that John Williams is back to score the next “Star Wars” film, which is set for release in the summer of 2015.

Yadda, yadda, yadda…

Anyway, then came a rumor that actor Ian McDiarmid was to return for a role in the upcoming sequels.

McDiarmid played Emperor Palpatine in the original trilogy and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine in the prequels. As you know in “Return of the Jedi” the Emperor dies, so it was kind of shocking that he will return.

The specifics of McDiarmid’s return was unclear and it was even said he might come back as a clone, like in the comic books.

According to my source, he does come back in a way. Here is what I was told.

Palpatine comes back as a Force Obi Wan. (Sith Lords learned similar techniques, which in some cases allowed them to physically interact with their environment.)


Palpatine will not be a clone, not in human form.

Now here is a HUGE tidbit…


Palpatine had a new apprentice before he got killed.

Why would the clone be an old emperor? Go look at some of the old Dark Horse Comics. They cloned the emperor in those comics. Why would they repeat that? Why bring the emperor back to life? That would just be stupid as all hell.

Sorry to geek fans who made up their own world but it just is NOT how it is.

Once again not going by any books. Not one thing they have in the script is from a book.


So there you have it. This is what I was told a while ago but just couldn’t say anything till now.

What do you think? Bitch all you want and let us know what you think in the comments below…

  • Bryan Young

    They said they weren’t giving any Star Wars news in advance. Why are people upset by them keeping their word?

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  • cultstatus

    Darth Maul Force ghost or GTFO.

  • TJW

    Lol they used LucasFilms/Episode 7 to sell tickets to the D23 Expo. EVERY other movie they advertised brought something, whether it be a title, a logo, members of the cast, footage. They showed nothing for Episode 7. If they weren’t going to give anything new, why even mention it at all? Again, it’s about selling tickets. Which is fine, that’s what big corporations do. But don’t be stunned when people expected something in return.

  • Bryan Young

    They delivered EXACTLY what they promised beforehand. People are pissed because they feel entitled. They don’t owe us anything but a movie in summer 2015.

  • TJW

    When did they say they weren’t going to give anything new about Star Wars episode 7? The night before? The week of? When all the tickets were gone? Lmao.

    The fact is they had no reason other than money to mention the movie in the D23 expo lineup. They said they were making it and moved on. What was the point? Why bring it to the expo?

  • Bryan Young

    When they announced that it would be there, they said that the only thing of substance would be Pablo Hidalgo’s presentation on the history and context and evolution. That’s the only thing of substance that was there. In fact, with all the “Orange Harvest” stuff, there was actually more there than any reasonable person should have expected.

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  • 12MG12

    That’s weird. Lucas specifically said that Sith can’t do this. Not that this would be the first time he changed his mind, but he seemed quite adamant about it and I’d be surprised if Kathleen Kennedy/JJ were going against what GL said. Strange…

  • TJW

    “10:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
    Let the Adventures Begin: Live Action at The Walt Disney Studios

    Go behind the scenes at The Walt Disney Studios with this revealing
    look at our upcoming roster of live-action adventures from Disney,
    Marvel, and Lucasfilm. Fans will enjoy exclusive video clips, filmmaker
    discussions, and star appearances at this session hosted by Walt Disney
    Studios Chairman Alan Horn, Disney Live Action Production President Sean
    Bailey, and Marvel Studios President and Producer Kevin Feige.”

    This is what they advertised. The Hidalgo panel was a separate event and described separately. Bob Iger said in the opening address for the Expo there would be nothing new about the Lucasfilm productions. That is after people have already bought their tickets. All I’m saying is they didn’t make it clear what their intentions were, so it’s not surprising that some people drew conclusions. They had no reason to mention Lucasfilms in their live action panel, because they didn’t have anything new to say. Unlike every other Disney property they mentioned.

  • Bryan Young

    Everyone I talked to knew they shouldn’t expect any Star Wars news. I’m sorry you felt misled.

  • TJW

    I wasn’t there. The hundreds of people booing at the panel were. But I’m glad “everyone you talked to” confirms your argument.

  • Ran Dather

    I think, like most “facts” on this website, that you people are absolutely full of crap and run willy nilly like children of retards at every snippet of info you happen to hear while standing in line at Starbux. That’s just my opinion, but since everything on this website is pure opinion and speculation, I’m sure it will be treated as fact.

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  • TJW

    They’re right every now and then, but you’re right. They haven’t posted anything of real substance since April.

  • Oak

    but yet here you 2 idiots are reading their”facts”….

  • TJW

    Like I said, they’re right sometimes.

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  • TruthHurts

    Star Wars continuity has been fucked up for a while. No surprise that it’s going to continue to be a mess.

  • Truxton Spangler

    Aunt Beru Force ghost or GTFO.

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  • ganymede3010

    Another troll who’s pissed again that Latino Review out scooped you guys. To many Latino Review haters at that site. Go back, and stop coming here since the site isn’t up to your standards. Go away.

  • Willthewookie

    Could he have cheated death and passed on his essence to another force sensitive being when he died? What if Leia was already pregnant at the time? It would be an interesting way to tie it all together.

  • Vadakin


  • Ludovic

    The source has copy/paste “Sith Lords learned similar techniques, which in some cases allowed them to physically interact with their environment.” from Wookiepedia (SW Wiki – Force Ghost article).

  • fred

    Man I don’t know what to believe, El Mayimbe and Latino Review has really let me down over the last year with two false reports on Black Panther appearing the next Avengers film and starring in his own film after that, i’m still waiting on that dreaming, lol. Maybe they’re right on this one, I just wish they would have been right on the other news.

  • harleyquinn

    Jar-Jar Binks Force ghost* or GTFO.

    *Seriously. I want them to go Ghostbusters on him. My childhood needs to see that.

  • beane2099

    Tommy Vercetti Force ghost or GTA: Vice City!

  • Chris Groves

    When I read the headline, I thought ‘So he survived Return of the Jedi? could be interesting to keep him as a big bad’…I mean, relative to the huge in scale set-up of the prequels…the climax in Return of the Jedi retroactively feels a bit…small. No fault of the film, and it’s still a great emotional climax. Just like how retroactively, Boba Fett gets a set-up that is bigger and out-shines his ultimate pay-off. Over-’starting’ a character. The way they did Jabba in the prequels was great, just set him up as a somewhat antagonistic figure…his payoff in the original trilogy is a fitting evolution…while Boba Fett and even the Emperor don’t quite go out in as big and fantastic of a way as you might expect.

    But hearing that he will come back as a force ghost is actually a pretty organic decision. Use the big bad of the first 6 Episodes as the transition into the big bad of the new trilogy by making it be his apprentice. It could work well.

    Ultimately, however possible…when this new trilogy is done…I’d like for it all to feel as much like a single, cohesive, 9 part story as possible. The more things they carry-over and pay off from BOTH the prequels and original films…the better.

    Let’s bring Boba Fett, having escaped the pit, back as a major villain, use the emperor ghost to introduce and transition to a new big-bad, MAYBE bring back a fan-favorite like Darth Maul? A good mixture of old and new could be perfect.

  • beane2099

    Palpatine returns in the body of C3P0 because Anakin built it and that’s Palpatine’s way of getting back at the apprentice who betrayed him. Then he inhabits the body of Wicket’s grand child and kills some Ewoks cause he hates them too.Then Salt Marae is gonna show up with Jabba’s kid and business is really gonna pick up … I … I don’t really know what’s going to happen. I just wanted to feel like I was part of things.

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  • venvariants

    Dropping down a big hole with electrical sparks flying all about doesn’t necessarily equal death.

  • cGt2099

    Rumor? NO such thing. George Lucas made it very clear that he met with Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, AND IAN MCDIARMID to inform them the sequels were going ahead.

    In other words, Lucas had plans for a Palpatine appearance in the sequel treatments he wrote ANYWAY.

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  • Leroythe3

    Star Wars episode VII: The most expensive reunion show ever. Pretty sure Disney doesn’t care about making this right, so they’ll just throw all the same old faces into a shiny new package, if they gave a shit about creativity they would start a new story and start fresh, Lucas era is over, it was fun, but its too late to continue this saga, I’m sure instead of using new ideas like Snyders Jedi ronin for one of the offshoot movies, we’ll just get boring spinoffs of old characters. Hope everyone is excited for light saber battles because that’s about all any of this will be.


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  • Craig

    It’s not been fucked. The films are canon and overrule everything, that’s always been the rule.

  • Hephaestus1

    Dammit, all I want from Disney is to release the original trilogy unaltered on Blu-Ray. After that they can do whatever the hell they want.

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  • Josh

    How about getting blown up in the thing about 5 minutes later?

  • venvariants

    Maybe he had some underlings with fast escape pods..?

  • Josh

    Haha, true. Those red guards that look so cool have to be good at SOMETHING!

  • Jim

    It’s not soup yet. Let them figure it out. Better no news yet than conjecture. Me, i’m just happy to get more Star Wars!

  • Jim

    If they’re not ready, why give news?

  • Jim

    Lucas specifically stated a lot of stuff. Namely that there was no story post ROTJ. Try again.

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    I hope this scoop is true! I love me some Palpatine. And i hope he is a ghost, also i wanna see ghost puppet Yoda too. (I cant see this scoop shared anywhere else on the net.)

    I think it would be great if, instead of Palpatine finds his way back s a force ghost, it would be cooler if he is ressurected by someone. Maybe by someone meddling with the darkside, maybe by a new Jedi even? Then Yodas ghost comes back to instruct the jedi etc.. Maybe Thrawn finds a way to bring him back.

    (Though if there were clones, i think both Dane Dehaan, and Brad Dourif, at different age clones, look very Palpatine like.)

  • Inaja Dumbra Lemos

    Lucas has no say on which direction they go onto for SW.

  • Topher James

    Okay, if true, they might as well bring back Darth Vader; why? Why not! SMH

  • The Modern Gafa

    They said they were going to.

  • PineW

    False. The signing agreement Lucas and Disney made stated that IF Disney were to acquire Lucasfilm and all of its properties and continue to make films, they do it on George’s terms and use his story treatments that he DID write up before he sold the company. You can also verify that Mark Hamill stated that the summer before the company was sold Lucas and co. met for lunch to tell them that they were moving ahead to do another trilogy. So I do believe he does have some say.

  • sunshine

    lmfao, that is complete and total bullshit. they took his outlines and have not called him. he said a few months ago that he has not been consulted. and thank fucking god.


  • sunshine
  • sunshine

    and the continuity in the films are a mess. clone wars cartoon was cannon too btw.

  • sunshine


  • sunshine

    couldn’t the hidden apprentice dress like vader and sound like him from the mask? that would be cool. pretty demented.


    Vader needs his own stand-alone film, where he wipes out the jedi. (set before a new hope)

    but, i’m not sure how they can bring back Vader in ep 7. His body is burned, his ghost is a good guy again, and is also now stuck as being Hayden christensen)

    Even if palpatine somehow built a new darth it wouldnt make sense because vaders suit was a life support machine. and his voice and persona were unique.

    so that leaves one slightly plausable option, have a seperate force ghost of evil vader seperate from anakins ghost. but even then, he will just be a ghost so no point, as palpatine is the one that influences people.

    I guess Luke or his kid/s could face a Dream Vader like Luke did in Empire in the cave. That i would love to see. More of a prophecy warning dream sequence/nightmares etc..

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  • BobL

    Let Palpatine stay dead. Let Vader’s sacrifice retain its meaning.

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    It would still retain its meaning. Vaders sacrifice still happenned and his arc came full circle. However, maybe “balance to the force” means not to just have good win over evil. Maybe the dark side needs to return to bring balance. You can’t have good without evil, maybe thats how the force works. It needs both in equal measure, not just one prevailing over the other.

    Thats just my nerdy opinion of it.

  • TallBoy6t6

    Absolute scoop fail for using a Wookiepedia article text in your scoop. Either you’re punking us or the guy who is scooping you is punking you.

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  • Orlɛanž

    That’s bullshit. Siths can’t be a force ghost.

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  • elmayimbe

    Tell em bro! Thanks for having my back!

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  • chuckaluffagus

    Aaaaaaaaactually, he originally outlined 12 films… back in the late 70′s to early 80′s. But George Lucas doesn’t “revise” stories.. He rewrites them. Over and over again. So the story would have changed at least a dozen times over the last thirty years.

    But, when he sold the company, he also sold loose outlines. LOOSE outlines. And just because he “said” that the Sith couldn’t do that, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t. Writers can just write that the Sith “tapped into the opposing side of the force” much like LUKE SKYWALKER had tapped into the Dark Side in the EU.

    And guess what? It’s retarded to argue canon vs. non-canon. Fans who do that are fucking retarded. It’s all canon to someone. We have no say over what’s official. We’re just fans. Just be grateful they’re making new films for Star Wars fans to argue over (much like they do for the previous 6) and dump all their hard earned monies into.

  • ganymede3010

    If they’re following the EU by having the Solo Twins, then I’m sure they’ll show the Mother of Luke’s Son? Mara Jade, secret apprentice of the Emperor. That’s exactly who it’s going to be. I’m sure I”m not the first to postulate this but wonder no more.

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  • Kurt G. Buttstadt

    FYI, Lucasfilm in Singapore is hiring out the ying-yang (yes I know…).

  • Kurt G. Buttstadt


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  • ricarleite

    Oh well. We’ll see.

    Wait. Isn’t that the plot of that awesome Bill Cosby movie? Ghost Dad?

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  • Grey_Pilgrim

    Chavez….you so CRAZY! But seriously, I call bullshit.

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  • The Modern Gafa

    They’ll find some way. And thy’ll cast some dude that looks just like hayden christiansen and they will announce him as playing “John Everybody” and deny that he is vader right down to the premiere and then he’ll randomly be like “I’m vader” and the rest of the movie will be exactly the same with the villians identity unrelated to his actual plot.

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  • UglyMask

    60th! Boom!

  • CID

    So…if they won’t do it based on Dark Empire I, Dark Empire II and The end of empire…i’m afraid the new movie will SUCK.

    Or maybe it was just a decoy to fool us all.
    Anyway… i think Darth Plagueis powers allows Sidious to tranfer his soul at clones of himself, or even to Leia’s baby, as he did at comics… the idea of an spirit Sidious, like Obi Wan is stupid as hell, and a weak trick that jedis can do.
    That’s all the supreme lord of the Sith can do?.
    He is suppoussed to be more wise and powerfull than any jedi…and really that’s all he can do?.
    THAT is stupid as hell.

  • SPL

    Was she a great big fat person?

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  • Doochi

    Like the recent Star Trek movie, I think the old character(s) will be used to tie together a storyline. I don’t think the senior citizens will be the main characters in the story. Speculation is speculation…


    Soooo, day 2 since this scoop… still not seeing it on any other sites. Is this BS afterall? Any confirmation or updates??

  • Tim P

    There could be a cartoon series in between the original trilogy and sequel trilogy just like there’s a live action television show with an animated television show in between the prequel trilogy and original trilogy. I remember Luke Skywalker didn’t become a sith lord but was the sith apprentice to the Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious clone.

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  • beerfest

    Most of this stuff is kind of like “duh”. If anyone has seen the movies/read the novels, then they know what will happen. So far if all has been revealed is true, then its nothing shocking. Talk about a complete borefest The Boba Fettt solo film or the Yoda film better be good if they can get their heads out of their asses and make it happen. Instead of wasting more time on young Obi-Wan or Manaqukin.

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  • guest33

    coruscant originated from the books..

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  • Emperor was a jerk

    D23 sells out every year. Even before Disney owned Star Wars. So your argument that Disney used Star Wars to “sell tickets” really work.

  • Emperor was a jerk

    I agree. I have a feeling, with a release date two years away, they are not as far along with Ep VIII as some suspect. It is quite likely there isn’t even a final script let alone any casting, photos or any real info to share. I imagine anything they are working on now could change drastically in two years.

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  • Mysterwright

    Yup!!! That’s just it though: The kids today are satisfied. Heck, even college kids brought up last decade are grateful to have anything at all. They know what its like to go without. These suckers complaining? Were probably teens in the 80′s and 90′s that hid behind their Moms’ overcompensating for their dad being a real piece of work. They want it all and would probably burn a friend like Pablo Hidalgo with kid brothers like me looking at them incredulously like they’re throwing in the towel at the brass ring by not swinging by the house together. What you do instead is chill out listening to “Beautiful Loser” by Bob Seger and do like the song says “realize you just don’t need it all.” :D Thats what was on the radio anyways when the *FIRST* Star Wars movie was in theaters. Haha!

  • GordieGoldhammer

    I like the Sith Force Ghost plot.
    I dislike the idea of it being able to “interact” with the environment to an extent.
    The idea he was training another apprentice seems like convenient retconning.

  • Inaja Dumbra Lemos

    Thank you sunshine :)

  • HighnDry

    Maybe that hole had censors that picked up anything that accidentally fell down it & plucked things out of the air to keep them from damaging the Death Star? But it could have missed the Emperors Light Saber hence the explosion! Emperor escapes to Endor and plans his revenge!! Episode 7 could start of with Luke, Lea, Han, & any Apprentices they may have visiting Endor on a Jedi training exercise when one of the young Padawans Discovers Sidious!!!! Sidious proceeds to seduce him/her to the Dark side……………….

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  • Lasse David Sand Østergaard

    I totally agree; especially on Boba Fett. If you see the movies for the first time (in chronological order), and first there’s big focus on the Fetts in episode II, the moment you see Boba Fett again you’ll think “Oh! That’s Boba Fett who has grown up! So now he’s going to be the villain like his father were and he’ll have some awesome action scenes!” and then all you get is a few terrible missed shots and an “Argh!”. They need him to have survived that. He’d make a great main villain in episodes VII-IX!
    Imagine this: They bring back Temuera Morrison (who played Jango and clones), let him grow a beard and use make-up make him look a little older than he is. If you’ve seen the movie Once Were Warriors, you know he’s truly a GREAT actor, especially when it comes to being mad!!! So Boba Fett survived – and got a son (possibly bringing back Daniel Logan). Boba is now aging and holds a grudge towards our heroes, and his son is an active bounty hunter, wearing his grandfather’s suit (hey, Mandalorian armour is durable, right?). BAM. There you have two awesome villains! With the son we could finally see the suit in complete action with the rangefinder, spike boots, rocket knees and all – the “action villain” – while Boba would be the dramatic villain.
    Sure there should also be some Dark Side of the Force in these movies. I suggest one of the heroes’ kids stumple upon some of Naga Sadow’s teachings or something like that. ^^
    Oh, and long lost Jedi. Like Empatojayos Brand. Hundreds of Jedi survived Order 66 and the Great Jedi Purge, living in hiding ever since, some of them so remotely that they didn’t even hear of the Empire’s downfall. We have to see some of those!

  • Harlan

    O bom seria que ele voltar-se mesmo,mais o certo seria como um clone,não tem lógica de ele voltar sem ser clone

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  • Smegtasticus

    No. No more Palpatine. He was a lot of fun in Episodes III and VI, but I don’t think I could take much more of Ian McDiarmid’s hamminess. The new villains need to be motivated by their own goals and stand on their own merit. Being pawns in Force phantom Palpatine’s “evil gambit from beyond the grave” would just lick hairy Wookiee scrotum.

    I think his presence would take away from the new films rather than enrich them. Hopefully these rumours are pure bullshit…

  • Emp Loyee

    “Oh, I’m afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive.”

  • Joe

    You are lying pure and simple, You no more know what will hapeen with this film then the rest of us. So why don’t you go away now.
    It’s geeks like you that Disney has maintained a hard line against.

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