Alan Taylor is best known for directing episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones, but soon he will probably be best know for directing Thor: The Dark World, assuming he’s even still working on the film. It’s clear he’s looking to … Continue reading

Alan Taylor To Direct new ‘Terminator’ Film

terminatorAlan Taylor is best known for directing episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones, but soon he will probably be best know for directing Thor: The Dark World, assuming he’s even still working on the film. It’s clear he’s looking to make a move from TV to film and may already be lining up his next project.

Variety is reporting that Taylor is in talks to direct the next Terminator film, which is being touted as a reboot.

The plot of the film is unknown, but it is said to be the first film in a stand alone trilogy, and Arnold Schwarzenegger says he will appear in the film.

So my question is: How much of a reboot can it be if Schwarzenegger is still appearing? Will the filmmakers decide to deviate form the John/Sarah Conner storyline that has been the focus of all the films in the series thus far?

The last film, Terminator: Salvation, underperformed both critically and financially, but, given the love fans still have for Terminator and T2, I think there is still plenty of life in the franchise. Especially if they shift the focus of the film.

What would you like to see in the next Terminator film?

I wouldn’t mind seeing the beginning of the SkyNet takeover and the initial human rebellion. Basically starting off where Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines left off.

I think it could even be done without John Connor appearing in the film. For example, the location could be moved to the East Coast or Midwest and Connor could be a mythical figure they’ve only heard about. He wouldn’t have to appears until the last film in the trilogy.

What do you think?

SOURCE: Variety


    Reboot it without Arnold. Have The Rock take charge. Arnold is way past his prime

  • leeloo5

    I have an idea… Why doesn’t Alan Taylor go find a more interesting project? Just my thoughts…

  • Hephaestus1

    As if T3 and 4 didn’t do enough to kill this franchise.

  • Joe

    Heard the movie is going to take place in the 1950′s.

  • surethom

    Please NOT another reboot, follow on from the last film.

  • Andy43

    I hope the next Terminator movie(s) will be great and also hope the make not a reboot!!!
    Alan Taylor is a great Director talent, so I hope the script is great and he makes a great Terminator movie and his career is not over or goes to the ground like by the last two Terminator directors after James Cameron!
    But the last two Terminator Directors were also not such a talent as Taylor!!

  • Madcap2112

    The story ended with T2.

  • Cazfan

    Could be cool if they did a take on Arnold as a scientist who created the Terminator robots in his own image only to have that image distorted with the rise of the machines. A whole theme of someone trying to save the world but going too far and it all blowing up in his face & a band of survivors trying to fight to stay alive and win. Maybe even discover what is really important. Only problem is Arnold doesn’t have the acting chops to lead this.

  • jamthemaj

    First off I gotta say that I’m one of the few that actually enjoyed Salvation, and I think it stinks that that story will never be continued.

    That said, I’m totally ok with a reboot of the Terminator franchise. There’s so much that can be done with the story. My thoughts is that it should be an entirely new story, not a remake or a sequel, but something new.

    Arnold should have nothing to do with the movie. Maybe a cameo, but that’s it. If it’s a reboot, then it should actually be different.

    Taylor is great, so here’s hoping the movie is great!

  • mannym1980

    I agree, they should continue the story after T3 with the rise of the resistance, or continue where T4 left and showing the periods in time where Reese and later Arnold where sent back, continuing the fight against skynet. But enough with going back to kill people, that’s been done already.

  • c_r_gauthier

    Terminator needs a new and strong direction.. Heck, the premise of the movie is amazing, but at this point, considering where it started from, it needs a solid true reboot.

    I’ve seen the trailer for the latest RoboCop and I believe that this might actually also be a great reboot, not just a dull copy.

  • Ribet Introductions

    Alien VS Terminator, and do what the next Man of Steel is doing, continue two franchises in one story so it could be promethius 2 and the Terminator reboot in one go. Storyline: When Arnold/T101 is sent back in time, it is a blip in the machine and he is sent further forward in time instead and most of the Earth is being raviged by The Aliens that came down in Alien 5 resurrection in Ripley’s Clone’s ship at the end. The Terminator is doomed but when it realises it is in the wrong place at the wrong time, it fights back still there to protect a much older John Connor (in his late 60′s) from the Aliens

  • Dan Riedel

    I say don’t waste your time unless they film the entire trilogy in one shot ala Lord of the Rings. I loved Salvation and it sucks they’ll never finish the arc.

  • jamthemaj

    I loved it too. What a shame… they could’ve just hired a different director and/or writer and made a great sequel.

  • Dan Riedel

    Agreed, McG did the best he could following the stink pile known as T3, I thought it was a valiant effort and the fact Hamilton and Cameron pitched in meant a lot.

    And I damn near pissed myself when the 1984 Arnold showed up, nerdgasmic at it’s best. I hope they use a similar technique from now on :)

  • jamthemaj

    Same here on the 1984 Arnold. That was a fantastic scene!