David S. Goyer sat down with the Associated Press and chatted about fan expectation on the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman. We would embed the video for you guys below but unfortunately, the folks at yahoo movies have a bumjuice video player where … Continue reading

David S. Goyer Says They’re Farther Along On ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Than People Realize

davidgoyerDavid S. Goyer sat down with the Associated Press and chatted about fan expectation on the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman. We would embed the video for you guys below but unfortunately, the folks at yahoo movies have a bumjuice video player where you can’t embed videos. Whatever. Here is what Goyer said:

“One of the things that has been fun for us, is we’re a bit a further a long than what I think people realize,” he explained. “From a fan point of view, we’re conscious of that when you’re working on these things, but you can’t let yourself be paralyzed by that. At the end of the day you still have to creat something. And if you try and think, ‘Well what would the fans like’ then you stop being creative. It’s sort of like where does it end? You have to write the story that you want to write, and hope that people want to see it.”

Who does Goyer think can win a fight between Batman and Superman?

“Most comic book purest would says Batman because he is the ultimate strategist. Even though it makes no sense what so ever. If Superman just flicked his finger Batman would be done for.”

I agree with Goyer. In a hand to hand contest, Superman would lay a fart on Batman and game over BUT, Batman ain’t no punk ass *****! Bruce would even the playing field and have some sort of kryptonian element around to make Superman human. Batman’s martial arts game is on point hence he would lay the only smackdown on Kal-El!

Take Superman’s powers away and he is straight up bumjuice.

What do you thinks? Chime in below!


  • Dave

    I think…. you like the word bumjuice.

  • rsixsmith

    whose bum are we talking about? henry cavill? yum!

  • Blake

    Taking his powers away would be like taking away Batman’s brains and training. It’s what makes them the hero they are.

    Take Clarke’s powers away? He’d be a happy guy in Smallville with Lana.

  • Hephaestus1

    So he’s working on the script.

    Good to know.

  • Calvin Hobbes

    Who cares? This is a stupid movie idea.

  • rsixsmith

    batman’s martial arts game is nonexistent on film. he has popeye boxing matches and can’t touch his toes for all the kevlar he’s wearing, because clearly he’s not the master martial arts expert that he is in the comics. and now he’s nearly 6’4 and can only say the word “hodor”.

  • venvariants

    What would fans like? They want Venom and Khan. Then they get what they want and high tail it. Then they want Venom again, even though it will never work because it’s lame. The best results are when the filmmakers don’t make creative decisions based on talkbacks.

  • Dan Riedel

    I liked Khan’s take in the newest Star Trek, he was tragic and Cumberbach was GREATLY the best part of the film (home boy can act and should have been casted as a young Lex Luthor).

  • Dan Riedel

    I REALLY hope this script is awesome…

    I seriously don’t see how Batman can fight Superman one on one as an old man. He needs Robin to throw things at Kal from the rooftops :p

  • razorstar90

    The whole take away Superman powers then he’s nothing is such dumb argument. Take away Batman’s money and he’s nothing too. Without his money he couldn’t fund his superhero exploits and more importantly he couldn’t travel the world learning all he needs to be a martial arts master or learn to be the strategist/detective he is. That all took MONEY.

  • rsixsmith

    who was asking for a khan film? i remember just the opposite.

  • AlexiasLazar

    Oh yes please.

  • WalrusApocalypse

    Batman would never get in a situation where he had to have a hand to hand fight with Superman without knowing he has a gadget that gives him the clear advantage.

  • SirGaryColeman

    It would be a cool way to introduce Kryptonite into the story.

  • Frankie Addiego

    As I’ve said before, OF COURSE Batman COULD beat Superman, but this nonsense about how Batman would totally beat his ass no questions asked is stupid for obvious reasons. Yeah, we get it: he can come up with ideas, but it’s not like Superman’s a complete blockhead himself.

    NOT ONLY THAT, but the same people who claim Batman would TOTALLY kick his butt are sometimes the same people who say, “oh, Superman’s boring because he’s too powerful and can’t be challenged. Not so because of villains like Darkseid, Doomsday, Metallo, Parasite and even Brainiac… but also, if he was that powerful, then of course, Batman couldn’t beat him. And if Batman CAN beat him, then maybe Superman should have an enemy that’s like an evil Bruce Wayne.

    Y’know… genius billionaire who delights in ruining peoples’ lives after he offed his own parents and has a Kryptonite ring. That is to say Lex Luthor between Man of Steel (comic book miniseries) and the event where he faked his own death and put his brain into the body of a young clone.

    But that’s a topic for another day. Either one can win, I just kinda hope that they h a ve their little squabble then team-up to take down the big bad together.

  • elmayimbe

    I know right? :)

  • rsixsmith

    bane was able to break batman’s back. ’nuff said.

  • Armando Carter

    Back to the closet, please.

  • rsixsmith

    baby, you’d need a warehouse to contain all of that boy’s gay, and more power to him. but if you’re getting lonely in there, we understand. we’re here when you’re ready.


    For me, using Kryptonite is an easy way out for the writers.

    I have an idea – think of something new and original, a way in which Batman can use his intellect to gain the upper hand. Not just throwing in Kryptonite then letting them fight it out.

    If Batman is done correctly he won’t have to deliver a single blow to beat Superman, because the fight isn’t a physical one, it’s a mental one.

    I’d still go with Superman though. He’s a God and too morally good to ever hurt Batman.

  • Loui P Slywalker

    Haha! You said Bumjuice and fart!

    Ok, Batman’s cool n’all but for fucks sake – I mean really? Superman would annihilate Batman in a split second – mater strategist or not! The Kryptonite argument is straight up bumjuice (see what I did there), because yes – Batman would kick seven shades of shit out of Supes if he had Kryptonite, but then again so would a chimpanzee with arthritis if it had Kryptonite! The kryptonite argument is sooooo old and a majot cop-out! Simples!

  • jamthemaj

    Great quotes from Goyer, and I completely agree with him.

    Batman is my favorite comic book character (followed closely by Superman); I’m a lifelong fan, but Superman would destroy him, if he let loose and didn’t care. I don’t care how brilliant Bats is, there’s just no getting around that. Yeah, he’ll even the playing field somehow, but if these characters actually existed, he wouldn’t get the chance. Supes is just as brilliant as Bats.

    Anyway, I can’t wait for this movie!!!!

  • The Usual Suspect

    So how else would you suggest that any hero try and take out Go…I mean Superman? Maybe have the six year old who created him come up with an equally OP’d vilain?

  • jamthemaj

    Totally agreed on Venom! Totally disagreed on Khan! I loved Into Darkness and Cumberbatch’s Khan.

  • rsixsmith

    in all star superman, lex lures him into a situation where he flies to close to the sun, oversaturating his cells with the very thing that gives him his power. essentially he develops cancer.

  • Chris

    Yes, but Bane didn’t have a sole weakness that Batman could take advantage of. Superman does have a weakness that Batman could use against him. All I’m saying is that there are plenty of scenarios where certain characters come out on top. Just because Bane broke Batman at one point, it doesn’t mean that Batman couldn’t have found the upper hand and defeated him in another scenario, it’s just what the writer chose to go with. If you’re creative enough, you should be able to make a winning case for both sides of the argument, especially with the all time greats such as Superman and Batman.

  • rsixsmith

    all true, except that i don’t know if superman’s vulnerability to kryptonite is the only, or most important, factor in defeating him. how many times has batman been poisoned by the joker? in batman r.i.p. he’d have been done for if dr. hurt’s intention had been to kill him rather than bury him alive. at least that’s how i remember it, would have to go back and see for sure. and for all of my harping on the fact that bane was able to break batman’s back (and, again, could have finished the job), you can always point to superman’s deadliest enemy who, obviously, is lex luthor- a human. and in one story line lex does kill superman, definitively, without the use of kryptonite.
    and you’re the first person i’ve seen in the past week to point out the fact that speculating on who would win may be a fun pastime, but ultimately nothing more. the only reason i still read a very FEW comic writers is because they keep coming up with interesting and fresh scenarios to place these charcters- who on the face of it should be unbeatable- in.
    having said that, superman v. batman….? come on now… :)

  • Chemical SwordPlay

    Kal also knows kryptonian martial arts. Namely Torquasm-Rao and Klurkor and Horu-Karu. So saying Supes doesnt know how to fight, is just ignorance.

  • Chris

    Ah, how the comic book industry needs some fresh, new blood. Couldn’t agree more about the few comic book writers that do come up with new, interesting stories. About the original debate between Batsy and Supes… Yeah I know lol. I’d undoubtedly still go with Superman.

  • The Usual Suspect

    But Batman has got…”science” (in raspy Bale voice).

  • Onyx

    I hope Goyer and co. make this a kickass movie.

  • Elioncourt

    The whole batman vs superman fights are always crap. They assume that supes is dumb enough to rush in without assessing bats from far enough away to see he has kryptonite on him before dropping a mountain on him well out of the range of the kryptonite.

  • bigriver00

    Please no Matt Damon, we already have Affleck.

  • Santino Corleone

    ok. is it me or “batman vs superman´s ” script is pretty obvious?. they say batman will be tired of fighting crime and in his 40´s (the age and the state of his life he would be if the nolan trilogy were still on). then, they say he will have a love interest (he had catwoman at the end of the dark knight rises). i think goyer and snyder found the way to join the nolan trilogy and man of steel. it will be stupid not to. maybe they will only address the things they consider essential from that trilogy considering its a superman movie and that story is the one being told