Look guys I totally get it. A lot of you had it up to HERE with all these taking a meeting stories and are dying to know what the hell the actual roles are these actors are meeting for. Well, … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Guess Which Two Actors Went In For ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’


Look guys I totally get it. A lot of you had it up to HERE with all these taking a meeting stories and are dying to know what the hell the actual roles are these actors are meeting for. Well, so I am. I’m crazy curious but quite frankly, easier said than done. Then there are many of you that are at least thankful for what we try to do and put out there to the best of our scooping ability. Can’t make everyone happy I guess. But again, I get the frustration. We’re not the ones who took the position to not show or say absolutely anything for the next year or so. Were not the ones who held the D23 conference and gave you a sentence or two. We’re especially not the ones taking the arrogant position, “We don’t have to show or say anything because we know you are going to come see the movie regardless.” So everybody just chill and take what we give you for what it is worth. At least it is SOMETHING. At least we’re trying. Just my two cents.

Whether you like it or not, here is another taking a meeting story.

What is interesting though is that we don’t have another possible “son of this character” or possible “daughter of this character.” But something different.

We have ourselves some diversity.

According to sources, The Butler’s David Oyelowo went in for some unknown role.


But here is the kicker. You know who just went in to meet with JJ Abrams personally?

Fruitvale Station’s Michael B. Jordan

michael b jordan

Jordan’s career is on fire. Rumored to be the next Johnny Storm in The Fantastic Four reboot, Jordan also got Creed coming up next.

What role did these did two young actors go in for? Who knows. But speculate below and keep it clean or I will ban you with force choke.


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  • cultstatus

    “What is interesting though is that we don’t have another possible “son of this character” or possible “daughter of this character.” But something different.”

    Lando’s son.

  • TJW

    Michael B Jordan is the fucking bomb. I hope this pans out. Good work!

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  • Conspiracyin559

    If I walk into that theater and see this…


    Lando, Han and Leia are standing in a Flat, Characterless Obviously CGI Porch…in the near distance 3 young (2 male 1 female) figures jauntily hop into a speeder.


    Watch out for yourselves…have fun!

    But not Too much fun…you hear! And Stay out of that Cantina!

    (Looking wistfully at Han)
    Ya know..I gotta bad feeling about this

    (looking now to Lando..smirk on her face)
    That’s what you said when “I” whipped out the strap on the first time! Don’t worry…he’ll get used to it.

    Ok..maybe not that last little part…but If I see a scene remotely like that I’m gonna go full Terrorist on that fucking screen.

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  • NotRacistJustWantCloseAdaption

    Maybe…just maybe this means Michael B. Jordan won’t be the Human Torch.

  • Scullibundo

    What people have ‘had it up to here’ with is the constant bullshit your site peddles based on bad inside sources. Did you guys ever retract that bullshit about Arnold being in the Avatar sequel/s? The bulk of your EXCLUSIVE!’s are cheap hit-counters and an example of some of the worst journalistic practices around on the web.

  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

    That’s pretty cool! Progress in Hollywood, maybe?

  • TheSTN

    Perhaps some lineage to Mace Windu? BTW – thanks to El Mayimbe and the Latino Review crew for doing what they do regarding SWE7. This news is better than no news – consider us very appreciative. #CoolKids

  • sumdumgoi

    I want to upvote/like your comment, but I’m really scared of the NSA right now

  • sumdumgoi


  • http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3769949/ thatpj

    What so funny. troll?

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  • noahwayne0

    They aren’t wrong, everyone will go see this movie no matter what and they are not obligated to tell us anything. Quite frankly I love the Christopher Nolan school of thought, keep everything under wraps – it makes the actual movie going experience better, not knowing everything. As for these meetings, it is stupid………every actor on Earth is probably trying to get on Star Wars.

  • Jezames

    Young Lando in origin story with young Han solo and maybe young chewie!

  • Faflf

    According to sources? Who are they? Supershadow?

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  • darth malgus

    Latino review is making GREAT JOB! Thanks a lot. This site is ONLY SITE IN THE WORLD that give us info about star wars, SHAME!!! Look at EW today. They have JJ Abrams in their hands and ASK ONLY TWO QUESTION….AGAIN i will repeat for latino review haters 2 question and not even smart questions. Instead for asking about mythology(that is what Abrams love the most) ask about cast… about new jedi and new sith lords.. ask about working with Kathleen Kennedy best film producer….about new story and trilogy…stand-alone films….not to ask Abrams for future star wars tv show is criminal. Ask about working with Michael Arndt and can Arndt be his next jonathan nolan as outstanding showrunner.

    Sorry but EW are idiots.

  • HumanHunter#09

    David Oyelowo looks cool and Star Warzy. I don’t think the other guy is right for Star Wars casting.

  • HumanHunter#09

    Hopefully David is cast as a young Jedi trained by Luke.

  • darth malgus

    Here are that 2 golden EW questions:

    1 EW: Which of the previous Star Wars films best exemplifies what you’re aiming to do in terms of the spirit or tone of Episode VII?

    2EW: Media and fans have been offering you a ton of unsolicited advice about to how to approach the film. Is there any particular thing they’ve said that you’ve taken to heart?

    Latino review should try to make REAL interview with Abrams around his book, Person of interest or Almost human and ask real questions about star wars. That is what i hope for.

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  • GeneralChaos

    Maybe Abrams didn’t want to talk much about Star Wars. Maybe the interviewer was instructed to only ask two questions (and no, Abrams won’t answer “What’s the story about?” or “Who’s in it?” Maybe EW was walking on eggshells with him because they accidentally spoiled Star Trek Into Darkness Pretty sure EW, which has been around 20 years, knows what they’re doing.

  • GeneralChaos

    Yeah, you guys can stop with these “stories”. It’s all white noise now.

  • tigerface

    Really? really? reeeeeeaaally? The only role I’ve seen this guy play was the obnoxious over the top jock guy in Chronicle. He annoyed the crap out of me every time he was on screen. Maybe that’s the direction he was given on how to portray that character and he has more range than that, at least I hope so.

    Almost all the scenes he was in involved him waving his arms around and going “YO DAWG THESE POWERS ARE WACK! YO.” If that had been a horror movie, he’d be the over enthusiastic guy that gets killed off early in the movie. I haven’t seen him in any other roles so I hope I’m mistaken.

  • darth malgus

    Twitter Buzz from latino review Sorry folks but I had to remove the TMNT photos…Working on getting the Falcon one.

  • darth malgus

    Well than they can ask about working with Kathleen Kennedy and Michael Arndt. This is not part of big secret. They can ask at least what is for him to work on sci fi movie that make him loving sci fi that much.(Abrams years ago said that star wars and rod serling twilight zone make him sci fi fan/geek) And feeling that in the same year when he buy serling’s last script. They can ask about locations and cgi. About whole trilogy about, standalobe films and future tv shows and novels so many things not connected with new story, new cast, even new star star wars 7! They can ask about old star wars. I AM sure he will answer. I am sure he want to talk about star wars but stupid press don’t know what to ask and how. I can assure you one star wars fan or even sci fi geek will know much better what to ask and how to talk. Most of the press is not reading comics, not watching sci fi movies and tv shows and don’t know what is sci fi, mythology, geek, star wars, etc. I remmember stupid questions when lost was on and press talking how people are too dump and won’t get mythology of the show. Best way is lucasfilm to use star wars facebook page and fans to ask questions not dump press. We know what to ask. And so many different fans will ask a lot great questions.

  • tigerface

    They already cast a Latina to play Sue Storm so why the hell not. Maybe have Jackie Chan play Dr. Doom? Have The Rock play Mr. Fantastic? oh and let’s go with a 5’6″ guy to play a GIANT ROCK-SKINNED BEHEMOTH in The Thing. /facepalm. I’m not against changing the characters up a bit, I mean look at Nick Fury in The Avengers, but come on let’s not get stupid with changing the characters so much. Would it make sense to have a white actor play Black Panther or Luke Cage? No? ok then, let’s keep the Fantastic Four the way they’ve been portrayed for the past FIFTY YEARS.

    I thought Chris Evans did a great job as Johnny Storm, matter of fact I thought he was the best cast actor out of the bunch, then the guy that played Reed Richards. The rest of the cast were horrible choices imo. The Thing should have been a CG character not a short guy wearing a rubber suit. Sue Storm is a blonde, blue-eyed, white woman in the comics, so obviously let’s cast a brown-haired, brown-eyed Latina actress to play her right? I won’t even go into how badly they botched Dr. Doom. Evans was funny without being obnoxious, which is not easy to do, I’m looking at you Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern.

  • James Scarbrough

    Really? Really??? Reeeaaalllly? Haven’t you seen Friday Night Lights? Branch out some before commenting.

  • Madcap2112

    The problem here isn’t Johnny’s race, it’s that if you change it it affects another Character as well.

  • Madcap2112

    I’d rather have no news than non-stories like this. Nothing against Latinoreview, they gotta print it, but this is getting annoying. Disney has caught the Abrams “lead you by the nose” bug.

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  • SiLLyWiLLy4037


  • SiLLyWiLLy4037

    So many things wrong here with your outlook on character selection. When I read your insight into Sue Storm my jaw dropped. Won’t even comment further. Your issue goes deeper than you’d like to put off.

  • Marcus

    That sounds NOTHING like his character in the movie.

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  • Frankenollie

    Man, haven’t heard that name in a long, long time. What a tool that guy was…

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  • TJW

    Your over-exaggeration aside, that was what the role called for. Jesus. Maybe you should watch more than superpower flicks. Start with: The Wire, Fruitvale Station

    Then get back to me. Really.

  • The Usual Suspect

    hey tigerface go take a hike in the mountains and cross over a river build a bridge and then GET OOOOOVVVVEERRRR IT.

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  • KevinArnold9


  • tigermace

    How about you support your side of the argument instead of taking a jab at the other side, calling them an idiot, and then retreating like a child?

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  • SiLLyWiLLy4037

    Where do you find any of what you just claimed to be the case? There is no side of an argument. I have an opinion about his/her viewpoint. Now you on the other hand, I do find to be an idiot. This is like that person that catches half a conversation then starts making assinine assertions having no understanding of the context of the conversation. BUT this is an online forum and you are able to read everything before claiming someone is calling someone an idiot and taking jabs, and taking sides, and retreating (best part here..) retreating like a child. Make sure your teacher doesn’t catch you typing in the back of your class pal.
    Enough jabs for you? ::retreats::….::like a child:: lol Gotta love the internet.

  • Redbull Werewolf

    My guess is that the role is either landos sin or captain panakas son.

  • Lenin1959

    What if Luke married a black woman? Never thought about it? This is not the EU – forget about Mara Jade, or at least about a caucasian Mara Jade. There: a Skywalker son with African roots. Any problems with that?

  • Jim Riley

    Chance Calrissian.

  • Ziro Da Hutt

    David Oyelowo was great in Red Tails, Michael B. Jordan was in it too

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  • jamthemaj

    I’m going with Lando’s son or Mace Windu’s grandson. Either way and whatever the role, great casting if true!

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  • Rick

    Oh great a black Johnny Storm! Whatever happened to using actors that match the comics. The FF reboot is one movie I will not see. I guess his sister will have to be played by a black actress also!

  • Jonathan Serota

    maybe Mace Windu survived. and this is his grandson?

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  • spacejockey

    the last thing we need is for the Star Wars franchise to get all ghetto and gangsta on us

  • Ilyas

    yes wallace from the wire, probably his best role so far.looking forward to seeing what he can do in the new starwars. if he is in it.

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  • Daddydonk


  • DaddyDonk

    Why Dont u Watch some of his Roles before u go on some little Bitch Rant?
    (Fruitvale Station, The Wire, Friday Night Lights.)
    He is Possibly up for a OSCAR for Best actor this year (Fruitvale Station) so dont question his Acting ablility.

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  • ninja-pizza

    micheal b. sith

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  • El Gestapo

    The man is talent. He really shook the game up when that ‘Fantastic Four’ rumor dropped. People can see him diversifying the superhero genre. He’s that damn good.

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  • Yancy Evans

    David Oyelowo did NOT go in for Ep VII. He’s on the short list for Rebels:


  • Peter Hardy

    Why wouldn’t they introduce a character who wasn’t related to someone else?

  • darth malgus


    Before 20 minutes jedinews inform that David is CAST for SW7! AGAIN HE IS ALREADY CAST!

  • jamthemaj

    That’s why I said whatever the role! A new character would be awesome! I’m just guessing based on what’s come before.

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  • maljhong

    Lando. Both look like they could be a young billy d.

  • Alboone

    He better be one of the leads. Jordan is a star in the making. This franchise is in desperate need of charisma.

  • Justin McElhaney

    episode 7 is taking place around 40 years after Return of the Jedi and if either 1 of them gets a role it will be a small supporting role.The story is about the 3 children of Han Solo and Leia and Luke and and his wife Mara jade son Ben and it can’t be Lando’s son because his son is 14 years younger than the Solo children and Ben,if anyone has noticed Harrison,Fisher and Hamill are the only one’s who are signed on 2 do episode 7 Billy dee Williams(Lando)hasn’t been offered a role and won’t be because his character is retired and living it up by the time the Solo kids and Luke are grown and his own son never takes part in any battles in his entire life as Lando kept him as far away from stuff like that as possible..anyone who knows the history of Star Wars knows this…SO NO LANDO JR…

  • Justin McElhaney

    sorry but Mara Jade has already been described as white with brown hair…and Ben is described as blonde

  • Justin McElhaney

    because the Star Wars story has already been set in stone 140 years beyond Return of the Jedi and if you deviate from that story then they would alienate themselves from true star wars fans which would kill the franchise

  • Justin McElhaney

    don’t believe it..they also say he will be in Star Wars Rebels which will set up his character for episode 7.Problem is Rebels is set up between episode 3 and 4 and Disney/Lucas films have already stated episode 7 will take place well after Return of the Jedi and will be about the Solo kids and Ben Skywalker

  • Lenin1959

    And the Episode VII team made clear that you can forget about the EU. Sorry to tell you. So a black wife and kid are possible, they might even call her Mara Jade, although it’s more likely they won’t and go with another character/name.

  • Wallace Morrison

    Yep, my thoughts exactly. JMO, but his eyes and some of his other facial features look like SLJ.

  • Wallace Morrison

    Looking at the top guy’s face, he reminds me of Samuel L. Jackson and so I believe, like the family of Fett, he will be brought on as a Windu. I can see him now in battle, “Sith? Get these motherf’n Sith, out of this motherf’n force!”

  • lavidicus banikus

    maybe they are going to create Lando’s son or Mace’s relative?

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  • Marc Tanner

    What is wrong with a charismatic “black” guy being the golden boy? I do have issue with a guy who has been white since 1960 suddenly being playing by a black guy?!?!! Johnny Storm? Really? Did he singe himself? That is just stupid. .. its like having Brad Pitt play Malcolm X because he is popular.

  • TJW

    1. Why are you responding 20 days later?
    2. Your sarcasm meter is broken.

    3. Did I say one fucking thing about Johnny Storm? This is about Star Wars.

    4. Since it’s getting your panties in a twist, compare Brad Pitt playing Malcolm X to something relevant, like Denzel playing Abraham Lincoln. Neither would happen. Don’t compare it a fantastical comic book character whose race barely factors into his identity as WRITTEN, beyond the fact that his sister is also white.

  • Marc Tanner

    Im sorry I forgot to check the date on your original post. Please file a complaint with the websites for it showing up as a recent news story.

    I was using your comment to channel and not actually responding to you.

    You didn’t say anything about Johnny Storm, the article you were commenting on did. I forgot about the rule that comments can only reference exactly what you had to say.

    I don’t wear panties, just big boy pants. ( Go ahead and run with it ). A childhood icon is as relevant as Lincoln. Do you defend the burning of American flag? That is just a piece of cloth. How silly.

  • TJW

    Lol. You respond to a comment and an article 3 weeks old, with something you admit is irrelevant to what I have said. I am the only one who is reading your comment because you responded to me and it shows up on Disquis. You just wasted your own time and mine.

    But now that you’ve said that Johnny Storm is as relevant as Abraham Lincoln and the American flag, I know to ignore any new comments from you in response to this thread that show up on my feed, as reading blithering idiocy is not a good use of my time. Good day.

  • Marc Tanner

    Nice defense mechanism. Apparently you are not intelligent enough to get the point, so keep following the blind.

  • JohnHDD

    potty scoops
    i suppose you do please your advertisers though
    what about your Freddie mercury secret sources? and scoops that are not more than scoops of dog poop
    i have had to put up with all this crap for two years
    irresponsible and corrupt it is
    all you do is make money for advertising it is crap and shameful

  • Lord Ben

    You sound like an idiot. You are very aggressive and rude. Judging from your attitude you are either uneducated or mommy and daddy didn’t love you growing up…you probably are adopted..Grow the fuck up and stop being a douche bag..and treat people with respect…even internet people…

  • matts156

    Conan Stevens for Darth Vader (if there’s a Vader role)

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