I’m going to have to start working my way though the Star Wars dual trilogies again. The “saga of Darth Vader,” if you will: six movies that trace young Vader from pod-prodigy to death, almost exactly like Steve Jobs, if … Continue reading

J.J. Abrams Talks Realness of ‘Star Wars Episode VII’

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I’m going to have to start working my way though the Star Wars dual trilogies again. The “saga of Darth Vader,” if you will: six movies that trace young Vader from pod-prodigy to death, almost exactly like Steve Jobs, if Steve Jobs was killed by Force Lightning.

Because we’re winding up to go back to the Star Wars universe with director JJ Abrams come 2015 and we might not know exactly who is going to be in it, though we do know a lot about who wants to be in it. Which is also to say that we know almost nothing about what is going to be in Star Wars VII. Even if the more out-there rumors end up being true and there really is half a Millennium Falcon on a sound stage somewhere, we don’t know that’s not part of some huge marketing campaign. This is Disney, now, after all, and the previous prequel trilogy was marketed out the wazoo on everything from television to soft drink cups.

Abrams talked to EW in this current fog of non-information to talk about what is important to him as he approaches Episode VII, claiming:

“It’s been nice see that how important it is and to be reminded how important it is to so many people. We all know that [creator George Lucas'] dream has become almost a religion to some people. I remember reading a thing somewhere, someone wrote about just wanting [the new film] to feel real; to feel authentic. I remember I felt that way when I was 11 years old when I saw the first one. As much of a fairy tale as it was, it felt real. And to me, that is exactly right.”


Already much has been made in the pre-production efforts of this new film and its new trilogy being more reliant on practical effects than the majority-artificial first trilogy, and it looks like we’re still holding steady on that trajectory.

Though the cognitive dissonance of “real fairy tale” is basically the Marvel model, we’ll stick with it, at least until we get some idea on what this movie is going to be about.


  • The Usual Suspect

    The only “realness” I want to hear about regarding SW is if they ever make a functioning lightsaber.

  • rsixsmith

    the marvel model?? the ‘real fairy tale’ is the dc one through and through. making batman more ‘real’, and his rogues gallery for sure, is the biggest motion picture cognitive dissonance this century so far. marvel doesn’t try to pretend their their audience is above their characters and try to f**k around with them accordingly. they look the fantastic premise in the face and take it for what it is. quitter batman, mopey superman. all hail the new age of “real” fantasy. oh wait, i meant f**k it straight to hell.


    JJ is spot on here!!!
    The original trilogy did feel and look real. That was part of its awesomeness! The models looked like real ships, the sets were rusty and used and greasy. The Droids looked like they really worked, and the ships did too. lukes house looked lived in. The whole Hoth Battle was like a real battle, not just loads of cartoony graphics copy n paste droid/Gungan army. The prequels looked more like Disney films, than what the new Disney Star Wars films will be like.

    No signs of CGI Jar Jar characters doing Looney Toons backflips with elasticy stretchy roger Rabbit shit! Yoda was mostly ruined in the prequels too, the cgi face looks just that.

    People that say that Puppets looked more fake than the CGI are nuts! Puppets, no matter how good or bad they are made, exist in the real plane. Cgi looks super-imposed, because it is. Only District-9 and Elysium, and Jurassic Park have got that nailed right, Gollum is very very close. But Puppet Yoda wins!

  • BioHazard

    J.J. should involve LOST’s full cast in this project ! The movie will be like black hole for fans where our universe might possibly exists (according to latest claims of scientists)…


    What i want(and think all star wars fans want) is :

    A bearded Hamill, training new jedi & to see Leia as a jedi also.
    -i want too see an original story, something NEW, not anything from the EU (although i don´t care if the borrow names from it)-If they did the EU that would NOT be something NEW, but they already said it is an original story

    Hopefully familiar design from original trilogy on vehicles etc. .. Hopefully forceghosts: Obi Wan, Qui Gon, Anakin & YODA (as a puppet) :) & as many as possible from the orginal cast, to see what has happened to their lives.

    & i want lightsaber duels & maybe we can see some new lightsaber colours?

    & finally i would very much like to see Warwick Davis in many roles, maybe as a villain? & maybe wicket decides to leave endor & travel in space with the crew of millennium falcon? & yes, as much screentime as possible for the MILLENIUM FALCON !!!

    & more sith lords like darth vader/darth maul(they are fan favorite of all time)! And female sith lord sound outstanding cool!!! I hope they create one as darth malgus(really like his face costume etc) and may be one new hot sith with mask helm etc. Like raven. And cool jedi too.

  • darth malgus

    LOST is best sci fi drama series of all time and name from critics top 10 drama of all time because Abrams is master of creating/developing sci fi and mythology!

    If Abrams can create/develope the same level of mythology on star wars he will stay in history like biggest sci fi creator and sci fi king.

  • BioHazard

    What I think is it will be fantastic to see actors who played Locke, Ben, Sowyer, Jack, Kate, Julliet and Hugo in Star Wars on supporting roles…

  • darth malgus

    Why only 2 questions EW ? ASK about mythology(that is what Abrams love the most) ask about cast… about new jedi and new sith lords.. ask about working with Kathleen Kennedy best film producer….about new story and trilogy…stand-alone films….not to ask Abrams for future star wars tv show is criminal. Ask about working with Michael Arndt and can Arndt be his next jonathan nolan as outstanding TV showrunner.

    Sorry EW to litle questions and not what fans whant to ask. Bad job IN MY OPINION!

    ps I hope when Abrams say real not meen Person of interest scary real. (PRISM/NSA)

  • Ziro Da Hutt

    Say what you want about CGI, but Watto and Sebulba were fantastic and Im happy they are in Star Wars

  • FAN

    CAST SHOULD BE GREAT. My FAN cast will be:

    Daniel Day-Lewis

    Denzel Washington OR Edward Norton

    Rachel Wood

    Elle Fanning
    abigail breslin OR Hailee Steinfeld

    PS I check Daniel Day-Lewis Denzel Washington and Edward Norton are all free next year.

  • jamthemaj

    Sounds good to me, and I think he’ll deliver! Can’t wait!

  • HumanHunter#09

    I hate that picture of him flipping people off while pointing to his head.

  • The Usual Suspect

    I just noticed he’s flipping us off. It looks even more so in the thumbnail on the front page.


    Yes, i agree LOST was fantastic, i was hooked, loved every bit of it…. then the end happened which ruined all that came before it, but that was due to Lindeloft. Not many things get me as angry as when i think of LOST and how they flushed 7 years of brilliance down the toilet.

    I would like to see John Lock in star wars though, but not everyone.


    Sebulba works, Watto is decent but i’d love for him to have been animatronic instead.

    CG Jabba was a lifeless cartoon blob compared to the awesome foul bloated greasy puppet.

  • SiriousDanner

    like the “realness” of Superman or Ironman etc. BOLLOCKS !!

  • Faflf

    JJA knows the Prequels Trilogy was crap. Kathleen Kennedy knows it. Everyone knows it, except George Lucas.

  • myclawismypenis

    THey have had functioning lighsabers for a long time…its called a flashlight.

  • NathanielS


  • The Usual Suspect

    But it’s not the same.

  • rsixsmith

    *sigh* never mind…..

  • Chewie’s Nuts

    Unfortunately, JJ Abrams ISN’T aware that he is an atrocious director himself. The Star Wars Prequels looked like Citizen Kane compared to Abrams’ Star Trek abominations.

  • Chewie’s Nuts

    The Star Wars Prequels looked far more real than Abrams’ Trek turkeys, which were stuffed with (bad) CGI. Keep guzzling the Kool Aid, JJ fanboy.
    Not only that, your luddite anti-CGI comment are nothing but ignorance divorced from reality, dripping with nostalgia. You even picked the wrong examples of good CGI. Elysium? Hah! As if.
    Abrams can easily con naïve idiots like you with his vacuous promises of making things ‘more real’. He’s a terrible filmmaker, so it doesn’t matter what FX tech he uses; it’ll still look like shit.

  • rsixsmith

    and how was your tweakend?. 1 ambien. 1 clonazepam. nitey-nite.

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  • StillAtMyMoms

    The crew was probably limited on what to say to reporters. Directing the biggest movie franchise of all-time makes you keep things under wraps.

  • KoreyTM

    Here you are, sir. A glimmer of hope for your light saber wishes:


  • KoreyTM

    …Or a more functional form of a light saber, the beginnings of which may be found in a recent experiment conducted by Harvard and MIT: