James Spader is on the interview circuit promoting his hot new TV show The Blacklist so naturally, someone is going to ask him what’s up with The Avengers: Age Of Ultron since he is playing the bad guy Ultron. He … Continue reading

James Spader Talks ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’

ultronJames Spader is on the interview circuit promoting his hot new TV show The Blacklist so naturally, someone is going to ask him what’s up with The Avengers: Age Of Ultron since he is playing the bad guy Ultron.

He told The Inquirer the following:

Have you started preparing for the “Avengers” sequel?

I have spoken to Joss Whedon about it. And yes, actually, just this weekend I went in for them to take very extensive photographs, head scans, body scans, and all kinds of things in preparation for figuring out how the hell I’m gonna fit in this Ultron character!

Spader then added (via The Independent)
“I’m not a planner,” he admits. “I like to try something different, to just see what happens.” Thus he has just agreed to play Ultron, the villain in Joss Whedon’s Avengers sequel because “I think it’ll be a lot of fun and it’s incredibly nostalgic for me. When I was a kid my best friend had trunks of comics and I didn’t have any so I used to love going for sleepovers at his house. Also I have three sons and two of them have a great interest in comics so they’re excited I’m playing the role.”


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  • The Usual Suspect

    I know he’ll do a great job as Ultron, because he’s the f*cking Lizard King.

  • WalrusApocalypse

    I thought he was just going to do the voice acting for the character. I was hoping they would get someone like Doug Jones in a big practical suit.

  • Notgive_A_Fuck


  • nar

    you don’t need a practical suit. look how great iron man looks on film. ultron at his simplest would be the same color and similar look as the mark II.

  • WalrusApocalypse

    Err… Iron Man costume is practical.

  • nar

    errr… the fighting and flying visuals are digital….

  • KaiChen

    Very, very few scenes have practical suits and only the torso. Legs are digital. When the helmet is not open, it’s mostly digital.

  • WalrusApocalypse

    So? They still use a practical suit and just mix it with CGI. Spader is short and chubby, not going to look menacing.

  • KaiChen

    They use the pratical suit in perhaps 10% of the time, since IM2 it’s never a full suit and it looks so real you yourself belived it was pratical.

    So they can easily make Ultron all digital.

  • WalrusApocalypse

    You’re just blabbering I see. If your read the article it says Spader went in for costume fittings. Iron Man uses a practical sute that the CGI matches and they are doing the same for Ultron… Short chubby sometimes CGI Ultron!

    For the record I have never seen Iron Man 2 and I saw the entire practical suit of Iron Man on the Avengers DVD extra features. They would be better off getting a big guy in a practical suit or doing motion capture with Spader do the voice for either.

  • KaiChen

    He didn’t go in for costume fittings. He went in for body scans. Which likely means he will either do mo-cap or be animated.

    You really know nothing about film-making.

    The pratical suit for Iron Man, rarely used on camera, is bulky, has no waistline and it’s hardly used at all.

    Here’s proof to end your silly rant:

    Next time know what you talk about.

  • KaiChen
  • Guest

    One more, pre-visualization from the Avengers:

  • Guest
  • KaiChen

    And the evidence is never ending…

  • WalrusApocalypse

    Lol at using multiple accounts to make it seem like more people are on your side. Fail!!!!

  • WalrusApocalypse

    You scan a person to make body armor not to make a CGI character that won’t resemble him. He won’t fit in a CGI costume lol.

    The gold guy staring me down above my desk knows I know nothing about film making.

    “The pratical suit for Iron Man, rarely used on camera”

    Rarely being the key word dickhead! They match the actors build to the full practical costume you moron!

  • KaiChen

    I have proved you wrong with evidence. Period.

    Your theory about body scans is really faulty and stupid. Bewoulf used body scans, the main character resembled the actor in certain ways, but he was a bodybuilder type and the actor was fat.

    No one would ever need hight res pictures and body scans to build an amour. That’s incredibly stupid. For that they use measuarements and casts.

    You continue to embarass yourself.

    Anyway, I provided photographs of how it works. Clase closed. It’s your taliking agains pictures of how Marvel movies are actually made.

  • KaiChen

    More failing to log in.

  • KaiChen

    You keep being proved wrong…