“I think I’m going to start moving out of that and finding more danger in my artistic choices.” That’s what Will Smith said when asked if he was returning for Independence Day 2, or rather that’s what he said before … Continue reading

Will Smith in talks for ‘Independence Day 2′

Independence Day

“I think I’m going to start moving out of that and finding more danger in my artistic choices.”

That’s what Will Smith said when asked if he was returning for Independence Day 2, or rather that’s what he said before After Earth bombed critically and financially. Now he seems to be singing a different tune.

While talking with Digital Spy director Roland Emmerich discussed the possibility of Smith returning:

“I sometimes say no, Will Smith will not be in it because he didn’t want to do it at first. Now we have a meeting planned, we want to talk about it again. Anything can happen.”

Do you want to see Smith return for Independence Day 2? Do you even care?

I always like when sequels have as much of the original cast return as possible, but I don’t know that the film even needs him.

If Smith truly wants to “find more danger” in the roles he takes, he certainly had the chance when Quentin Tarantino offered him the lead in Django Unchained.

What would you like to see Smith move onto if not Independence Day 2?

I think he’s a good actor when he wants to be and it wouldn’t be a bad idea for him to push himself a little more than he has recently.

In 1993 Smith surprised movie goers with his turn as a conman in Six Degrees of Separation. It was a wise choice for one of his first lead roles in a film and in sharp contrast to the goofball he played in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Maybe he should start doing smaller, more prestigious films in between his tent pole projects.

SOURCE: Digital Spy

  • Hephaestus1

    He’s the only actor from the original that could sell the movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were licking Will’s balls right now.

  • HunterOfTROLLZ

    No. Do not want.
    Do not need mid/late-90′s cinema Willy rehash.
    Already had that with MIB3.
    No want.

  • Peter James

    We all know that the only reason this is even happening (Will Smith doing an about-face on his decision not to return) is because After Earth was a spectacular flop.
    And the Smith clan needs to burnish it’s Box office credibility again.

    Naturally, Jaden will be cast as the now older son and Willow will be doing the Soundtrack’s title song.

    Nepotism FTW!!!

  • Peter James

    It depends on whether….those balls are as smooooooooth as eggs.

    I think he’s had some work done.

  • Andy43

    I think he will be in!!
    The last Will Smith movie was a flop!
    How stupid he must be not to play in part 2 and (3??).
    Maybe he makes a deal that his son play again his son in a movie!? :(

  • Madcap2112

    Hmmmmmmmmmm? President Smith? You don’t have to be psychic to see that one coming.

  • Lenin1959

    He is in talks for a role in ID4.2… for his son, of course, not for himself.

  • jamthemaj

    Yes, he’s an egotistical douche, but Will Smith should be in this movie! It wouldn’t feel right without him.

  • venvariants

    As long as he has a moustache. Hopefully they learned from After Earth that No ‘Stache = No Money. Will Smith without a ‘stache just plain don’t look right, and obviously creeps audiences out enough that they’ll stay far, far away. ‘Stache = Box Office $$$.

  • 5_deadly_venoms

    Obviously his new strategy is to work with the shit directors in Hollywood. First shamalamadingdomg & now this hack. Who’s next? Spike Lee?

  • c_r_gauthier

    I could take it or leave it..

  • Xmasevebaby

    Bring in Michael B. Jordan to play his stepson, make Will the POTUS, and they may have something.

    They’ve gotta get Big Willie to sign on or don’t even bother throwing good money away. There is no other reason to make this film if Smith isn’t going to generate buzz for this film.

  • Dave

    It wouldn’t make sense for Jaden to play his step son because a) he’s his step son, not his actual son and b) the step son would be in his mid – late twenties in 2015. Just get Ross Bagley to play the step son again. He’s recently returned to acting and has a history with Will Smith from playing his cousin Nicky on Fresh Prince.

  • Kill Bomb

    Pre After Earth didnt want to do it. Post, hes thinking about it.

  • Piablo

    Wow, a lot of hate for Will Smith and family. Before you cast your insults his way, think about what he has done, and for that matter… what he hasn’t done. His family is not a bunch of drug abusing loud mouths. They are very positive people. His music wasn’t filled with the normal pimp-nigger-bitch shit that is today’s rap and hip-hop. So his kids are starting to act as well… be thankful they aren’t Lohans or Kardashians!! I wish there were more Will Smiths in Hollywood.

  • Ryan

    Nah he won’t be president… yet. His character will have parleyed his fame into a lower level political role, like a governor or senator, so they can show the climb. But then again, the film would have explain his ex-stripper wife.

  • Ryan

    The problem is not that he hasn’t achieved anything, it’s that since he got rich, he’s been coasting. And it’d be fine if his kids were acting, but they didn’t actually work to get where they are like he did. It’s pure nepotism.

  • Austin Peay

    Hollywood is full of nepotism. It’s nothing new AT ALL.