Good on you if Sleepy Hollow is your kind of television. Why’d he drop that gun? Because it only has one shot and he’s from the Revolutionary War – get it? What’s the internet? Why do you like Starbucks so … Continue reading

‘Amazing Spider-Man 3′ Has Writers…You Know, THOSE Writers


Good on you if Sleepy Hollow is your kind of television. Why’d he drop that gun? Because it only has one shot and he’s from the Revolutionary War – get it? What’s the internet? Why do you like Starbucks so much?

If Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are using Sleepy Hollow to talk about how absurd the modern day is and they used Star Trek: Into Darkness to show how 9/11 will be an inside job even in the future (please note: this author does not believe 9/11 was an inside job), what could they possibly be telling us about the past?

Well, nothing. Unless your name is Peter Parker, then they have the capability to tell you everything about your past, because these writers plus their Lost-trained, Fringe-tested cohort Jeff Pinkner are in charge of the story and script now. The only person that’s missing from otherwise usual suspects is James Vanderbilt, who got a Story By credit on Amazing Spider-Man 2 but is absolutely uncredited on Amazing Spider-Man 3 at this time.

Andrew Garfield is slated to return, of course, and they want Marc Webb back. Outside of that, don’t expect a ton of more announcements because – as we’ve discussed before – The Amazing Spider-Verse has continuing characters now, except the one we liked in the first film – Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy.

Likely is – she dead.

Kurtzman and Orci are also writing Star Trek 3, rebooting The Mummy and adapting the Joe Hill (Stephen King’s son) comic Locke & Key for the movies. Which means they don’t have a lot of time, and the last time these guys didn’t have enough time we got Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Sooooooooo – I’ll totally take it easy on K&O as long as they don’t mess up Spider-Man. But, these are guys with great ideas and messed executions across their history, and Sleepy Hollow has not made me feel better.

I’m a-scared, guys.

But, if they mess this up, when they reboot Spider-Man for MY children, they can call it Superior Spider-Man.

  • Geoff Breedwell

    They can call it SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN only if they continue it and introduce Doc Ock and have them switch minds and Peter Parker dies within the first 30 minutes. Keep the origin story right. SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN = Spider-Ock.

  • Hephaestus1

    I honestly couldn’t understand a thing you wrote.

  • Mike

    Thank you…

    I felt like reading myself but on Crack. So, i think he does not like sleepy hollow and something about transformers?

  • Hephaestus1

    And somehow they’re all related to 9/11?

    That’s one hell of a conspiracy.

  • sunnavab

    I had to read it three times to try to make sense of it, but failed miserably.

  • Notgive_A_Fuck

    9/11 was not a conspiracy..hollywood is full of sheep. theres overwhelming evidemce that says it wasnt. now lets talk about benghazi and fast and furious if you want to talk about conspiracy.

  • Charles Jonathan

    The Jews were behind 9/11.

  • The Usual Suspect

    All I got was that SM might be pushed further down the sh*t hole than it already is. This is MARVEL’s marquee/franchise player and they’re just ruining him. Jeebus Mic Sony are you trying to do your best impersonation of FOX or what?

  • Chris Darmon

    Sorry, going to have to agree with everyone here… Your writing is pure crap my man… I’m no writer, but your “communication” skills are lacking. This messaging is highly unclear and not either compelling to either this site nor spiderman fans. #NewWriterNeeded

  • oxman212

    Go home Da7e, you’re drunk.

  • Dangeresquetoo

    Spectacular Spider-Man?

  • TamosC

    I think it’s pretty smart to have the guy drop the gun..but using that same logic, headless horseman is picking up machine gun and going nuts, and if I’m not mistaken a pump action shotgun, and knows how to use them all no problem. So is the writer belittling the people who actually like this show? He’s making them out to be..well rather easily pleased little folk. Mark me down as easily pleased then.

  • bigriver00

    The spider man reboot was terrible. They desperately needed to cut about 95% of the romance scenes out of that movie. It was just gross after the 10th make-out session.

  • jamthemaj

    I loved the reboot, and I can’t wait for the sequel! I enjoyed Amazing more than Raimi’s flicks, and I loved Spidey 2. I also enjoy Kurtzman and Orci’s work. I love Sleepy Hollow. So I’m missing the downside to this news, Da7e. You sure are a negative nancy sometimes!!! Haha :D

  • jamthemaj

    Haha I enjoy a good love story, so disagreed. I loved the flick.

  • jamthemaj

    Same here… I love the show!

    As far as the scene you mention, if the Horseman is indeed one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, it makes sense that he would have that knowledge.

  • TamosC

    Sure, it’s easy to explain away I guess, but where does it stop, knowledge to bypass firewalls, hack into the governments servers and trigger nuclear armageddon? Sometimes it starts at the little things then you can explain away the bigger things when they happen.

  • jamthemaj

    Good point, and I don’t know! While we’re at it, he and John Cho already knew each other, and the Horseman knew his address. I don’t know how it works! haha

  • TamosC

    Only watched it once, I surmise John Cho was part of this “evil” witch coven and was working for this “devil” figure who eventually killed him. Not really getting worked up on the logic of the show, I just watch it and enjoy it..I’ll let the sad writers poke holes in plots and logic, I’m sure it ruins their viewing enjoyment

  • jamthemaj

    Haha I hope it doesn’t ruin anything for them. I don’t care about it either. I just thought I’d add to yours. :D I love the show so far! But I love supernatural stories like this.

  • qwert

    I get you are trying to swag it up for the cool kids…but this writing style doesnt work for informative purposes. Just cut it out :/