Oh good, you clicked over to the article. I was afraid you wouldn’t. Why? Well, maybe because people keep saying Benedict Cumberbatch is in Star Wars Episode VII and Cumberbatch’s people keep saying no, but he totally is and this … Continue reading

Benedict Cumberbatch Basically Says He’s In ‘Star Wars’


Oh good, you clicked over to the article. I was afraid you wouldn’t.

Why? Well, maybe because people keep saying Benedict Cumberbatch is in Star Wars Episode VII and Cumberbatch’s people keep saying no, but he totally is and this is the worst kept secret since double-sided blades on Darth Maul.

Anyway, here’s what the hubbub’s about: It’s a clip from the Graham Norton show.

What we’re focusing on is at 2:00 in.

Here’s the thing: No news is made in this clip. We’re all in this cloying madness where we’re pretty sure Cumberbatch is in the new Star Wars so we’re willing to jump on: “Yeah-uh-eye-uh-unnnnnnnn” as Cumberbatch “slipping.”

He’s not slipping. He, like Harrison Ford, is playing with you. Ford at least is trying to do this playing dumb game so Harrison Ford gets googled so maybe someone will see Ender’s Game because HEY- HARRISON FORD.

See Benedict Cumberbatch and Harrison Ford in JJ Abrams Star Wars Episode VII Rise of the Jedi in 2015.

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  • 030891

    Ha! Look at Ford pointing to Cumberbatch and himself when asked when he’s in Star Wars. Come on!

  • Conspiracyin559

    Cumberbun as Thrawn or Fuck Right Off JJ and George.

  • Harry

    Good actor and I like him but even I will admit he doesn’t scream star wars material at all so I hope he’s not in it, although I’m pretty sure he is, and probably the actual main bad guy too *sighs*… I miss the days when I wasn’t distracted by actors or talking about performances, but rather the actual character that is interesting haha.

  • COmeON

    Dave, I’ve come to expect better of you. I thought you were better than El Mayimbe. But “Benedict Cumberbatch Basically Says He’s in Star Wars” is soooo off-base from what we see in the video. His stuttering could mean he doesn’t know. It could mean he’s screwing with the host. It could mean he just went into audition. It could mean any number of things that aren’t him being in Star Wars. Not to mention that the quote in question is not at the 2:00 mark like you indicated.

  • noahwayne0

    No one confirms anything in the video

  • Daniel Wood

    HA! Would love to see you be wrong. Again.

  • Ultron_Nr1

    Cumberbatch is not in it. In fact neither is Ford. How I know that? Because not a single frame of film has been shot. The script is not written. The sets are not built etc etc

  • Guest


  • Darth Danny

    Thrawn sucks, same as the whole Expanded Universe crap.

  • Viggeo Morgenstein

    Actually the script HAS been written you fucking dolt. Michael Arndt finished the script months ago. They are building sets now in London. It will probably start filming next month. Many actors and actresses have already auditioned for it. Where the fuck do you get your information?

  • Viggeo Morgenstein

    Benadryl Cucumbersnatch WILL NOT BE IN STAR WARS. He is an insufferably shitty actor and he was already in Nu Trek. Disney does not want any crossover actors from that shitty franchise. END OF STORY.

    And FUCK YOU latino review. “Rise of the Jedi” my farking arse. It’s going to either be “Vengeance of the Darkside” or “Tremors in the Force”.

  • Calvin Hobbes

    I think you missed a couple of days of your medication.

  • fishnets

    Cumberbatch, Ronan, Jordan are up for everything these days which just devalues casting, IMO. Star Wars shouldn’t be about who Hollywood wants to make happen (and these 3 are aggressively pushed for everything in order to make them happen) but who is the best fit for the characters and also generate amazing chemistry with co-stars. OT actors didn’t have the resume of TP’s Portman, Neeson and McGregor, but they had legendary chemistry with each other and Chewy, droids, etc while their more acclaimed counterparts from TP sucked in that department.
    I’m no fan of Cumberbatch for I cannot stand hammy actors with weirdo speech punctuations, but he’s at least genuine fan, his really tiresome denials of obvious (Khan, this) aside. Though Hobbit, Trek and now Wars make him a franchise whore, and isn’t he rumored for some Marvel movie too? Dr Strange?
    MBJ seems like a really nice guy who’s just grateful that he’s in such demand but Ronan seems to have some really over-calculating career team. What’s with all the cock-teasing she did for Hobbit and Avengers:Age of Ultron where there was claim that characters she was up for were based on her (teen version of Scarlet Witch)and/or specifically created for her (female Elf), only for her to turn them down and start chasing Star Wars and Fantastic Four? It’s some calculated career advancement right there and no affection for the material.

  • Steve Croft

    Vengeance of the Darkside? Are we hiring seven year olds to title the films now???

    I guess we must be since the prequels. I seriously doubt ‘tremors of the force’ is even being considered.

  • http://www.geekbotmedia.com/ Geekbot

    Rise of the Jedi isn’t a good name for the first sequel. Maybe the third.

  • http://www.geekbotmedia.com/ Geekbot

    Holy crap, this was beautifully written!

  • fishnets

    It’s awfully boring title for any movie in the series. And the Rise is hopefully of Jedi who are not TP’s boring eunuchs/Catholic priests/whatever + annoying brat.

  • Ultron_Nr1

    whatever you racist swine dick . The script aint finished, yes they are building sets, nothing is filmed, Ford is undecided , Fisher and Hamil havent been announced BECAUSE THE SCRIPT CALLS FOR ALL THREE, and they MIGHT start filming early 2014



  • Barchiel

    How is he ‘racist’?

  • Barchiel


  • Barchiel

    Oh, I see. He is pretty stupid for that avatar. Viggeo, you’re a dumbass.

  • Barchiel

    You dumbass.

  • Viggeo Morgenstein

    Vengeance of the Darkside is objectively the best possible title for Episode VII you TAINT SNIFFING HEATHEN. The sith were defeated in ROTJ so the title will need to reflect their comeback. And instead of some generic ass title with “Sith” in the name, or referencing a specific character or group, you have the darkside itself wreaking vengeance upon the newly formed republic and jedi order as if it’s A LIVING, CONSCIOUS ENTITY ITSELF YOU RAGING FUCKSTICK. I defy you to come up with a better title you INSUFFERABLE CUNTISH WHORE.

  • Viggeo Morgenstein

    And furthermore… Tremors in the Force would be an excellent title as well. It’s a bit more subtle, more mysterious…vague. Something dark has awakened…sending ripples through the force like a pebble thrown into a pond sending waves across the surface of the water. Luke senses this disturbance and for the first time in 30 plus years he is scared…


  • Viggeo Morgenstein

    Why thank you good sir, i’m glad you concur.

  • Viggeo Morgenstein


  • Ooogles

    He will play Han Solo’s son.

  • Steve Croft

    You have the literary skill of the best Uwe Boll scriptwriters… I’ve not read a worse diatribe since my ex had her period and wrote a breakup letter. May I suggest some maxi pads?

    The titles are lame, not that I expect much better from the studios, sorry to tell you. ‘tremors of the force’, I’ll be expecting space graboids. Vengeance of the Darkside? I’ll be wondering if anything of them have ‘sympathy’…

    I’m sure you can do better, but given your lack of literary ability, I’m guessing no.

  • Viggeo Morgenstein

    My literary skills are clearly ELITE and far superior to yours you inarticulate buffoon. Your weak attempt at wit (referencing the brilliant b-movie “Tremors” and your chan-wook park title drop) is more desperate than your failed attempt at chastising me. You INSIGNIFICANT, INTELLECTUALLY INFERIOR, TESTICLELESS CRETIN!

  • Viggeo Morgenstein

    Concordantly… you failed ONCE AGAIN to provide me with a better title. Yeah. That’s what I thought, BITCH.

    Skadoosh much?

  • Viggeo Morgenstein

    And I said Tremors IN the Force you fecal scented halfwit. Not Tremors OF the Force. That would be FUCKING STUPID.

    How about “A Disturbance in the Force” if you can’t get fucking graboids out of your simpleton skull? Jesus Tap Dancing Christ I hate you people.

  • Viggeo Morgenstein

    And by “people” I mean Steve Croft.
    I feel nothing but love for all you other fine gents ;-)

  • Viggeo Morgenstein


  • Viggeo Morgenstein

    “lack of literary ability”

    …..the FUCK? Hypocrite much? With all your grammatical and punctuation errors you can kindly go fellate yourself.

  • Steve Croft

    Your daddy touched you as a child didn’t he… it’s ok. Let it out… let it all out.

  • Brian Knockin

    look at his AVi he definite a retard lol

  • Brian Knockin

    lol I was like u dont see his AVI

  • Viggeo Morgenstein

    Incorrect, once again, you knuckle dragging simpleton. My penis was not fondled by a loved one when I was a child, excluding myself, as I was one horny fucking bastard! Fact! And you still haven’t retorted anything I said because you are an idiot as well as a coward.

    Go drink a gallon of AIDS, asshole.

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