So last week, Sir Ben Kingsley revealed that he was working with Marvel on a secret project and made noise by telling The Belfast Telegraph the following: “It’s a secret Marvel project. I’m not allowed to say any more, you’re … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Ben Kingsley’s ‘Secret Marvel Project’ REVEALED!

benkingsleySo last week, Sir Ben Kingsley revealed that he was working with Marvel on a secret project and made noise by telling The Belfast Telegraph the following:

“It’s a secret Marvel project. I’m not allowed to say any more, you’re going to have to wait and see,” he said. I was with many members of the crew that were involved in Iron Man 3. It was lovely to see them again. It was great to be with this wonderful family,” he continued. I think they have enormous taste as creative artists. There’s nothing lazy or gratuitous about their work. They are at the top of their game, and they’re great company to keep.”

What is the ‘Secret Marvel Project’ that Ben Kingsley is talking about? The following contains SPOILERS if you don’t want to know.

Anyway, for those of you who guessed that it is a Marvel One Shot short film, you guessed correctly. That wasn’t so hard now was it. But wait there is more! We got details.

Apparently, Marvel knows deep down that what they did with the Mandarin character in Iron Man 3 was straight up BUMJUICE! The movie lost me at the reveal and I fell asleep shortly afterwards. According to sources, Marvel wants to make it up to fans so in the one shot, the REAL Mandarin is furious with Aldrich Killian and Ben Kingsley’s character Trevor Slattery for the mockery they made of the real Mandarin’s identity and legacy. The real Mandarin wants to set the record straight.

Yes, the REAL Mandarin.

How is he going to set the record straight? That I don’t know. Who is going to play the real Mandarin? Don’t know either. Wait and see.

So what do you think? Chime in below and keep it clean. All you junket hustlers can tell Feige I said hi and ask him if the above is true.

Hasta el proximo capitulo…



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  • Jason Seas

    Ha! This was something my friends and I pondered after seeing IM3, that it was a personality hijacking by Killian for his own needs and the real Mandarin was still out there in the shadows running his own real terror network.


    You feel asleep, and bring that up as if it’s nothing? Really? Hmm.

  • TJW

    Honestly, that’s kind of sad. Releasing a glorified deleted scene after the fact just to appease the fans. Have some balls, stick to your movie.

  • Randy


  • Dwayne

    Marvel needs to make it right. But they need to still use Sir Ben as the Mandarin. He fit the part perfectly.

  • hartthorn

    I had no problem with how IM3 handled the Mandarin because it’s a difficult character to try and mesh into the MCU. I mean, it’s a pretty racist and stuffed with years of confusing backstory. Why not make it a “false flag”, since that term has gotten so popular recently.

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  • Paul Lane

    The Iron Man 3 twist was justly hated by the Fanboys, this would be a great Fan service Retcon.

  • WalrusApocalypse

    Hell yeah! Sounds awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luis M. Sanchez

    shut your pie. you’re gonna watch it and you know it AND you’re going to love it.

  • WalrusApocalypse

    He must never read comics.

  • Howzah123

    The twist didn’t bother me at all

    It was actually very cynical black humor about the media in general

  • FanFreakinTastic

    IM3 Mandarin reveal was CRAP! Mandarin is the arch nemesis to IM and has been probably before you ever thought of picking up a comic. That would be like making Loki a jester in the end or downplaying Luthor or Joker to a dim witted circus clown. Biggest mistake Marvel Prod. made in the series was letting go of Jon. He was on record saying, ‘I dont think they know what they really want (Marvel). I had a vision for IM3, but they wanted to go a different direction.’ Its sad they don’t let their directors direct in the Marvel brand nor do they have control on the content or their films. Ex: Spiderman 3, IM3 (obvious) buddy cop film (thanks Black) with a fireworks show at the end, Wolverine, the downward spirals of both Hulk franchise and the abysmal Ghost Rider films. Come on can we honestly say these were good films in terms of the Marvel Brand?

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  • The Cinephile

    This is ridiculous! If it’s true (which I very much doubt), it’s a stupid move.
    And I don’t get all the fanboy whining about that twist in the film. Kingsley’s character was not the mandarin; Killian was. It was a brilliant twist and Kingsley delivered a great performance.

  • I <3 Mandarin twist

    Wow, Marvel, what a cop out. They put their fan base on the line to give us a great story, and a lot of fans came out liking it. Yes, more people liked the Mandarin than didn’t. Stick to your guns, Marvel. Don’t give us a cop out. Don’t let *those kind of fanboys* feel in charge.

  • The Cinephile

    Fan service is what ruins so many movies: Star Trek, SW prequels, TDKR (slightly)…
    If the fanboys want their “faithful” version of the mandarin, why dont they have someone read the comics to them instead?
    Justly hated? Why exactly? The film was advertised so that you’d think the mandarin was Ben Kingsley, while he was in fact Guy Pearce. The Mandarin was portrayed as a mastermind who fooled the world into believing he was someone else. If anything, the twist was brilliant and one of the highlights of the movie.


    F*ck ya, about time.

    Good on Marvel for cleaning up this sh*t bomb plot point choice.

  • The Cinephile

    No, it’d be like The Joker or Luthor having someone pretend to be them as distraction while they act in the shadows. Killian was the Mandarin, not Kingsley.
    Did anyone watch the movie? He even screams it at the end for God’s sake!!!

  • zeekthegeek

    Oh please, don’t pretend you knew anything about the Mandarin before this movie Mayimbe, you’ve shown in the past you don’t follow comics. The movie thing was a great twist that obsessive compulsive fanboys sobbed over and wannabes latched onto it being some big problem.

  • 007

    Then he’s my hero.

  • moviefan1

    The fact that this is happening just shows how much people were disappointed with what they did to the character in Iron Man 3.

  • snooze

    The REAL Mandarin? Can you say……LAME? What a waste. IM3 was terrible though, the bait and switch by Marvel was stupid.

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  • Drew Douglas

    Doesn’t change the fact that it sucked a deep one.

  • Drew Douglas

    I don’t think there needs to be a “real” mandarin. Have the rings Trevor has turn him into the actual Mandarin or something.

  • Rusty Elbows

    This could be funny…but it’s not really important or necessary.

    You know to be honest, I was pretty happy with the Mandarin from the films.
    I know it felt like a rip-off to a lot of people expecting him to be this super terrorist leader, but it just really worked for me and was very good commentary on the ‘illusions’ created to manipulate the public in a desired direction.

    I know people won’t agree, but I don’t think Magic Rings would have worked for The Mandarin in the Iron Man films at this point. If they put that stuff in it would feel shoehorned because they didn’t really build up to any sort of ‘magic rings’ in the Iron Man film universe, so his origin would have been pretty watered down.

    I say do the Mandarin right and develop him.
    This could be fun, but it’s not really necessary in my opinion.

  • Ken

    I always felt that Ben Kingsly’s character WAS always the Mandarin, but Aldrich was a patsy. Kingsly, or the Mandarin either paid Aldrich off or drugged him or something to take the heat and credit while the not so naïve actor was pulling the strings.

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  • Jugo Aich

    “I mean, what happened? Your balls drop off?” – Joker

  • DrillosVanvittigeKrav

    its too late…….

  • Joshua Darbee

    I’m a fanboy and while it would have been cool to have a big Mandarin 10 rings SFX battle, I never liked Mandarin. I don’t find him overly racist (maybe in the early days but really how is it racist to have a Chinese guy dress in the style of his ancestors? He’s about as racist as Sunfire or Thunderbird or Captain Britain or any other character that identified with their heritage) but I do find his character to be flat and uninteresting. He’s boring with a really silly backstory. I thought the terrorist angle was an appropriate update to the character, but also uninspired and lazy as everything post 9/11 is terrorists. So I found the big twist to be unexpected and clever. Extremis was a fun end battle and took the character to interesting places emotionally.

  • Joshua Darbee

    Jon Favreau was IN IM3 and has also said he has no hard feelings and that they basically let him do what he wanted. No director of a marvel film has ever said anything negative about their experiences with Marvel. You use Spider-Man and Wolverine and Ghost Rider as examples but Marvel has nothing to do with those (Fox and Sony) and has done everything hey can to get rights back, securing Ghost rider, daredevil, punisher and blade this year. I’m sorry you couldn’t enjoy the funny twist on the Mandarin, but Marvel has done a good job creating the MCU and making it a different experience than the comics. It’s FUN ADVENTURE that anyone can enjoy. They throw PLENTY of Easter eggs in for us fanboys but they don’t have to clone the comics to make something good.

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  • Joshua Darbee

    Why has no one floated the idea that perhaps this is wrong? Think about the tone of every One-Shot. Comedy. Kingsley’s role. Comedy. As soon as I read the headline I imagined Agents of SHIELD interrogating Kingsley about AIM and him being all goofy and maybe driving a speed boat with his beard flapping in the wind. I doubt they’ll introduce a THIRD Mandarin into the mix.

  • Andrew Shaw

    Don’t compare the Mandarin to Lex Luthor or the Joker. They have cultural importance and are known by non-comic readers; The Mandarin is a sad remnant from a bygone era and should be treated as such. Until Iron Man 3 dared to deviate from the source material, most of you crybabies probably didn’t give that character a second thought.

  • GordieGoldhammer

    I haven’t read an Iron Man comic, so I found the concept very clever and surprising. But the film died after that as suggested.

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  • Redbull Werewolf

    Just have Kinglsy play the mandarin, have him play trever too but Make trevor the double they hired (kind of the like the second borat in the dictator). If they just write in that the mandarin we saw at the beggining was the real one and tevor was just the stupid double they hired to throw off shield. That sounds like the best way to go about it because you get to keep kingsly and it fixes the biggest mistake marvel has made so far

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  • runner_j

    Well thank god Marvel is going to attempt to salvage that train wreck. Making The Mandarin, one of the coolest villains in the Marvel universe and Iron Man’s primary nemesis, into a joke like they did was a horrible idea. Perhaps the real Mandarin will show up later in Iron Man 4.

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  • Meh

    First, they killed Coulson in the Avenegers movie. The fanboys complained. They brought him back. Then they presented us with a ‘fake’ Mandarin (Ra’s al who?). The fanboys complained. So, now they are doing this.
    It’s nothing but a cheap bit of back-tracking, to appease fanboys. Plain and simple. Do we have Wheadon to ‘thank’ for this?

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  • Hephaestus1

    It’s a bit late for that, don’t you think Marvel? The Iron Man trilogy is over, and you had the perfect set up for the Mandarin in part 3. Just admit you made a dumb mistake and move

    This won’t fix Iron Man 3.

  • 7992

    Why do people think the mandarin is racist? it would be if it as an American in ancient Chinese dress, but its not. its a Chinese man dressed like his ancestors and if its stereotypical that’s because a stereotype is sort of the best representation we have of something as long as its not meant with offence its not racist.

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  • Rich Drees

    Did I miss some sort of announcement that the Onion has bought LR?

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  • Odotry

    The Mandarin twist was based on the Ultimates comic where “Mandarin” is the name of an organization or entity rather than a person. I thought people would’ve realized it by now.

  • Action Movie Fanatix

    Is it impossible to believe that this was in the cards all along? That The Mandarin was using Trevor and Killian as puppets? It makes complete sense to me.

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  • Fabian

    I LOVED the entire twist in IM3, but I also have no problem with Ben playing the REAL Mandarin and revealing that Trevor Slattery really was a look-alike “body double” the way Stark thought. Just the thot of Ben playing dual roles face to face as Trevor and the Mandarin sounds like fun to me!

  • ACOD

    I don’t care about the Mandarin or his legacy. What they did in Iron Man 3 was brilliant.

  • Scott Mason

    I don’t understand the fuss – I thought the twist was great, and that they managed to keep it under wraps was awesome. I like that a movie this big was able to surprise me.

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  • KW

    It would also be difficult to have talking raccoons and walking trees, but they are doing that no problem. An iteration of the real Mandarin is not hard.

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  • Oliver Twitt

    Agreed. The whole point of the scene was to reinforce that the face of terrorism was fabricated and the real threat was domestic, not foreign.

    But hardcore comic book nerds couldn’t look past this fact because “not my Mandarin.”

  • Daoofgeek

    Honestly, I would have been okay with it (not really, but I could fake it) if not for all the hints thrown in throughout the first two IM movies. Based on IM3, Killian expressly created the Mandarin and 10 Rings to hide his Extremis experiments. Those were not going on during the first Iron Man.

    How hard is it to change the Mandarin, really? Hell, they completely flipped Killian from being a throwaway character in the comics to being some evil mastermind. People talk about how it doesn’t fit in the MCU, but you have a god of Thunder, his trickster brother, the tesseract (aka Cosmic Cube) and, very soon a Walking Tree and talking raccoon? That “Doesn’t fit” is just an excuse.

    No, the Mandarin “reveal” didn’t ruin the movie for me but it did knock it down a few pegs.

  • Daoofgeek

    That, Drew, would be really interesting. It’d work better, IMO, than what they are thinking of doing now.

  • Daoofgeek

    I was not happy at all with the Mandarin but your point about “illusions” to manipulate the public is a good point. Also, I don’t think they necessarily had to make him wielder of the Ten Rings or anything like that, either. And there should have been something from the second one to show that he was funding things from behind the scenes.

    My gripe is that it could have been handled so much better than it was. And unless they are going to do it right, this one-shot, while fun, isn’t really necessary.

  • Chris

    Iron man 3 completely shit on the Mandarin as a character just for a laugh. Who gives a shit if it was funny? Not me. I want to see the Mandarin done right, and Iron man 3 didn’t do that for me.

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  • Geoff Breedwell

    Holy triple misdirection!!

  • BroVinny

    I hoped we would find that Kingsley really was the Mandarin, and that his reveal as a British actor was actually a clever bit of misdirection. I’m still kind of hoping for that.

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  • David Gauthier

    I actually really enjoyed the Mandarin reveal. I knew about the villian in the comic books so I was kind of blah on the whole thing. but the reveal.. I didn’t see coming and it made me feel like a kid again. goign to a movie, knowing nothing and getting the genuine pleasure that the movie set out to give.

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  • Convoy

    I don’t care about the Mandarin either. I liked the gag. But I also know enough about the character that they could do the gag, and that there could still be a real Mandarin out there. He has a ring that controls peoples minds.

  • MTMJ

    I didn’t mind the twist but to see the real Mandarin will also be cool especially if he comes back in another movie IM4 anyone?

  • Ron Stanford

    Screw the short. Make Mandarin the Big Bad on “Agents of SHIELD.” A reluctant Agent Coulson and his team “protect” Trevor Slattery, while using him as bait for the Ringed One.

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  • X-Man

    I want that too.. A Keyzer Sose type double twist can work. By tricking Stark, the Mandarin got to get close to him and figure out how he thinks. Gain his trust and work behind the scenes to destroy him…

  • MTMJ


  • Joshua Davis

    This is such a contrived, ridiculous idea that it can’t be real. What, NOW the ‘real’ Mandarin is pissed and wants some kind of revenge? The MOMENT another terrorist out there was calling himself the ‘Mandarin’, he didn’t jump to do something? Didn’t Killian know that he would possibly piss off the real Mandarin? Above all else, WHY would Killian do something so asinine? Contrived. Stupid. Unbelievable.

  • Joshua Davis

    But…he is a racist caricature. Not the same thing as a talking raccoon and a walking tree, wouldn’t you say? Besides, I have this feeling that even if the Mandarin was done ‘correctly’ with Ben Kingsley in the role, you guys would bitch about it not being a Chinese actor and/or someone who could stand up to Iron Man as a physical threat. Everyone just LOVES to bitch and be offended by anything and everything these days.

  • BlackLesnar

    They need to put these One-Shots in front of the theatrical releases instead of putting them on Bluray first. This would be a good short to put in front of Winter Soldier or GOTG.

  • Joshua Davis

    Sorry, but a ‘racist caricature’ doesn’t fit. He’s called THE MANDARIN, for pete’s sake! And, see, I have a feeling that Marvel is going to start doing more and more fan service and catering more and more to the fanboys because….well…after the initial luster of the Marvel Cinematic Universe wears off for Joe Sixpack (like it’s already starting to), the fanboys will be the ones who do the majority of continued ticket buying and financial support. They will be the bread and butter.

  • Joshua Davis

    Sunfire and Thunderbird WERE racist caricatures, actually.

  • Joshua Davis

    Despite the fact that the twist did indeed provide cynical, satirical commentary on the media and the state of the works, that’s all ‘crap’ because you didn’t get to see an old Ben Kingsley with glowing rings duke it out with a CGI suit of armor. You prefer shallowness to depth.

  • Joshua Davis

    No director of a Marvel film has ever spoken negatively of their experiences? Might wanna go back and research this a little bit…

  • Joshua Davis

    I don’t get the fanboy whining, either. It just makes them all look like spoiled, entitled babies that completely dismiss a film because it didn’t go the way they wanted. No, matter of fact, in my opinion, it went to a BETTER place.

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  • Joshua Davis

    Problem is, *those kinds of fanboys* will be responsible for continued financial support once the luster of the Marvel Cinematic Universe wears off (like it’s already starting to for most people). Does Marvel really, truly think that they’ll make it past Phase 3?

  • Joshua Davis

    What ‘zeekthegeek’ said.

  • bryan

    They could have easily tied th rings into one of the relics that Odin has in his weapons chamber along with the Gauntlet and that ice thingy. Could have easily shown a scene with Loki giving them to Ben and using them against Tony.

  • Joshua Davis

    No it doesn’t. There’s no proof that this report is even REAL. And, I don’t think it is.

  • Joshua Davis

    And we see how people are responding to Coulson’s resurrection and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show in general — with a big, fat, raspberry-tongued ‘who cares?’ Believe you me, the majority of the people who are crying foul over this Mandarin crap are whiny, spoiled, entitled fanboys. And, IF this report is true, Maybe Marvel is indeed making this pithy short film to shut them up. Who knows?

  • Joshua Davis

    Um…no. The Mandarin was never a fully-developed character — his backstory continued to change throughout the years. He always kinda remained a bland, stereotypical Chinese person. Not caring enough to devlop characters of a foreign race or being willfully ignorant enough to not do any research and just create character based on cliche and stereotype IS racist.

  • Joshua Davis

    The thought of Ben Kingsley going toe-to-toe with a CGI suit of armor does NOT sound like fun to me.

  • Joshua Davis

    It wasn’t ‘just for a laugh’. This reveal added more depth to the story. Christ.

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  • lennie

    marvel continues to do the right thing. while others sat around talking about films , Marvel put together phase 1 and gave us an incredible Avengers film. Now they are onto phase 2 and stop and try to honor the fans with a Mandarin follow up. Class will tell.
    and for those who think its wrong ?? Would you really rather sit by while they screwed some things up and didn’t even try to make it better ??
    thanks marvel !!!

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  • Dakkar

    I’ll keep suggesting it until they go down a completely different path, but I still think they should set up Trevor as just a double-bluff identity the Mandarin invented and that Sir Ben is still the real Mandarin! (And Aldrich Killian was just subject to grandiose delusions.) It would’ve been better as the closing scene of Iron Man 3, but better retconned with the door open to future mayhem by the Mandarin than left the way it was.

  • Steve-O

    Like the spirit of the Mandarin possesses him?

  • Steve-O

    If you’re gonna go that route why not get Jackie Chan to play the Mandarin?

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  • Steve-O

    The Star Wars prequels were not fan service…they were George “Toy Boy” Lucas selfservice…the equivalent of him bending over while on the toilet and giving himself a blumpkin…and the 3D re-release was the dirty sanchez icing on the cake

  • Steve-O

    Only one I know of was Alan Taylor after marvel added something to his movie after it was done, possibly the during or after credits scene…that’s a pretty good track record…oh, there was also the guy that directed the Hulk movie that was bitching about something but I think that had to do more with Ed Norton

  • NihilistZerO

    Wouldn’t have to drug him. He has a mind control ring ;-)

  • Pickled Egg

    Tough titty. You faux-liberal, politically correct types should go and take up placards about it. The rest of us would like to see the Mandarin as he was originally presented: an Asian Fu-Manchu-type sorcerer.
    The only reason the Mandarin was ‘retconned’ in the first place was to appeal to the hugely profitable Chinese market, not because of any racial ‘sensitivity’ on Marvel’s part. Pure greed and transparent PC blandishments were at work, an insult to any person of intelligence and a free-thinking mind.

  • FunkDr.

    And if you never read comics and are a fan of the movies, LAME-O

  • Tyler Richardson

    Thank you Marvel; we accept your apology.

  • VotersRights

    If Marvel pulls any of this Mandarin style twist in other movies I’m done with them. They ruined IM3, it was the worst Marvel studio film by far (and not just for the Mandarin, making it Marvel’s Lethal Weapon was horrendous).

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  • jimbojohnny

    Go home Joshua you’re drunk!

  • dunnetg

    You fell asleep during Iron Man 3? My grandpa falls asleep in the middle of the day sometimes.

  • Guest

    marvel will do with this short what they did with im3.
    they will make fans think they will give them a real badass mandarin and then turn it into something silly.

    = the real mandarin is some dude that runs a pizza delivery service and hes really really pissed.

  • herbert

    awesome jackie chan!

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  • Old Man Raynor

    If they start tying the Knights characters into the MCU- or a slightly edgier parallel setting of their own- I’m going to be very, very happy.

  • JEL64

    They should use Ben Kingsley as the real Mandarin. Tie it up in a “Usual Suspects” Keyser Soze way. He could actually be a good Mandarin.

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  • Steve-O

    Only if it means R rated Punisher and Ghost Rider movies…sure they can tone down the violence and language in the Avengers or crossover films but the standalone need to be true to form.

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  • Josh Gelb

    Kingsley could easily play the Mandarin again. Just play it off as Slattery was a Mandarin look-a-like…hence why Killian hired him. The problem was Kingsleyw as so good as the “Mandarin” that it would be hard to re-up . He would have to alter the character a little. Go deeper. make him even more sinister.

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  • thekryce

    Please, don’t. I love what they did with the mandarin in Iron Man 3. Please, Marvel, don’t do that just because some fans screamed.

  • Neurodrill .

    What do I think? I think they should have done the character correct to begin with, then they wouldn’t have to apologize for it. Iron Man 3 was a joke.

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  • Joshua Darbee

    Alan May have been annoyed they filmed the post credits scene without him, but he had nothing but positive things to say about everything else. Including how “Joss Whedon saved the movie” by rewriting scenes and helping direct them at Alan’s request. And you’re right about the director not getting along with Norton. Marvel producers he was okay with, from what I remember.

  • Joshua Darbee

    If you really think so, you’re entitled to your opinion, but know that not many share it. Those characters were no different than any person who is proud of their heritage and were written with respect and humanized to have complex characterization. Mandarin started out as a one dimensional caricature but due to the progression of the material and popularity of the character became something more. Unfortunately I find that something to still be boring and not particularly compelling. But he’s certainly been written to be much more than a mockery of Chinese culture.

  • Daniel Patrick Roche

    If this scoop pans out, Marvel loses a ton of respect from me. Iron Man Three is the only Iron Man film with a strong script/complete story. It’s very clear that Black and Marvel had decided to pull a R’as Al Ghul switch and give us a slightly modified version of the Mandarin, stripped of the unfortunate Yellow Menace aspects.

    If they completely retcon that due to purist fanboy backlash, that’s just weak.

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  • nld3

    Now they need to fix AIM.

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  • Grant

    so true, so true

  • Jamalc

    boring movies cause drowsiness.

  • Ian Christian

    i love ben kingsley’s roll in the movie they should bring him back as the mandarin…..


    Indeed… *___*

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  • Deku-Johnny

    They twist was amazing, I found it hilarious. I guarantee no one who saw the film saw it coming which is the dictionary definition of a great twist. I’d like to see Kingsley return to the films as the real Mandarin and it turn out he was playing a long con by letting Aldrich pretend to be in charge, I’m sure that would win around the haters.

    Although a lot of the haters when it comes to Marvel movies/shows tends to be they’re not serious enough, it’s like those people know nothing about Marvel. Do you want them to be deadly serious all the time like DC? Wouldn’t that be boring if both Marvel and DC were always serious? Isn’t it better to have one being serious and one being jokey? Variety is the spice of life after all.

  • Deku-Johnny

    In what universe didn’t Iron Man 1 has a strong script/complete story?

  • Deku-Johnny

    They could easily do it that he is the real Mandarin and he was letting Killian play at being the boss so he could get a real, first-hand look at what Stark is capable of.

  • Deku-Johnny

    But Iron Man 3 wasn’t boring…

  • joe spicer

    Ben could still play the REAL Mandarin, say it’s his twin or say the fake Mandarin aquires the real powers of the rings and becomes a real warlord.

  • Joseph Chaisson

    I was looking forward to the Mandarin since the first Iron Man, when I saw Iron Man 3 I thought what they did was well done and I loved the twist, that being said, I am excited for this as well. Also after the movie was released the producers stated the real Mandarin could exist. Look at it as a fan win win, awesome movie and we get a great one shot,

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  • Ra LaMothe

    Ironically enough, that would work because “Trevor” told Tony Stark that they gave him plastic surgery. So, his surgery could have been done to make him resemble the REAL Mandarin.

  • Ra LaMothe

    This whole thing about the Mandarin being a racist or racially-charged character is pretty ridiculous to me. The only reason why this is even becoming an issue is because of America’s business ties with China and that “we” don’t want to offend the Chinese. How many “bad guys” in movies recently have been tailored as an Arab terrorist? Isn’t that racially charged as well?
    Even this “Mandarin” for IM3 was tweaked to be an Arab terrorist. Characters are characters and have their own personalities, agendas, etc. Instead of trying to hide the fact that the character is of Asian descent why not embrace it and give him a reason for BEING a villain outside of his race.

  • dogballs

    i didnt enjoy it -_-
    it sucked b@lls!

  • Daniel Patrick Roche

    In the universe where we attend to things like strong story structure and resolution of themes and story/character arcs. Downey’s performance and charisma and the supporting cast’s ability to feed off and reinforce it is really the only thing carrying the first film and masking those flaws.

    The less said about Iron Man 2, the better. (I think it’s the sole “bad movie” made directly by Marvel.)

    Iron Man Three tells its own story–Tony finally learns to differentiate himself from the Iron Man persona–while actually completing the main character’s arc from the first film. It is, by far, the strongest of the three from a story perspective.

  • Deku-Johnny

    Think about it, how can an origin story have more of a complete story than the first one did? The whole point of the first one is to set up the characters and the sequels. The film resolved as many arcs as it possibly could without alienating the future of the franchise. I agree with you that the 3rd film was the strongest but the first was as strong as it could be.

  • Pingback: Marvel Fixing Iron Man 3 Mistake?

  • Daniel Patrick Roche

    If you’re intentionally serializing a story, there is–indeed–a need for there to be things left unresolved/room for more story. The first Iron Man goes beyond this. It basically resolves nothing.

    How does Tony change in dramatic terms by the end of the first film? Does he become less selfish? Nope. Does he come to terms with the memory of his father and its shadow over his life and career? Nope. Does he meaningful reconsider the role of the US military as a force for good in the world? Nope. Getting a walking weapons platform is how his character changes. That is, there is no character change at all in the first film and no story because of it.

    The only two films in the entire Marvel canon so far that have bothered to develop Tony Stark as a character are The Avengers–Tony learns to become less selfish–and Iron Man Three–Tony completes his story from the first movie and begins the first chapter of the new story, i.e. who is Tony Stark beyond Iron Man?

  • Rusty Elbows

    True, Mandarin didn’t need to wield the powerful rings but then again, would he still be the Mandarin at that point or just another knock-off like Kingsley/Pierce ended up being? Would people still be upset that Mandarin really was just a terrorist? I don’t know, maybe…maybe not.

    He could have been different. He could have been better. I’m not sure how much time they actually had to really develop a decent Mandarin and his magical rings for this movie considering all of the themes they wanted to explore with Tony, but I would love to see a ‘real’ Mandarin onscreen in all his glory one day. I was satisfied with this sort of conspiracy theory version of Osama Man Darin out of the pure amusement factor but I can see why it didn’t work for a lot of people.

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  • Henry_Swansons_my_name

    I absolutely loved the big reveal in IM3. It was my favourite scene in the whole film.

  • Henry_Swansons_my_name

    Why not? Because Jackie Chan is only good with action comedy. His more dramatic acting is usually pretty unbelievable. Now Jet Li on the other hand, he can play evil just fine. Then again, Chow Yun Fat would be my pick.

  • Deku-Johnny

    It’s like you haven’t even seen the same film as me.

    Of course he becomes less selfish, he shuts down the weapons manufacturing side of his business to concentrate on power so that he isn’t contributing to war and instead helping the world. How is that selfish? No he doesn’t come to terms with the memory of his father but he doesn’t do that in the 3rd one either, or for that matter in the comics. The day he comes to terms with that is the day his character becomes uninteresting, that’s like if Peter Parker came to terms with losing his Uncle Ben. Technically he does reconsider the role of the US military, at the beginning the first film he is where they get most of their weapons from, he decides to stop making weapons because he knows he can’t trust them.

    All of the films attempt to develop him in some ways, even the 2nd film tried, everything good about that film was just overshadowed by the fact it was nothing more than a bridge to the Avengers. The reason it took until the 3rd film to resolve a lot of things from the 1st film is because it was always planned as a trilogy.

  • Daniel Patrick Roche

    You’re confusing information received for story/dramatic action. We’re told, yes, that he stops manufacturing weapons in the first film. Beyond that, are we shown that he changes? No, we’re shown the opposite, really. We’re shown that Tony really hasn’t learned that the weapons game/supplying the world’s largest military with increasingly powerful weapons comes at a cost–like the death of Yensin’s son and Yensin–he’s just learned he has to do all that killing personally if he doesn’t want people selling these toys of death to terrorists. That isn’t character growth, at least not positive or heroic character growth.

  • Daniel Patrick Roche

    This is great memo highlighting the differences between information and story from David Mamet:

  • Joshua Darbee

    Very articulate “dog balls”. This is the problem with posting anything online. It’s overrun by the opinions of the uneducated and disinterested. If people understood their own feelings and how and why those feelings are being affected by what their watching, understood the intricacies of art and craft, and had the rational peace of mind to articulate themselves properly, the world would be better for it and Hollywood would be forced to produce better films. Instead ignorance controls the market place.

  • Joshua Darbee

    He’s racist because of his name? How is that racist? Mandarin is an English word that comes from Portuguese and means “language of officials” but originally meant the royal official who was doing the talking. So if you were going to give yourself a recognizable Western name to attack the West under that wouldn’t be terrible. If he was a yellow guy with buck teeth named Fortune Cookie I’d agree with you it was racist.

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  • Dylan

    I Was just thinking that, waht if the REAL Manderian WAS also played by Kingsly? and with killderian well killed off, I tihnk this will be fun,and funny. I loved IM3, and never read the comics, and liked the twist. however thats my opinion, you don;t have to like it, however you got to respect it.

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  • What Burns My Bacon

    My children and I were very disappointed that they didn’t use the real Mandarin in the movie. My kids and I (including other family and friends who went to see the movie) were hoping to see the real, traditional Mandarin from the comics with his magic power rings. We were hoping to see a great fight between him and Iron Man.

    Instead we were treated to yet another corporate bad guy, the same type we’ve seen in the last two movies and this fake Mandarin was an insulting joke to us fans who were hoping to see a different type of bad guy. What they did to Iron Man’s classic arch-nemesis was a disgrace.

  • Connor

    I was hoping that it would be revealed that Slattery really was the Mandarin, and that he was just pulling the “actor-hired-for-a-role” card to fool the people, and that Killian was still working for him all along.

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  • What Burns My Bacon

    You know, I don’t understand where some people are coming from with some of their complaints about fans. They are calling the comic fans who complained how Iron Man 3 treated the Mandarin as cry babies.

    Yet this people want to see a superhero movie. Why bother seeing a superhero movie, but not wanting to see how the characters are supposed to be? If people don’t want to see how superheroes and villains actually are, then they should tell Hollywood to create movies of brand new heroes and villains then.

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  • Joshua Davis

    1. Edward Norton AND Louis Letterier went on record speaking about how disappointing The Incredible Hulk experience was. Letterier offered to direct another Marvel film, and they declined his services.

    2. Kenneth Branagh was initially eager to come back for Thor 2. Marvel declined his services.

    3. Joe Johnston had no interest in returning to direct Cap II.

  • Joshua Davis

    Even though we disagree on this particular topic, I commend this. Well said, Mr. Darbee.

  • Joshua Davis

    I say they’re caricatures because they made such a big deal about their nationality and heritage. If we really want to stop making race an issue, we need to stop making a point of it.

  • Joshua Davis

    Again, it’s all about not making the race a point. Give him a less racially-based name than ‘The Mandarin’. It’s okay to be proud of heritage, but most Asian people don’t go around making a point of how Asian they are.

  • Joshua Davis

    How does this relate to what I said?

  • Joshua Davis

    Wow, thanks for making an assumption about someone you know absolutely nothing about. Because of that, this discussion is over.

  • Joshua Davis

    Ah. So, I suppose a tweet from Drew Pearce (co-writer of IM3) on THE DAY THAT THIS STORY BROKE that went something like ‘one thing I know for sure, no one’s going to apologize for the Mandarin twist anytime soon.’ doesn’t mean anything? I would think a retcon counts as an apology. This isn’t happening.

  • Steve-O

    Jackie Chan is a Chinese actor…duh

  • Joshua Davis

    But..I wasn’t talking about Chinese actors. I was talking about fanboy bitching. Re-read carefully.

  • Joshua Darbee

    Unfortunately, that’s not what a caricature is. Some people simply identify with their heritage. Real people. Particularly marginalized people. When thrust in the limelight by their superhuman abilities they both felt it was their responsibility to represent their people. And they both dealt with those feelings differently. Because they were both complex characters. Different races exist. Ignoring that fact in all aspects of life doesn’t make the world better, it makes it less interesting and less capable. As human beings, we may all have the same intrinsic value, but that doesn’t mean we all share the same values. To ignore our cultures, our different heritages, is to ignore our history and our development, good and bad. Ignorance is never the answer. The 100% colorblind, ostrich head in the sand approach you’re suggesting seems to suggest writers should use randomizers to determine sex, age, color, sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, etc. and not tell stories that they, as creative artists, feel compelled to tell.

  • Joshua Darbee

    I’ve already discussed how IH was a clusterfuck but due to Edward Norton’s bullshit, not Marvel’s involvement. Johnston was not approached for Cap 2, neither was Branagh for Thor 2. Fail to see how them not being brought back for sequels means they had a horrible time dealing with Marvel. The point I made was that Marvel is not an overbearing production studio to direct under. They don’t force plot points into a script (what little “mandatory” tie ins there are have been all post credit and most of the post credit scenes haven’t been mandatory at all, but gags) as Sony has with the comic properties they own, a la Spider-Man 3, or Fox with their love of Wolverine making him the center of every X-Men script despite not allowing any real violence to be shown, X-Men Origins Wolverine he kills what, two people? Agent Zero and Deadpool… An entire movie about a guy who’s “The best there is at what he does” but he never actually does it. WB has proven to be EXCEPTIONALLY controlling of their comic properties and it’s taken years and years (sometimes over a decade) to get scripts and/or concepts approved and now the Man of Steel sequel was derailed last minute to make room for a Justice League primer in Batman vs Superman. Snyder had details on plot points for the sequel he wanted to make and the studio said no, we’re doing this instead and suddenly it was back to the drawing board. Of all 4 studios making mainstream comic book movies, my strong impression is that Marvel is the best/easiest to work for.

  • Joshua Darbee

    Most Asian people don’t attempt to take over the world and return it to a state of conquered feudalism. He’s a super-villain obsessed with his ancestors and their power and dominion over men. He chose a name to represent his authority and lineage. His name more or less means “One who speaks the rule of law.” You complaining about his name is akin to complaining about Juggernaut’s name because he shouldn’t go around making a point of how unstoppable he is.

  • Joshua Darbee

    And one other thing to consider, if you look at Giant Size X-Men number 1, this was a team comprised entirely of international mutants. All of whom (except Wolverine, I suppose) identified strongly with their heritage. Banshee, Colossus, Storm, Sunfire, Thunderbird, and Nightcrawler. And every single one of them dealt with it differently. Nightcrawler was german, but considered his heritage to be more about growing up in the circus and in the church. Storm left her status as a goddess in africa because she wanted to know more about her heritage as a mutant. Banshee identified with his national pride for Ireland, Sunfire emblazoned himself with the Japanese flag because his mother was a victim of the atomic bomb and he wanted revenge on America for Japan’s suffering, but turned himself in to authorities when he learned his anger was being manipulated. Thunderbird grew up on a reservation and wanted to prove that his largely forgotten and marginalized people were strong and capable, but mostly just loved the attention and was a cocky SOB. His brother (also Thunderbird) took up the name because he wanted to honor his dead brother and felt he had a family legacy to uphold. These are all strong characters with rich heritage but each dealt with it entirely differently and with individual motivations based on the specific stories that the writers wanted to tell. Nothing about any of this is racist except the people who wanted to kill the X-Men for being mutants. I’m a little bored today so this post kind of got out of hand…

  • Steve-O

    You still brought it up so…

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  • John O’Loughlin

    grow up josh…it’s a comic book adaptation. I’m going to call you and your ilk ‘racist chasers’ as it seems you see racists everywhere

  • Joshua Davis

    ‘It’s a comic book adaptation’ is in no way an excuse for anything. Also, how do you gather that I see ‘racists everywhere’ from the few comments I’ve said about this? Presumptuous, much?

  • Joshua Davis

    Who knows what the hell a ‘zeek’ is? Why are you asking me? Why don’t you ask the user with the name ‘zeekthegeek’? Idiot.

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