After months of speculation, it is becoming clear that Chloe Grace Moretz really wanted to be in Star Wars Episode VII. After numerous teases on Instagram and Twitter, plus the fact we’ve heard a rumor that Ms. Moretz went in … Continue reading

Chloë Grace Moretz Talks ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’


After months of speculation, it is becoming clear that Chloe Grace Moretz really wanted to be in Star Wars Episode VII. After numerous teases on Instagram and Twitter, plus the fact we’ve heard a rumor that Ms. Moretz went in for not one but, TWO auditions for the new Star Wars movie in a span of three short days, she just confirmed she did not go in for an audition.




During her rounds promoting her upcoming movie CARRIE, our very own Fernando Esquivel got a chance to talk to her and here is what she said.

“No, no rumors I don’t know how they get started. But it would be great to be a part of it. I don’t think Disney doesn’t know what’s really going to happen. I don’t even think they cast the principle roles yet.”

So there you have it. Do you believe her?

Star Wars: Episode VII takes place thirty years after Return of the Jedi. Episode VI: Return of the Jedi represented the end of the Star Wars series on film but the story for Episode VII will be original and written by Michael Arndt, whose writing credits include Toy Story 3 and the upcoming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Star Wars: Episode VII is expected to hit theaters late 2015.

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  • darth malgus

    I smell big female fight for making the case who JJ should cast. For now is between Saoirse Ronan. and Chloë Grace Moretz. But expect and other young hot rising female stars to make their case for star wars. More hype the better.

  • darth malgus

    There is no doubt that Moretz will compete with Ronan for that role.

    As Ronan said:
    “Everyone has auditioned for it. So many people I know have gone in for the part I’ve gone in for”

  • fishnets

    I love Chloe, Saorise but Rachel Hurd-Wood impressed me the most. She just has such Star Wars presence. So as long as Rachel is in (there are 2 main female characters), I don’t care who’s the second one. Chloe, Saorise, all fine.

  • John Storm

    Chloe is everywhere, I would prefere Saoirse by a long shot

  • darth malgus

    I like her(Rachel wood) too. It’s Star Wars. The biggest sci fi franchise of all time. The fight will be big because these two female roles will crate next jennifer lawrence!!! 3 movies may be more. WHoever get cast will be one of the biggest stars in next decades.

  • darth malgus

    Expect latino review to find who wee the other female actress so far with auditions. They were right for now.

  • StillAtMyMoms

    I don’t want to see this as some reboot to revitalize the franchise after the disappointing prequels; like in the vein of the recent Star Treks. I want to see a continuation of the saga where it doesn’t feel forced or merely created as a cash-in.

  • Momotaros

    You guys do awesome work,but your last part of the article should be removed in my opinion. That Dec rumor was posted by a guy in Devin that known for bogus rumors and has a personal grudge against JJ Abrams.

  • fishnets

    They are not necessarily going to be next JLaw big franchise or not. Carrie Fisher and Natalie Portman didn’t become next JLaw, no? :) JLaw has really special charisma and personality that connects with people. She’d be big even without Hunger Games, eventually. Big franchise cna also produce next KSTew. :) Just sayin.

  • darth malgus

    i agree. but all mention for now actress are talanted an with charisma

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  • Daniel Ronczkowski

    For some reason, I don’t think JJ will make a bad star wars movie.

  • darth malgus

    i will take Moretz/Elle Fanning/abigail breslin/Hailee Steinfeld for jedi and ronan for sith.

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  • Harry

    Ksenia Solo would be my pick.

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  • fishnets

    Personally, I was more excited when they auditioned Rachel and Ksenia Solo because they were so out of the left field and not usual suspects. I would love Han and Leia daughter to be someone like that, and a usual suspect that other girl in the cast or female villain. When they cast actresses who are constantly in conversation for every big role in town, that feels very pre-packaged. Right now, several actresses are trying to duplicate JLaw’s trajectory, most notably Shailene Woodley (TASM, Divergent) since JLaw got X Men and THG. Chloe and Saoirse seem to be in direct competition for the exactly the same type of roles. Chloe was Hit Girl, Saoirse immediately became Hanna. Chloe did a vampire movie, Saoirse automatically made a vampire movie too. It’s as if their agencies are at war trying to prove one is better in the same type of a role than the other or something.

  • fishnets

    Based on Saoirse’s reveal that they used light-sabres at the audition and that she has addressed reading for Star Wars twice already, I’d say she’s got the role. I’m under impression she’ll burst if they don’t let her break the news soon, lol. Who could blame her? Anyway, consider this. She reportedly turned down Scarlet Witch which makes sense for SW is a supporting role and Saoirse went on a record that she turned down Tauriel in Hobbit because it wasn’t a leading role. So Star Wars has a female lead who is Han and Leia’s daughter. Put two and two together. It’s a bigger fish to fry than SW, it’s a type of role she’s after (lead), it’s also action role which she likes doing (Hanna, The Host) and she revealed more about audition and gave the playful “studio bosses would kill me” or something along those lines that sounds like confidence. Didn’t that Aussie actor get into some serious crap for talking about reading for SW? I think Saoirse is locked.

  • John Storm

    I don’t know, she kind of play it down when asked about SW. But I hope you are correct and she is cast!

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  • fishnets

    I don’t think she’d reveal lightsabre stuff is she wasn’t because that’s a big no-no. But lets leave it to El Mayimbe to break the casting news, whoever is cast. :)

  • MonkeyWork

    Who’s reading a film site, and downvoting someone wanting quality?

  • Mr F

    They’re both great actresses. If it was me… I’d give it to the better fencer.

  • Mr F

    It was Elizabeth Olsen.

  • Mr F

    Do you mean the girl from Under The Dome?

  • Mr F

    Chloe looks the most like Luke’s daughter, so I guess I’d like to know what role we’re talking about, to realy chime in hard. HAHD!

  • darth malgus

    I was thinking that she will go for Avengers?

  • darth malgus

    I hope not for jedy or hero. She can be female sith(i really one and master and female sith) as you said i prefer other actress for main hero&female.

  • fishnets

    I’m with you butt ake into consideration that Ronan turned down Hobbit citing that it wasn’t a leading role. She also turned down Scarlet Witch (assuming for the same reason). So it’s Miss Solo or nothing. I do agree she’s more cut for a Sith because I think she tends to be frosty on the screen. Miss Solo should be bubbly with raw charm since parents are like that. Also, it’s easier to connect with a warm lead than with a cold(ish) one.

  • fishnets

    And I’d give it to the one who can generate sensational chemistry with other cast members since that’s what made OT so special. Not acting range or action prowess (they use stunt doubles anyway) but chemistry.

  • fishnets

    He won’t make a bad one. He won’t make a groundbreaking one either but it’s going to be enjoyable and rewatchable – unless he goes Super 8 on us which completely fell apart when alien showed up and Elle Fanning left for a long time.

  • fishnets

    None of the actresses who tested looks like Han and Leia offspring. They are all too porcelain looking with pale skin, big blue eyes and skinny frame. Also, Han and Leia were more on an average Joe and Jane side (hence broad appeal) while casting director is definitely going for actresses who look outworldly. Chloe is actually more regular looking than Saoirse, Rachel and Ksenia and she didn’t even audition.

  • SiriousDanner

    The female part is a villain . FACT

  • darth malgus

    BIG important questions about auditions in Star Wars:

    In US who has final say and from who depends which actor/actress will be cast? Director, main writer, other witters, executive producers, producers or studio CEOs people with money? I mean for example in Europe has a lot of rumours that people with money and CEOs force directors to cast less talanted people because of agent, money, corruption etc. But that is on smaller markets like my country. I guess in US is harder to buy CEO with millions salary and CEO to force director to cast someone who creative time don’t want. Is it possible even if some actor nailed audition not to be cast in favor of someone who disney boss want. Although i doubt that disney CEO is making casting etc, and even know what art is and what talent is but Moretz sound like disney CEO is casting not director/writter/executive producer etc. WHat is the rule if there are any rule. Money or talant. Creative part opinion or CEO opinion.

  • darth malgus

    You really believe that Ronan turned down Scarlet Witch? I think her agent lie or is just rumour. Although avengers role will be for one film Star Wars will be (if main villain for 3 movies may be star wars series stamdalone films , video games voices etc. but still she is not famous yet to reject that offer. I think that is way all rising stars want is star wars insted avengers. Star Wars horizon is great. Not one and done film.

  • Chongchen Saelee

    She’s probably been cast already. She’s really plucky like a young Carrie Fisher. Probably the daughter of Han and Leia. Tomboyish.

  • darth malgus

    If you mean Ronan – hope no. female sith/villain not jedi please. The main question is who is her master if she is sith.I hope sith lord is DDL or Ed Norton.

    If you mean Moretz then YES!!!!

  • BobL

    “I don’t think Disney doesn’t know what’s really going to happen.”

    Did she really say that or is that a typ-o?

  • pedo man

    I would fuck chloe moretz until she bleed. or until my cock dropped off. i’d even smash her in the arse.

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  • jamthemaj

    If she ends up being in Star Wars, I’m all for it! She’s a fantastic actress.

  • Tyler Richardson


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  • YoStabbaStabba

    “I don’t think Disney doesn’t know what’s really going to happen. I don’t even think they cast the principle roles yet.”

    So they DO know!

  • robthom

    A pretty girl.

    Not just in the face, but a good personality and seemingly intelligent.

    I hope she goes far.

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  • J- Dub

    I’ve also heard a rumor that Hayden Christensen is in talks to be Anakin’s Ghost in the new trilogy to help train the new line of Jedi.