BREAKING On a boring Friday afternoon, while I wait for the latest Banksy piece to drop this afternoon here in New York City, we got word from our usual trusted sources that Saffron Burrows (Troy) got cast in Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD as … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Saffron Burrows Cast As Agent Victoria Hand In Marvel’s ‘Agents Of SHIELD’



On a boring Friday afternoon, while I wait for the latest Banksy piece to drop this afternoon here in New York City, we got word from our usual trusted sources that Saffron Burrows (Troy) got cast in Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD as Agent Victoria Hand.

According to the Marvel Wikia:

Three years before the Skrull Invasion, Victoria Hand was an accountant for S.H.I.E.L.D., who was in a relationship with another agent named Isabelle. Victoria was determined to send a letter informing Director Nick Fury how he was mishandling the War on Terror. Isabelle implored Victoria not to send the letter but Victoria did anyways and was transferred immediately to Portland, Oregon. As a result, Isabelle, furious that she did not listen to her, ended their relationship.

I’m not going to front, Agents Of Shield isn’t my cup of tea and I tuned out after the first episode. I prefer the darker tone of SHIELD in yesterday’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer. For those of you who still watch, here is a pic of Saffron Burrows in what she will probably like like on the show.


What is also interesting is that Agent Victoria Hand is a gay character. What do you guys think? Chine in below and keep it clean.



  • kailash iyer

    Troy? The first movie I thought of was Deep Blue Sea.


    Yeah, you need to watch last week’s AOS before going on about “TONE.”

  • cultstatus

    The main problem with the show has been the terrible cast. Probably the best actor they’ve hired so far.

  • Ryan Draga

    So does that mean we can expect to see SWORD eventually? And how are they going to explain SWORD without Norman Osborn??

  • zeekthegeek

    SWORD existed without Osborn and doesn’t really require him at all to make sense.

  • Mr TurdBerry

    Cant nuthin save this piece of crap show!! lmao this show is doomed I bet money not honey that this turd from marvel will NOT be on next season

  • Jim

    I think you mean HAMMER.

  • Mr. Smart-azz

    Cant nothing save this turd of a tv show to bad its not good like Arrow. You see the problem with Marvel is that they are oversaturating the market with half-baked mediocre garbage.They are watering down the idea if you will. I never have nor ever will buy into the Marvel brand if you will because they are 2nd rate at best.The world tuned in only to see this show disappoint.Its the final act. Its closing time.Please Marvel turn down the light when you leave the building

  • Darkholm

    This show did NOT live up to my expectations. The first episode was ok, after that it has been mediocre at best, so disappointed! I didn’t think Joss Whedon could put his name on something this lame.

  • Guest

    You prefer a dark tone you say?

  • Kingsley Baconhausen

    I thought the first episode sucked. If it just gets worse I’m glad I didn’t waste any more time on it.

  • Johnny Luigi

    It didn’t get worse. It got better with each episode, especially the last 3.

  • Guest

    How’s this for dark tone?

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  • Rotnerd

    watch pilot episode, base opinion of that. Typical logic.

  • Geoff Breedwell

    Is that why it’s ratings have been great, and it’s already in discussion for a second season?

  • Geoff Breedwell

    I agree with Johnny. It gets better. The last episode being the best so far, even better than the pilot. Catch up on the show before you say it sucks.

  • chickadee

    I wonder if she’s replacing Simmons.

  • bobc74

    James Spader definitely cast in next Avengers movie. Saffron Burrows possibly cast in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Both actors were in and had great chemistry on Boston Legal. Coincidence?

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  • Geoff Breedwell


  • martin

    I don’t think she’s going to be a gay character, i think she is going to be Coulson’s ex, she’s the cellist who moved to portland

  • navyvet50

    nothing can save SHIELD??? Not much of a TV watcher I see…….Marvel second rate??…you mean DC…..Dollhouse started the same way as SHIELD and Dollhouse did not get good until episode 6. As for Arrow I gave it a full season and it still is entertaining for a super hero show with heroes and villains without any powers…WTF….entertaining but silly and badly acted for the most part. Marvel will continue to beat DC and Joss despite the disaster that is SHIELD so far is still one of the best writers on TV. SHIELD seems to be controlled by committee and is watered down to appeal to the masses. The previous shows by Joss did not appeal to the masses and were miles above this effort.


    I agree somewhat to what you said. I DVR the show, it’s decent and is getting better. But I also think they’re kind of “watering down” the idea of S.H.I.E.L.D. They should be depicted more as an elite, black ops, shadowy, deadly branch of defense. Maybe it should have been filmed with more gritty cinematography, more brooding characters, better action and effects, I’m not sure. Bottom line, I shouldn’t feel like it could be possible for me to beat the whole teams ass if I faced them one on one, only one I’d feel like I’d have a problem with is Ward, and I’m no tough guy. At this rate, shield will be reduced to another NCIS! I still have hope though.

  • Steve Croft

    Just incidentally, Superpowers come into Arrow this season.

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  • Alexander Calvo

    You stopped watching after the pilot? lol then why would anyone care about your opinion on the show? You don’t even know if it is your cup of tea. You people make me laugh.

  • Mr. TurdBerry

    Um no muh friend the ratings have not been great I don’t know where your getting yur info at muh dude but it keeps slipping in viewers each show is barley hanging on go learn sumthing kid before you open yur pie hole the grown ups are talkin now.

  • Mr. Smart-azz

    Nothing can save SHEILD I do believe that is what I said. Im very much a Tv watcher if you will. Dollhouse was a poor excuse for a show just like SHIELD as a matter of fact is DOLLHOUSE still on?…….Alrighty then ( in Jim Carry’s voice) Yes there are heroes and villians with powers on the ARROW kiddo you must not be the “””””TV WATCHER””” that you speak of You see MARVEL is …..let me explain it to you like your a 4 year old ADHD child and Im holding your hand crossing the street everything that happens in the world of comics DC did it 1st. 1st superhero,1st superhero cartoon,1st superhero tv show,1st superhero movie,1st superhero movie to win a Oscar,etc,etc,etc,etc. SHIELD is a superhero show “””WITHOUT ANY SUPERHEROES””” so I guess that is a 1st for MARVEL if you will.How is MARVEL beating DC? with their horrid and forgettable animated movies? or their watered down barley recognizable superhero flicks MARVEL had 1 or 2 good movies X-MEN 1 and SPIDER-MAN 1 the rest was MEH at best if you will.No matter how many try to act like SHIELD is good and try to hype it up it just doesn’t hold a candle to ARROW.Its sorta sad if you will that MARVEL is already staring to “”decline with the masses”” as you stated in your child like rant above.DC has its hits and misses sure just like any other medium but MARVEL is like that slow kid on the play ground who’s trying to bite his/her own face there is a time to give up because its sad….so sad that they keep putting out these tired run down movies because they know the trolls like you and your ilk will continue to pay for something that is meant to be on THE LIFETIME CHANNEL instead.

  • Richard Grant

    Actually the ratings have been great, it is one of ABC’s highest rating shows, it is more or less consistently in the top 3 programs for Tuesday night, it has the biggest audience share of Men 18-45 for Tuesday nights (the demographic that advertisers want to get) and DVR numbers have shown that it hasn’t lost that much of an audience…most of them have just taken to watching it online.

    It is really bizarre how much some people try and insist this show is failing, when the numbers do objectively show the opposite is happening!

  • Bob


  • tigerface

    They need to stop the CSI: SHIELD format and use more of the VAST Marvel Universe characters for that series to get better. It’s like they told them they could only make small references to the movie universe and that they couldn’t use any recognizable characters at all when they made that TV series.

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  • Victoria Hand

    Should have casted me :p


    Still a lovely lady…
    Yowza. :)

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  • BlackMasamune

    Well Saffron likes the ladies in real life, so this could be cool. But who would she hook up with?

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  • chaburchak

    Great. Another character on an already crowded show. The only way this would be good news is if they’d added “Her character will replace Agent Ward, super-hacker Skye, and science duo Fitz and Simmons, who are all killed on an upcoming mission…”

  • Blakgambit

    OK! I think the nasty sarcastic tones aren’t really called for. I will admit up front I am a Marvel Fan and have always related to Marvel more than DC, because DC feels more like fairy tales than superheroes in a real world. And please don’t start with all the pros of why Superman,batman and green latern are better than Captain America, Iron Man and whoever else you might think is Marvel’s equivalent to Green Lantern. I’ve heard them all. Now that I’ve got that out of the way here is my point.

    You sir are obviously a DC fan and believe it or not, people who enjoy what marvel is releasing are not simpletons with a 4 year old’s adhd mentality. You don’t enjoy it, fine. But that doesn’t mean you can be a troll. If you look at most shows that deal with fantasy, many of them don’t hit their stride until they’ve gotten the first half of the first season out of the way. Arrow was not expected to do well at first but after the first few episodes, people really started liking it. However DC also Had Superman III and IV. Plus lets not forget the evil that is Schumacher. If you’re going to put other people down, use facts not insults. You came across more as Jack-azz than Smart-azz. Ok, I’m done. :)

  • c_r_gauthier

    Don’t know..until we see an episode with her in it, can’t say much

  • Guest

    For SWORD, you MUST have Abigail Brandt.

  • Mr. Smart-azz

    Dear Sir all I have to say is do you remember the hulk poodle in the HULK movie that MARVEL made?………anything you say here and after is null and void about DC. Good day Sir if you will :)

  • navyvet50

    Name one hero or villain with a power on Arrow? They even took the power away from Black Canary and gave her a thingamajig from Radio Shack instead. I know you never watched Dollhouse beyond episode 5 or you would know that in turned into a great show with actors that run rings around anyone on Arrow…..settle down… your anger comes through your post…do not bother to respond …if I want personal insults I can go to a right wing political site. Marvel beats DC in box office and content IMHO. My comment was a childlike rant? I even criticized SHIELD …I was just saying give it a chance. Get help with your anger issues. From your lack of knowledge of genre TV you come off like a troll who just wants to start trouble.

  • navyvet50

    LOL …really…superdog…super cat….super rat …and the Batman TV Show all beyond silly. both DC and Marvel do some thing to appeal to kids. Good day troll..

  • navyvet50

    Good points all…do not give up hope yet.

  • navyvet50

    Give me a clue of what is coming …I was disappointed that Black Canary used a sonic thingamajig from radio Shack instead of it being her power.

  • navyvet50

    Arrow is a superhero show without any heroes with powers…or villains with powers…at least SHIELD has villians with powers.

  • WinterSoldier

    If this troll’s reading is *anything* like his writing, then you understand why he doesn’t understand the ratings or what it means to ABC. I would argue that the cast in uneven in acting chops, Gregg and Wen bringing in the consistency. But the show has barely just gotten started and should continue to get better, as we have seen in the last couple of episodes.

  • Observer

    I would bet you money that there will be a season two – but I would hate to take your allowance, “grown-up”.

  • ninjapizza

    shield in PDX???no short of weirdness up here.

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  • Charles Jonathan

    The show is awful. It tries too hard to be funny and doesn’t have any marvel characters the fans really care about. There isn’t any reason why a show like this can’t show case guys like Luke Cage, Punisher, Cloack and Dagger…..

  • Blakgambit

    well nipples on the bat suit cancel that out. And I don’t own the 2003 hulk movie. That was made by universal, licensed from marvel. It’s not part of the current Marvel Cinematic universe. The only thing about that movie that I kind of liked was the comic panels. While on the other hand Batman 3 and 4 were made by DC(themselves)/Warner Brothers. Now you could also point out Howard the Duck (At which point I would say go Screw yourself that’s my childhood), The punisher with Dolph Lungren and Captain America from the 80′s where the Red Skull was Italian. All good points on where marvel languished. But Dost thou remember Superboy in the late 80′s? How about the terrible way they ended The Adventures of Lois and Clark? Oh And there was that Supergirl movie as well.

    But I digress. I was asking you to be less troll-like, which you have done, as well as present facts (though you only pointed out one), which you have also done. For this I thank you. Just be civil please and respect the fact that people enjoy marvel…even their failures sometimes which can become better once the writers have the characters and show figured out.

  • Blakgambit

    careful navyvet50, Reruns of the Batman TV show along with Teenage mutant ninja turtles cartoon was what first introduced me to comics. The batman tv show was meant to be campy. :P

  • Blakgambit

    sure there is, IF they started showcasing those characters, no one would care about the main characters. They are currently building a world. So it’s slow. They’ll have other characters showing up soon. We still got 17 more episodes. Sometimes it takes a little bit. It took a full season of Fringe to get interesting, hopefully it won’t take SHIELD that long.

  • Devil_Dinosaur

    Are you really this stupid, or is it some kind of affectation?

  • Steve Croft

    Barry Allen appears this season, first off as a human working in the police department, then around 12 episodes later, we have the episode where he becomes The Flash. This leads into the new show next year of The Flash.

    There’s also going to be some super villains apparently either this season or later on displaying powers, actual metahuman powers. I believe this is in aid to ramp it up into tying in to the movie continuiities. I don’t for one moment believe they’ll keep Arrow seperate from their movie properties, that would be a stupid movie.

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  • navyvet50

    I loved the Batman show as a kid…I was just pointing out that most comic properties have had their silly side Marvel and DC.

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  • Shaun Patrick O’Rourke

    I watched the first episode and haven’t watched it since because I felt it was flat and didn’t live up to the hype. Just my 2 cents.

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  • ExactDerp

    Hell yes!

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  • levs

    You’re a knob.

  • Levs

    You’re a knob mate.

  • Levs

    You’re a knob, mate.

  • Levs

    You’re a knob, if you will.

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  • Lord_British

    Hmm…maybe they should have added and “impending doom” to the plot of the show instead of a new cast member.

    I’m still sitting there and watching what they give me. I just don’t have an overall arc that helps with character development.

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