Are you amongst the masses that saw “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” and felt a small part of your soul die? And, having all ready sat through “X-Men: The Last Stand” did you think, “Well, that officially killed the X-Men franchise”? “Origins” … Continue reading

Finally! An Explanation for ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’


Are you amongst the masses that saw “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” and felt a small part of your soul die? And, having all ready sat through “X-Men: The Last Stand” did you think, “Well, that officially killed the X-Men franchise”? “Origins” director, Gavin Hood, in London to talk about “Ender’s Game” with IGN, was asked about where things went wrong.

“I was making a film that- frankly- was still be worked on by scriptwriters back in L.A. while I was in Australia. I learned a great deal in that movie,” he said. Hood referred to the experience as a “baptism by fire.” “For me it was, ‘Wow. This is weird. I’m getting pages the night before and trying to make it work on the day.”

Asked whether or not he’d seen James Mangold’s recent entry in the series, “The Wolverine,” Hood said “I haven’t seen that one,” but attributed that to a hectic traveling schedule.

“Ender’s Game” will be hitting theaters stateside on November 1.

So what do you think? Do we let him off the hook for “Origins”? Or is he still banished to Fanboy Purgatory alongside Brett Ratner?

Source: IGN

  • Tyler Richardson

    I’d like to hold his penis in a fire. Jk, but the movie was pretty awful. Now that I know he directed Ender’s Game… I’ll pass.

  • Marineboy

    Was it that bad, really? It was no Dark Knight, but the latest movie isn’t so great either…I’m resigned to the fact that; producers really want to direct, writers really want to direct, directors really want to get laid.

  • Badlands75

    These movies aren’t often driven by directors, but I think that Joss Whedon has changed this only slightly. I don’t blame Hood who probably had less power than the 3rd lead in his movie. Marvel Studios certainly would not allow an unfinished script to start production. Fox was a different story then. I hope that Mark Millar has enough power now to insist on a strong script before filming starts.

  • Jerry Ingram

    I love all CBM’s regardless of the fanboy uproars. Honestly, they could have fixed Deadpool with a sequel, and he was the only bad part imo

  • Vegas82

    There was a lot more that was wrong with the movie than just story issues. The terrible claws completely killed it for me early in the movie and I was never able to get back into it. If you’re going to give Wolverine cartoon claws he should be a cartoon.

  • perc2100

    I always figure a franchise as huge & financially lucrative as X-Men/Wolverine has so many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak, that it would be difficult to crucify just the director. Gavin Hood seemed more like a hired gun than truly artistic visionary driving force of the film, and I suspect studio suits forced a lot of creative decisions on the director.
    Don’t get me wrong, I really disliked the film as well, and in some instances, the director can be blamed for awful films (see Joel Schumacher & his Batman debacles). But I think with X-MEN ORIGINALS: WOLVERINE the studios were probably just as much (if not more) to blame for the bad than director Gavin Hood. His pseudo vague answers seem to point to a “I want to defend myself but also not piss of the studios/future employers” explanation to me.

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    It’s important to note that both Hood and Ratner were, in essence, sabotaged by Twentieth Century Fox. Not only was Hood sent out with a half-cooked script that was evolving as the days went on, but Ratner (I know, Satan himself) was thrown into X3 with minimal prep time. When Bryan Singer opted to do “Superman Returns,” he made it perfectly clear to Twentieth Century that he’d absolutely come back to do X3 once he was done with SR. But the studio, more focused on making the release date than a great film, moved on without him within what seemed like a matter of weeks. Ratner has gone on record as saying that they gave him 3 months of preproduction, as opposed to the usual 8 months a film of that scale requires.

    So it stands to reason that the two misfires that were X3 and Origins fall mainly on the shoulders of the studio, rushing films into production before they’re ready.

  • Dyce Raptor

    I’m willing to give Gavin Hood a shot with Ender’s Game. Too often it seems the studios are quick to make the director the fall guy when the big wigs are overdoing their influence in the movie to begin with.

  • dickmantium

    Is below a reference to a new comic book or the movie? “Asked whether or not he’d seen James Mangold’s recent entry in the
    series, “The Wolverine,” Hood said “I haven’t seen that one,” but
    attributed that to a hectic traveling schedule.”

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    The movie, directed by James Mangold.

  • DisqusSuitLarry

    Not good enough. And The Wolverine sucked also

  • DisqusSuitLarry

    weapon x. The coolest Wolverine story ever , screwed over in less than 15min . And Hugh Jackman said it would be epic!!! Like he always does. If he spent as much time reading up on the character as he does lifting weights , he would know that he has no clue about Wolverine.

  • Hephaestus1

    As bad as Origins was, it still can’t compare to X-3 in sheer disappointment. At least the former was a stupidly enjoyable bad flick.

  • Rusty Elbows

    I’d say blaming Tom Rothman is pretty fair.
    Mouthless teleporting Baraka-Deadpool was unforgivable.

  • Darth Kaos

    Exactly, couldn’t have wrote it better myself.

    I know Ratner is a bit of a douche, but he’s a capable director. Still haven’t yet read any logical reason for all the hate. Was X3 great? No, but it was entertaining. I liked it.

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    You’re not alone. I agree that Ratner can do good work. The “Rush Hour”s were fine for what they were, and I was actually a big fan of “Red Dragon.”

  • manting

    Big Jackie Chan fan but not a fan of Rush Hour movies. I do not like Rattner but Horrible Bosses was pretty good but I attribute that to the cast and not the director.

  • Darth Kaos

    I think Ranter just produced Horrible Bosses.

  • manting

    that makes sense. I thought it odd that it was that funny and he directed it.

  • beane2099

    Yeah Wolverine was crappy, but I think we all look at the X Men franchise through Rose-colored glasses a bit. When X Men came out in 2000 comic fans everywhere held their breath and said the same prayer collectively, “please don’t suck.” And it didn’t – and so the era of CBM’s we currently enjoy was born. We can thank Brian Singer for all of this. The characters were done well and there was more homage to the comics than we were expecting. Most importantly Magneto, Xavier and Wolverine felt right.

    But honestly can you really say the plot of that move was all that great? “Oh I have a magical device that turns people into mutants.” “Well what happens when it’s used on a mutant?” “Ehyeheeeee Meeeeeh. Shut up.” In fact both of Singers movies involved a device with a whole sale way of dealing with humans/mutants. Dark Cerebro was really just the mutant machine again only now Xavier powered it instead of Rogue. Hell for that matter, X3 had the mutant cure – yet ANOTHER whole sale solution to the mutant problem.

    Again I like both of those movies for what they were at their time. But at the same time they’re not that great either. The action scenes are odd (Mystique crawling backwards up the pipe still makes no sense) or subdued. There’s repetitive plot devices (oh look Xavier is incapacitated again) and they’ve yet to use any villain besides Magneto or mutant hating humans. Now I won’t argue one iota that Wolverine was the worst movie in the franchise (I still think X3 was better – at least we had Magneto). But my argument is that the franchise overall is mediocre to begin with. I’ve stuck with it waiting for its potential to bloom. First Class was a definite improvement though. Hopefully DoFP really steps it up.

  • Andy Genova

    He was picked while the trend with Marvel films was to pick up promising indie directors as cheap cred. Then the producers ran the show. He was unprepared. He was given little freedom, and he was a bad fit. But after seeing Tsotsi, I’m convinced he’s an amazing director. Brett Ratner on the other hand…

  • Andy Genova

    Yeah I really don’t get why they would CGI claws when prosthetic ones couldn’t be THAT expensive.

  • Andy Genova

    I think you’re dead-on. Probably explains the Aranofsky situation as well.

  • Andy Genova

    Matthew Vaughn was originally hired for X3, but the production was extremely rigid (they had a filming date before hiring any director). He said he quit because he was in over his head, or something about his family, but really I think it was the environment that put him off. Ratner was a last second replacement. His movies to this point had been terrible, but he built a reputation of being a tool.

  • Andy Genova

    Yeah I agree. X3 killed a trilogy.

  • FanFreakinTastic

    instead of a ‘i messed up im sorry’ we get an excuse. Does not suprise me in the least. Hood had no respect for the material and or saying ‘this is too big for me’ or ‘too short of a deadline/bow out’ He calls the Wahbulance and expects us to say there, there you’ll be ok? Gavin, you &$# up on the Origin story of one of the most beloved characters in Marvel!!! Marvel…its time to reboot…thats what you guys do right?

  • Chad

    It wasn’t just that, they were terrible CGI claws, I mean, they could have easy done nice looking ones, but threw it together like they got them from a college group project or something for free and said fuck it, it’s free, it doesn’t look that bad for free lol.

  • dickmantium

    thanks…and for my two cents, it was shit.

  • DisqusSuitLarry

    Bolivar Trask is dead. Its Apocolypse or Mr Sinister in a small disguise .

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  • Pizza the Hut

    Tom Rothaman

  • runner_j

    I totally buy what Hood’s saying. After seeing that movie, I immediately felt that was a movie made by committee, rushed into production and hence into theatres, which I think explains the shoddy FX work among other things. That was when Tom Rothman ran the studio, and this wasn’t the first time he messed with an X-Men movie. Aside from The Last Stand, the issues with which are well known, he almost torpedoed the first X-Men movie. That is a tale in itself, and if anyone wants to correct me, that’s fine, because I think I have this straight but I may not.

    So X-Men was supposed to come out X-Mas of 2000, but when Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible 2 ran over schedule (due to him not being able to get away from Eyes Wide Shut on time, among other production issues) it meant that his next film Minority Report would be too late in starting production to meet its release date, which was summer of 2000. So Fox (with a hole in their schedule for summer) changed their release schedule around and had X-Men re-scheduled for that summer, which threw a huge monkey wrench into Bryan Singer’s schedule. He and his crew worked like mad to get that movie done in time, and the fact that it turned out decent is a small miracle.

    Of course, another fallout from the Mission Impossible 2 debacle was that Dougray Scott, who was in MI:2 as the villain and had been signed to play Wolverine initially, got injured and had to drop out of X-Men (which he would have went to work on right after completing MI:2). That opened the door for Hugh Jackman (who got passed over initially) to get a second look and get the part. So in a bizarre, indirect way, Jackman has both Cruise and Rothman to thank for his career.

    I imagine among the reasons Singer came back to X-Men, one had to be that Rothman was no longer with the studio. Good riddance.

  • myclawismypenis

    Thought the same as you, until I saw a making of with some footage.

  • SubSumeYou

    I absolutely agree with your sentiment.

  • SubSumeYou

    Why do these studios put these time stipulations?!? I don’t understand this.

  • Adam Jenson

    I didn’t like the whole “Logan and Creed are brothers” sub plot, but other then that, this is one of my favorite comic book movies. This movie gets a lot criticism but it was actually pretty successful retaliative to other comic book movies. Its in the upper 25%.

  • Jester

    Liev Schreiber was actually good and gave the Creed character depth that it sorely lacked in the Singer original.

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  • Manuel Granados

    The movie was awful in every aspect and it should be written off the history of superhero movies, nay movies in general!
    In all seriousness, it was awful. The worst scenes that I can remember: when the helicopter explodes and Wolverine is walking away is just soooooooooooooo bad. I’d expect those effects and scene in a syfy movie, not something in theatres.
    When he chops up the ladder as Gamit tries to climb it. Seriously? That’s a metal ladder, not falafel. And this is not the Coyote chasing the Roadrunner.

  • beane2099

    Pizza the HUT!

  • ikkf

    I can forgive any movie that takes place, at least in part, in the Canadian Rockies.

  • Dave W

    I forgive them both. The problem with Xmen and Origin: Wolverine was mainly the story and how they butchered the source material.

  • The3rdMan

    Origins wasn’t nearly as bad as Last Stand or as big of a let down for me as The Wolverine. Days of Future’s Past will save everything.

  • Andy

    “Retaliative” . . . . Hmm . . . . You mean “relative”?

  • Andy

    ‘Origins’ was still way better than ‘The Wolverine’. The action scenes alone are worth 10x the admission price of ‘The Wolverine’, with all its lame shaky-cam and closeups.

  • metalhead65

    I do not know of 1 person who likes the X-men movies who does not like this movie. I fail to to see any reason for all the hate for it. I happened to have loved it myself. it gave you just what the title promised and that was the story of wolverine. sorry you wanted more but it was good for what it was and meant to be.

  • JRock85

    One solid reason for the hate of X-3 in my opinion was what I like to call “The Butchering of the Phoenix.” I get that they felt it necessary to change the story to appeal to the masses since non-fanboys may have had a hard time swallowing the possessed by a cosmic entity storyline but (it has been a while since I have watched X-3 and hated it so much I only watched it once so I apologize in advance if I am mistaken) from what I remember of the movie they pretty much just decided “oh Jean Grey is the only level 5 mutant that is known to this point let’s make it seem like if you are a level 5 mutant you just have too much power and you effectively go frickin insane” and just decided to have her erase her own husband (cyclops for those who don’t know and I never even liked cyclops he always struck me as too much of a goody goody that always played it safe and by the rules) and then her mentor (Xavier) too? Then at the end they looked poised to mess up the Onslaught storyline as well by implying that Xavier’s consciousness took over the body of the vegetable man with no brain function. Granted the Onslaught bit is a total assumption on my part but with everything else they have fudged (plus the fact that Disney now owns marvel BOOOOOOO) I think it stands to reason that if they ever do try to make that awesome story into a movie they will butcher it as well.

  • JR

    Didn’t waste my time watching the movie the previews looked like crap

  • ‘Chez Rose

    I just have to point out one thing, they didnt just make it seem like she was a level 5 mutant you have too much power and go insane, did you not watch when she was holding back the water from scott in the lake and you see the phoenix in her eyes, granted they didnt properly explain it for those new people who hadnt read any of the comics, but those of us who love Dark Phoenix understood she had just been taken over, I hate when they explain everything for the dumb folks who cant understand (generally its dumb americans who need every little detail explaining, not all but the masses)

  • ‘Chez Rose

    yes and he has adamantium claws, stronger than anything else, I see no issue with that one

  • zelnor

    If the first 15 minutes of origins were a feature film, then it would make sense.
    I actually enjoyed it for what’s it worth.

    I don’t know why they can’t remake it, having Wolverine and his crew during the world war for most of the film would have been better to the mission where they are captured by Striker. Then the next film for Wolverines escape to meeting with Alpha Flight.
    I do enjoy Hugh’s acting, it’s just he found it very hard to bring up his anger to the role.
    his hair is wrong, his chops need to be longer, I would like to see a Wolverine film where the actor gets the character and not being in control.
    And what I don’t get is, why do people think he’s a superhero?When he’s not.

  • Ohem F. Gee

    I can’t believe there are some people seriously saying that Origins was better than The Wolverine. Honestly, I’d love to take the drugs they’re taking…

  • Lt. Brannigan

    I am fairly convinced this was all a fairy tale. Like Jubilee’s Fairy Tale Theater from the 90′s cartoon, except this was told by Rogue.

  • JRock85

    Nope I definitely missed that part. Thank you for pointing it out as that helps make a little more sense of it. I understand where you are coming from with the over-explanation for the masses. But I would like to say that a story element as important as Dark Phoenix should have at least been touched on and not just an easter egg for the truly hardcore fans, at least in my opinion. I am looking forward to Days of Future past though, can’t wait to see some fight scenes with the Sentinels.

  • Make Fists With Your Toes

    “They were fine for what they were”. That says it all right there. Just admit they were fucking horrible.

  • Syyner

    Your basing that on what exactly? Every X movie has disappointed in some fashion or another.

  • The3rdMan

    I really enjoyed the second one. The first was a good time too. First Class was a huge surprise to me as I figured the X-Men film adaptations were dead in the water.

    Now they’re adapting a beloved storyline and with it they can introduce alternate realities and time travel, which can effectively save the franchise by rewriting history and making it so that awful third never happened

    Let’s just say I’m an optimist when looking forward to this next one.

  • Some guy

    Sounds like the Fox treatment to big budget franchises. Start filming without a finished script. That’s how they ruined the Alien franchise as well.

  • Hematoma

    I must be in the minority…I enjoyed both Wolverine films. Thought they were very entertaining…that’s all I really want in a movie thesedays.

  • jorge

    origins effects suck, but it’s not that bad, it has the best cyclops to date, and it is inferior to all of the movies but is a helluva lot better than x3.

  • ScottS42444

    I don’t know why you are upset with Marvel being owned by Disney. Let’s take a look at what has happened since they were purchased. They created the FIRST EVER comic book structured movie universe where the cast of multiple stand alone movies live in the same universe and share plot threads with consistency (not 100%, but for the most part) in the actors, story, plot, locations, timelines, etc. They have hired capable directors and created stars by putting the right talent in the right places AND hiring someone (Kevin Feige, Joss Whedon) to keep that consistency in place. They also have one television show that continues some of the plot from the Avengers, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America with “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” AND they just announced that they have signed a deal with Netflix for FOUR MORE TELEVISION SHOWS!!! Those will culminate (in classic comic book style) with either a movie or spin-off television show combining the stars of those four seperate shows together. If you hadn’t heard, and I don’t remember the entire lineup but two of the characters are Luke Cage and Daredevil.

    Anyway, I don’t think that Disney/Marvel deserves anything but praise. Under their stewardship the Comic Book Movie has become THE blockbuster event of the year everytime a movie is released and they have basically given other studios the blueprint as to how you successfully run comic book movie franchises.

  • duluvian

    just a heads up, yes disney owns marvel but they do not currently have the rights to the x-men franchise. that is still in the hands of 20th century fox, and they will milk every character linked to the x-men until there is nothing left before they give it back to marvel (which is its own company with disney as a parent company.)

  • duluvian

    on another note, fox leased out the rights to x-men before disney bought marvel. marvel/disney obviously has no intentions of leasing out the rights to anything marvel. they have actually been in the process of reacquiring the rights to their characters, i cant remember which ones they gotten back but i know for certain that daredevil is one of them. spider man is another one that they would desperately like back also.

  • Edwin

    No it isn’t gonna fix anything its already been tarnished No Jean Gray no Cyclops means No Cable ……the entire story line has been compromised ……..there was no change needed in any of the story only thing needed to be modified was dialogue and delivery and with today’s technology it is more than possible ….. Wolverine only continued the already broken storyline and the Dreams with Jean corny as hell ….Who is Jean and he stares at her all with a blank Face ……I killed her and she lays against him ….really they already killed Lady Deathstrike and now there she is again not lady death strike come on now … there is two lady death strikes now …please

  • The3rdMan

    introducing time travel creates different timelines. Singer can effectively change the past of the X-Men to rewrite the present. There can be no more X-Men movies without Cyclops and Jean, they simply wouldn’t work. Introducing alternate realities and time travel can fix this so they never die in the first place. I will not give up on the X-Men movies until I see Cable in one, probably my favorite superhero of all time, no matter how shit they get. This looks like the first step in the right direction to fixing what Ratner did.

  • Mike James

    Ignoring how awful the rest of it was, what they did to deadpool alone keeps him on the hook permanently

  • Joop Agema

    so basically 2 months of extra pre-production time could have saved this absolute piece of shit? good to know!

  • bigdawgman


  • SubSumeYou

    Well, that’s the ultimate goal of any business.

    But, let’s pose this question, if what you say is to be taken for true, then why did Disney Studios sit for years with a sci-fi script and didn’t act on their own until two years after the phenomenon of Star Wars?

  • AAX

    I thought it was fine…just watched it in fact. It was enjoyable to say the least.

  • The_nature_fan_Wooooo

    It wasnt that bad. I loved Leiv Schreibers portrayal of Sabretooth and the escape from the lab scene. People complain the most about how they did Deadpool. Granted yes it was a weak portrayal but it wasnt a deadpool movie was it? Hey it had a hot actor in the lead for the ladies and for the men Logans girlfriend was scrumptious. Take it for what it was, a descent summer popcorn movie and stop comparing it to the comic books you geeks.

  • The_nature_fan_Wooooo

    How do you make prosthetic claws unsheathe and retract in a convincing way?

  • The_nature_fan_Wooooo

    What do you mean dumb Americans Phillipino?

  • Jeff Rittenour

    It wasn’t that bad – the SECOND TIME. I really enjoyed the 2nd time around…BUT the continuity errors at the end mess it all up…

  • ‘Chez Rose

    I did say that they have to explain everything in the movies for the dumb americans, then went on to say NOT ALL AMERICANS but the masses. there are many bright, articulate and intelligent americans who can follow the storylines and comprehend what is going on, BUT there are a lot of really stupid ones such as the viewers of Two And A Half Men millions of people who love a show that has humour skewed to the lowest common denominator. Nowhere did I ever state all americans are dumb.

    Next, Phillipino?? Is that meant to be an insult of some sort? First not only would I not consider that an insult, but I’m not now nor have I ever been Phillipino, you idiot. I checked that you are actually replying to me, I’m English, you know that language your trying to grasp, try reading sentences properly before choosing to reply

  • The_nature_fan_Wooooo

    I have to agree with 2 n half men. How Sheen keeps getting comedic roles is beyond me. The idiot part? I’d leave you on the ground for that if you were in front of me.

  • doc

    Yes, it really was that bad.

  • doc

    The CGI claws in X-Men 1 looked better than Origins. The reveal in the bar is still awesome.

  • doc

    Matthew Vaughn didn’t have alot of time when he did First Class and that turned out pretty good. I’m not arguing your points but this it Brett “Rush Hour” Ratner we are talking about here.

  • doc

    Red Dragon was ok but it borrowed heavily from Manhunter.

  • doc

    I had no problem with the change to the Phoenix origin. My problem was that she did NOTHING during the whole movie. The badass character was set up who can anything she wants and she is relegated to the background as a glorified extra.

  • doc

    Which is funny because he took on First Class and made it work even though the situation was very similar. I would love to see a Matthew Vaughn X3.

  • doc

    Compared to what? Green Lantern?

  • Curtis

    I actually was about ready to give up on the X-Men movie franchise UNTIL I saw this one. No, it wasn’t cinematic brilliance…but I felt like it actually opened the door again for the franchise to move forward without blind reliance on fans buying into the ‘nobody dies in the Marvel Universe’ concept (for die-hard Marvel fans, it’s a given…for people outside that group, it’s kind of a joke…and for people who don’t know the history from the comic books and just got interested because they started making movies, it’s a make-or-break point of story acceptance.) I know I’m in the minority in that sense, based on the number of people who’ve argued with me that Origins: Wolverine was better than The Last Stand…but I walked out of Last Stand feeling like I’d kind of been ripped off. I walked out of Origins feeling like new life had been breathed into the whole franchise.

  • JMcCro

    It’s almost as if they’re adaptations of the same book…

  • doc

    No shit. I was talking visually. Are you defending Ratner?

  • Adam Jenson

    Compared to all the other comic book movies. It comes in right behind Thor.

  • Tanner

    He doesn’t seem to make any real effort to learn and understand his primary characters beyond what the script writers put in outline form for him to shoot. Ender’s Game ended up being a decent film but was merely an outline of the cliff notes of the book. Ideally it should have been broken up into 3 films the way the Hobbit has been, but that probably isn’t Hood’s fault, however between what he said here about waiting for the scriptwriters to do all the work for him, despite being able to research comic book stories on the web while he “travels,” and the fact that he is quoted as discussing Ender’s undecided sexuality, in the book Ender is only 6 years old, pretty much proves that he doesn’t know anything about his characters beyond the bare minimum.

  • Bob Schwartz

    maybe DOFP wil explain a few things that don’t fit into he timeline.IE Prof X being bald and walking at he end if The 1st wolverine movie,

  • Rustle

    Origins was fine, not great but fine. I didn’t care that much for The Wolverine though. It wasn’t the “rage uncaged” experience that they promised.

  • alex

    I agree with terrible claws, although they were not as cgi as I first thought. i watched a lot of behind the scenes clips and they used real claws mostly, except for when he had the claws come out of his hands and when they retracted. but both many bone and metal claws were real. (not all though, I am still not so sure about the bathroom scene where they spark just by touching eachother) but they explained that they used a different color on the claws. they wanted them to looke more fresh and unused, so they made them lighter and more dull grej. (not the smartest move but still, they did)

  • Goon

    Filipino. Dumb American.

  • Perry Constantine

    I don’t blame him. X-Men Origins had many of the same problems that The Last Stand had, like a nonsensical story and far too many characters shoe-horned in. It seemed pretty obvious that the movie sucked because of Fox’s meddling and not Hood’s direction.

  • Buggs


    all other sins forgiven

    the merc with a mouth… how do you get that wrong

    i would point blank refuse to direct that, i would quit

  • Jonathan Schultz

    From what I hear about Enders Game we should actually be madder

  • Osricb

    She was not lady deathstrike. Her name was Yukio, not Yuriko which was Deathstrikes name.

  • Osricb

    The Wolverine was not a superhero movie, it wasn’t supposed to be considering he’s not really a superhero. If you know the story, then you know it wasn’t about action but about what was going on in his life at the time. Some modifications were made but for the most part it followed the comic.

  • Eddie Banks

    Dumb Americans? You’re debating the semantics of a movie based on a COMIC BOOK. A comic book, can you get a life please? It’s a comic book, the LOWEST FORM of art.

  • macylynn

    I loved this movie. I don’t understand why people hated it.

  • MovieBuff

    Origins: Wolverine is my second favorite X-men film (after X-Men 2). The haters can suck it.

  • bfg666

    It was that bad and the latest movie was much better.

  • bfg666

    Ratner doesn’t need anyone to sabotage everything he touches.

  • bfg666

    Saying comic books are the lowest form of art is not only downright stupid, but it also demonstrates your blatant lack of knowledge on the subject. Some I’ve read are most definitely among the very finest pieces of storytelling I’ve ever come across. Furthermore, it is total nonsense to attribute a ranking to the different forms of art.

  • bfg666

    Because Disney aren’t exactly reknown for taking risks, especially back in the 70′s. The first Star Wars movie was a HUGE leap of faith at the time and hadn’t it worked, it would have put everyone involved in a pretty dire situation.

  • simpatictron

    I just don’t like the overpowered wolverine. I loved the toons, when he appeared to be a bit less than the others (rogue flying in the sky with superman strength), but you got to lve him because of his big balls and cool personality. He was a good hearted savage, that many times seemed to be one step ahead. If i am right, i think xmen 1 and 2 did a better job (and the movies are great).
    In xmen 2 he got a bullet in the head and he was down like 5 minutes. Xmen 3 and forward, he repairs himself at the same time he is being shot.

  • ‘Chez Rose

    “I’d leave you on the ground for that if you were in front of me.” So your saying you’d hit a woman, oh so your a BIG MAN then are you!!! Your actions are only proving my point here.

  • ‘Chez Rose

    I’d say bfg666 says it perfectly.

    but otherwise we were having a discussion about a movie, less debating the semantics, we weren’t taking it as the be all and end all. I have a life thanks, how about yourself? You have come onto this article to not only read it, but to read all the comments and then respond too, so you don’t really have a leg to stand on, in this one.

  • ‘Chez Rose

    so true, Dark Phoenix so should of had her own movie, she is actually my fave x-men ever. I thought Famke was perfect casting but I would of preferred for her to be Phoenix then turn into Dark Phoenix in her own film.

  • ‘Chez Rose

    The Hobbit should not have been split up into 3 films, they just wanted to sponge as much money as possible out of us all. its the smallest book by far and is such an easy read, so much more enjoyable than LOTR books. Most of the first hobbit film wasn’t needed, just fluff to waste the running time. I love when books are adapted into movies, though they generally leave out too much, but when LOTR was one movie per book it seems idiotic to stretch a much smaller book into 3 whole movies. The Hobbit book is a little over a third of any LOTR book, and can be read in one sitting, a few hours and your done.

  • Demode

    They should go back to the film and do a “special edition”, or a “Director’s Cut”. It could be enhanced with some creative editing.

  • The_nature_fan_Wooooo

    Though u were a man, couldnt tell from such a small pic. Of course I wouldn’t engage in such actions with a woman.

  • kira

    am i really the only one who loves the wolverine movies and don’t care about the effects ?

  • ItsAnt

    It makes perfect sense and I will give him a pass. Big Budget films, especially comic book movies are pretty much controlled by the Producers. Fox should have just waited to put out an origins movie and let First Class come first (no pun lol). I would be pissed if I had writers sending me pages of script the day before production. That just shows that Fox is just biting off more than they can chew with these comic book movies. They’re getting better but the X-Men franchise will NEVER be as big as they could be without Marvel taking the wheel.

  • Tanner

    Why are you trying to argue about The Hobbit with me? I merely used it being spit up into 3 movies as an example of what should have been done for Ender’s Game. I didn’t say anything in support or against the Book or Movie nor the effect that splitting the book up actually had on the story telling. You might as well have posted a response to my comment about the history and usage of Cliff Notes since I mentioned them in my comment too. You need to learn how to actually add to a conversation instead of trying to veer it off into whatever tangent you wish it was on instead, Either that or actually find someone who made a comment that fits the reply that you posted and post it on their comment instead.

  • ‘Chez Rose

    The reason I was discussing The Hobbit was I had a strong opinion about the fact that they had split it into 3 films. I know how to have a conversation (not that replying to comments on an article would I ever consider a conversation, just replying opinions), this is a Wolverine article so any discussion should really be on that (on here) I only spoke about The Hobbit coz u did. Would it have been better for me to attempt to discuss Ender’s Game without having watched the movie or had any opinion about at all, rather than something u spoke about, I didn’t pluck it out of thin air. If you found no need for my comment you could of just ignored it rather than being a dick

  • Ran1976

    I’m really hoping the new movie explains the Emma Frost paradox

  • Justin

    Red Dragon was a reboot of Manhunter.

  • doc

    No, really. I had no idea. What I was getting at was why remake a movie but not really bring anything new to it. It’s not as bad as a shot for shot remake like Gus Van Sant’s Psycho but what’s the point?

  • Brady1138

    And this is why I’m so glad Lucasfilm was sold to Disney instead of Fox: Fox is possibly the worst company when it comes to exploiting movie franchises. They’re more notorious than any other company for rushing movie sequels without creative consent to make a quick buck, regardless if the work actually respects the creative integrity that’s gone before it.

  • The_nature_fan_Wooooo

    Wasnt THAT bad but I enjoyed Liev Schriber as Sabretooth more and that alone makes it worth watching. Oh and Logans girlfriend is hot!

  • Josh

    He also directed Tsotsi, which won an Oscar. I’d say Wolverine likely had more to do with Fox than Hood.

  • btnkdrms

    you want to hold his penis?

    XO:Wolverine was garbage, the only things that did work were Creed and Logan dynamic – the Deadpool showdown was wholly unnecessary when in fact Deadpool should have teamed-up with Logan instead of Gambit.

    Also killing the old couple was pretty wasteful too.

    Biggest crime was no Weapon-X moment –three X-Men movies deep teasing the subject and dude literally gets up and runs out of the lab down a waterfall without incident.

    If all goes to plan I;d like to see how they re-purpose it for the Deadpool movie when when DP gets Meta and tears into XO:Wolverine.

  • Alypally

    I loved wolverine origins one of my fave ‘super’ movies. only boring pretentious arseholes don’t like it :P

  • coolduderino

    I liked it.