By the power of Grayskull! There are massive changes for He-Man. Columbia Pictures recruited Terry Rossio to write a new draft of “Masters of the Universe,” based on the Mattel toy line. Rossio wrote the screenplays of several movies including … Continue reading

‘The Lone Ranger’ Writer Terry Rossio Hired to Pen ‘Masters of the Universe’


By the power of Grayskull! There are massive changes for He-Man.

Columbia Pictures recruited Terry Rossio to write a new draft of “Masters of the Universe,” based on the Mattel toy line.

Rossio wrote the screenplays of several movies including a few “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, “The Legend of Zorro,” “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” and this past summer’s “The Lone Ranger.”

It was also announced that Jon M. Chu (“G.I. Joe: Retaliation”) is no longer attached to the project.

The Hollywood Reporter did not state the reasons re-starting the project. Hopefully, this is for the better.

Source: THR

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  • darthadv

    Wish they could get Peter Jackson to do this movie; he would turn in something amazing and would have some more flexibility with story than he has had with LOTR.

  • venvariants

    From the stanky Lone Ranger to He-Man? Yeah. Sounds like they got the right guy.

  • jamthemaj

    So he’s the reason that The Legend of Zorro and National Treasure 2 both sucked!!! The Mask of Zorro is one of my favorite movies. That sequel sucked. I enjoyed the first Treasure, and again, the sequel sucked.

    So I just Googled before posting my comment… turns out he wrote both Mask and the first Treasure, too! What happened?! So maybe the first Masters of the Universe will be great, and he shouldn’t be allowed to write the sequel! :D

  • SiriousDanner

    Because Lone Ranger killed at the box office…..

  • Hephaestus1

    Nice Sheik avatar.

  • The Usual Suspect

    Well we can already put this movie in the sh*t pile.


    smh Whyyyyyyyy

  • Mysterwright

    The problem with alot of Hollywood is they go in at first with no expectations, right? They’d let you throw stuff up on the wall within reason, having first jumped every hoop to get sold, to see what sticks. So what sticks? The thing that sells. Whats the thing that sells? Whatever people go for. So what do people go for? Aha! Thats the tricky part. :D See? Now, you gotta look at what people go for and whom are you trusting to tell you what people go for? If you say gut instinct I’d kiss you on the forehead and say you’re beautiful because at first I’d say the same thing but no. Right now? We’re in a wartime scenario. See? So they’ve been f***ing us since the late 90′s when Clinton looked for WMD’s because they thought it was a big push to start a war but no, it turned out to be the excuse to do what? Take away from military buildup. Meanwhile, what does military buildup go by? Their kids are the ones that go by pie charts and sales demographics. Always have. Senator parents beget lawyer kids that cop a plea bargain on who? The outspoken jewish guy and the black panther. He-Man and Battle Cat. o.O The same radicals that claim to have people’s back? Are really pulling a Pete Rose doing what? Betting on their own team. Why? They sell their a** to the highest bidder. Like whom? The GOP do. Why? Thats what they knew first as little kids psychologically learning all they’re going to at five years old to carry them throughout their whole lives. Regardless of? Regardless of rebelling as teenagers wanting to be original and tell their stuffy parents where to stick it having been tilted by phony people and their incessant need for children to be seen but not heard from. So really they’re fighting themselves like an elitist civil war, not wanting to grow into becoming their parents but seeing like Robin Williams in Hook eventually that they already have, and we’re all just collateral damage. Like Zod and Superman in Man of Steel fighting not caring about the people of Metropolis. So what that mean is if we don’t keep on these guys and push the envelope both thematically with the bright surf colors of the 80′s cartoon and the writing of guys like Paul Dini that went on to do Batman: The Animated Series working with Bruce Timm from Ralph Bakshi’s New Adventures of Mighty Mouse after Beany and Cecil got cancelled then either the parent or child war machine, maybe even both, will think that they’ve won out like the Germans or Russians would like to have the history books whitewashed as having had happen in the nostalgia for 1980′s instead of THAT era be resonant and reinforced as it were becoming with Freaks and Geeks and in 2002 with reality television like The Osbournes immediately preceding reporter Daniel Pearl’s murder by the Taliban. o.O Why was The Rock beating Hulk Hogan at WM X8 important? Because, brah the Superfly bruddah was in Hogan’s corner at Wrestlemania I against who? Randy Orton’s father Cowboy Bob Orton. In 1982 Hulk Hogan’s name in the WWF was still a BAD GUY. Superfly never got the World Championship. Hogan’s loss to Superfly’s nephew The Rock whitewashed that instead or rather polynesian-washed it so that like the parents in Back to the Future kissing the kids’ future would all become secure as we’re seeing now happen in coming OUT of that clusterf**k in the middle east. Not that anyone would like for me or anyone else to say that. And thats the bottom line because TKO from 1984′s Breakin’ all said so! Man.