Digital Spy has released a video that will be included in the upcoming “Man of Steel” blu ray. The video centers on the wire work used to create Superman’s flight in last summer’s “Man of Steel.” In the one-minute clip, … Continue reading

A Look At Superman’s Flights in ‘Man of Steel’


Digital Spy has released a video that will be included in the upcoming “Man of Steel” blu ray. The video centers on the wire work used to create Superman’s flight in last summer’s “Man of Steel.” In the one-minute clip, stuntman Ryan Watson discusses how they strived to make Superman fly “faster than he’s ever flown before.”

Take a look at the clip. You’ll get a real sense of the very physical way they filmed Superman’s most popular power.

“Man of Steel” comes out on blu ray November 12th in the US.

On a personal note, I wish there had been more seamless takeoffs and landings in the film. The sharp, abrupt takeoffs took me out of it and reminded me of the old Kirk Alyn serials where the character would be live action when on land but turn into a cartoon when flying. I think there’s something to be said for the simplicity of watching the actor launch up smoothly into the sky with minimal trickery. In the entire film, the only one that felt real and organic to me was the one in the Metropolis crater where he floats up and vows to stop Zod.

What did you think think of the way flight was handled in MOS?

Source: Digital Spy

  • axebox

    And yet it looks really fake.

  • Dakkar

    I still think by removing the iconic red shorts they made his whole outfit look like blue Kryptonian long underwear.

  • findingclues4u

    I don’t get why if they had all that wire work done, why they have to CG over it? If you’ve gone through the trouble to wire it and get the motions looking, “natural” then why not just use them

  • TamosC

    Chronicle did it pretty well…

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    My point, exactly.

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    I still need to see that.

  • DisqusSuitLarry

    How many people died making that youtube video??

  • Alejandro Gonzalez

    haters would be haters. This superman was the closest thing there have been to the Superman of the DC Comics. In the movie he flew super fast when he needed, flew slow when he need too. Many people are still holding to the superman movie of the 70s and thats ok, its a good movie, but if you take a look at the cartoon, you would see that he flies super fast as depicted in the new movie. About the red shorts….thats a choice DC made, his new get up is without red shorts. Nothing the director could do about that, he does not own the character. Man of Steel is not perfect, but is not bad. Its a good movie and the closest we get to see what the real powers of superman are if he was for real.

  • Hephaestus1

    I think Cavill had more lines in that one featurette than the entire movie.

  • Inaja Dumbra Lemos

    Yes, because there is a realistic way to make people fly into the air.

  • fanofconstantsorrow

    Unfortunately, the scenes that depicted Superman “learning” how to fly…through canyons, etc looked straight out of a classic…Superman 1978. You would think that there would have been something “more”.

  • axebox

    Superman Returns and Man of Steel both hyped the techniques of making them look like they are flying. But, they both just looked like CGI. They look fake. If they are taking a more realistic approach to Superman – why highlight how crazy he does things? Make it more grounded in character AND abilities. Then, maybe those FX would look more real. There’s no question they look fake as hell.

  • Darth Kaos

    He wasn’t superman….he was the Man Of Steel. And its not hating, if the remarks are true in regards to how over bloated and mediocre the story was. You can’t adapted the story of Superman “for the real world”. That was their biggest mistake. Its suppose to be SUPERMAN.

    and in case you wanted me to give an example; (Spoiler!)

    When Pa Kent was killed by a tornado…stupid. The point is that Superman could have saved him, quite easy ( and fast). Compared to Pa Kent dying of Natural causes (Heart Attack, Cancer, whatever)….it would of proved to Clark that there are some things that are impossible to stop…even for the “Man Of Steel”.

    That’s just one example of many….I won’t go into the atomic 3rd act…and at the end…when it seemed as if nothing happened. it was stupid.

    Besides, if it was such a good movie, why doesn’t WB have faith in making another without having to add their only proven box office hero of the last 15 years.

  • Grey_Pilgrim

    Uh, yeah you do. Great flick

  • noahwayne0

    The best Superman of all time. Reeve’s version was good out of nostalgia, but Man of Steel is the Superman I have been waiting for

  • JeremyK

    I hear ya, but one thing to consider is that the CG was so good, the viewer couldn’t tell the difference and assumed it was mostly CG.
    I personally don’t like shaking or rapid pans and camera moves, the brain especially when watching on a large movie screen has trouble keeping track of the vertical and horizontal plains and the imagery basically becomes jumbled and confusing. I’m sure many have seen a big budget movie on the big screen and only leave the theater somewhat confused by what they had been watching(talking visuals, not story), then months later see the same movie on their TV and have it make more sense. One of the reasons why the action was so good in The Matrix was it was slow enough for the eye to track making it easier to enjoy. A lot of movies are guilty of the fast action stuff. My thoughts are, why spend 100 million on SFX if your audience can see it?
    One the The Hobbit in HFR had going for it was the lack of motion blur really helped one follow the action.

  • Dan Riedel

    I thoughtthe death by Tornado scene was the weakest item in this film, as you could see it coming. All Pa had to do was lay in the ditch next to the road to avoid the twister.

    It would’ve been better, and more jarring if Pa Kent was actually killed by the flying truck in that scene.

  • Alejandro Gonzalez

    I guess you missed the entire point of Pa Kent not wanting Clark to reveal his powers to the world. Yes, he could have save him, but Mr. Kent held him. He obeyed his father. You might find it stupid, but its the story. The movie did not try to show that a tornado was stronger than Clark, it was to show that the father rather DIE than letting the world know that Clark had super powers.

    My point, was that the effects showing superman flying on this movie were the best than any prior superman movie. I did not say that Man of Steel is Perfect or the best film. I only mention that its the movie that gives us the closest Superman when compared to the DC Comics with regards of the action of flying and fighting.

  • Darth Kaos

    I agree the effects were excellent (they better have been with the amount of money that had), can’t argue that.

    “I only mention that its the movie that gives us the closest Superman
    when compared to the DC Comics with regards of the action of flying and
    fighting”. I agree, but you should have written that in the first place. I was was replying to the fact that you (and others) call anyone who doesn’t like MOS a “hater”.

    That is all. Thanks for keeping it civil.

  • Darth Kaos

    Even that would have been a better death, because Clark would never see it coming to an extent. Compared to him just standing there watching him die. If its was “Real”…he wouldn’t have a gave a flip and saved the only dad he knew.

  • CComry

    Because you’ve actually seen someone flying under their own power beyond the speed of sound…

  • CComry

    There is no longer any reason for super heroes to be rocking briefs. It’s a throw back to a long gone era. And it’s creepy and weird.

  • CComry

    Look at all these critics, not one of whom has ever done anything with their life beyond whining in comments sections.

  • Dan Riedel


  • Dranem

    I loved the slow takeoffs and descents with Reeves in the older movies, but with this Superman I thought the “Propulsion” from the ground (especially the way the gravity seemed to distort) added some much needed physics to how he accomplished his flight. The initial takeoff when he created a contrail (which I know is dumb but looked cool anyway) and broke a sound barrier gave my son an audible “wow…” which was a great movie memory for me.