You might remember last month resident scoop machine El Mayimbe revealed that Michael B. Jordan (‘Chronicle’, ‘Fruitvale Station’) was in talks with J.J. Abrams about getting in on that ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ action. At People Magazine’s “One to Watch” … Continue reading

Michael B. Jordan Confirms ‘Star Wars’ Scoop; Talks ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘Creed’

michael b jordanYou might remember last month resident scoop machine El Mayimbe revealed that Michael B. Jordan (‘Chronicle’, ‘Fruitvale Station’) was in talks with J.J. Abrams about getting in on that ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ action.

At People Magazine’s “One to Watch” party last night, the actor confirmed the scoop, saying that he did audition for a role — one that didn’t involve a lightsaber. Hmmm… Let the speculation run rampant on that one.

“One to watch”, indeed, Jordan is popping up everywhere. Variety confirmed a long-running rumour today that he’s in contention for the role of Johnny Storm in the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot from ‘Chronicle’ director Josh Trank. “Definitely interested in the project. Josh Trank is a buddy of mine,” said Jordan.

He also confirmed he’s working with Sylvester Stallone on ‘Creed’, the ‘Rocky’ spin-off which would see Jordan playing Apollo Creed’s (Carl Weathers) grandson, and Stallone playing his boxing coach (Mickey style). “That’s amazing, I can’t wait to do it. … That definitely is going on.

There you have it. If you’re not familiar with Michael B. Jordan now, you will be soon.

Source: People Magazine (via Huffington Post)

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  • AlexiasLazar

    I’ll say it again, I could stare at him all day long

  • Hephaestus1

    Really good actor. I hope he get’s the Torch role among others.

  • Redbull Werewolf

    I say he’s either Lando’s Son or Captain Panaka’s Grandson

  • noahwayne0

    Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

  • Charles Jonathan

    For those of you who want him to play Torch, in case you don’t know Sue Storm and Jonny Storm are siblings. Sue is white, how are they are going to explain a black Jonny Storm? They will have to tear up the whole mythology of the characters. Now, Terry Crews for Ben Grimm I can go with.

  • Andrew Weymes

    To this, I’ve heard the adoption angle. Easiest fix. And comic book lore gets switched around or ditched entirely in film adaptions all the time (I’m not agreeing, just saying it happens).

  • 5_deadly_venoms

    Relax froot loops. We heard you before

  • Madcap2112

    Or a new character. There needs to be a few of those as well.

  • Marcus D. Ellison

    I want this dude to succeed in Hollywood so bad. So much untapped potential there.

  • axebox

    I can’t wait to see <terrible actor> as <Star Wars Original Trilogy’s> <son/daughter>.

  • jamthemaj

    Who’s the terrible actor?

  • jamthemaj

    He’s a fantastic actor, and I’d love to see him in Star Wars and FF as the Human Torch. I also can’t wait for Creed!

  • Negative_Return

    Jar Jar confirmed

  • The Usual Suspect

    haha…you’d figure the tape over his mouth would keep his mouth shut.


    A negro for The Human Torch…I don’t think so!!!

  • KaiChen

    The dynamics between adopted sibilings, especially when one is from a different race, are completely different. Adopted teen navigate self doubt, insecurity and a longing for a sense of identity. Those may become tools to be adaptable, humble and succed in life. But do not fir the confident, playboy character with an easy connection to his sister.

  • GeneralChaos

    What about as ?

  • Andrew Weymes

    Personally, I think you’re reading a little too deeply into what will potentially be a thirty second exposition, if that.

    Also, keep in mind, ‘Fantastic Four’ likely will not be heavy in realistic psychology. It takes place in a world in which space travel results in a body of rock, flame, Laffy Taffy and transparency.

  • KaiChen

    Personally, I feel if fimlmakers want to throw out decades of history and start fresh, they should try an original film, not taint a known propriety for sake of gimmick or Political Correctness, which this is.

  • Kurt G. Buttstadt

    Well, since Lando is only one of THREE black characters in SW the odds are good.

  • Jordan

    This is not Political correctness you twat. This is simply a character playing a role. Did you complain about Tom Hardy playing Bane. How about Katniss Everdeen being played by Jennifer LAwrence. What about Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin. How about Ben Affleck as Tony Mendez. Yea white washing doesnt happen in films at all, and when it does, people complain about it right?…..hmmm. Lets just ignore the huge number of white washing in an already white dominated entertainment form, and then have the nerve to pull andplay the PC card the few times a white character is played by a black guy

  • KaiChen

    People complain of white w

  • Jordan

    Uhh no. People do not complain about white washing 99% of the time. The Last Airbender is an exception BECAUSE the whole universe was modeled after Asian culture. It was literally stupid and ridiculous to have whites physically be there.

    If you actually did the research you would know that the director of this movie is the guy who did chronicle and connected with Michael. After Michaels critical fame brought out by fruitvale station Levine wanted him for the role. Get over the mentality that white=default, and black=his race. When a white person plays a role thats a minority, its not PC, when a black person plays a white person role, its PC. How does that make sense. As much as you want to play that illogical PC card, this isnt it. Sorry but it isnt. Its just a guy playing a role, WHERE RACE DOESNT MATTER

    Your comment about Ben Kinsley COMPLETELY proves my point that its a RACIST thing and has nothing to do with the source material. Your argument was based around being faithful to the source material, yet then stated that you were ok with Kingsley BECAUSE the Source material was completely changed. Same with Bane too with you Im assuming which is IN NO WAY like Bane from the comics. So its ok to change the RACE AND STORY of a character. But just the race…thats a problem and “TAINTING a known property” Yea that makes sense….illogical hypocrite

  • KaiChen

    His playing a known character. Race does matter. As build, height and any other physical traits.

    I am not a hypocrite. I haven’t contradicted myself.

    The actual Mandarim wasn’t portrayed on the film. Only a decoy. So he wasn’t changed. He may very well show up in a future film.

    And the fact that there was a huge outry because of the Mandarim, regardless, proves yet again my point and invalidate yours.

    So, you say Jordan was cast just for being friends with the director? Even worse.

    I am not white. I’m Brazilian. I’m mixed. Do not mix me up with the fucked up American race issues. They are not part of my reality.

    Had they cast a white John Stewart, I’d have issues with that too. In fact, in this very movie I have issues with all people up for Reed Richards, because they are all too young.

    The fact we are even having this argument more than proves that this is stunt casting for PC crap.

  • Jordan

    The actual Mandarin WAS portrayed on the film. If you remember, Guy Pierce stated at the end “I AM THE MANDARIN”. Im sorry, but that was the cinematic version of the Mandarin. As much as you want to deny it, thats what it is.

    Outcry? Wrong again. The outcry was for what they CHOSE to do with the Mandarin in the movie. Not at allabout Ben Kinsley playing a Chinese role. So no, its not my point that is invalid. It is invalidated.

    And again Bane was COMPLETELY changed. Not at all like Bane who wore a luchador mask and spoke in a heavy Spanish accent. But I guess that doesnt matter either. Same with Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen to who was designed to be Native American in physicality. Lets also not forget about Rhas al Ghul in Batman Begins being played by Liam Neeson too. But those are not PC no. Despite the fact that WHITE WASHING happens much more than then any white to black transitions, when a white character gets a role, thats clearly because they are seen to be good for a role. But when a black person is casted, its PC. That makes perfect sense.

    Im saying Jordan was casted because he had proven to be an amazing actor this year with fruitvale station and has experience working with the director before with Chronicle.

    The very fact that we are having this argument is because the change was to someone who was black. If it was the other way around and be an asian or hispanic character turned white…..again…barely no one would conplain. And they certainly wouldnt pull the PC card just because the character was white. That makes no sense

  • KaiChen

    You’re wrong. It’s laughable that the books never said she was Native American at all… (Olive skin? Nina Dobrev has olive skin and is white. You mileage may vary on those descriptions. And enough people were displeased with Lawrence for her skin and for her figure, they said, not in accord with hunger…

    Is white washing wrong, yes? But if you denounce white washing and defend Jordan as Johnny Storm the hypocrite with double standards is you. Either it matters or not. Not only when it fits your flimsy arguments.

    I have nothing to do with the US fucked up race policies. In fact, the whole concept of race and race issues are different where I come from. To me Mariah Carey is white and Halle Berry would never be black. So don’t try to apply your concepts to me. The world is not jjust the US and its views.

    I just pointed out that comics, a visual media, have very well defined characters. We’re not talking bout Perry White or someone minor. We are talking making Johnny Storm not the biological brother of Sue Storm (not to mention casting a baby Reed Richards).

    This movie casting is taking only hype and stunt into account and not adapting the comics. Usually when that level of middle management, “revamping” and PC crap takes place, an awful movie comes to life.

  • Jordan

    It was clearly implied whe was native american from her weaponry, hair and culture. Even Jennifer Lawrence was confronted on it once. Dont pull that “since it wasnt specifically mentioned” bull in terms of this. People used that to attack Rue being black if you remember. Suzznan Collins clearly wanted to create a world where race labels dont exist, but races still clearly do, and thats what she did. Im sorry, but the people who were upset were nothing more than a minute diminished minority. Same with the people who complained about Bane. Same with the people who complained about Mandarin

    Im not denouncing white washing so much as I am calling you people out on your double standards. I personally believe that unless race plays a factor in the story, it shouldnt matter. Give it to who you think is best. And you can have your own opinions about racial change. As long as its conisitant with EVERYONE. Not just white to black, like most people are. It makes me sick. And to have people come here and play the PC card just because an actor is black when there is a much vaster amount of white washing is rediculous. So Hollywood trying to be politically correct and being the complete opposite of politically correct at the same time.

    Please explain then your concept of race then where you are from. Why is Mariah Carey white to you and Halle Berry never black?

    Minor? Is the Mandarin NOT the #1 arch-foe of Iron Man. Is NOT Bane the 3rd biggest villain of Batman, next to the Joker and Rhas Al Ghul(Second of which was also white washed and nobody complained about). Yet a 3rd rate spiderman villain gets played by an Oscar winning black actor, then suddenly “I’m not racist, but you should just keep the characters the same race in the comics”

    For the hundreth millianth time, white washing happens 10x more than any other race transition in film, yet you have the ORDASITY to call this PC. That makes sense only on a retard level. That is YOUR excuse to be racist and see only a person being black and labeling that a reason he got the role while if it was the other 95% with the actor being white, it would not be PC and just a person that is good for the role that gets it. Its the SAME thing. Michael B. Jordan is good for the role because he can ACT like it

  • KaiChen

    You made that up if you can’t back it up with explicit evidence even the the author itself claims you’re wrong.


    Race does play a factor in FF if Sue and Johnny are to be liological sibilings.

    Another argument fail.

    Not to mention he does not look the part. And people do comment on that. Daniel Craig had many critics for being a blong, not tradicially good-looking James Bond.

    In Brazil white means fair skinned. Mariah (who is technically only 25% black) is pretty fair skinned and look white. Halle baerry (also 50% white and culturally raised by a white mother) is too fair-skinned to be black in our culture. In fact, in her Inside The Actors Studios, even though having white mother and not having being raised by any black relative, she said she was forced to identify as black because all of the prejudice black people forced upon her.

    No one cares that much about villains. Get over it

    Repeating PC shit ruining movie. I call it like it is. Can Jordan play a WASP playboy biologically born into a white family? No. He can’t even SOUND he was raised in an all white family. i’m pretty sure he’ll sport an ebonics accent, which is weird, since he was raised in an all white family.

  • Jordan

    Thats bullshit. The entirety of her culture, her hair, her weaponry, her NAMES, are all clearly native american. Does she even seem white to anyone while reading the book thats not a tween girl? No. How DARE you take advantage of the author not specifically labeling the race of a character to say that she is white. Thats the same bullshit they pulled with rue. “Dark skin….I just thought she meant tan…I didnt know shed go all the way black”? Its imbecilic

    You did not GIVE a reason why them being BLOOD siblings is INTEGRAL to their role. Tell me how them just being adopted completely would have to change the story? I do not read FF comics, so tell me. But Im sure there is none, otherwise I wouldve already heard them, either from you or others in these article posts. You are not arguing shit

    And guess what…Daniel Craig is now considered one of the BEST James bonds out there . You just proved how fickle people are. Here’s another example. Heath Ledger, being to good looking to play the joker….yea. Michael Keaton as Batman..thought to be too much of a joke to play the role. People shut up about all of those.

    Interesting stuff about Mariah Carey and Halle berry. Although I do claim bullshit on her. Halle Berry is not that light…if even light. If halle berry is considered white because of her “fair-skin”, then Beyonce is also white for being even lighter than her. Many full black women are lighter than her or have her color. Its pretty brown. Also, I dont know how you interpreted your information. But Halle Berry identified herself as black because thats what her mother who is white warned her that is how she would be perceived and viewed upon as in society, which she was. Mariah Carey too….to a lesser extent still suffered some racial prejudice.

    No one cares about villains?…conveniently unless its a 3rd rate spiderman villain right…then people care. Sorry stop backtracking. The truth is its just because the change was to BLACK that people care. Whenever it changes to WHITE, people dont necessarily give a flying fuck.

    Again bullshit double standards that make NO SENSE. Its only PC if a character is played by a black guy, despite the fact that majority of the time it changes to a white guy…which is not PC. So hollywood is trying to FORCE diversity by changing minority characters into white most of the time forcing LESS diversity until they decide to rarley change a white character into black in which they are Forcing hollywood to be more diverse? Again white=default/normal A character changes to white its just a thing. But black=his race. So a character changes to black. Its not just an individual getting a role. Its PC or DIVERSITY. Do you seriously think I wont call you out on your bullshit?

    You have not seen a single Michael B Jordan movie or Michael be Jordan himself to claim he speaks in ebonics. Are you fucking SHITTING ME. His an AMAZING character actor. Watch Fruitvale station, the movie that BLEW him up in the film buff world, making everybody cry. THATS EBONICS. Did he speak in ebonics in chronicle? Did he in the legendary friday night lights. Sounding white are you serious? Michael B Jordan, talks like any regular person on a regular day. But again he’s black so more RACISM