Batman-On-Film is reporting that the new Batmobile, which will be featured in 2015′s “Batman vs Superman,” might take on the design concept of an old Cadillac. A scooper for them, named “Mr. Detroit,” sent in the following: “The Batmobile is … Continue reading

RUMOR: New Batmobile To Resemble An “Old Cadillac”


Batman-On-Film is reporting that the new Batmobile, which will be featured in 2015′s “Batman vs Superman,” might take on the design concept of an old Cadillac. A scooper for them, named “Mr. Detroit,” sent in the following:

“The Batmobile is currently being designed and built by General Motors at the GM Advanced Design Studio in North Hollywood. This is the same team who most recently designed and built the vehicles for TRANSFORMERS 4 with Michael Bay – who was very hands-on and involved in the design/building process for the new Bumblebee Camaro. Anyway, back to the new Batmobile…”

He also added:

“It will definitely NOT have a military look like The Tumbler from [Chris] Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight Trilogy.’

According to him, as of four weeks ago, nothing had been built yet, but he maintains that the design will resemble an “old Cadillac.” It could possibly resemble the ultra old fashioned 1943 Cadillac convertible that was used in the first Batman serial.

What was your favorite version of the Batmobile? What form would you like the new one to take?


Source: Batman-On-Film

  • CoolwhipSpecial

    I think that would come off too cheesy. I mean, I don’t doubt for a second that the design is going to be completely different from the Nolan version, but an “Old style Cadillac”?

  • Tavaris M Johnson

    I dunno about a Caddy style…

  • Mr. J

    “This is the same team who most recently designed and built the vehicles for TRANSFORMERS 4 with Michael Bay…” does this mean that maybe the new batmobile would be able to transform? maybe from an old caddy to the batmobile and back?

  • vernsviews

    Maybe the Batmobile will be a modded Cadillac like the president is driven in. Something Bruce Wayne can use then ahem “transform” in some subtle yet hopefully believable way.

  • Jordan Rath

    From the description it sounds horrendous, but I’m sure they won’t mess it up. It will probably be sweet.

    Sad to see the Tumbler go though…that was one sexy machine.

  • yomamabinfartin’

    My favorite Batmobile has to be the Tim Burton style Batmobile! Followed by the Tumbler! Then the Batman Forever Batmobile. Adam West Batmobile and last would be the Batman & Robin version.

  • Drake

    Reminds me of the car that Mr. Incredible drives

  • Drake

    The Tumblr and Burton’s Batmobile

  • razorstar90

    If it looks like the Batmobile in Batman the Animated Series I wil SCREAM in JOY. I didn’t like the look of the Tumbler at all.

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    That was a favorite of mine, too.

  • Is that a joke?


  • Geoff Breedwell

    You mean there’s a possiblity that the Batmobile could look like this? AWESOME!! Hahaha

  • rsixsmith

    to hell with believable. we’ve been to believable. give me incredible and unbelievable. like my comics…

  • Shaun Patrick O’Rourke
  • vernsviews

    Believable as the tumblr would have not been able to drive across rooftops.

  • DisqusSuitLarry

    It does not matter. Batflack is driving it into the dirt

  • Johnny

    1989 all the way baby !

  • Andy

    The Tumbler was definitely the best.

  • BobL

    Maybe they’ll do the big bat head on the hood, like the old comics.

  • BoomTube77

    The Tumbler was the best looking and made the most sense. Come on the Batmobile would need to be tank-like to do the things Bats will do in it! A fuckin Caddy-like car?! Hope afleck can change a tire really quick!

  • rsixsmith

    that just makes my point about nolan’s take. he should have gone whole hog batman. it was less believable, for me, to plop batman into the context of the “real” world, yet also have him driving over rooftops and a number of other things. you might as well be watching one of the LESS “believable” die hard movies, not batman.

  • rsixsmith

    “It will definitely NOT have a military look like The Tumbler from [Chris] Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight Trilogy.’

    I hope BATMAN doesn’t have anything but the name in common with nolan’s trilogy.

  • Tomás Daniel Lannes

    The Burton’s Batmobile!!! That’s the one!!!

  • Tomás Daniel Lannes

    Certainly hope not…

  • John Smith from back East

    This is a Fuckin” Stupid Idea…….Next!!!!!

  • John Smith from back East

    The headlights resemble Madonna’s bra from her Vogue music video….!

  • Dan Riedel

    So it’ll have boobs?

    Now I’m puking more. They need to keep Wayne tied to the military, otherwise, he’ll be a joke. Exactly like John McClain.

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  • rsixsmith

    i like the top right hand corner and the middle bottom

  • WalrusApocalypse

    The design and visuals are always the best thing about Snyder movies so I will wait and see. Sounds silly with he information provided.

    And 89 Batmobile is the bomb!

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  • Jordan Laesch

    at least see it before you bash it, my fanboy rule of thumb

  • jazzyjules63

    Whilst being very fond of the tumbler and the 66 batmobile, I have to say the 89 Burton version is near perfect.

  • Ramodelmar

    ewww noooo…. let’s not go back in time. IF we do, we have to use Tim Burton’s batmobile

  • sunnavab

    top right works for me.
    If not that, then the ’89 Batmobile is still the best.

  • Dominic

    He can not like the actor regardless of the outcome of the movie. Affleck is just hard to imagine as Bats no matter how well he portrays the character, or how many people try to convince themselves because we’re stuck with Affleck, or how good the movie may/may not be and considering the last they have their work cut out for them. The dude comes with baggage, facial baggage as well. If they keep the mask on his bad facial expressions won’t be noticeable enough to distract from the character he is playing.

  • vernsviews

    Exactly It’s not like he hasn’t been in way more good films that bad.

  • Dominic

    The problem with that is that it’s subjective depending which Affleck film you saw. Phantoms/ Dazed and confused were good movies, but then there’s Gigli, Pearl Harbor and DareDevil and that image stuck in your head.

  • rsixsmith

    so he’s a joke in the comics?? why don’t you just watch die hard and heat? it’s okay that you don’t like batman, there are plenty of action hero movies and more to come.

  • vernsviews

    Also The Town, All the Kevin Smith ViewAskew films, Good WIll Hunting, Boiler Room, Smoking Aces If one is going to pick some of his bad and not see how great he is that’s on them but makes him no less a good choice for the role.

  • ScreamFace

    Aren’t the cares in the Transformers films just normal cars with a little bit of new stuff stuck on them? Used to promote the actual cars?

    Whatever they do with the new batmobile, it can’t look too flimsy and too over designed.

    Also any ‘gadgets’ it may have shouldn’t be behind flush sealing panels you can’t tell are there. It’s not a Bond Car.

  • Dominic

    I picked ones I thought he was good in and generally ones others felt he was bad in. But in all his movies he was average, nothing spectacular to call him a “great actor” and portrayed the same character that’s not a subjective opinion rather an overall perception. However, your opinion is subjective on his acting, based on likability ignoring clear flaws in the movies he was bad in. What he does excel at is directing. It’s not for you to bat for him, you’re not the one he needs to convince it’s something he has to prove on his own.

  • Dominic


  • noahwayne0

    I think I’m going to throw up. Nolan worked so hard to bring back cinematic Batman from being the joke it was in the late 90s………and no we have this garbage

  • Daniel

    What? What the fuck is happening?

  • Uriah777

    Functional, like his utility belt, fearsome like his image, keep it simple……wait, bat tank verses Superman, that transforms into a batjet/bat boat. Does a love interest mean glow in the dark bat condoms in his utility belt? Who gives a crap? Give me the freaking marvel family, and not this shitty new version. I want pervy uncle marvel in the mix. And before anyone corrects my spelling, suck it

  • Uriah777

    I’m sick of batman, justice league dark all the way ladies

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  • Darth Kaos

    I keep getting insulted when I write that this movie is going to be a disaster.

    I’m telling ya, the more I hear about this movie, the more I’m convinced its going to be awful. So awful, its actually going to make Green Lantern look good.

  • Dan Riedel

    It’s all about creating plausible characters, if it’s not plausible, it’ll be campy or just surreal. The last thing I’d care to see is a converted caddy. Maybe if this was year 1, but this Batman is experienced – bring on the tank!

  • Steve Croft

    Isn’t the comic batmobile a converted mazzarati? I’ll wait and see how it turns out. Can’t be nearly as fugly as the Tumbler was…

  • Steve Croft

    Top right works for me but move those back tires more outwards…

  • Steve Croft

    Yeah well, Chris Evans was Johnny Storm first in two dire F4 movies. RDJ has done enough bad movies in the past, yet all was forgiven for him? Hell he pissed all over Sherlock Holmes…

  • Steve Croft

    Yeah but the issues with Daredevil start WAY before we get to Affleck. That movie was a disaster on all levels.

  • David Scott King

    Somewhere between #3 and #8.

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    Yeah, I don’t think Affleck was the issue with Daredevil. Why doesn’t anyone go ape shit over Farrell’s portrayal of Bullseye? I mean if you compare Ben’s Murdock/Daredevil’s performance to Farrell’s Ben should then be nominated for an Oscar for his performance since Farrell completely destroys all aspect of the character on so many levels.

    I like Affleck as Wayne/Batman. I saw most of his movies, and he can deliver when the script is good and when the director can give him something to do. Most of his bombs came from bad direction. People give him heat for Jersey Girl, sorry, but to have been close to losing my wife when our own first child was born, I can tell you that he delivered that role to a perfection.

    it all comes down to his relationship with JLo! That’s when people started bashing him. Gigli was bad, even he says it. Daredevil was bad, stop and read the script instead of watching the movie, that’s a very bad script! Reindeer Games, I mean really? People are going to bash an action movie set in winter? Argo, The Town, The company of men, State of Play, Smokin’ aces, Hollywoodland, Changing Lanes, Boiler Room and KSmith’s movies (yes he plays the roles he’s given as they should be played since Smith’s movie are made to be comedies, fun, crazy/stupid stuff) all movies where he delivers the characters.

    All of his really bad movies are all over 10yrs ago, Surviving Christmas, Paycheck (which also says why he did it), Gigli, Daredevil, … You know when he was first tagged as an hot item in Hollywood and when his management team looked at him and said “You need to cash in now since Hollywood careers can last 40 yrs or maybe just a year! If you take the small roles that means less cash for your old days!! Cash in NOW!!”.. Which is what most Hollywood actors will do.

    I’ll wait before I say he’s gonna be bad. I even give him the thumbs up now since you can see that he delivered in the past few years.

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    First Burton Batmobile was great, Tumbler served it’s purpose in Nolan’s (But I never understood how the Military never called the Gotham Police Dept to tell them:

    “You know that Bat guy? Well, he’s driving a prototype that was made for us by Wayne Entreprise a few years back… Oh, and so is the body armor he’s wearing, the cape also does the same things we had ordered… All from Wayne entreprise…”

    .. few years go by…”Hey, it’s us again.. Just wanted to let you know that the plane he was driving yesterday in the middle of the streets, again. our concept order that came from Wayne Entreprise… Just so you know… I mean.. really? You’re not seeing the connection here??… ”

    But then again, it’s a Nolan film where no matter the plot holes, the characters are just oblivious to anything they see..

  • Dranem

    I will always love the ’89 Batmobile the most, but the idea of this design intrigues me. I didn’t dig the tumbler design at first until I saw it in action so I might have to hold off on final judgments until after I see the film.

  • Darth Kaos

    Thank you…I totally agree.

    With Nolan’s whole “Realistic bullshit” its a huge contradiction.

    I’m surprised you haven’t gotten any down-votes. But the day is still young.

  • Piablo

    To be honest, the bat mobile doesn’t make sense, period. The ‘bat mobile’ was concieved decades ago prior to all of the urban congestion. Batman would not be escaping or arriving anywhere in Gotham city today if he were driving.

    I think the vehicle Nolan came up with was more relevant for today. I would take that concept and develop it a bit more. Ditch the car.

  • DKnight007

    Nah. Your getting insulted because you were actually dumb enough to say you are a better writer and director than Goyer and Snyder. Why don’t you take it to another level and just say you are even better than Nolan and you know more about filmmaking? Come on say it Marvel plant….i mean fanboy…..I mean Troll. All of the above!

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    LOL!! Bam… we got the down votes…. Nolan Fan Base going nuts.. They can’t accept that while we still liked the Batman series, we also see all the faults that he made that should’ve never happened with the chuck of cash he got out of it.. If fans can see those holes, how can the guy who filmed it not see it or at least come out and say “Yeah.. There are a ton of plot holes but I just wanted to make a fun movie.” like other directors or producers do.

    No, Nolan is “These movies are real, I make them to be real! Like if he was in our universe real!!” .. Hence why we’re so much on his tail about it.. :)

  • Darth Kaos

    Its funny how you quickly dismiss that I’m not better, rather than the possibility that I could be. You have no idea who I am, or what I’ve done. And that’s cool, cuz you wouldn’t believe me If I told you.

    **Ahem** again, if we don’t share an opinion, I’m a troll. That phrase is becoming such a cop out. You want true Trolls, go to AICN.

  • Darth Kaos

    Yep, I concur.

    I never said, I didn’t like them…shit, its Batman! Some just can’t look at things objectively.

    Geeez, you should see some the death threats I get when I talk about MOS.

  • c_r_gauthier

    Can you really be driving a car in today’s traffic? I don’t think Batman needs a ‘batmobile’ in the sense of a car, but rather, a traffic buster. or perhaps, flight.. like in Batman Beyond..

  • rsixsmith

    i liked the first two. never need to see tdkr again though. the plot holes were enough to completely kill it for me, especially because of the supposed “realism”. and the nolan fans can see the holes just fine. i think the entire concept of batman, though, is actually too weird for most guys, and they can’t stomach anything other than an effed up pseudo-military type of guy. and forget about ever having a robin. mainstream american men can’t go ANYWHERE in their brains with that except some kind of kinky homo pedophile parallel- which says way more about them than batman and robin.

  • rsixsmith

    yeah, it’s the same way i felt in the summer of 2012 when i immediately posted what i thought of tdkr. i get why you hate mos, even though i enjoyed it for the most part. it puzzels me far less than the tdkr apologists :)

  • Steve Croft

    I remember an interview after Paycheck he was promoting another film, where they actually did say ‘Why did you make Paycheck…’ and his answer was literally ‘It’s all in the title.’ lol

  • Redbull Werewolf

    Design wise I think the 89 version is still the coolest looking, but practicality goes to the tumbler. If batman really existed he’d drive something like that

    Kilmers and clooneys vehicles were just redesigns of tim burtans idea so It’s hard to choose them over that one. The 60′s version is classic but in reality would make for a terrible modern batmobile (it doesn’t even have a roof, what if it rained?)

  • KaiChen

    Thank God. The ’89 Batmobile still rules them all.

  • forceuk

    The one Michael Keaton had in the 89 movie was the best Batmobile I’ve seen, still looks awesome.

  • DoigtDuPeuple


  • DoigtDuPeuple

    Same here.. I posted that I actually liked the movie, but that they should have not put Superman in there as it kills the character completely. I even say that Superman killing Zod is not even an issue with me as he did it in the John Byrne’s Man of Steel series. Which I thought Snyder would follow as the first couple of scenes we see the floating robots, but then I said “Oh no…” when I saw Jor El jumping on a Avatar flying beast.. And it went all downhill from there as far as Superman in concerned. This Hobo Superman (As Ralph Garman calls him) is a copy of Superman, but without everything that made him great. Again.. Nolan was involved.. I actually think Snyder may do better on the next one since Nolan extracted himself from it.

    When Superman Returns actually made us feel like the guy was flying versus the MOS continuous CGI crap they pulled.. And SR was a sh*t fest.. MoS could’ve been so great, but failed to give us Superman.

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    And hey, if you like MoS, then good for you. We just didn’t like the way they did things and made him so bland that he loses everything that made him an icon for so many years.

    Debating some points with fellow bloggers is and should be done respectfully. But some go ape shit and will send threats which is the dumbest way of responding or just saying “Jor El told him the gravity would affect him differently and that’s why he knows he can fly!” .. Yeah that’s what comes to mind when you’ve never been able to fly before… Suddenly “Oh!! That must mean that I can’t just jump realllllll far, but I can also fly!!”..

    Anyhow, I still enjoyed some parts of the movie, just didn’t like the way they portrayed this new Emo Superman story.

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    Actually it says more about Nolan.. LOL!

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    Sorry, don’t mean to be rude or anything, but when you say “It’s all about creating plausible characters, if it’s not plausible, it’ll be campy or just surreal.”.. Then that means that you didn’t like the Nolan Batman series then.. right??

    You know like the fact that the military would’ve probably called in Wayne Industries at the first glance of Batman and said “Hey, we payed you millions to build us a tank/car, and while it was put on hold you guys just sold it (not knowing it’s Bruce right..) to someone who also wears our designed body armor and fabric that can make soldiers float when jumping off buildings… What the hell?”

    At one point, they’ll call again to let them know “Ok.. so now you also gave him the damn copter that YOU said had issues with the automatic pilot.. so if this guy as it.. Did you correct the damn autopilot?!?!.. Because we want what we paid for!!”

    And let’s not even talk about the bus that just bust out of a bank and gets in a line without anyone noticing it.. Bruce’s broken back being put back together by an old prisoner and some rope.. Months of food and water supplies being so low that policemen have just enough to survive for so long yet are able to come out from a hole and be ready to fight.. without their guns against heavily armed maniacs and just run into them with their ‘batons’.. you know reality stuff..

    It’s just a car. They said it would be based off of an old Cadillac. Let’s wait and see what they do with it before we say that it needs to stay close to the Tumbler or else it could look like crap.

  • rsixsmith

    and that was the biggest thing that bothered me about mos- it had no levity and was so serious from beginning to end. i didn’t think that superman’s actions were OUT of character the way i thought batman’s were, but it could’ve been a little less somber and a bit more light-hearted. yeah, definitely looking forward to seeing what happens with nolan out of the picture completely.

  • rsixsmith


  • Dominic

    Robert Downy junior was always a great actor period. It was his drug addictions that screwed him movie wise, his redemption came when he cleaned up his act in Iron Man. And Chris Evans ain’t playing Batman lol and his Captain America wasn’t all that great what helped was the connection to the avenger movies and the fact F4 movies sucked but the actors weren’t bad that’s why they moved Evans around and gave him another shot. Ben Affleck is Ben Affleck there’s no point in comparing him to other’s success stories. Not everyone can make the same redemption. But we’ll see.

  • Dominic

    I agree, but his scenes were cringe worthy. That also has to do with bad direction, but that’s the issue I’m afraid of. A greater actor can act beyond bad direction and be the only thing good about a bad movie, but we have Synder who can direct the hell out of action, but character development he is weak on. So I have my reserves that doesn’t mean I shut out all reason to see if he’s capable of destroying the stigma that’s been casted on him.

  • DKnight007

    Oh please tell us who you really are and we will be the judge on whether or not you are actually a better story and screenwriter than Goyer and a better director than Snyder. Also, if you are a fellow pro screenwriter for major films, than what the hell are you doing trolling around these forums and ripping Nolan, Goyer and Snyder? Doesn’t say much about you buddy.

  • Dan Riedel

    From my understanding, the government wouldn’t hold the rights to ANYTHING Wayne created. They only buy and sign multi-BILLION dollar contracts with contracting firms for exclusivity (like how Verizon signed a huge contract with Apple to be the first vendor of the iPhone until the next one came out). The patents would be held by the guys who manufactured it (Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, and in the DC universe Wayne Enterprises). So the government wouldn’t be able to sue – unless that was specified in writing.

    Such firms create prototypes for things all the time and they usually have sales people that have solid contacts within the military to push such items on. Like Apple, contractors sometimes create products and then develop a need for it within their customer base. Did you think you needed an iPad 10 years ago? Steve Jobs did, and now you have one. Same thing here.

    And Goyer/Nolan was lazy in their writing of TDKR, you could see it in everything. For instance, Wayne being bankrupt could be easily undone because it was clearly an act of computer fraud… but the perps were AT the stock exchange in plain sight doing it.

    Nolan got his accreditation needed to do his other projects (like Inception), so he was mentally checked out and Goyer was already thinking about Superman and had a short-lived TV show to write.

    This is all the more reason you ALL should be worried about the follow up to MoS. Throwing Affleck into the mix is like dumping gasoline on an already lit stove.

    The Batmobile from the animated series kind of looked like an old caddie – maybe they’ll go with something like that. Like that car, it should be large and scream (I’m batsh!t crazy, don’t f*ck with me!)

  • Darth Kaos

    “Oh please tell us who you really are and we will be the judge on whether or not you are actually a better story and screenwriter than Goyer and a better director than Snyder”.

    You seem to be talking on both sides of your mouth. You’re allowed to can make judgement, but I’m not. And Its only “ripping” cuz you don’t agree what with my opinion, and that’s fine.

    And like you, I like to get info on upcoming projects, and comment on a subject If I like. If you read my original post on the top, you’ll see I wrote nothing derogatory. I just gave MY OPINION based on the information I read. Don’t see how that’s Trolling. Anyway, you’re the one getting all upset. Relax, buddy.

  • DKnight007

    Yep. Opinions are like azzholes….everyone has one.

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    Exactly.. I don’t mind darkening the character or removing all comedy from how he is.. But Nolan just thinks that his vision of such a dark persona is the only way to go. I hate it when they just treat it like the last 50 years of the character is done and they have the solution to revolutionize it. And then do that. As a kid, I loved Man of Steel by Byrne, he made him more human, removed powers that made him unbeatable in every way and showed that he too could be overwhelmed from everyone wanting a piece of him. I was hoping for that. Too bad.. Hope Snyder can bring it back without Nolan’s input!

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    LOL!! ok ok!! We won’t!! LOL!

    Still, someone in the military will see the prototypes, that’s how they give the thumbs up or down on projects.

  • rich

    the mike Keaton batmobile always comes to mind when I think about it but I may be biased, growing up I watched these movies almost daily lol

  • Onyx

    In the case of the Tumbler,Fox only says that the bridge portion of that design didn’t work but ”this baby works just fine” so maybe that was something that because of it’s partial failure Wayne Enterprises never even tried to pitch it to the military?

  • Onyx

    I hope it’s not an old style Caddy. I think Batman is past that phase of his life.10 years on the job I just don’t see an old style Caddy providing for his needs of today.

    Whatever they do I just hope they make it cool.

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