BOOM! Rumor Confirmed! Yesterday, I dropped the rumor that we might see Dick Grayson aka Nightwing in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman. Check out my video scoop below. Tonight the plot thickens because now we got ourselves a name! According … Continue reading

Adam Driver Up For Nightwing in ‘Batman Vs Superman’


BOOM! Rumor Confirmed! Yesterday, I dropped the rumor that we might see Dick Grayson aka Nightwing in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman. Check out my video scoop below.

Tonight the plot thickens because now we got ourselves a name! According to our pal Jeff Sneider over at The Wrap, Adam Driver, best known for playing Hannah’s boyfriend on HBO’s Girls, is up for the “young John Hawkes” role that is currently casting in the movie which sources believe is Dick Grayson/Nightwing.

adam driverBut that is not all! According to Jeff’s sources, there are TWO other contenders up for Nightwing as well. Very cool. Now the scoop hunt begins for the other two names.

Besides Girls, Adam Driver has worked with Clint Eastwood on J. Edgar, Steven Spielberg on Lincoln and the Coen brothers on Inside Llewyn Davis. Driver is certainly an actor on the come up and I dig him. He has the physicality for Nightwing which according to rumor is estranged from Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne. Just like in The Dark Knight.

Tomorrow will certainly be interesting when Zack Snyder does that Q&A in the morning with Kevin Smith. Let’s see who is going to ask the Nightwing question.

What do you folks think? Sound off below and tell us who else you can possibly see as Nightwing?

Warner Bros. will drop Batman vs. Superman on July 17, 2015.



  • TJW

    Really cool choice, dude can act. I wouldn’t mind him getting it, but I’m really interested in who these other two are!

  • Ari Fantis

    Would a sensational choice. And would lead to a lot of development in the Ben Affleck Batman movies apart from the Justice League world.

  • noahwayne0

    Are they joking?

  • AvoidTheNoid

    You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!!! This fucking hipster pussy. Light on their feet Hollywood execs and Casting Directors continue their terrible initiative to soften the masses. I hate this decade so much.

  • carl weathers

    Big eared hipster wuss. Its like Adrien Brody reinvented. And lay off the sanchos dude!

  • Hephaestus1

    We still don’t know if the role is Nightwing.

    Though if it was, ‘John Hawkes’ is gonna be the best joke of the movie.

  • WarrenWII

    this is what Id call an unexpected choice (in case they sign him)

  • NatSolo

    good call. driver’s very much a hawkes’ type.

  • NatSolo

    that hipster pussy is a former marine and a julliard grad.

  • DickButtkiss

    I see why they want him, dude can practically fly with those ears.

  • razorstar90

    The fact that this guy is designated the frontrunner probably means he doesn’t have the part. Remember Josh Brolin was the front-runner for Batman? Nightwing is probably already cast. They had Affleck as Batman before Man of Steel even came out same with Wonder Woman if that’s even true.

  • mike payton

    Rocky Dennis had a son?

  • Luis

    That was hilirious

  • YourMommaSoFat

    That guy is kinda goofy looking bro!

  • The__Usual_Suspect

    That guy looks like he’d make a horrible Nightwing.

  • sunnavab

    Can we cram a few more characters in this movie? It’s starting to sound like Spider-Man 2…

  • 2infinity

    Spiderman 3* and no this movie can’t be bad.

  • AlexiasLazar

    Explain “just like in The Dark Knight”

  • kapow!

    Intriguing choice. Unexpected. Dude is hot too, in a different sort of way. Two thumbs (and another body part) enthusiastically UP!

  • Respect the Red Cape

    Stop calling it Batman vs. Superman … damn it all people… this is a freaking SUPERMAN vehicle not a BATMAN one… BATMAN had his freakin’ trilogy… plus many more! WTF with the people who write this stuff!

  • Tw1s7

    You have REALLY low standards… holly crap.

  • Tw1s7

    This dude looks NOTHING like Dick Grayson! I’m pretty sure this choice won’t stand for much long.

  • blkyank

    How is a guy who joined the Marine Corps after 9-11 and served in the Iraq War, softening the masses by getting looked at for Nightwing?

    The only thing I hate about this decade is the explosion of the internet that allows
    “tough guys” to lob bombs at a man from their moms basement.

    He looks like a “hipster pussy” because he plays one on t.v. numbnuts.

  • JawaTheHut

    Is Superman going to be in this movie? This is getting a joke at this stage, Batman, Nightwing, Wonder Woman whats next Peter Dinklage as mr. mxyzptlk? FFS Its a SUPERMAN movie!!


    Melty face…!!!!!!!!!

    For JOKER, sure…

  • Brian Knockin

    lol i like that comment it was non hate funny

  • Brian Knockin

    wait Peter Dinklage as mr. mxyzptlk actually would be super kick ass take the rest of the characters out

  • Dan Riedel

    Ben Affleck looks nothing like Bruce Wayne and consistently plays a whiner. Prepared to be dissappointed.

  • kapow!

    i can only try to aim low. really, really low. :-)

  • Jugo Aich

    Hey, look…

  • Jugo Aich

    Just a theory- I think WB is running this rumour mill. Looks like a genius way to market a movie. 20-odd names were being thrown around for the role of Batman and Affleck was never one of em. They are going to do the same for WW and Nightwing if they are in the movie, that is.

  • EricS576

    PLEASE let it be anyone but the goofy-looking f***er in the photo above. I mean, LOOK AT HIM!

  • oxman212

    No, it’s a Superman Batman movie… Why are you complaining? Superman will definitely get more solo films if this does well.

    As for Batman already getting a reboot so soon, it’s because a Superman/Batman movie is the perfect route for WB to move into a JL movie; which in turn will give you even more Superman on the big screen.

  • oxman212

    You do realise that with every different artist, Bruce Wayne looks different?

    Michael Keaton is said to be the best Batman, yet I see absolutely no resemblance between him and Bruce in the comics.

    Same goes for Bale; his facial features are actually a little less compared to most illustrations of Bruce Wayne. Yet, he seemed fine?

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  • Onyx

    Man,they are filling out a really fat hero roster for this movie. We haven’t even gotten around to the villains yet! Who are the villains? With all of this talk about Wonder Woman,Flash and now confirmation of NightWing in this film by the time they get around to the villains this thing is A. going to be really long or B. they are going to smash a lot of stuff together and run the risk of not doing an adequate job of story telling.

    Please be really long, please be really long…

  • Dan Riedel

    Yea, and Heath Ledger, Liam Neeson, and Tom Hardy looked nothing like their counterparts either. The difference is that these actors, even Keaton, could break their vocal cadence and act – becoming a different character althogether.

    Ben Affleck is Ben Affleck in every movie, even his ‘good ones’.

    After seeing American Psycho, and Shaft, I wanted Christian Bale to be Bruce before Nolan was even tapped to be director. Bale can act and he’s gotten awarded by the acting community for it, several times. Ben Affleck? Not once for actor.

    They’d be better off bringing back Val Kilmer, because at least he knew how to change the way he spoke to become another character.

  • Hope

    The guy is almost the same height as Affleck and is taller than Cavill. I doubt he’ll get the part. Remember they were looking for someone 5’10?

  • Capt.Crash74

    In my opinion, I believe that the whole Nightwing character appearing in the movie will be no more than a set-up for the Bruce Wayne/Batman backstory to briefly explain (or provide the audience) the sense of BW’s aging-tireless essence in the movie. I cannot imagine that TPTB would emphasize Nightwings character too much as it will take away from the whole Batman/Superman theme.
    Though…I can imagine that Dick Grayson’s character “might” be a soundboard for Bruce Wayne and his overall dilemma with approaching this new being (Superman) that has come to this planet..especially if Alfred’s character is not portrayed. But I do not see Dick Grayson/Nightwing playing a major role in this movie.

  • Hope

    Yeah, I feel the same way. And if Wonder Woman does appear it’ll just be a cameo.

  • Darth Kaos

    Villains…..good point.

  • Darth Kaos

    Awesome response.

  • razorstar90

    I completely agree. These characters are already cast

  • JamesECash

    “you are one… ugly… motha fuckuh!” Could they get someone a little more normal looking? What is it with this weird looking hipster phase! Can’t wait until its over. What an ugly fuck!!!!

  • mike payton

    They weren’t called the Flying Graysons for nothing. With that beak tho, he could just skip Nightwing and go for Hawkman.

  • mike payton

    Gilbert Godfrey or no Mxy

  • RockyMountainRaider

    Dude is goofy as fuck.

  • KaiChen

    Why such an ugly man?

  • KaiChen

    Batman is the villain.


    Right on!
    He may not have the look, but…
    This guy has talent AND served his country.
    So, good on him.

  • sunnavab

    No, I mean The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and, yes, it can be bad. Really bad.

  • batman JimCarreyJustin Theroux
  • Boomtube77

    I’m so sick of ppl saying anyone in the armed forces actually serves their country… They serve the military industrial complex which in turn serves the global elite corporatocracies, nothing else. Our men and women die thinking they’re serving a benevolent institution. Makes me sick. They deserve better!

  • Gr3asy Rider

    Why the long face?

    The hair/eyes ok but o/w just the wrong look – wronger than Affleck and Cavill. So, yeah, they are sure to keep him. Maybe they should just let Marvel make these for them. DC used to be great but became rather incompetent (outside of animation dept) after Infinite Crisis.

  • César Riquelme

    God i hope so, because maybe he can act but Dick is suppose to be hot and i think he is not, any girl want to correct me?

  • Shaun Patrick O’Rourke

    Is it just me or his ears kinda distracting?

  • DickButtkiss

    Yeah, I don’t know why people are hating on him just because he’s kind of goofy-looking. It’s not his fault and, who knows, he may do a really good job if he gets the part.

  • Jer Welch

    So many people are bitching about every single casting choice. Stfu and wait for the movie to come out before you criticize. How many times has there been a controversial casting choice and it turned out to be amazing? answer: about as many as there have been perfect casting choices that turned out to suck. Therefore it’s pretty obvious you never know until the movie comes out. So everyone just sit back and pull the fanboy stick out of your ass, all your comments no doubt put even more pressure on the people making this film, more than they already have. Of course, It’s not like there making the next citizen kane, and there certainly not out to make a “POS” like you cry babies make it out to be. Stop placing this film on a pedestal of perfection that really no film can achieve

  • Xmasevebaby

    I like the idea that Nightwing doesn’t have to be as pretty as Cavill and Affleck. Just hit them weights, son and steal every scene you’re in, like Tom Hiddleston.

  • Tw1s7

    Don’t do that to yourself. Be confident.

  • Jugo Aich

    Also this dude is taller than Cavil. Would look extremely weird if/when Superman and this Nightwing share screen. lol

  • YourMommaSoFat

    If there is a Nightwing maybe there will be another Robin?

  • Steve Croft

    I *still* wish we had’ve got Brolin. I have zero doubt Affleck will be great, but I wonder what Brolin would’ve been like…

  • HeliopanND09

    There has been a streak of decent comic book films. It feels like every studio is trying to cram some adaptation down the pipe. I’m waiting for the shoe to drop. Some of these casting decisions, and let’s be honest story lines, make me believe that it’s quickly approaching.

  • Vegas82

    It’s a reference to the comics in which Bruce is an old man and can’t fight like he used to. He still kicks ass, but not like he did when he was a young man. Check out The Dark Knight Returns animated movies to get an idea.

  • Vegas82

    It’s either going to be Batman vs. Superman or Superman vs. Batman. Since it’s the sequel to Man of Steel that means it’s home field advantage for Superman which would dictate his name comes second. It’s also alphabetical and rolls off the tongue a bit better than Superman vs Batman.

  • Vegas82

    Considering Lex Luther is going to be in the movie…

  • Vegas82

    Lex Luthor is going to feature in the film according to Snyder.

  • Vegas82

    Batman isn’t the villain any more than the Hulk was in The Avengers.

  • AlexiasLazar

    Yes Vegas82,that is The Dark Knight Returns – The Dark Knight was the middle movie of Nolan’s trilogy. Latino Review writers get so excited that they forget to be specific about their references.

  • KaiChen

    It’s Batman VS Superman, which implies they are at odds.

    Probably pitted agains each other by Lex Luthor.

  • KaiChen

    Much better than that weirdo.

  • KaiChen

    Unless they intend to put him under the knife of a plastic sugeon, I cn’t see how he will suddenly be the right choice. I mean, Ben Afflect does look like he could be a billionaire and he could easily bulk up too fill a hero’s suit.

  • KaiChen

    Tom Hiddleston isn’t fugly. He’s actually handsome.

  • TheRealTruth

    Takeaway: comic book fans need someone that they find sexy to play a (male) comic book character.



  • LordVolta

    nope…he’s fugly. He looks like Odo from Deep Space Nine.

  • rsixsmith

    greasy too.

  • MyheroObama

    I think Obama should play him

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  • batdaddi

    God I hope not….

  • JD

    Are you freaking kidding me with this choice for nightwing…..This dude is freaking Butt ugly and Dick Grayson is suppose to be good looking….and mind you with dumbo ears like that it would be really hard to hide a secret Identity….crossing my fingers that this guy don’t get it….DC/WB….DON”T F#$K THIS UP F#$kers

  • JD


  • Thomas Crenshaw

    I thought this was a second superman movie, then they went and added Affleck to play batman, (big fn joke there} Now they gonna add every superhero they can to this movie, hell lets add the wonder twins and their monkey as well. This movie is gonna be a big flop all thanks to Warner Bros.and their never ending mission to destroy the DC universe.

  • Jer Welch

    that’s a pretty superficial complaint. The guy isn’t ugly, maybe not traditionally handsome. But if he can act then who gives a shit if he’s not the hottest dude out there.

  • Danny Mac

    BOOM! Shot down and denied. He was interviewed and has confirmed he is NOT up for the role, hasn’t talked about the role, has no idea about the role, but is ever so grateful to be mentioned by “fans”

  • Danny Mac

    Brolin would, I agree, make a great Batman. However, I cannot see him as Bruce Wayne, which to me is JUST as important in the casting if not more.

  • Danny Mac

    This rumor has NOT been confirmed. No one on the planet has announced that Nightwing will be in this movie. Just because this Dumbo looking dude has had his name thrown around for a role.. has nothing to do with the rumor you made up. Plus, the guy shot down this rumor. So question is.. to retract or not to retract? Or wait.. this is when you will hop up and down about all your past correct guesses. Someone should really keep score with you

  • Steve Croft

    Absolutely true. I can see Affleck as Batman easily, more importantly, Bruce Wayne as ‘party boy wayne’ has to be pulled off with convincing flair. I do think Affleck can do that, I believe quite well too. I rewatched The Town, Argo and Reindeer Games (yeah gotta have a bad one in there lol) just to judge his acting despite the quality of movie. He’s pretty damn solid, especially in Reindeer Games, compared to others around him who just didn’t want to be there for that one…

  • mike payton

    Thankfully this rumor has finally been debunked. His agent leaked this to get him some attention, knowing that WB was still casting for the part for both MOS2 and Arrow. It’s done all the time. Rarely works.

    And before El Maybe goes an another Twitter rant about how the TV shows and movies can’t be connected:

    Anyone who thinks that WB will introduce to TV and the big screen:
    two different Green Arrows,
    two different Flashes,
    two different Constantines,
    two different Nightwings
    all within a year or two apart is simple in the head.

    This isn’t comics were fans understand that Injustice isnt the same canon as the Timmverse. Real people see two different Green Arrows, Nightwing, Flash (etc) and will just be confused.

    The Smallville/SR divide only happened because SR was a sequel to the Reeves movies and Smallville had been on the air for years.

    *****They did not launch two versions of the exact same franchise at the exact same time with two different actors and two different story lines.*****

    One DC live action universe. Lesser known characters get development on TV. Team ups and big events on the big screen. Constantine solo on TV. Team up with expensive fx heroes on the big screen in del Toro’s JLD. GA, Flash solo on TV. Team up with the League on big screen.

    How hard is this to grasp?

  • KaiChen

    The guy is really, really ugly. Disproportionate and weird faced
    to the point f distraction. For a summer blockbuster, where not much of acting chops are needed (and he isn’t exactly the next marlon Brando), you’d expect they cast someone who doesn’t look like Quasimodo.

  • Jer Welch

    wow your kind of a bitch. You should be in the fashion industry or something. film is film, summer blockbuster or not. Looks should never come before acting skill. again unless your a bitch who needs cookie cutter beauty blown in their face

  • KaiChen

    If you work on a visual media, looks do count. You talk about things you don’t know. Let’s get Philip Seymour Hoffman to play Nightwing then. He’s a great actor, isn’t he?

    And Adam Driver, so far, isn’t an Award winning actor, or someone who’s amounted a great deal of rave reviews for multiple films. He isn’t being cast because a young Brando, as I stated.

    They are adapting a known work with known characters. Looks do matter.

  • Jer Welch

    your being fallacious, so he hasn’t been recognized by an award function but really how legit are the awards handed out now-a-days. Jennifer Laurence for example. Of course PSH wouldn’t work you wise ass. But Driver generally speaking looks the part, slender tall athletic, male.

  • KaiChen

    He looks the part? Are you kidding me? You’re a joke! He looks Eastern European, clearly. And not at all like Nightwing, with his long face, huge ears, displaced eyes… He’s also too tall for Nightwing, not built enough and does not look agile. Nothing about him looks the part at all, unless you count being white and male.

    Either you are a Girls fanboy or the guy’s agent.

    Casting a nobody that has never really made a mark on the acting world for a part he looks nothing like and his being absolutely fugly makes no sense. Hence the rumor being fake, as Driver hilself has come out and stated.

  • Danny Mac

    Why do you delete comments? Just because I pointed out that this isn’t “Confirmed” and that the actor has flat out said “No truth to this at all” ? Freedom of speech people. If you can post a lie like “confirmed” then why can’t I post the truth “Um.. no it isn’t”

  • Danny Mac

    NOT TRUE! And stop deleting my comments