HOLY SUPERHERO MOVIE NEWS BATMAN! My goodness, such a busy news day for superhero stuff. Anyway, two months I ago I dropped the tidbit that Bruce might get a love interest in Batman Vs Superman yet folks speculated that it … Continue reading

Finalists For Female Role In ‘Batman Vs Superman’ REVEALED!

Superman-Batman-Public-enemies-batman-8241521-1024-768HOLY SUPERHERO MOVIE NEWS BATMAN!

My goodness, such a busy news day for superhero stuff.

Anyway, two months I ago I dropped the tidbit that Bruce might get a love interest in Batman Vs Superman yet folks speculated that it could be Wonder Woman.

Then I found out there were four finalists for the female role were but didn’t have names…

…and now Justin Kroll over at Variety got the scoop of who those lovely ladies are.

They are…

1) Gal Godot from Fast & Furious

2) Elodie Yung who played Jinx in G.I. Joe: Retaliation

3) Olga Kurylenko who played a Bond girl in Quantum Of Solace

4) Jaimie Alexander who made the most noise last week at Comikaze Expo but according to Kroll is out of the running because of a non-compete clause in her contract with Marvel. Bummer for her.

Out of these four ladies, me thinks Olga is the one who is going to bag the role because she screen tested and has already worked with Ben Affleck in the Terrence Malick film To The Wonder.

Beside the female role, the thing that Kroll mentioned that got me the most excited is the following:

The Wonder Woman rumor has been kicked around for some time and insiders believe the plan is to not just have Batman appear in the film, in addition to Superman, but several members of the Justice League as well. It’s unclear which members but Wonder Woman and the Flash are said to be locks to make an appearance in some fashion, whether that’s a significant role or a cameo.

Wow. Let the speculation begin.

Who do you guys think should bag the female role? Chime in below!

Batman Vs Superman drops worldwide on July 17, 2015 (the day after my birthday yo!)

SOURCE: Variety


  • fishnets

    Unfortunately, you are right. Olga will bag it for the reasons you mentioned. That’s very bad.
    Gal Gadot is the best of the bunch. Mediterranean looks, right age (still under 30 but not too young), can kick ass ( was a sports trainer in the Israeli Defense Forces, top that), very likable. But she is also a virtual unknown save for F&F and WB doesn’t seem ready to take the risk and ride WW franchise on an unknown, even though gamble paid off for Marvel with Hemsworth.
    So it’s going to be Olga and WW another Green Lantern. Serves them right.

  • Jcool

    So if the Flash has a cameo in this movie… Is it a new Flash or the TV Flash?

  • razorstar90

    Just make the movie freaking Justice League. Like for real let’s stop with the whole “Man of STeel Sequel” because it obviously isn’t if Batman, Wonder Woman, and Flash are going to be in it with Superman that’s basically the roster. They want to throw in a version of the Green Lantern or put in Aquaman to round it out. Quite frankly I hope these chicks are just Batman’s arm candy and nothing more.

  • gloom

    I don’t think this is for WW… Gal Gadot and Olga are waaaay to thin and frail to play her. This seems more like Talia or Selia Kyle to me. Besides, its doubtful that WB would use Diana as his love interest after just meeting in this film. In the comics it takes time for her to respect him so much which lead to her having feelings for him.

  • fishnets

    Training can turn a waif into a muscle-bound athlete, just think Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider. Take the girls off lettuce and feed them with meat. Jolie put on pounds of muscle due to beef diet or something.
    That said, Olga is wrong and already too old for solo franchise or JLA that haven’t even started filming. She’s 33. WW and JLA won’t be out before 2016 at least. That’s 3 more years of wait. or longer. She won’t get younger.

  • Jcool

    Who said this was a Man of Steel sequel? I thought the working title was Batman vs Superman, Not MOS2: Batman vs Superman.

  • razorstar90

    WEre you not there when Synder said the Man of Steel SEQUAL would feature Batman in it at Comic con. He stated that it was sequel more so than a team up movie. It was tentively titled Batman v Superman and most of the Man of Steel cast ie Amy Adams, Laurance Fishburn, Diane Lane etc will be returning. They aren’t members of the Justice League but they’re going to be in the movie and considering those actors aren’t no names they’re going to have a prominent part. Why the heck would Superman’s Mom be in Justice League movie. Makes no sense so they might as well get rid of the members of Man of Steel cast not named Cavil and go full on Justice League, no Perry no Martha, no Jimmy or Jenny whoever. Keep Lois bc Lois would somehow find her way in a JL movie.

  • Onyx

    Man I don’t even care who gets to be WW at this point.I just hope we get to see the Flash!!!!

  • pablolanus

    Noooooo!Jaimie must be Wonde Woman!

  • fishnets

    El, what happened with “WB’s Golden Girl” Elizabeth Debicki? I’m quite shocked she wasn’t in the running. She’s really tall but Affleck still edges her out. And she may be only 22 but looks older so it’s 2 flies with one stroke – young enough to carry the franchise for long, but doesn’t look like they are skewing YA.

  • NatSolo

    there’s no way that it’s just the four of them.

  • zeekthegeek

    It won’t make a tie in with the TV show, that’s not going to share movie-verse.

  • matt

    I doubt this is going to be Wonder Woman, I just don’t see it in these actresses especially Olga. She’s like 80lbs. I’m guessing she will play Wayne’s girlfriend and gets abducted/killed by the antagonist in the movie.

  • NatSolo

    i know. this is wonder woman we’re talking about, and those are the only names? that’s disappointing. no arterton, no debicki, no cohan.

  • N.A.M

    While I still doubt this is for the wonder woman role, if I had to pick 1 of the 4 above to play wonder woman it would be Olga.

  • MYopinionDOESN’Tmatter

    Gal Gadot gets my vote if we are talking Wonder Woman

  • ganymede3010

    Jamie Alexander was the only one that had me excited for this role. The other choices are meh IMO. Big fail by DC.

  • genesisdevice

    Olga for the win!


    Gal is a perfect 2nd best, behind Jamie (thanks, Marvel!).
    Olga, ugh, watching her in Quantum (f*ck!), so boring…
    So boring… So boring!!! :-O


    Stupid Marvel nonsense.
    She plays Sif… Important, sure. Integral, eh..
    They replaced Josh Dallas…
    They could replace Jamie. :-/

  • kapow!

    I’d be happy with any of these four as WW (although if Jaimie Alexander snags role they better give her a spray tan, WW being from a tropical island and all that, she ain’t pasty white, lol). As others have mentioned, I also like Gemma Arterton but just because her name wasn’t mentioned doesn’t mean she wasn’t considered. Especially if she already has other movie commitments next year–a contract is a contract.

  • Hephaestus1

    Now I know for sure it ain’t WW.

  • jazzyjules63

    I don’t care who gets the ‘love interest’ role but Jamie Alexander is the best pick for WW out of that bunch. And why would she even meet with Warners if she had that clause? To waste everybody’s time?

  • YourMommaSoFat

    Jaimie Alexander for Wonder Woman or GTFO!!!!!

  • kvanar

    None of these are WW material.
    They are casting for the role of Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl).
    WW will appear late in the film to take custody of Kara to be trained by the Amazons.
    This sets the scene for a follow-up movie based on Themyscira opening the door for introduction of exotic godlike villains and…Darkseid.

  • The Flash movie 2016

    I hope its not the tv version. Make Patrick Adams (from Suits) Barry Allen in the movie. Unless they want Wally West, then get Adam Brody.

  • The Flash movie 2016

    Maybe Batman mentions the Flash in the end of the movie, or someone faster than Superman in Central City. I hope this happens and the next movie can be Flash’s. Wonder Woman can have a cameo at the end of Superman/Batman.

  • Just No.

    She shouldn’t. None of these chicks should be.

  • DC WIN

    What’s so good about Jamie Alexander? She’s not Wonder Woman material, she only looks a BIT like her. And she has that mole on her face which is very prominent and Wonder Woman doesn’t have it. No, just no.

  • Ron

    Yes please, GTFO!!!
    So many better choices out there.

  • Sean Helfrich


  • Javier Vargas

    Olga is by far the best ACTRESS out of these choices. I would be extremely satisfied if she gets it. Yes, she started as a model, but she has caught on to acting extremely fast. Go Olga! m/

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  • spicer

    All terrible choices, but what can you expect from Batfleck.

  • ToxicMarshmallow

    I’m hoping this whole “non-compete” thing is just a rumour. Ryan Reynolds (god rest his acting career) was in both DC and Marvel movies. That being said they were both flop roles. I just can’t help but look through these actresses and literally feel my heart skip a beat when I see Jamie and imagine Wonder Woman.


    Ryan, double agree! ;(

  • Steve-O

    I liked NPH as the voice for The Flash in The New Frontier movie, I think he could pull it off in real life too

  • YesvsNo

    Too flat. Just make her Mercy Graves.

  • No dude…

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! No. I like NPH but no. Just no.

  • Horbigast

    You know who would be a great Wonder Woman? A scrawny Eurpoean fashion model! Awesome!!!

  • McMidge

    For me Wonder Woman = Alexandra Daddario

  • Acorny Studios

    Olga can’t really act… especially as WW. I didn’t have a problem with Affleck, but Olga is like a model and that’s it. Sometimes she nails that emotional part of character but have you seen Hitman? QoS? She’s getting better in Magic City, but still, she’s nothing more than eye candy and WW is very complete character, just as Batman or Superman.

  • True True

    Charlize Theron would be my vote

  • True True

    Charlize actually shoulda played catwoman in DKR, but wonder woman would be a good fit too

  • spartantown

    I wrote that even though they fit the casting call description I don’t think any of them embody the character of Wonder Woman but given these choices I think Olga with some added muscle would work.

  • Jonathan Reichel

    Wow Yes!~

  • Bilal Khan

    TRICIA HELFER! For Hyppolita! ;)

  • NatSolo

    mayimbe has said he doesn’t think it’ll be wonder woman. considering these names, i think he may be right.

  • Onyx

    I’d be down with that if that’s the way it has to happen. But who knows maybe NightWing will make mention of needing to go to Central City to help out the Flash…it could happen.

  • noahwayne0

    UGH – Georgina Haig would have been perfect – could be a love interest, Wonder Woman, or Supergirl – THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX HOLLYWOOD

  • ScreamFace

    Isn’t wonder woman a god or something? Come on they were all amazed at aliens. Now there’s going to be gods and other super hereos around with powers.

    Kind of lame.

    None of these actresses are good for wonder woman.

  • Vishnu

    Guys you are missing something,there is no way these girls fits the wonder woman spandex except Jamie of course.Just google the other 3 you will find that all the 3 of them has “cat” written all over them.

  • DHCM

    Can’t say I like any of the names they came up with for the role,, Some pretty,, but none powerful enough to play the role. If I was shooting for stat power, I would say Kate Beckinsale,, If I was going to shoot for a new face? bad ass.. try Gina Carano. these choices make the same mistake Marvel made with Halle Berry As storm,, looks and not enough Character. I still think Angela Bassett would have owned that role,, while staying true to the character. Anyway,, just what I would think out loud!

  • Gr8Schizoid

    w8….Olga is boring but Gal aint??? r u stoopid? Gal has absolutely no emotional range, she just a pretty face

  • Gr8Schizoid

    ya they 2 thin 4 WW, but they can work out to put on some muscle. anne hathaway did it for TDKR, why couldnt olga & gal?

  • Gr8Schizoid

    ya but neither is affleck, who is way past 40yrs. and what about robert downey jr? he pushin 50 or suttin

  • Gr8Schizoid

    she would b a gr8 WW i agree – she practically looks WW in the L8est thor movie. why would she have a non compete clause in her contract then talk 2 WB recently?

  • Gr8Schizoid

    good point playa

  • Gr8Schizoid

    ya 10 yrs ago, but she pushing 40 now 2 old sorrry

  • Bruna Teles da Silva

    and Gina Carano??? no chances?


    Hello, Mikkaella(?)…
    Both are boring, and neither can emote. Of the these two, Gal has better…
    Let’s callit ‘attitude face.’ That is not saying much, though.



  • Thorman

    yall are stupid! I bet they are casting for Supergirl… don’t you remember man of steel when he visits his ship?

  • Reymondo Leon

    Gal Gadot is stunning, but she’s also supermodel skinny. Did you see her in a bikini in F&F5? She would not fill out a Wonder Woman costume in the right way and look like a toned Amazon warrior. I’ve also never seen her in a role where she portrayed real heart and humanity. She’s always cool.

    As for Olga Kurylenko, I would have agreed with you until I saw Oblivion. She gave a really strong performance in that, and convinced me that given the right circumstances she has range.

    But neither of these fine ladies feels like Wonder Woman to me.

    Jaimie Alexander is closer, but even she doesn’t have the physicality that I think is needed to sell the character. Look at how freaking buff the guy who plays Superman is. And how buff Christian Bale was for Batman. They’re no afraid to have male characters look the part, so why not do the same with the females?
    I’m thinking of someone with a body like Stacy Keibler and those female wrestlers, who look fitness-model hot.

  • Cisco Garcia

    Antje Traue

  • Mysterwright

    Jaimie Alexander not only LOOKS the part but has already played a badass in Thor.

  • Hennyo Carvalho

    Man, Jaimie Alexander is nothing but perfect for the wonder woman role. Hope this female role is not WW, but catwoman. Because in the end of the dark knight rises Bruce Wayne just vanished with her….None of the other options are good choices for WW, IF She is in the movie. They are too thin and too tall, like models and Diana is NOT model like.

  • Hennyo Carvalho

    I agree completely. None of them fits the WW body, as Bale and the Superman guy did for their characters. But I think that Jamie Alexander would fit just allright.

  • Lord_British

    Yikes. I never knew who this actress was and I googled her.

    …My eyes almost fell out of their sockets

  • Lord_British

    if those eyes are real….YES!

  • Lord_British

    Cool dewdz.

    Wonder Woman is not a waif. She eats meat and craps vegetables. Maybe all these names are to throw us off the trail for the real WW.

  • UglyMask

    They all look like cats to me…

  • Thomas Crenshaw

    Jaimie Alexander is a very good choice. I still think the movie will not be as great as it could be as long as they have Affleck to play batman. Having Ben Affleck in ANY action or surperhero movie is as useless as rubber lips are to a woodpecker

  • Mick Hoover

    Jaimie Alexander, PLEASE!!!

  • Sonia

    She is super sexxxxy