Jaimie Alexander dropped by Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles yesterday to participate in the AMC Movie Talk panel and dropped a bombshell revelation that she has been having conversations with Warners about Batman vs. Superman! Jaimie Alexander pretty much … Continue reading

Jaimie Alexander In Talks For ‘Batman vs. Superman’?

thor-movie-image-jaimie-alexander-02Jaimie Alexander dropped by Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles yesterday to participate in the AMC Movie Talk panel and dropped a bombshell revelation that she has been having conversations with Warners about Batman vs. Superman!

Jaimie Alexander pretty much confirmed she was one of the final four finalists for the unspecified female role that I broke back in September. In my report I said Warners is looking an actress in their late 20s who is both tall and possesses physicality. Jaimie Alexander obviously fits the bill.

According to Mark Hughes over at Forbes, Jaimie Alexander caught everyone’s attention when she said she has had discussions with “both companies,” about superhero movies — “both” meaning Marvel and Warner Bros, of course.

She explained her respect for Ben Affleck’s acting talent at the panel and how suitable she thinks he is for the role. Her confidence in Affleck’s casting is bolstered by the fact he is so suited for the particular Batman portrayal in the film — and her reason for that certainty is, as she put it…

“kind of knows the story line for that movie.”

Jaimie Alexander added more fuel to the fire by tweeting the following:


Now let me kill the noise being made on twitter right by corny fanboys who think the role is for Wonder Woman. Sorry bros, it ain’t. According to sources who work in talent for a living, they all unanimously agree that the role is a love interest for Bruce Wayne. Don’t get me wrong, Jaimie Alexander would make a dope Wonder Woman and all, but right now it’s not in the cards. Now that one of the four finalists has been revealed, I wonder who the other three are? We will soon find out I guess.

SOURCE: Mark Hughes @ Forbes


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  • Owsler

    How annoying. She’d make a better love interest for Thor, but is sidelined in that movie franchise. And when she’d make the perfect warrior princess, she ends up being the love interest. Tough break.

  • The__Usual_Suspect

    As long as she shows some skin I’m good with w/e she does. She looks bangin’ in Thor 2.

  • El Lioncourt

    If they want physicality could easily mean Catwoman. Also who’s to say Bruce’s love interest isn’t Diana Prince?

  • Connor J. Quinn

    Who says Diana Prince isn’t the love interest? Batman and Wonder Woman have had a relationship in the comics/tv show

  • UltimaRex

    Umm… At one point Wonder Woman WAS a love interest to Batman…

    Just thought I’d put that out there…

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  • TJW

    Guesses for the four actresses: Jaimie Alexander, Elizabeth Debicki, Lauren Cohen, Gemma Arterton

  • Piablo

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…. I have no doubt she’s being called in for the role of Batman’s love interest. It just so happens Batman is dating Wonder Woman.

  • Larry Fenix

    Gemma Arterton for Wonder Woman

  • NatSolo

    batwondy is a thing. not a thing that’s been explored but eluded to in the cartoons. i have a hard time thinking she’ll go from being lady sif in a marvel franchise to random strange for a dc film.

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  • Onyx

    She’d make a great Wonder Woman.

  • Batboy

    I honestly do not think that WB/DC would go after Jamie Alexander just to be Bruce Wayne’s love interest unless she was another type of hero. Especially since many want her to play Diana after seeing her as Sif. I can see her playing a Diana in Man’s world under an alias working with Bruce to learn what Man’s World is about or something, but her not playing Diana would be a waste. I know some have her and BBT’s Penny as Luthor’s bodyguards, but come on man.

  • John Wojtowicz

    guess: female love interest for Bruce turns out to have end-of-movie or credits reveal to actually be Diana, perhaps sent out and having the memory of her home hidden from her as a test for her to get real-world experience. or some other way to set this character up for being Diana without her being necessarily Diana in the movie.

  • ANTI Douche

    She’d make a wonderful Aspergers Syndrome Wonder Woman.
    Errr, I was thinking of her human weapon role on Kyle XY.
    Scratch that.

  • MichaelRWorthingon

    I could see that and she would make a great Wonder Woman…and don’t believe in the misdirection from the studio suits.

  • jamthemaj

    She would be perfect as Wonder Woman.

  • Dan Riedel

    Nope. She’ll be Wonder Woman in a Nolan like twist. And the Warners are NOTORIOUS for miscasting.

    Have fun in the theaters tearing your eyes out in 2015!

  • ANTI Douche

    Connor for the ‘common sense’ comment!!! :)

  • ANTI Douche

    I liked what you said…
    Until the ‘memory’ shenanigans comment.
    WW need not be a puppet.
    Her going in incognito…
    Say, with Bruce KNOWING the score…
    Because, come on, he’s Batman…
    To see what to make of WW, friend or foe.
    While she is doing the same.
    Everyone, minus Calrk, is a sharp tack.
    Even then, Clark is supposed to have…
    Knowledge of galaxies, from the Fortress.

  • Peter James

    Isn’t she already playing Wonderwoman (in everything and every respect but name) in the Thor movies?

    Sword wielding. check
    Superpowers (of Asgardian sorts). check
    Skimpy outfit. check

    In fact, just throw the famous headband in that shot of her above and fluff up her locks a little bit and viola.

  • Darth Kaos

    Warner Brother Executive: (on the phone with Snyder) Hey, the big wigs think we should add Wonder Woman to the movie.

    Snyder: Well, we wasn’t really planning on for that character to be in the film.

    WBE: Listen, we green-lit this untitled movie without a script, or any sense of direction based only on the fact that Batman will be in it.

    (a pause)

    Snyder: Oh, O.K. We’ll write something during lunch at Applebees and get back to you. Any ideas on casting?

    WBE: Let me check the internet. We’ll base that decision on what the geeks say, as usual.

    Snyder: Sounds good.

    WBE: Oh, by the way, how’s Affleck working out?

    Snyder: Who?

    …and scene.

  • obarium

    “NOTORIOUS for miscasting.”

    Say what? Examples please.

    In recent DC properties alone WB has made some inspired casting calls including but not limited to Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Anne Hathaway, Mark Strong, Amy Adams, Lawrence Fishburne, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe, Antje Traue and Henry Cavill aint bad either. Face it, WB make classy casting decisions that work brilliantly.

    Oh, and BEN AFFLECK, he will be a fantastic Bruce Wayne/Batman.

  • oxman212

    All those casting choices are just as perfect, but man, Mark Strong.
    He was the only thing good to come from that movie. Reynolds was terrible.

  • RonfromLongIsland

    I’d rather see a “name” actress – someone who can topline a “Wonder Woman” movie – than a semi-known one. Also, as much as I enjoyed her as Sif in “Thor,” I don’t think Alexander could carry a movie on her own.

  • RonfromLongIsland

    I thought Reynolds was pretty good as Hal Jordan – it was everything else about that movie that was awful.

  • robert mexico

    I do not believe that there will be a love interest for Batman. Rather they will be introducing Galatea (Supergirl’s clone) to pretend that she is Superman’s cousin Kara-Zor-EL. She will be created by the US Government secrete project called Cadmus. She might flirt with Batman to steal information from him only to realise that Batman already know what she is doing. She will also instigate the fight between Superman and Batman. I also have realise that the main Villians in the Superman vs Batman are Brainiac and Galatea. Batman’s would introduce Brainiac into the Cyberspace where it will be downloading information. Batman’s battle suit that will be used to fight Superman will be powered by Brainiac tech. That is Superman will be fight with both Batman and Brainiac. I am so surprised that nobody realised the World Engine looks like Brainian spaceship (so much for so called fanboysI

  • Guest

    This idea is so bad for a movie, that they just definitely will not be using it.

  • Dan Riedel

    You essentially put the entire cast of the Nolan films as your list. That says nothing about anything prior. Nolan after Batman Begins was given god-like power over at the WB and it showed with his casting and at the box office. Nolan will be more hands off this time, because he got the money he was looking for. Now the ball is in Zack (super punch) Snyder’s hands.

    Ben Affleck will be Ben Affleck Wayne. Much like how George Clooney was Clooney Wayne.

    For your list of non-Nolan WB crapfest casting, here you go:

    1) Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan in GL (last time I checked Hal was a more serious character, Guy Gardner was the wise cracker)
    2) Blake Lively in GL – she could’ve been replaced with a Barbie doll in GL and it wouldn’t have made a difference
    3) Shaq as STEEL
    4) Tom Hardy as Bane (i liked Nolan’s Bane, but Bane is brazillian, not a brit who sounds like Marvin the Martian)
    5) Mel Gibson as Hamlet
    6) Halle Berry as Catwoman
    7) Val Kilmer as Adam West… I mean, Bruce Wayne
    8) Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane
    9) They plan to whitewash the ENTIRE cast of the adaption of AKIRA
    10) Jim Carrey as Joker 2.0 (instead of playing the Riddler)

    I could go on, but I have a job. But these are all WB failures and solely the reason why it took so long to get a good superhero movie off the ground.

    Marvel has NO failures as of yet (although Trevor Mandarin was pushing it).

  • robert mexico

    Then you sir/madam don’t know comics; the Government will find Kara-Zor-EL body on earth. and realise that she is kryptonian. She gets cloned in the Cadmus Project codename Galatea. She gets an assignment to spy on Superman and report if he doing anything illegal. She also gets assigned to Batman and flirts with him. But Batman knew what she was doing especially when he catches her stealing his info. She later instigates a fight between Batman and Superman by saying that Batman is evil.

    Also the World Engine is Brainiac ship (watch Superman Unbound). Remember, in MOS, Zod confirmed that they went to other colonial outpost in another world to settle but found everyone dead. They took their supplies including the World Engine. The Brainiac character destroys world.

    Batman in bid to have eyes everywhere will use the debris of world engine will mistakenly allow Brainiac to crawl to the cyberspace and wipeout computer records of the World Engine (read Justice League motion pics transcript 2007). Things like nuclear strikes between US and Russia, India and Pakistan, North Korea and South Korea etc. Superman will know that it is Batman’s fault and they will start fighting. Now tell me if this does not have frank Miller written all over it.

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  • guest

    I said for a movie. I know the story youre talking about. They are not going to stick another Kryptonian in the movie as a hero, even if not a true one. And as for now Black Zero is only an easter egg with the Braniac logo. Not confirmed in any way.
    This is also a Superman movie, not a “Frank Miller Batman rules and Superman is a dumb ofe story”

  • guest

    Also I might add the ship they took was Kryptonian tech, not Braniacs. Yes blah blah some versions of Braniac are Kryptonian, but either way, he is a product of Kryptonian tech, he has not created anything, if he even existsd in the movie verse.

  • Lord_British

    Way to manufacture hyperbole to the extreme. This is why fanboys are looked down upon.

  • robert Mexico

    I was not confirming anything. These are just my thoughts after watching MOS so many times (11 times last count ). Galatea is never a hero nor kryptonian. She is a clone – test tube experiment from Supergirl genes In the Justiice League Unlimited, Supergirl will not be in the film but she will be referenced. Galatea is a creation of Cadmus Project since they found out that they are powerless against aliens beings like Zod and troops. I referenced Frank Millar because I believe they will use the same theme except Superman is dumb. Rather they will make it that Batman curiousity almost started World War 3

  • guest

    Im 100% sure Galatea or Supergirl will not be used in these movies.
    Nothing was even said about Supergirl. They showed her pod. Cool. You saw it 11 times, cool. Ive seen it 14, this is not a pissing contest :P
    Its much more likely we will get Luthor and Kryptonite. Hopefully even a Metallo.

  • robert mexico

    First, we have the prequel comics to MOS where KAra-Zor-EL was the main feature. Deborah Synder (Producer and Zack Synder wife) in a interview with another producer of the movie said that people should not overlook the opened pod; that it means something. Second, I can bet you a million that Lex Luther will not be the main character in MOS2. I will even go further by saying that Vandel Savage has more chances of being a main character in MOS2 than Lex Luther If they are still adopting or being inspired by Frank Millar comic. If there was Lex Luther in that comic, please tell me.

  • guest

    Zach has said himself they are NOT adapting The Dark Knight Returns.

    More evidence points to Luthor than anyone else.

    Yes, she was in the comic. But she would also have to have been hiding for 19,000 years.

  • robert mexico

    Totally respect your opinion but I disagree. Like I said, Supergirl will not be in MOS2 but referred. The Cadmus project will take her dead body from the surround iceberg and clone her to become Galatea. She will pretend that she is Supes cousin (watch Superman Batman apolocypse) before she is finally revealed as a clone.

    Luther will be more of a character in Justice League because Avengers have robbed WBDC of their chances to use Darkseid and risked been called copycats as loki and his armies have done the same thing. So Lex will have to assemble his own superhero to take down the Justice League. If you have 3 evidences points to lex luther’s feature in MOS2, please me; i would like to know.

  • myclawismypenis

    SHe’s the only person that could pull off WW.

  • Guest

    Im sorry but that is just not going to happen in this movie lol. Works in cartoons and comics, not live action.

    Gee, the Lexcorp trucks, oil tanker, his main building, the construction site funded by Luthor. Much more evidence.

  • robert mexico

    You know those are easter eggs that have nothing to do with the stories. The lexcorp, trucks, oil tanker, main building and construction site have no attachment or relevance to MOS

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  • Negative_Return

    Right, because Henry Cavill was a household name before making Man of Steel.

  • Dan Riedel

    I think the empty pod was the pod that lead to the creation of the Amazonians.

    Why else have her ship crash 20,000 years ago? Wonder Woman will essentially be like a Daxamite (Mon-El’s race has origins on Krypton, but they colonated another planet).

    Wonder Woman has traces of Kryptonian DNA, but her race evolved as time went on, so she’s a Krypton/Earth hybrid – hence why she can successfully pair with Kal-El, if they tried.

    You guys have to also remember that this movie was made when DC was about to lose the rights to Superman, it’s why his costume lost the red underwear, and why the New 52 even exists.

    I think they were setting up the departure of Lois Lane, maybe Jenny would be her replacement or Wonder Woman?

    So the pod is either that, or they plan on setting up a Doomsday story arch later from it all.

  • RonfromLongIsland

    Different situation entirely. Superman and Batman can both sell a movie. People will go to see it regardless just because Superman or Batman are in it. If they want to eventually release a Wonder Woman movie, I think you’d need to have a little bit of extra insurance of having a “name” actress like Jennifer Lawrence or Angelina Jolie. Or maybe I just really, really want to see J-Law as Wonder Woman. :-)