Empire magazine is going to feature a special spread on Michael Bay’s upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction- the fourth entry in the robot car series. The issue comes out on Thursday, but they’ve all ready shared their cover with the public. … Continue reading

Official First Look At Optimus Prime From Next ‘Transformers’

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Empire magazine is going to feature a special spread on Michael Bay’s upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction- the fourth entry in the robot car series. The issue comes out on Thursday, but they’ve all ready shared their cover with the public. On it, we see the film’s new star Mark Wahlberg, flanked by co-stars Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor. Notable for Transformers fans, though, is the first official look at Optimus Prime and how he’ll look in this movie.

Transformers - Optimus - Mark Wahlberg - Empire

In the film, Wahlberg assumes the lead role as a new character. He plays a mechanic who, with his daughter (Peltz), discovers a secret that ensnares the two of them in a conflict between the Autobots, the Decepticons, and a paranoid government official. The cast also includes Stanley Tucci and Kelsey Grammer. Fan-favorite, Peter Cullen, is back to once again voice Optimus- as he has since the 80′s cartoons.

The announcement of a fourth film surprised many after Bay had claimed that the third film was the conclusion of his branch of the franchise. But, as usual, money talks. Despite terrible reviews, and a ho-hum response from fans, 2009′s Revenge of The Fallen banked over $836 million worldwide.

Transformers: Age of Extinction rolls into theaters on June 27, 2014.

SOURCE: Empire

  • moviefan1

    Someone needs to seriously stop Michael Bay from making anymore movies.


    So I guess he may not be looking like the original less clutterred design of the 80s toon as I’d imagined. Just looks more overdesigned than before. The photo’s of the original truck design that were released ages ago made me think he would look Retro. So far, not a good sign.

  • NihilistZerO

    They actually made it worse… Michael Bay is the greatest Troll in the history of genre cinema directors!

  • joecooler2u

    Wow that’s Optimus? Getting even worse. Unrecognizable! I might be tired of movies rebooting but Transformers seriously needs a reboot so someone can redesign the Transformers into something recognizable and do the characters justice. Ya know actually have some Transformers speak. If not for Peter Cullen the Transformers movies wouldn’t be anything resembling the Transformers most of us knew growing up. Where are all the great and diverse characters? It’s sad when the humans are the ones to watch the movies for and not the Transformers.

  • Rusty Elbows

    Look at Bay with that camera. ಠ◡ಠ

    I always thought his films were a massive ego endeavor into male masturbatory action imagery, but to see him actually recording with a camera from the groin is just too much.

  • The__Usual_Suspect

    Someone needs to save this franchise.

  • bokimble

    cool sword. not.

  • Piablo

    It’s like a highschool lunch cafeteria in here… a bunch of kids trying to up the ante on Bay-hating. Get over it. He makes action packed popcorn flicks… what’s the problem? What’s getting old is the “Michael Bay raped my childhood” mantra. Get a new shtick

  • Mal B

    Still waiting for a REBOOT to come

  • Freddie Rock

    It’s coming… just give it a few years

  • 5_deadly_venoms

    Exactly. Bunch of fucking crybabies. Ho-hum response from fans & terrible reviews & the thing still makes $836 million worldwide. Y is that? Cuz these whining dummies still go to see it. If u don’t want Bay making movies then don’t pay to see them

  • http://www.patuniverse.com/ PATuniverse.com

    All these people have this empty hatred for Michael Bay yet they still line up to see his movies lol. If y’all hate him so much, put him out of business by not supporting his work. Folks have this love-hate thing with him that never made sense to me; they hate his movies but still go to see them. Makes no sense. Life is all about choices. Either support or don’t support. It’s not a complicated decision. Trolling and shit-talking on the internet is a waste of time and won’t do anything to get him to stop “ruining your childhood.” #GTFOH

  • BoomTube77

    Yup, fanboy fucktards just keep forgetting these are “TRANS-FORMERS”..they morph into other shapes!! lol. I’ve always said why don’t they change into all types of shit through out the film. And why don’t all of them fly?? Seems like a much better way of getting from point a to point be to me.

  • billybobbyjoe

    I read these comments while taking a dump.

  • KoreyTM

    I’ve done my part so far. After the first Transformers, I didn’t see any of the sequels (still haven’t). I simply hate his attitude; I refuse to see any of his movies because the guy’s a major douchebag.

  • http://www.patuniverse.com/ PATuniverse.com

    At least you’re doing something about it i.e. not supporting his work. I don’t think he’s a great director at all, but his movies are fun, enjoyable popcorn movies, nothing more, nothing less. I’m not looking for classic cinema when I see his movies because I know he doesn’t do that.

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