Deadline’s Mike Fleming, on assignment for Playboy magazine, conducted an interview with Ben Affleck which appears in the magazine’s 60th Anniversary Special Edition. The issue should be dropping on news stands any minute now. Yes, I read Playboy for the … Continue reading

Ben Affleck Talks About How His Batman Differs From Christian Bale’s

benaffleck-Deadline’s Mike Fleming, on assignment for Playboy magazine, conducted an interview with Ben Affleck which appears in the magazine’s 60th Anniversary Special Edition. The issue should be dropping on news stands any minute now. Yes, I read Playboy for the great articles and HELL YES I absolutely look at the pictures too so let’s get that out of the way.

The interview is a fantastic read and Affleck discusses Argo, politics, and of course Batman. Here are some snippets from the interview concerning Batman.

PLAYBOY: When Warner Bros. named you Batman, the internet exploded with hostility. After climbing back from career adversity to win the best picture Oscar for Argo, was your initial reaction more “Not Again” or “Screw You”?

AFFLECK: It wasn’t either, really. I expected that reaction. Warner Bros. told me, “You should know what you’re getting into.” They showed me the reactions to other folks who had been cast in these roles. They said this is how it tends to play out initially.

PLAYBOY: What convinced you?

AFFLECK: When they asked if I would be Batman, I told them I don’t see myself in the role and I was going to have to beg off. They said I’d fit well into how they were going to approach the character and asked me to look at what the writer-director, Zack Snyder, was doing. The stuff was incredible.


AFFLECK: It was a unique take on Batman that was still consistent with the mythology. It made me excited. All of a sudden I had a reading of the character. When people see it, it will make more sense than it does now or even than it did to me initially.

And now Fleming asks Affleck the money question…

PLAYBOY: How will your Batman differ from the others, particularly the one played by Christian Bale?

AFFLECK: I don’t want to give away too much, but the idea for the new Batman is to redefine him in a way that doesn’t compete with the Bale and Chris Nolan Batman but still exists within the Batman canon. It will be an older and wiser version, particularly as he relates to Henry Cavill’s Superman character.

In terms of the backlash, Affleck had this to say…

PLAYBOY: How much did the hostile fan reaction bother you?

AFFLECK: I understand I’m at a disadvantage with the internet. If I thought the result would be another Daredevil, I’d be out there picketing myself. [laughs] Why would I make the movie if I didn’t think it was going to be good and that I can be good in it?

Speaking of Daredevil, Affleck had this to say about Community Board 4′s caped crusader…

PLAYBOY: George Clooney kept a photo of himself as Batman on his office wall as a reminder of what can happen when you take a role for money and fame. If you had such a photo in your office, which movie would you go with?

AFFLECK: I’d probably have two or three. [laughs] It’d be tough to choose. The only movie I actually regret is Daredevil. It just kills me. I love that story, that character, and the fact that it got fucked up the way it did stays with me. Maybe that’s part of the motivation to do Batman.

You got to admire the Alleck’s honesty.

SOURCE: Mike Fleming, Playboy

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  • Daniel Ronczkowski

    Awesome! I can’t wait.
    I hope Papa Smith gets him on Fatman on Batman when time comes nearer.

  • Madcap2112

    I’m getting more and more used to this. I’m actually starting to trust Ben.

  • Joe

    My problem remains his voice. He doesnt AT ALL have the voice to be Batman. He talks like a fratboy. Show me one instance anywhere in any movie where he talks in any way that could even get close to Kevin Conroy. Bale had to make his voice sound insanely low to be able to hang and he had better pipes. What will Affleck do to fix this or will they do it digitally for him?

  • Hephaestus1

    If worst comes to worst, Affleck has the best role in the movie.

    He’s right not to worry.

  • Jordan Rath

    In all honesty, Ben is probably one of the few things that I’m not concerned about for the new Superman Batman. I never understood all the hostility. He is a fantastic actor these days and a better director than Snyder.

    If I had to pick what I’m most worried about it would be:
    A) will Snyder be able to reign in the action this time? He told a fantastic origin story with Man of Steel but the overly long action sequence at the end got tiring.

    B) How will this set up JLA, if at all? Will it tie to DC’s, Arrow (because it most certainly should)?

    Either way Im excited for this movie, especially after how much I enjoyed [most of] Man of Steel.

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  • cj

    It will be a tired, weary voice like in Argo. There will be no New England/Boston in his voice. He will try to go a little deeper.

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    Matt Damon for Robin!

  • YourMommaSoFat

    I hear they cast Emma Roberts as Robin.

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  • YourMommaSoFat

    If it means Ben will have a cool costume and will direct Justice League while Snyder stays the fuck away from it I am ok with him as Batman so far.

  • Tony

    I kinda thought this article was just going to be one sentence long. Something to the effect of “Bale’s was good, Affleck’s sucks.”

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  • vernsviews

    The Green Arrow is not a founding member so it’s doubtful. He’s also the same as Batman just more political. waste of character.

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  • Miguel Vilhena

    Go Ben Affleck!

  • Chase

    When it comes to Bruce Wayne, I think he’s got the perfect voice. Confident, cocky, “frat boyish” as you say. It’s a little higher pitched at times yeah, but I’m sure he can fake a lower voice while in costume.

  • bovinecrusader

    For what it’s worth, I think the director’s cut of Daredevil wasn’t half bad. Would rather watch that than Hulk (Ang Lee).

  • Dan Riedel

    The only Batman I can see him as is the “I’m a dick, deal with it” variety. Kind of tongue in cheek, but a cheater, almost a villain.

  • Redbull Werewolf

    This guy is going to wow us all. Fanboys will be jerkin it in 2015. Just like the did with keaton and ledger. Ben is a better actor then people give him credit for

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  • JudgeMethos

    Just don’t watch it then. Simple.

  • JudgeMethos

    It was WAY better. He actually got to solve a case as Matt Murdock.

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  • c_r_gauthier

    Man of Steel was not perfect, but it was better than whatever we’ve ever gotten from a Superman movie before.

    It had a few plot holes.. The death of Jonathon Kent was sloppy. The entire powers / atmosphere thing in the ship, etc.. was not well thought of and was actually used as a plot device

    The kryptonians in their suits angle was also wrong.

    I mean, if those suits are supposed to protect them against radiation and atmosphere, how can they be as strong as Superman who has been basking in our Earth’s atmosphere and our yellow sun for 33 yrs?

    While in the suit, they might be more powerful than humans, but shouldn’t have been able to fight Superman to a stand still.

    BUT the final action pack sequence of Superman and General Zod, that was fuckin’ awesome. It takes your breath away seeing the flying and the punches, in many ways you felt like your were Superman punching Zod.

  • Josh Parsons

    Ben Affleck gets unwarranted hatred. He is evolving into a good film maker, has an Academy for writing and seems like a pretty solid guy overall

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  • Mr. Smart-azz


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  • Mr.Smart-azz

    Anything from krypton is stronger even their metals when the yellow sun hits it I mean really read a comic sometime kid anything from krypton gets stronger from the yellow sun not just the people

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  • JamesECash

    LOL! Man, i feel bad for you. Never give your hopes up so fast. this guy is horrible and will be a horrible Batman. Just look at Dare Devil.

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  • sunnavab

    What?!?! No accent?? I can’t see this movie without Boston Batman!

  • MichaelRWorthingon

    Thanks…that never occurred to any of us Very insightful and helpful.

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  • JudgeMethos

    You’re welcome, sir. Anytime.

  • c_r_gauthier

    The movie doesn’t follow what we typically know from the comics.

    I’ve been reading the Superman comics from the original to now, and have a huge collection. Superman’s powers have grown, changed and basically, let’s say consistency was never a strong point. Before the Byrne era, Superman could travel through time, push planets, etc.

    Anyways, point is this. The movie has a lack of consistency on how Kryptonians and their powers behave.

    More to the point, according to the movie, it’s a blend of the Yellow Sun as well as our atmosphere that provides his powers and the longevity of having his cells charged.

    So, why would the change of atmosphere in the ship be such a factor?

    I mean, he can go in space where there is NO atmosphere, wouldn’t that be harsher that Krypton’s atmosphere?

    If his cells are solar batteries, then, the fact that he got into the kryptonian ship, with its artificial kryptonian afmosphere, shouldn’t be enough to deplete his powers right away.

    As I said, when it comes to the handling of Superman’s powers as well as other Kryptonians, the movie has some serious logic flaws.

    The kryptonians suits are space suits. so, what are space suits supposed to do? protect the wearer from any external environmentals and provide the wearer with life support.

    Translation? While IN THEIR SPACE SUIT, they shouldn’t have super-powers. Yes, they would be stronger, since Earth’s gravity is weaker, but, that’s pretty much it.

    Not Superman Strong, since they are isolated from the rays of the yellow sun and do not get the benefits of Earth’s atmosphere.

    Now to make it even worse, why would they want to Terraform the earth, transforming it into another Krypton, when as it is, it provides them with god-like powers.

    As I said before, Man of Steel has a lot of plot holes. It was better than other movies preceding it, but, still, it’s not perfect.

    If you don’t think about it too hard, then you get to enjoy it for what it is.

  • Whatacrock

    He will be the first Batman to cry.

  • Whatacrock

    The reason there was fan outcry is because Affleck comes across like a douche. He has a whiny voice and fans simply don’t like him. Not to mention that Man of Steel was a POS.

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  • LikeYouCouldDoBetter

    Oh, go fuck yourself.

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  • KryptonianWarrior

    “Just look at Dare Devil”….how original. That is the most ignorant statement anyone can make when someone mentions anything about Affleck and Batman. That movie was made 10 years ago and there MANY things that went wrong in that movie. The writing, editing and directing were the worst. Ben was NOT the problem in that movie.

    Also, is that what you do at your job (assuming you have one)? Do you improve at your job performance? With more experience, you get better at what you do. Which is EXACTLY what Ben has done. Since DD, he has tremendously improved his acting ability. Mark my words, he will be the best live action Batman to date. Prove me wrong….I dare you!

  • JamesECash

    No thanks. i just watch losers fuck yourselves while you pretend this guy doesnt suck ass! he is worst actor for the role. he sucked in every movie he was in

  • JamesECash

    because many people mention daredevil it makes it untrue? nice deflecting. Is it possible I DONT LIKE HIM? I never did and i dont think he improved at all. is this possible? or does everyone think like you? I work in the sanitation business, i am not an actor, affleck always sucked, i learned my trade well. What do you do for a living?

  • Jordan Rath

    Disagree about him being a waste. He has an easier time killing people when it needs to be done and Stephen Amell is fantastic in the role.

    I think they would be foolish not to use him.

  • Logic

    Terraforming the planet wouldn’t change the sun, so they are still going to have their powers. Their suits don’t isolate them from the yellow rays of the sun, either. It simply minimizes them; thus they got some benefits from it. When the helmets got compromised is when the full force of the rays hit them and they got heat vision and xray vision and all that stuff that hurts like hell at first.

  • Logic

    TV Arrow should not be used in a theatrical movie. That would require movie goers to have knowledge of a character from a TV show which would be foolish. Better to have a Green Arrow that is setup and used in a theatrical movie. Your movie going audience is more likely to see that in a theater. I wouldn’t want a character from a TV show showing up in a movie I made that would require my audience to have watched it to know what in the hell is going on. TV and movies are two different worlds and should stay that way.

  • Logic

    Christian Bale’s Batman voice was digitally enhanced in the last two films to sound the way it did. It was not enhanced in Batman Begins which is why he sounds different. So, yes they could certainly enhance Affleck’s voice given it has been done already.

  • Logic

    Affleck has dramatically improved his acting game over the past 10 years. He will be lauded and applauded by everyone just like Keaton was when he wows us with a career making potrayal of Batman. How do ya like them apples?

  • Andrew Arnold

    I’m not the biggest fan of Affleck. He wasn’t the worst thing about Daredevil- it would have been a huge turd sandwich no matter who they cast. I’ll give him a chance, but when we first see him in the mask, so help me God, if he starts that gravelly-voiced speech, I’ll punch myself in the face! Also, the best Batman ever is Kevin Conroy with Adam West coming in second.

  • Andrew Arnold

    Don’t you mean “Bostman”?

  • Andrew Arnold

    Uh yeah, they were. Are you thinking of the Justice Society, perhaps?

  • Andrew Arnold

    Not that stupid gravel voice! It’s enough with the growling already. And if you doubt me, read this post and a few others with that gravel voice and you’ll see…

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  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    Don’t tell me what I felt like. That’s what YOU felt like.

  • seansarto

    When an actor says he “looked’ at the writer’s work and it was “incredible”..Pretty much means they never read it all.

  • NYCS

    Why not link to the actual article? Makes it look fishy.

  • Eduardo Tato Ortiz-Hernandez

    Sorry James I gotta disagree with you too, I guess I’m also a “loser” who you will “watch get fucked”.However, I do think Ben Affleck is a very talented actor and director, saying he was bad in Argo… is just plain dumb… I guess if something is repeated enough in the internet, some people will use it as a banner… like this crazy disaproval towards Ben

  • Loui P Slywalker

    Don’t be so hard on yourself Ben – Daredevil (the directors cut at least) wasn’t half bad!! Getting rid of the ridiculous sex scene whilst comparing scars and putting a bit more meat on the bone so to speak did that movie the world of good. It still wasn’t brilliant and that fight scene in the playground with Elektra is still unforgivable but it was at least a half decent effort!

  • Jugo Aich

    Looks like you are running out of things to whine about in life.

  • Voice of Reason

    Did you not watch TOWN and ARGO?

  • Voice of Reason

    On one hand, it’s conceivable that he can do a good job. On the other, I think this would be more awesome if he were writing and directing. As good an actor as he’s become this past few years, he has never been that good in a movie where he wasn’t the creative force behind it. Look at Goodwill Hunting, Argo and Town. Two Oscar contenders and all critically acclaimed. Then compare it with his work in Armageddon, Daredevil and the rest. You’lll see two different Ben Afflecks. He’s obviously quite smart and he does have talent but the only one who uses him well is himself. Well, him and maybe Kevin Smith, for Kevin Smith’s purposes. Heck, he’s a much better director than Snyder too.

  • Adam Edwards

    What you mean like Agents of Shield is a completely different world?

    Why not tie in Green Arrow, we don’t need huge amounts of exposition explaining who/what he is. Did we need that with Hawkeye?

    Given that the plot is going to essentially be a band of heroes join together to fight an enemy, we don’t need a ton of explanations.

    The big difference I feel between DC and Marvel is that the DC heroes by and large are pro-active i.e. they seek out their enemies, rather than Marvel who in my (admittedly limited experience) are reactive.

    Therefore wouldn’t it make sense for Heroes who exist in these movie/TV worlds overlapping? It always bothered me how the SHIELD link to Iron Man 3 disappeared. Nobody from SHIELD showed up to help Tony out etc and that is supposedly more believable???

  • c_r_gauthier

    LOL.. the you is in general, obviously, it would seem you are an exception to the rule.. so be it.. :)

  • c_r_gauthier

    I know.. but remember the movie’s premise of Superman’s powers are a combination of both our yellow sun and Earth’s nourishing atmosphere. Again, just pointing out the many flaws with the story line and how they built on flawed logic.

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  • Jordan Rath

    How hard would it be to cameo him in the Bat vs. Sup man movie for the fans of the show (like myself) and then give him some background in the JLA movie?

    Movie goers didn’t seem to have a problem with it when Black Widow and Hawkeye appeared in the Avengers…

    It’s certainly not as hard/confusing as you make it out to be. What WOULD BE confusing is having two different Green Arrows existing at the same time, or two different Flashes.

  • Jimbo

    Affleck is actually a pretty fantastic filmmaker, and I’m a fan….just not a fan of his acting outside of his own directorial efforts.

    I will say he was good in The Company Men– an underrated movie, and along with Up in the Air with Clooney, a good zeitgeist of the economic times.

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  • dante

    why are you watching losers fuck themselves

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    Yeah…but the thing is, I’m not “the exception.” That movie was far from universally loved. It was polarizing, at best. Just look around the web at the comments that go around. There are tons of people that thought it was a soulless movie that completely wasted an opportunity to do something special. So I’m far from being just the exception. I’m part of a very large group of fans that were extremely disappointed with Snyder’s vision for the character.

  • c_r_gauthier

    ok.. fine.. shit as if I give a fuck whether you liked it or not.. i’m not your fucking keeper, I still liked it, and that’s all that matters to me. whatever you like, it’s up to you, agree to disagree or get a fucking life.

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  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    Hahahaha What a reasonable and level-headed response.

    How am I not “agreeing to disagree”? And where’s the implication that you’re my…”keeper”? That’s a good one.

    I’m merely explaining to you that using general terms that imply how “everyone else” felt about a movie doesn’t work when the movie is as obviously polarizing as this one. I’m glad you liked the film. I didn’t. It’s pretty simple. Sorry to ruffle your feathers.

  • c_r_gauthier

    you should read what you wrote, it makes you sound like a pompous ass.

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  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    I did. I don’t see what where you draw that conclusion. It’s clear you’ve misinterpreted something and are deeply offended, so…I’m sorry that’s the case. But I’ve done nothing wrong, or said anything incendiary.

  • Phill A. Sheeo

    I think is going to be very interestng and Affleck simply doesn’t get enough credit.

  • Batman

    If i was him i woulda said “I don’t regret it because that’s where i met my wife.”

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  • Michael Roberts

    no to all of this

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  • Nick

    It helps when Kevin Smith is backing it. (A true comic book nerd who knows his stuff)

  • vernsviews

    Plenty of people did have a problem with Black Widow

  • Jordan Rath

    You and I disagree and I have yet to meet one of those people. Simply put, I think putting Stephen Amell in the world of Bat vs. Sup would please a lot more people than it would displease.

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  • JamesECash

    Its funny? duh.

  • JamesECash

    Actually no, i have plenty to whine about!

  • JamesECash

    LOL, dude its fine if you think he will be awesome. i dont think so. Now, how do you like dem apples?

  • JamesECash

    No you are not a loser, bro. its just how i feel. i am not a fan of him. i just dont like getting told i am wrong every 5 mins because i dont like Ben. its nothing personal. i was just never a fan and i do think he sucks. The Town was an ok movie. Pretty good but i thought Jeremy Renner was the one with the great acting in that film. As a director i dont mind him. doesnt mean i am a fan or i am excited.

  • Kamille

    “why would they want to Terraform the Earth, transforming it into another Krypton, when as it is, it provides them with god-like powers.”

    ^ I’ve been wondering the same thing ever since I watched the movie. lol

  • JamesECash

    I watched the Town. His acting was ok. Nothing that good. Argo i didn’t see. I am not a fan of his.

  • jay

    Daredevil was actually ok it wasn’t Ben’s fault

  • c_r_gauthier

    yeah.. sure :)

  • c_r_gauthier

    Ok.. my apologizes too.. After all, misteaks do happen, forgive and move on.. no? :)

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  • Robbie Moraes

    Affelick is the worst actor period. This is why DC Comics Films will Fail.

  • Robbie Moraes

    Enough with this man’s lies. He sounds like James Cameron. Bleech.

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  • JamesECash

    Well, IMO he isn’t the worst actor ever. To me Vin Diesel is… So actually he possibly isn’t the worst chose. Vin would be. 2nd worse :P

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  • ChrisJ

    Well if you don’t like him personally that’s fine but don’t bring up Daredevil cos that argument’s just been beaten to death and is irrelevant really. But yeah your opinion as with everyone else’s is still valid.

  • Jordan Rath

    Just because you don’t like him personally doesn’t mean that he will turn in a bad performance as Batman. There is a complete difference and separation between the art and the artist.

  • 123shazam

    HE’S A BAD ACTOR, PERIOD. I’ve seen his work, old and new, and it’s going to be the same old dried up, overacted, yet still empty bullshit. Have fun with that. All I have to say is, weird eyebrow movements. Affleck does this weird shit with his eyebrows when he acts, it’s like his nervous twitch. I always give shit a chance, even Twilight, and it’s the first thing that came to mind when I watch Stewart do the same thing along with her mouth breathing. It’s ALL EMOTION IS THROUGH OVER THE TOP EYEBROW MOVEMENTS, then out of no where, there is just a creepy blank slate face, an added scowl and lines are delivered. NO THANK YOU.

  • 123shazam

    It’s like they’re malfunctioning while trying to convey emotion, then because they can’t do more than one thing at once they stop emotion and deliver lines. It’s weird and creepy.

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  • Tyrone Barnes

    That was ten years ago. He’s not the same actor that he was ten years ago. Are you the same person that you were ten years ago?

  • The Skins Factory

    I’m sorry but I’m going to have to disagree with Ben, Daredevil (the Director’s Cut) was far from a terrible movie.

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  • Madcap2112

    Don’t go see it. Problem solved.

  • yo

    u are an ignorant piece of shit who is shit

  • JamesECash

    you want to know the funniest thing? i dont read many comments and i dont go to bens board or the batman boards… i had no clue people were mentioning daredevil. i was hard on him before but he was a passable superhero as daredevil. i thought of this. i didnt need to hear it from others.

  • JamesECash

    Lol “an ignorant piece of shit who is shit” wow.

  • JamesECash

    DUDE. I said before its not on a personal level i didnt like his acting. re-read what i said. i even said he was ok in the town and a decent director. i dont like him AS AN ACTOR. its what i meant. I dont see him as Batman. i am just giving my opinion… maybe a little trollish but still honest :P

  • JamesECash

    No i am not. Its your opinion but i disagree.

  • JamesECash

    What “problem” will be solved? I enjoyed all the batman movies have spent lots of money on tickets, merc, everything from dvds, blu rays, vhs, clothes, costumes and toys over the course of 25 years of my life… and what? i just will not watch the film because you suggest? No.

  • Madcap2112

    Then what are you complaining about? You’re going to see a movie you decided will suck two years before it hits cinemas. Why?

  • JamesECash

    Like i have explained before to others. i dislike Ben as a choice and as an actor not the whole film is only about him. villains, characters sets locations, other things to look forward too especially if he does decent enough and is not an annoying… then i can still enjoy the film.

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  • Ezio

    I’m just gonna wait and see how the movie works out. No use in whining about something you don’t like on the internet all day.