With the sudden, tragic death of Paul Walker over the weekend, many have wondered what would become of Fast & Furious 7. Would the production see a serious delay? Would it be scrapped altogether? The Hollywood Reporter has shed some light … Continue reading

Fast & Furious 7 Delayed But Not Cancelled


With the sudden, tragic death of Paul Walker over the weekend, many have wondered what would become of Fast & Furious 7. Would the production see a serious delay? Would it be scrapped altogether? The Hollywood Reporter has shed some light on what’s happening behind-the-scenes in the wake of the death of one of its stars.

Filming on the forthcoming sequel had been well underway, for almost two months- with stars Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson posting pictures from the set on social media. The production had taken a brief break, on account of the Thanksgiving holiday, and was all set to reconvene in Atlanta today to resume filming. Filming was going to extend through at least January, when the production would move to Abu Dhabi for a key sequence. However, all of that’s now been put on hold for obvious reasons. Yesterday, director James Wan held a conference call with Universal Pictures executives to discuss what the current state of the project is, and how they can proceed while still remaining respectful of Walker’s untimely passing.

It should be noted that the studio has been racing towards a July 11 release date for months. Director Justin Lin, who resuscitated the series after it had been considered as good as over after the second film, opted out of the 7th film in-part because of the tight, speedy timeline. It remains to be seen if Universal is willing to budge now that some serious time has to be dedicated towards adjusting the script.

In related news, Walker’s Hurricane Katrina set thriller, Hours, is still set to premiere in theaters on December 13.

What do you think? What would be the most respectful way to handle this in a storyline setting? Do you think they should just walk away from it altogether? Will you see the Fast & Furious 7? How about Hours? Sound off!

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  • Tracy Boarder

    Figure out a way to give his character a happy ending, with what they have. Have this be his final job and let his character ride off into the sunset, mission accomplished, to live happily ever after.

  • Oto Vasquez

    Hours it’s a great movie mostly if you have kids. It’s a shame he was a great actor

  • Kati

    Give his character a happy ending and then stop making the movies, that would be the most respectful way to do it. If they do want to continue, make the movies about Hobbs with Dom and Letty cameos, not about the Torreto family anymore because Brian was an essential part of it. Basically, keep Brian O’Conner alive. If they kill him, it would like Paul Walker died twice. I’m not sure I could handle it.

  • cj

    At first I thought they should have him killed off like Han to give extra motiviation to Dom’s character, but I really don’t like that now. I think he should get a happy end of sorts with the wife and baby. Dom’s sister’s character’s storyline is sort of fun, but really isn’t necessary and they have kind of done what they can with her. It’s a shame he won’t be in it going forward they need someone with his light spirit to counter Dom’s seriousness. But year, give him a happy ending and go forward with Dom’s story since this pic (and from my understanding the next one) is about revenge against Dom for something Dom did in the first movie. And they can and should bring in a new character sort of like Paul Walker’s to balance out the seriousness of Dom (vin diesel). If they want to bring Lucas Black on that’s cool as long as they bring someone else… a sort of Paul Walker/Keanu Reeves type.

  • Dyce Raptor

    Except they’ve already set contracts for #8, including Kurt Russel. Universal would have to hand out a good ton of cash for bailing out on their end of the contract. I don’t see that happening.

  • FassbendersRazzieSpeech

    Priority number one : How to salvage the money already spent.

  • red1701

    no one has mentioned the other factor..the one about (this is a spoiler for the end of f/f6……go away right now if you don’t want to know……..

    Okay. the way Han ends up dying is sadly mirroring how Paul Walker died…crash, burning car…explosion. This event is invariably the kickoff to FF7, what drives the story into motion…what do they do now? keep it as such or change that aspect as well? Statham walking away from Han’s exploding car (which he made wreck)….it’s all a bit eerie now.

    I’m with those that say give Brian a happy ending, and continue (if need be) in an altered manner with a core group that would spin off from the O’Conner/Torretto design.

  • Steve Croft

    No, the most respectful way to do it is just to bow Brian out of the series in a noble way. Have him and Jordanas character leave to raise their kid out of ‘the life’ as I’ve said before in a country far away so they can escape the craziness being around Dom brings. Have Dom make a comment about it at the end of 7 or beginning of 8. There’s no reason the series can’t go on. 5 and 6 were primarily the Rock and Vin Diesel anyhow. You could quite *easily* bring Lucas Black to the front and fill Walkers role with him now.

  • The__Usual_Suspect

    May God have mercy on his soul.

    Haven’t seen a F&F since Tokyo Drift but I hope this movie kicks butt for the sake of his legacy.

  • bdhuson

    Definitely think they should continue with the filming. Re-write the script to fit into the loss of O’Conner in a way that makes him more of a hero, maybe the government off’s him and turns Hobbs against them and he helps Toreto exact revenge on the guys who killed him. I think he had a lot vested in the films, maybe allowing him to finish it in style would be good.

  • http://knuts-film-blog.blogspot.co.uk/ Paxton

    Thing is, if they can finish it somehow, they will likely make more on this than on any previous entry, if nothing else because of the morbid fascination audiences have with seeing loved actors resurrected months after their passing through the medium of film. Particularly as this was his last film, and even before his death, looking likely to be the most successful.

  • http://knuts-film-blog.blogspot.co.uk/ Paxton

    You should, they have got progressively better since.

  • The__Usual_Suspect

    Will do.