In the wake of actor Paul Walker’s death, the fate of the production he left behind has been up in the air. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fast & Furious 7 was all ready well under way- yet no where near … Continue reading

‘Fast & Furious 7′ Update: Working To Keep What’s Been Shot


In the wake of actor Paul Walker’s death, the fate of the production he left behind has been up in the air. According to The Hollywood ReporterFast & Furious 7 was all ready well under way- yet no where near completed- when the actor suddenly perished in a car wreck in California on November 30. How much had been invested, exactly? The report claims that Universal had sunk $150 million into the production all ready. While that money is all insured, and a claim could be made- citing force majeure- to the film’s insurance company, it just shows far along into producing the film they’d gotten.

While it was reported last week that Universal could consider starting the entire production over again with a new story that writes off Walker’s character, the belief now is that they’re trying to find a way to salvage the current film while still offering him a fitting send-off. Writer Chris Morgan is the man tasked with revising the script, with hopes that production can resume by the end of January- according to the THR report.

With so many things now up in the air, one thing that we can confidently state is that the film will no longer make its July 11 release date. Universal, at one point, had been so adamant about reaching that date that it sped things up to the point where director Justin Lin left the production. But, alas, an inside source says it’s now safe to say that the film’s release has been delayed. Sources also claim that plans for future installments are still very much alive. A rival studio executive thinks the film will get a financial bump similar to The Dark Knight, following the untimely death of Heath Ledger. The unnamed exec told THR, “I actually believe [the tragedy] will add to returns.” When THR brought this quote to their source at Universal, they agreed. “Sadly, it will probably make people more interested.

Universal, and the Fast & Furious 7 crew have a lot of work ahead of them. “What will drive everything is, is there an honorable and sensible way to do this?” says a source, who then adds that “there’s not really a road map.


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  • The__Usual_Suspect

    Like I said before, I hope that this movie does great and ends up being as good as it possibly can be for Paul Walker’s legacy.

  • cineamante35

    I say use whatever footage they have (it looks like they did a funeral scene with enough footage ) and use it as flashbacks and write Brian off as living somewhere with Mia and there kid , and have the story pick up at the end of Tokyo Drift with Vin Diesels cameo.

  • NihilistZerO

    I know some people will vehemently disagree, but I think the best way to honor Walker’s performance is for him to die in the series as well. They could use most of the footage filmed and think of the weight it would lend to the inevitable showdown with Jason Statham’s character. Considering the family thing this series has going his passing combined with Wan and his girlfriend’s would lend a great “weight” to the next couple of installments. If done right it could be tasteful AND make for great cinema.

  • Boomtube77

    I totally agree with you man. The olny way this can work is if his character dies. Having him ride off into the sunset wouldn’t make much sense. O’conner would never just up and leave his friends when they need him. I can’t imagine future films without O’conner if he was still alive.

  • MikeWithWings

    I honestly think they really should honor him in the same manner, that’s the least the producers could do for not only the series but for the fans. And it should thicken the plot especially against Jason’s character for the simple fact that not only is the team fighting for Wan and now hopefully the main character from Tokyo Drift, but also [mainly Vin Diesel] fighting for his best friend. That’s some serious stuff right there.

  • Onyx

    I hope they pull this off and it does extremely well at the BO.