Bill “Jett” Ramey, from Batman-on-Film has updated the site’s mailbag with a series of answers to questions related to Batman vs Superman. BoF has been a reliable source of Bat-related news before, and Jett claims to have some insider intel. He, … Continue reading

‘Batman vs Superman’ Insights From An Insider


Bill “Jett” Ramey, from Batman-on-Film has updated the site’s mailbag with a series of answers to questions related to Batman vs Superman. BoF has been a reliable source of Bat-related news before, and Jett claims to have some insider intel. He, of course, wisely disclaims the following nuggets by saying that they’re “based on inside information, industry scuttlebutt, and my opinion. Nothing should be taken as confirmed news unless explicitly stated as such,” so let’s keep that in mind as we dive in to what the man’s got to say:

  • Martian Manhunter and Aquaman will not appear in the film.
  • He thinks we’re going to see the first official still of Affleck in costume really soon.
  • Superman/Clark Kent will unequivocally be the main character of Batman vs Superman, meaning this will not be some covert Justice League movie.
  • Lex Luthor will be in the movie, but he will not be the only villain. Jett refuses to reveal the second one, only stating that this other character is highly rumored to be in the film. Might this mean Doomsday?
  • On the size of Wonder Woman’s (Gal Gadot) part in the film, he theorizes it’s going to be something akin to Black Widow (Scarlett Johannson) in Iron Man 2. He also speculates that she, and the island of Amazons from which she comes, will be descendants of the Kryptonians that landed on earth centuries ago to survey the planet.
  • There won’t be any Bat-villains in BvS.
  • The script’s characterization of Batman seems to be derived from Dark Knight Returns, Batman Beyond, with a bit of Kingdom Come.
  • Throughout his answers, he makes several references to “bat armor.”

On a side note, he gave us a nice shout-out in the mailbag, saying we can be considered a scoop site that’s “run with class and integrity.” I’ll take that. For a more detailed look at his musings on Batman, and to read the full mailbag, just click on our source below.

I know there wasn’t a lot of news here, but I thought you might appreciate hearing some confirmations and denials from someone who seems to have an inside track on the production.

Batman vs Superman comes out next year on July 17, 2015.

SOURCE: Batman-On-Film

  • Mr.Irish

    Wonder Woman being part Kryptonian would piss a lot of people off.

  • Hando316

    I can see if there was a big battle on their Island. It would have to be the 1st fight in order to show WW to the world and then allowing her mother to give permission for her to venture out into the world is a way to bring her into the film. Anything other than that would piss folks off.

  • Greg Holkan

    Making Wonder Woman Kryptonian would wreck it.

  • Tey

    Apart from Wonder Woman being kyrptonian, I like what I am seeing. Especially the Ben Affleck still coming soon!

  • Dan Riedel

    I knew it!!!!

    Why else have Kara-El’s ship crash land thousands of years ago? Ah…it feels so good to be so right :)

    They may also introduce Kryptonian weaponry and alloys that can affect/kill Superman. So Kryptonite may never be seen in this franchise. That’d be interesting to say the least.

    That said, if Doomsday is the second villain, I’m NOT seeing this movie.

  • DaviD Miller

    If it was to choose an actress from Israel to play Wonder Woman, why not choose another model and actress?
    Bar Refaeli for example..
    You have in one hand, Bar Refaeli and the other hand Gal Gadot, why would you choose Gal Gadot?
    Why do you hate us so much Warner?

  • Barchiel

    People will be pissed off anyway. Can’t please them all. Besides, better to be pissed off than pissed on.

  • Barchiel

    The Krypton-Amazon link is actually very cool and makes a LOT of sense. What doesn’t make sense is super-strong Amazons already on Earth as Earthlings.

    I dig it.

  • hanglezco

    i like it all.. and like a kriptonian ancester wonder woman.. will explain her power.. i like this..

  • Hephaestus1

    Gotta love that picture above the article.

    Two peas in a pod.

  • Camperlicious

    I think it’s funny when super hero fans (which I assume you are) say they are not going to see a movie that you lot have been clamoring for, for what seems forever.

    My bet is that you see this movie even if Howard the Duck is the second villain.

  • Shaun Patrick O’Rourke

    I knew the only way Batman could fight Superman was going to be with some sort of Ironman type armor. Makes total sense. Just hope it doesn’t look cheesy.

  • Bilal Khan

    ‘He also speculates that she, and the island of Amazons from which she
    comes, will be descendants of the Kryptonians that landed on earth
    centuries ago to survey the planet.’


  • Piablo

    I would imagine there would be some stuff coming out to quell the rising tide of complainers. I’m so tired of seeing the same old complaint of ‘too many characters’ being parroted by folks who have no insight into the script or film making in general. Time to shut them up… Or at least give the REAL fans something to cheer louder about.

  • TwilightNewsSite

    I hope the buddy-cop thing isn’t too one-dimensional: wide-eyed vs. cynical, that’s all, the end. Batman should be more complex than: tired and bitter.

    Looking forward to things getting real in the third act.

    Actually, I’m kind of stoked about the possibilities of the Krypton-Amazon connection. Definitely suggests a love triangle in the future: Superman + WW and/or Lois. Unless they go for the Buzz + Jessie (not Woody) thing, make WW a real Amazon(!), or just kill off Lois at the start of the third act.

  • TwilightNewsSite

    Right, if Amazons are Earthlings, then the whole Greek gods & goddesses thing would get rolled in, too. That would be tough to swallow nowadays.

  • TwilightNewsSite

    You’d rather have her be made of sand? By Zeus? Really?

    Toxic vats and cosmic radiation make more sense than WW’s original origin story.

  • Dan Riedel

    You say that and you fail to realize that I’m the fan that boycotted Batman and Robin because they made Bane a mindless goon.

    I’ve YET to see Catwoman and I’ve only seen 5 min of Steel.

    You screw up a main baddie and you’ll have to wait until you’re in the bargain bin before I see it.

    It’s bad enough Affleck is Batman, that automatically puts you in the Netflix bin. And I usually spend $100 on new movies when they come out (with multiple viewings + bringing dates).

    They’d be smart to choose their villains wisely. Hopefully, we’ll see either Metallo (logical choice), Bizarro, or Parasite in this one.

    If i wrote the script, this sequel would be about mankind’s response to the mayhem that went down in Metropolis. Have Lex and Bruce be on the same side at first (frenemies competing for the same prize), ultimately leading to Bruce convincing Superman to join him.

    Lex pretty much takes on the role of Norman Osburn on the new Spidey sequels, doing whatever it takes to bring Superman down (cybornetics, genetics, and the like).

    I’d rather see that and how effective humans are in finding ways to bringing down the most powerful with the most pragmatic solutions rather than introducing another guy who can smash through things. They have plenty of time to do that in future sequels, this movie should really be more cerebral than anything.

  • Dan Riedel

    Besides, what’s the point of Doomsday if he DOESN’T kill Superman. He’d just be another Na-mek, type villain. I’d rather see him as a ancient Kryptonian artifact of Brainiac.

    Even Bane split Bruce in half in TDKR – so other problems aside, at least they got THAT point right.

  • Dan Riedel

    They could blur the lines of what really went down and say some stuff really happened (as a part of Kryptonian tech, genetics), the other stuff is legend.

  • Dan Riedel

    And then she doesn’t have to have a lasso of truth. She just has a super strong rope that can strangle the life out of the mightiest of creatures. Of course you’ll talk!

    Makes perfect sense.

    Even if she had an invisible plane :)

  • Camperlicious

    You boycotted Catwoman AND Steel. GASP!!!!!!!

    btw, EVERYONE ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET boycotted those movies.

  • TwilightNewsSite

    True. Good points! That could be pretty awesome.

  • bfmrdk

    It is a clever way to explain her that fits within the somewhat realistic take that WB and Snyder have chosen for this series. Meaning it at least works within the confines of the reality they built in MOS.

    Inserting a mystical island of Amazons that no one has ever seen or discovered would seem silly in the context of the MOS universe that we’ve see so far. I applaud the choice if that’s the way that they go.

  • Darth Kaos

    This movie is going to be a DIS-AS-TER!

  • Kingsley Baconhausen

    Amazonians descended from Kryptonians??? It hurt me to read that.

  • mike payton

    My biggest problem here is still in Snyder’s judgment and his talent. He clearly has a great imagination, but not enough talent to pull it off, nor enough good judgment to know when he’s going too far with his asinine ideas.

    He’s Michael Bay, without the ability to understand that he’s only making B-movies. If you’re going to turn funny books into a serious movie, you need to be more talented than a Zack Snyder. Even Goyer has enough sense to know when to stop taking these things so seriously.

    As much as Snyder has been bad mouthing “TV people” in meeting lately, he forgets that it was Jonah Nolan (a MAJOR “TV person” at WB) who wrote the best of his brother’s Dark Knight films.

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    Snyder’s a hack.

  • Howie

    So they combined Supergirl & Hippolyta into one character. They might as well combine Metallo and Cyborg into one character, starting off against superman, then in the end helps save the day.. Hope all this is off the old Goyer script, and the new rewrites are not taking such an easy way out in regards to the alien kryptoazons/amatonians. Ares is Kal-el’s cousin, wondey, jus like ya mutha’.

  • kapow!

    Wonder Woman’s creator, Marston, hand-delivered a rich Amazon mythos of super-powered female warriors lovingly created and given special gifts by the Greek gods/goddesses. I’ve been championing this movie, not complaining at all, but tying Amazons to Kryptonians is both unnecessary and absurd. Updating a character for modern audiences is one thing, but If they radically delete the Amazons’ cool origin, I will not see the movie. Or rather, I’ll pay to see another movie (hopefully produced by Disney) and sneak into MOS2. Warner Bros won’t get my money.

  • Space Bandito

    Interesting direction with Wonder Woman, if the rumors are true. There are few ways to incorporate the Greek mythology stuff without it coming across as hokey and stupid. One was to go the Thor route and explain the gods as interdimensional aliens and their magic as alien tech. But we’ve already been there, done that.

    Tying Kryptonian with Amazonian could be doable and give Wonder Woman the Supes both some skin in the game without the two being so disparate (and it’d explain WW’s similar powers). It’s still possible for the writers to emphasize the matriarchal culture of the Amazonians, perhaps explain the lack of males with alien tech to propagate their (selectively female only) race.

  • Redbull Werewolf

    That chick is way to fat, The new wonder woman represents How women should look today. Snyder is empowering a whole generation of young girls to be beautiful for their men

  • Onyx

    I want leaked photos of that new Batsuit NOW!!!!!

  • Madcap2112

    I see what you did there.


    Well you have other versions like the New 52 where she is not born out of clay But a demi god ala Perseus. I prefer they do not jettison the Amazonian ties with Greek Mythology. With that you also jettison some pretty good villain like Ares. I mean you already got aliens..why not demi god’s. Remember all the folks asking how Thor would ever fit in Iron Mans world. Why not this..embrace it lol.

  • runner_j

    Agreed. I think this is yet again an example of Warner, DC, and the filmmakers
    not having the guts to be true to their characters. Making Wonder Woman
    and the Amazons Kryptonian offshoots is bullshit, and the whole “realism”
    angle is just an excuse. Look at how Marvel was able to take Thor and make
    him work in concert with the rest of the Marvel Universe? Doing Wonder
    Woman properly can and should be done, but Warner simply doesn’t has the
    faith in her that they should. If they don’t have the fortitude to do Wonder Woman
    justice, then they shouldn’t use her at all.

    As for the secondary villain, my money is on it being Mongul.

  • TwilightNewsSite

    You’re right. Thor, duh. I’m sold.

    Maybe they’ll be Kryptonians… but their traditions embraced the Greco-Roman world and they lost track?

  • Howie

    It’s writing themselves into a corner(ala mass metropolis casualties.) How could they explain only staying on the island, being that kryptonians came to observe/explore? How would they explain WW’s costume, being that clark’s looks the way it does? How would they explain the island itself, would there even be an island full of Amatonians? Why would batman fight superman if his love interest is Kal’s long lost family(second cousin), wouldn’t that cause problems in the relationship? Then you say, “maybe he doesn’t know” -why wouldn’t bruce run a blood test on all his side pieces? Sure they could have a luke & leia thing going w/ supes & ww, but it was gross then and it’s still imbred homozygrossity disorders now.

  • AngryFan!

    I’m digging how the Amazonians have Kryptonian in their ancestry. It explains the power of WW and I feel like they could tie it in really well with some of the mythology behind the Amazonians.

  • Dan Riedel

    So, in agreement with what I just said, you just counter-argued your previous statement. Not all fanboys are mindless zombies and we CAN boycott piss poor Superhero films. Thanks ;)

  • The__Usual_Suspect

    Great post and info, this is reassuring news.

  • The__Usual_Suspect

    Reminds me of Chapelle in Men in Tights.

  • Brian Knockin

    If Wonder Woman is a Amazonian yet they in reality have a back story that is Kryptonian that doesnt sound as bad as just she being “Kryptonian” when I first read it I didn’t see any word of Amazon either way Im a just watch the movie cause I want to see it n talk after

  • Brian Knockin

    thats what im thinking

  • Matheus Nomihs

    Goyer = Snyder

  • ScreamFace

    Yeah but THOR is from a different planet.

  • Dan Riedel

    They landed 10,000 years ago. Maybe they did explore, only to find out mixing with humans created negative sentiment – kind of what Kal El is facing right NOW in the series. As a result, they chose to cut themselves off from the rest of humanity.

    Wonder Woman’s costume could just look more Spartan like than anything, as a sign that they did mix with humans at one point, but ultimately chose to close themselves off, so their style of fashion hasn’t changed much. This isolationism actually happened with the island nation of Japan.

    The Japanese tried mixing, got chopsticks, tea, chinese, and bread from foreigners and quickly decided to shut trade down when the Portuguese brought Christianity and wrecklessness to the nation. It wasn’t until the 1800s, nearly 400 later that they reopened their doors, and it was because the Americans showed up with GUNS. In spite of the time passage, their wardrobe remained the SAME: samurai clothing, etc.

    There have also been documentaries about tribes in the Amazon (i believe) where they never had contact with the outside world even today. When the documenters showed these people a mirror (a real mirror), they freaked out.

  • Dan Riedel

    So it’s not completely out of question to have these Kryptonians be isolationsists. It could also be added to the story that maybe the humans then actually had Kryptonian weapons from trade and perhaps they’re scattered around the world somewhere.

  • Steve Croft

    I think it’s a bloody good idea myself. I mean what on earth happened to those Kryptonians right? They obviously stayed on earth, they integrated somewhere? So they went to a distant Island, they bred with humans and bred down down down the lines and their powers stayed, albeit watered down a bit, but you’ll still have the odd one (Wonderwoman) whose powers pop up powerful as hell again but still somewhat limited due to dilution of genes (fly, super strength, invulnerable but that’s it). Personally? I think it’s a great idea. Still have them worshipping the gods but have it as a revelation they’re the descendants.

  • Camperlicious

    I wasn’t trying to argue all fanboys are mindless zombies, I was simply chuckling at your choices of movies to boycott.

    You literally picked the three most hated, and universally hated super-hero movies OF ALL TIME to “boycott.”

    That’s like me bragging that I boycotted “Ishtar.”

  • Howie

    Actually in a sense christianity united japan under nobunaga(no historian will ever admit that); whose successor, the shogun, closed trade in order to retain his newly created authority.

    Why would it look spartan-like if they’re isolated? Why would Kara-el allow here offspring to remain isolated? Isolation was the very reason for the destruction of krypton and the extinction of her people in the first place. Why would Kara(after surveying the earth) not go back to the perfectly working ship she crash-landed in, and send a distress signal like kal did in MOS? They’d have to wipe out all of WW’s back history; in regards to her mom & her family, in order to rewrite Kara-El as the matriarch of the Ama(tonian)zon’s. It’s suffrage towards women nd their characters; not having a voice, being written off as not having clout, and/or rewritten altogether to even be considered. Business as per usual for DC, the female characters always getting the short end.

  • Howie

    I’m just waiting for Zeus to be Thanagarian.

  • Mattman

    I think ppl should remember that the Wonder Woman-Kryptonian thing is the authors THOUGHTS. It’s not even a rumour. Let’s all calm down.

  • Camperlicious

    The Amazonian/Kryprionion thing is being refuted on the Batman on Film website. Dude was just speculating.

  • iacon3000

    I like the idea of amazonians being kryptonian descendents. Having them as superwomen that originated here on earth seems dated and corny.

  • Dan Riedel

    Well, my thoughts would be that, much like the Samurai and even the Amish, due to a rather conservative view towards life, time sort of stood still for the Amazons, so maybe they’re not so fashion-focused/progressive as their mainland Kryptonian counterparts. When they interacted with the humans, it was during the pre-Helenistic age and maybe sometime thereafter, so they adapted up until that point in time. And maybe WW doesn’t look COMPLETELY Spartan-ish, but Spartan-inspired, as if they took some ideas over time and embellished on them.

    Maybe around 300 BC or so, some sort of uprising or witch hunt drove them away. Perhaps they were faced with a decision to flee or dominate and they chose the former. And under their law, like the amish, they’re allowed only limited interactions with humans now.

    I’m not completely familiar with Wonder Woman’s back story, but I’m sure they could salvage a bit of it – saying the other stuff was “the stuff of fairy tales and legend.”

    According to the prequel comic, Kara did send a distress signal:

    I’m assuming no one came to rescue her because at that point Krypton was pulling back their exploration as Jor-El suggested. Perhaps they were adamant on sending new folks out, even to rescue others. I’m almost certain all of this would be explained over the course of several movies (MoS, WW, Supergirl possibly, and JL). Hopefully, some of this stuff folds into the arrival of Doomsday.

  • AL


  • AL

    NOPE ! I was thinking of Showgirls :)

  • MichaelRWorthingon

    No he’s not. Asgard is not a “planet” in the comics. But they worked it out for the movies so it is more of a planet but still stays true to most of his origins.

  • Camperlicious


  • Madcap2112

    Not to mention mystical DC characters like Dr. Fate and Zatanna. Like it or not Magic is a big part of the DCU. Superman’s even weak against it.

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