What’s good fanboy nation! Did you guys peep Marvelous Dave’s hot weekly column yesterday? He had the following to say about the two batsuits that Ben Affleck is supposed to rock in the now delayed Batman Vs Superman. The more … Continue reading

A Quick Update On The Armored Batsuit

BATSUIT_BRUCE1[1]-716252What’s good fanboy nation! Did you guys peep Marvelous Dave’s hot weekly column yesterday?

He had the following to say about the two batsuits that Ben Affleck is supposed to rock in the now delayed Batman Vs Superman.

The more interesting thing I’ve heard is that Batman will actually wear 2 batsuits in the film, but where as Grey-and-Blue has already been designed and Affleck has worn it, the second Batsuit is more armored like the one in the Dark Knight Returns and Kingdom Come comics.

Well I got a tad more info on the armored batsuit. Now because of the ultra secretive nature surrounding the movie, it’s insanely difficult to confirm the following so take with a grain of salt until you see it for yourself in official publicity photos. More on that in a bit.

According to the source, the plating is silver/white. The plates are attached to a black undercloth. The plates doesn’t cover his entire body. We see the black undercloth at the joints. Supposedly, it looks incredible. Equally, or maybe even better-looking than the other suit and it’s leagues above and beyond Bale’s suit from what I’m told.

When can we get our first official look? I’m told you’ll see it in February/Early march.

Of course, everything is subject to change so again, salt grains. We’ll see. Speculation is fun though.

Hasta el proximo capitulo…


  • Terry McGinnis

    Interesting…I thought they were going with the black and grey suit, but the blue and gray is a classic, so if done right it will be DOPE!!! And it makes sense for him to have an armored one to fight Supes

  • elmayimbe

    Exactly! I forgot to add that to the story and makes total sense. Bruce wouldn’t face the alien without any sort of armor plating. It’ suicide.

  • The__Usual_Suspect


  • Terry McGinnis


  • T.J.

    I’m so glad they are going with the gray and blue. I’ve gotten tired of the black batsuit. The gray and blue should set it apart from previous iterations.

  • Nick M.

    Sounds great. Can’t wait until we get an official look!

  • Vegas82

    Not to mention he’s going to need some kind of strength boost if his punches are going to be felt. Obviously this is going to have to be a cybernetic suit that not only protects him, but enhances his offensive capabilities too.

  • Vegas82

    Hell, as much as I hate leaks I’d settle for an unofficial look.

  • Vic

    Wouldn’t a kryptonite lined suit made more sense?

  • Andrew Arnold

    Silver white???

  • Somnath Das/The Dark Knight

    remember justice league: doom. batman and darseid fight. but that was bot actually regular suit. metal suit that was. but amazing.

  • ScreenTalkerOrg

    Has anybody drawn up a concept or found reference in the comics? /// I take that back, i forgot what the KC suits looked like. Not bad if they stay close to that.

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  • MichaelRWorthingon

    It would be suicide anyway. He runs around in the JLA comics in his cloth suit and never has any issues hanging with Super and WW and fighting super powerful aliens.

    That’s because it is absurd and dumb and fantasy. Don’t try to add logic that Batman can hang in a fight with Superman, even with “armor plating”.

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  • Vegas82

    The main reason he can “hang” in the fight in the comics is that Superman is holding back. When he gets serious and is about to lay Bruce out once and for all BAM Kryptonite. It’s honestly the only way a human can actually fight Superman.

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  • http://www.geekcasket.com/ Geek Casket (Kyle)

    I hope this is true, the classic grey and blue suit would be fantastic. Now I’m sad again at the delay news.

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  • Josh White

    Might be something like this

  • Haku
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  • AL

    it’s absurd and dumb and fantasy…….but the movies are all based on reality right ?…….dumbass. If they can sell it in the comic, they can sell it in the movie.

  • MichaelRWorthingon

    Nice non-sequitur. I never said they couldn’t “sell” it. Learn to pay attention and you will do better in life.

  • colbster

    Extension of what Wayne started in DKR because of his weakened knees

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  • jazzyjules63

    I know, right?

  • jazzyjules63

    I assume in this instance it was camouflage. The cape in this situation seems like an absurd idea as well btw.

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  • noahwayne0

    silver/white – nightmares of batman/robin begin

  • Howie

    Active camouflage which would give the material a blue-hue from the display and make sense of the cape.

  • Andrew Arnold

    I had to double-check to make sure they didn’t have Joel Schumacher directing again…

  • NatSolo

    i thought as much. way back when the robin rumors sprung up i thought dick might rock a batman beyond prototype, i guess it’ll be bruce wearing such a thing.

  • Howie

    The only way hand-to-hand combat would be possible is if armored batman fought superman, in the shadow of the earth, in space. Or should i say the only way batman could survive would be space.
    He could use similar stark-tech used on the incredible hulk to slow superman down, and we’ve already seen an a10 warthog’s gatling headshot superman so use multiple gatlings.

    The answer to superman is Icon!

  • Josh White

    true true

  • Josh White

    It doesn’t exist yet.

  • fanofconstantsorrow

    Silver/white plates?
    Ah yes, an obvious reference to Mr. Freeze’s costume in Batman and Robin!
    “Do you know what killed the dinosaurs?”
    “The Ice Age!”
    Pure genius.

  • black

    Whoever thinks this armored suit is specifically to fight supes must be fkn retarded.. no such thing as batman fighting supes with armored plates and actually surviving.. mayb an entire mechanical suit made of kryptonite luke lex luthors but not a few steel playes attaches to black cloth.. not a chance in hell batman will survive one punch.. This “armored suit” could easily be worn by batman for a more difficult mission in the movie.. batman should have always worn different suits in each movie thats just him.. always preparer.. but I dont think this is the “ima go up against an alien superhuman suit”..

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  • Vegas82

    God no. For one they aren’t set in the same universe. For another Nolen’s DKR was god awful and ruined that trilogy. I prefer to think of it as a duology and try to forget the horrible plothole filled final chapter.

  • droenn

    That’s not the suit. That’s an alternate batsuit in the Arkham Origins game.

  • oxman212

    So keen to see it

  • Onyx

    Although I was all set for black and gray (DK Returns) style suit, blue and gray will most definitely work.
    I just hope it doesn’t come off all dumb looking in the movie.. .

  • Haku

    Yeah, that was the wrong link. My bad.

  • axebox

    I really wish Batman Begins, DK, DKR were a part of this universe. How hard would it be to recast Batman and have the next generation of the DKR suit? They can build off all the awesome that has come before it.

    Oh yea, just because the movie Green Lantern was kind of shitty doesn’t mean they need to recast Hal, either. Or mess with his characterization. For the most part, the suit, character and actor worked.

    I really hope we see the Flash and Arrow, with their CW costumes and actors.

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  • Chad Ammidown

    There were no plotholes. Watch it again. For real plotholes see Amazing Spiderman.

    This term is getting over used and improperly used. A story can leave parts undefined IF they are not needed to move story. Creating lizard cops and then doing nothing with them is a plothole. Having Bruce get from prison to Gotham with no explanation is not.

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  • Vegas82

    Really? He gets his back broken and all it needs is a punch and to be hung up by some rope? Then, suddenly, he’s able to run around, climb and jump on a knee with no cartilage to escape the prison(pretty sure Bane didn’t leave him with a bionic knee brace)? Yeah, those aren’t plot holes in the slightest. How about “Robin” figuring out who Batman was because a rich guy drove up to his boy’s home and he “saw dat look in your eye like you were faking being happy.” Yeah, that makes total sense(if all it took was an orphan seeing Bruce Wayne millions of people know who Batman is). Or Batman deciding to quit fighting crime because his GF was murdered, meanwhile the entire reason he started fighting crime in the first place is because his parents were murdered. That’s not even bringing up all the ridiculous shoe-horned “twists” that we saw coming from a mile away.

  • Daniel Patrick Roche

    It would have been interesting for them to do what TDKR set up and basically make a slightly tweaked live-action version of Batman Beyond. But, ultimately, major movie studios aren’t into ‘interesting’ with these types of movies. They’re into putting asses in seats. Are they ever going to risk confusing viewers by having someone other than Peter Parker as Spider-Man or Bruce Wayne as Batman? No.

  • Chad Ammidown

    Nowhere did they say his back was broken. It was a bulged disc.

    Launching on one leg to make that leap is plausible. Using a cane to aid day-to-day makes sense but he could still function without it. Even still…not a plothole.

    That event wasn’t the only thing that lead him to draw the conclusion. That with the alignment of Batman and Bruce both going unseen at the same time (which I think was a bad story idea) was how he made the conclusion. Again not a plothole just weak story telling.

    The reason he stopped being Batman wasn’t because of Rachel. She was the reason he stopped being Bruce. Batman existed to turn Gotham around and he became the anti-hero at the end of TDK so that Dent’s arrests would stand. For 8 years it was peace time as stated in Rises. So many people misread this point and I don’t get why. And even if you were right, that still isn’t a plothole. That’s a story choice you just don’t agree with.

    A plothole is when there is missing information needed to complete a story either the main story or side stories.

  • guest

    those are called nitpicks, not plotholes. if you can’t handle these things, stick to nat geo documentaries.

  • Madcap2112

    Whoever heard of a blue bat?

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  • SirGaryColeman

    I have faith in Snyder as far as costumes go (Watchmen and Superman), so curious to see how this looks.

  • Allen Kayne

    Costumes are always the ones that hype people up, and even me. I really can’t wait to see the Flash and Batman suit.

    As for the Dark Knight Trilogy, it really could have worked with the Man of Steel universe. Recasting happened throughout the other Batman franchise, so why do they have to keep it away. If DC had their plans back then, Christopher Nolan could have agreed to having a shared DC and Batman universe.

    The Green Lantern movie was okay, though the script could’ve been given more time. The simple fix is using another Green Lantern for the JL movie.

  • Allen Kayne

    I just hope that Ben/Bruce/Batman isn’t in the grizzled appearance that he was in The Dark Knight Returns. The suit there is also too bulky.

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  • JuanIsidro

    Silver/white as in this… Don’t be a retard. They even mentioned when the movie ws announced… http://i.imgur.com/feLWHOD.jpg

  • JuanIsidro

    I wonder where they got the idea from… Oh wait! From the same book the director mentioned the very first day the movie was announced!! http://i.imgur.com/m0ZGmWy.jpg

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  • fanofconstantsorrow

    All righty!
    Sorry, but my concepts of what constitute silver and white merely differ from yours. Your image kinda looks grey/dark grey to me.

  • Richard Grant

    Ironically going by your definition of a plot-hole you got those two mixed up.
    The Lizard Cops were not needed to move the story, so the film was able to leave them fairly undefined and not focus on them too much…going by your definition not a plot hole.
    Bruce getting back to Gotham is vital to the final third of the film and moving along the story, so leaving it completely unexplained IS a plot-hole.
    Not using the Lizard-Cops in any meaningful way within the story is certainly an example of lazy script-writing, but that does not automatically it a plothole.
    A plot-hole is the omission of information, or the contradiction of in-narrative logic, within a story that is important to the ongoing narrative. If a character is able to miraculously get from one location to another and the audience is left wondering how they accomplished this, that is a plot-hole. Not explaining how Bruce could get back to Gotham so swiftly (with no resources, no passport, no knowledge of his current location to even plan in advance for this situation) is DEFINITELY a plot-hole.

  • oxman212

    When I think silver and white I think Injustice Batman.

    There were a lot of rumours a couple months ago that they were drawing inspiration from different armored looks; such as Dark Knight Returns, Noel and even Injustice.

  • Vegas82

    ROFLMAO. Yeah, he get’s broken over Bane’s leg and it bulges his disc making it so he couldn’t move or walk. Yes, it’s a plothole when you’re talking about his leg. He didn’t even have a limp at that point(disregarding the fact that he didn’t take a flying leap off his good leg). The reason he stopped being Batman WAS, at least partially, because of Rachel. Go watch the movie again, you can hear him whine about it. And how about Robin magically knowing who Batman was? Or how about Talia al Ghoul having sex with him(after she has gained access to the reactor) and not killing him? Yeah, that’s great revenge on the guy who killed your father, give him a BJ. There are tons of plotholes in that abortion of a movie. Being a fan and willing to overlook them doesn’t change the fact that it’s a horrible movie.

  • JamesECash

    Armor sounds like a smart idea considering hes fighting fucking superman.

  • Vegas82

    Don’t mind the fact that he was on the other side of the world, had no money, a bum knee and a broken back that was fixed by a magic punch. No plotholes here. Move along, move along.

  • Chad Ammidown

    We saw him move internationally in the two previous movies with ease. That combined with knowing he is wealthy leaves enough plausible reasoning by anyone that it should not interrupt your “suspension of disbelief”.

    The guy that fixed his back mumbled that it was his disc.

    The leg, I never saw anywhere that he didn’t still have the brace, although assume probably not. He wasn’t using it all that much other than to make that jump.

  • Howie

    White & Silver?

  • Chad Ammidown

    The lizard cops was an introduced element with no arc. In MoS you had an empty chamber…that works because it makes you wonder…it was the intent. Making cops into lizards you would assume leads to something and it never did and had no resolution. That is absolutely a plothole. It doesn’t have to be only to the main storyline.

    Leaving out how a man who was shown traveling internationally in 2 previous films and is wealthy and is frigin Batman is not a plothole. It’s a choice that there is enough there for you to fill in that it is plausible and should not create disbelief. If it does for you then fine, it then becomes a plothole for you. but not for others. I’m also not sure you really do want to see the process…might be boring as hell and less impact than showing up when everyone thought you were dead.

    They also didn’t show how a dead Bruce was able to get overseas…did that bother you? I’m betting no. Some elements have to be left to the imagination for the sense of drama and impact. Otherwise it’s just a documentary.

  • Dan Riedel
  • Vegas82

    Right, except he HAD NO LIMP. He was using it just as much as his other leg, at least to climb(watch closely). Also, that disc you think he mumbled about? He talked about one of his vertebrae protruding, that’s a bone and his spine would have been distorted at the very very least(no mention of a disc, sorry). Medically speaking he got fixed by a magic punch, ask any doctor.

  • Richard Grant

    He was not wealthy, the film actually emphasised quite a bit that he had no money at all (remember how he was going bankrupt because of the clean energy project, and then later had his company and all his assets taken from him.)
    So this is a man with no money, no passport or identification, who has just spent months in a hole in the desert who has no idea where in the world he is, is in the worst physical shape of his life…I struggle to see how he got back home.

    The Lizard Cops were introduced in the plot to illustrate the effects of Connor’s device (i.e it will turn people into Giant Lizards) it is a classic example of showing not telling…it would have been nice if they’d included the Lizard Cops abit more afterwards, attacking the normal cops interfearing with Spidey etc, but we do get a couple of shots of them in the film and we know that they were later reversed thanks to Spidey launching the cure. So it might be poorly written but it is clearly not a plot hole!

    (And actually we did see abit of how ‘dead’ Bruce travelled overseas, he jumped onto a freight ship and hitched a ride illegally, and we are shown how he interacts with criminals and the underworld, which further helps us infer how he moved about. Again we have enough information to know how he would have got across the world, especially as he was doing it for years, not getting halfway across the world in a matter of days (at most)…an entirely different question.)

  • Steve Croft

    Technically, in the movie they never said his back was broken, so you’re just assuming. A bulged disc can have the exact same symptoms as a broken back, but can be reinserted and the symptoms will subside.

  • Vegas82

    They said his vertebrae was out of position. It’s not a bulging disc. He was cured by a magic punch and there are articles out there where people interviewed doctor’s on the subject. Get educated.

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  • Commentonitall

    You do realize your nitpicking about realism in a movie where a man dresses as a giant bat and has and uses technology that does not even exist right?

  • AL

    “Nice non-sequitur” ? Here we go. Why do i always get the people that try to sound more intelligent on the internet then they actually are ? Next comes the spell check. And i do pretty damn good in life, but thanks for your concern :)

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  • Peter Glass

    These are the looks that Batman and Superman should definitely sport in the next film. I like the classic grey and dark blue batsuit with the yellow ellipse around the chest’s bat symbol and the yellow capsuled utility belt as well as the navy trunks over the grey tights. I also like Superman’s classic look which is his kiss curl, the yellow belt and the red trunks as well as the yellow S logo on the cape. The chest emblems on Batman and Superman’s costumes should be screen-printed.

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  • lyleUS

    I don’t see how any kind of boost punches or whatever would even come close to supes even noticing he was “hit”. The only way Bats could hurt him would be Kryptonite or some kind of mech suit that Lex wore.

  • MichaelRWorthingon

    now to the ad hominem argument..you are pulling them out left and right.

  • MichaelRWorthingon

    yes of course. Superman would vaporize Batman in about .004 seconds. Some armor won’t help when you have human senses and the other guy is moving at superhuman speed. Batman is a lame character and boring “superhero” to begin with and should not be allowed to mix with the Big Boys.

  • AL

    HAHAHAHA !!! ad hominem. that’s cute. Thank you for proving my point. you know you don’t use those words in your everyday conversations.

  • Howie

    Now making the batsuit color realistic, (why’s it blue?) it’s active camouflage.

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  • Chongchen Saelee

    In design, there is a concept called “vignetting”, which is just a fancy way of saying the designer overkilled the design. That seems to be the case with how the very simple designs of costumed superheroes from comic books become something overly complex in the live film adaptation. Batman’s just some nutcase in spandex, not military armor. That’s why it’s kinda embarrassing that with so many talented designers out there, no one can translate the simple original blue and gray costume for live action without it being ludicrous. Obviously, Batman’s costume isn’t a problem if people still buy those comics. Just my opinion.

  • http://scifimafia.com Brandon

    It only makes sense had they given Superman’s powers some sort of scope in Man of Steel. They didn’t. Armor or no, Superman even scores a glancing blow against Batman and he’s breaking bones.

  • http://scifimafia.com Brandon

    How did Bane know where the Bat Bunker was?
    Why did he take the time to fly him out to another country himself instead of just sending him off with a recording for that tv (yes, TV) they put in his cell?
    Why the hell did Batman, MASTER STRATEGIST THAT HE IS, not think to punch Bane in the flashing red button of a weakness that is his entire FACE?
    Why is Batman so broken down when he was Batman for a grand total of a YEAR by the time he retires?
    No; Plot holes are INCONSISTENCIES that keep you from enjoying a movie. DKR is full of them.

    And you should probably check out Amazing Spider-Man again, because they use the same technology that makes the lizard cops to spread the antidote the cures them (on film, it shows it.)

  • Chad Ammidown

    Those are some of the dumbest things to not pick. By that same token I could say why did they have Spiderman use the help of crane workers to get to the building? How did Spiderman know he needed to be in the backseat of that exact car/ I mean come on you have to suspend some disbelief…it’s a comic book movie after all.

    Bane knew Batmans identity. Only logical that Bruce Wayne would keep things close. Then Talia was the plant to infiltrate her way in to finding the reactor.

    TV had BETA no VHS…had to go in person. I mean really? Come on.

    Who said he didn’t punch Bane in the face before? It wasn’t until he found his real “cause” again that he found the strength to break the piping. That was one of the points that Alfred made. Bruce was going out as Batman again soft and assuming he still knew how to be what he needed to be but instead was just looking to get killed.

    He’s broken down because they made a point to show you how damaged he was getting in both previous films and last we left Batman he was barely able to run to the Batpod to get away. One of the aspects of this Nolan version was what real effect would this have on someone. Think of it like a football player…you could do some serious damage in short time and in Batman’s case he was doing extreme things to his body.

    you were looking for nonsense so you found it. That made it plotholes for you and not others. I’ve heard hardly no one mention the things you have so again…not a plothole just your quirks that must be annoying as hell to go see a movie with.

  • bigevilworldwide

    Someone has never read The Dark Knight Returns, and NO watching the stright to DVD cartoon does not count since green arrow had nothing to do with it in the book……..Aside from Batman has beat Superman a few times. He did go out of his way learn how to defeat anyone in the JLA…

  • Howie

    Overkill or, overkill?

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  • http://scifimafia.com Brandon

    That whole franchise (Aside from Eckhart and Ledger) was utter nonsense. Bruce Wayne was a fucking thug who outsourced all of this thinking, mooned away over a girl, and looked for every chance he could get to STOP BEING BATMAN. Frak realism. It’s a goddamn comic book movie. You can’t have a guy dress up as a bat and then turn around and say, “But we need to make this as realistic as possible.” It’s a goddamn comic book movie. You’re either all in or your not. Nolan was not. I can’t wait for another franchise to wash the bad taste of 2/3 of that experience out of my mouth.

    And the TV had Beta, so he HAD to go in person? That is ludicrous. I can’t even begin to pick that apart because it’s so infantile and stupid it doesn’t even stand on its own.

  • Vegas82

    Both of which are used in the climactic fight between the two in the comics(the suit is a Wayne design as opposed to Luthor but same deal).

  • Peter Glass

    These costumes should be worn by Batman and Superman in the film.

  • Mattman

    In Batman Begins he got out of Gotham without a passport or resources but yet I heard no one complain about this? My thoughts on how he got from prison to Gotham? Because he’s the f*cking Batman.

  • Mattman

    Can’t say I like the sound of silver/white plating. In my opinion Batman should be in dark grey or black. In saying that, I’ll wait until I see the costumes and then judge them. Overall I’m looking forward to this!!

  • WoWed

    it doesn’t matter if you able to fill in the blanks yourself. the eagles in the lord of the rings movies are gigantic plot holes despite being explained in the book. a plot hole is a plot hole, whether you see it or not.

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  • Richard Grant

    Actually like I said right at the end of comment, they do cover how he got out of Gotham without recourses or a passport in Batman Begins. We see him hitch a ride on a Freight Ship, illegally stowing away, along with short clips showing him interacting with the criminal underworld.
    We are shown enough, and told enough, to infer how he got around the world. The fact that it took him years to do this traveling only furthers the believability, as an audience it is easier for us to rationalise these activities if they took years to achieve.
    DKR had him travel home in a matter of days (if that) with even less resources than he had in Begins, and in far worse physical shape.
    What explanation is there for how he could’ve made that journey? The only reason we’re given is the one you state ‘because he’s the f*cking Batman’…except Nolan’s Batman never was that good, this wasn’t a man in peak physical condition with an unlimited supply of gadgets at his disposal, this was a broken man with no tools, no knowledge of where in the world he is and we are meant to accept that he made the journey with no struggles on the basis of ‘he’s Batman.’

  • blak

    This is not batman.. this is a pu $$ y in a batman costume.. lmao
    Watch “Everything Wrong With The Dark Knight Rises In 3 Minutes Or Less” on YouTube

  • Steve Croft

    Then you’ve shot yourself to hell over this. Vertebrae out of position simply means that, it’s out of position. It does not mean it is broken.
    There are nerves between the vertebrae in your back, each vertebrae has side projections, like wings and a rear facing spine, which you will see as the ‘teacup handle’ or better known as ‘the bump’. If a given vertebrae is misaligned or displaced the nerve will be tender (i.e. fucking excruciating) The nerve can be realigned quite often by simply curling up into a ball, drawing the knees to the chest, or in other cases, by minor (very minor) impact if the body is immobilised due to pain. However, the simple fact is, that is not going to look good on screen is it? Are you really going to sit there through an hour of Bruce Wayne massage therapy? Are you? Not likely. But, I guess, some people like you need to piss and moan about all the useless shit they can. I’m glad I’m not like you…

  • Vegas82

    Actually a vertebrae that’s misaligned isn’t fixed by impact. In fact, using impact is a good way to damage the spinal cord. Nice try though. The problem he had, fixed in the way he had it fixed, would have likely cause permanent damage to either his spinal cord or his pineal gland. That’s not to mention the additional damage that would have been caused by his back being distorted in the method it was. And btw. You’re obviously more like me than you think since you posted all this information interjecting yourself(with bad information) into a debate between me and someone else on the plotholes of this terrible movie.

  • Sejanus

    Stormtrooper armor for the Bats?
    Might work.

  • Chongchen Saelee

    Screw WB. Concept art leak


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  • Howie

    Depends on the stormtrooper.

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  • nar

    it’s a plot hole, his back being broken and him being in the prison is a large part of the plot. it’s impossible to have logical discussions with nolanites, because everything nolan is infallible.

  • nar

    nolanites don’t understand that nolan completely neutered batman. this “batman” isn’t an engineer, scientist or a genius detective. the real batman is one the the smartest people on the planet. the guy in nolan’s movies is just a rich emo ninja college drop out. batman can be intelligent and still be gritty and grounded in realism.

  • guest

    his back being broken is not a plot hole. And the reason he was sent to that prison was because Bane wanted him to suffer in the same place he did and “watch gotham turn into ashes”. The Movie was well done, sir. The only people who have the right to nitpick are the great director’s like Speilberg, Affleck and Scorsese.

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  • nar

    it’s not a plot hole? i repeat…it is a major part of the the plot…you stated so yourself in your reply. his escape and means of escape is a gaping plot hole…anyone can state their opinion…not just directors you state are worthy.

  • http://scifimafia.com Brandon

    Gritty, yes. Compelling, yes; but there’s nothing about any comic book character that’s grounded in realism. Nor should there be.

  • solidswer12

    Uh…Green Arrow was actually in TDKR…are you sure you read it?

  • DSK_Daniel

    If they have a blue Batman cowl that will be fucking retarded.

  • John M Wood

    “The only people who have the right to nitpick are the great director’s like Speilberg, Affleck and Scorsese.”

    Woah, woah, woah… slowdown egghead. Let’s not start putting Mr. Affleck into that esteemed crowd just yet. He’s good, possibly en route to great… but we’re not there yet by a long shot.

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