Over the weekend, THR published a report that covered a couple of major items coming out of the production for Star Wars: Episode VII. Sources for the Heat Vision blog are saying that, aside from TV stars like Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Plemons … Continue reading

‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Casting Rumors & A New (Old) Direction


Over the weekend, THR published a report that covered a couple of major items coming out of the production for Star Wars: Episode VII. Sources for the Heat Vision blog are saying that, aside from TV stars like Breaking Bad‘s Jesse Plemons and Adam Driver (Girls), director J.J. Abrams is also looking at big names like Michael Fassbender and Hugo Weaving.

While not much is known about the specifics of any of the characters involved, here’s the buzz around what’s happening with each actor:

Film Title: Battleship

  • Jesse Plemons’s role could be significant as it may span the entire new trilogy. Personally, I see him playing a son of one of the original characters who eventually turns to the Dark Side.

adam driver

  • Adam Driver? There’s nothing on him. Though maybe they’ll want to capitalize on his real-life military background and make him a militant leader of some kind? One of LR’s sources inside the production, though, tells us he’s no longer in the running.


  • Michael Fassbender may be up for the role I reported back in November- a military man in his 40s, with a description along the lines of Matt Damon in Elysium.

Hugo Weaving Red Skull Captain America

  • Hugo Weaving is said to be up for the role of an Imperial Commander. Boy, oh boy. He continues to be the Chosen One for villain roles in big, geek properties. Is this man set forever, or what? Matrix, LoTR, Marvel, and now possibly Star Wars money for the rest of his life? Can I have a grant?

There’s also word on what exactly went on behind-the-scenes that saw Michael Arndt depart the production. His script was said to focus on the offspring of the original trilogy’s core characters- Luke, Leia, and Han. In his version, the kids would’ve been the leads and the parents, played by returning Star Wars vets Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, & Harrison Ford, would’ve been supporting players. It looks like Abrams doesn’t want the focus to be so abruptly shifted. Considering the three Episodes that lead to this new one are all about their saga, Abrams wants this film to be about them but then transfer the focus to the kids in Episodes VIII and IX.

Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan are said to be working on a script that does just that. The first film of the new trilogy will catch us up with what’s gone on in the lives of Luke, Leia, and Han, introduce the kids, and set up the greater arc for the films to come- not unlike how A New Hope was a setup for the original trilogy to travel to greater heights.

Many fans have cried foul over this approach, but I think it’s an intriguing way to go. It’s more of a “long game” approach. Rather than rush right into new characters, new actors, and a new plot, it’ll give us some perspective on how life has changed in that galaxy far, far away in the years since the rebellion toppled the empire. I didn’t read this report and instantly start picturing out-of-shape senior citizens running around with lightsabers. I think what’s going to happen is that the perspective of the story will change. As we re-enter that world, we’ll look through the eyes of the characters we all ready know and love, and then as that first film comes to a close, and we’ve learned what kind of people the little Skywalkers and the little Solos are, the perspective will shift.

It’s a way to start things off in a more familiar, endearing way, and welcoming us back rather than just launching us into the unknown. My only concern is Abrams possibly falling too much into the nostalgia, as he did in Star Trek Into Darkness. If he can properly navigate that fine line, I think this approach will be great.

I’ll leave you with one final whisper: Rumor has it there’ll be a new Kenobi in the film. It would appear Obi-Wan may have fathered a child before he ended up a pile of clothes on the floor. The production is seeking a multi-racial girl in her twenties to play his granddaughter, allegedly. 


  • Vegas82

    The last role would make more sense as Fett’s granddaughter with the established continuity of the EU, as well as the fact that Boba Fett is supposed to get a stand alone movie. It wouldn’t be the first time Hollywood did something that made no sense though.

  • Hey berto

    On the STID comparisons.. I’m not sure Abrams really got those characters and franchise history well enough to realize how he was messing with sacred cows. He trusted the writers, of which he was not credited as one. He has also expressed some regret over how certain things were handled, so there’s that. I’m willing to give him a pass on that. He knows Star Wars, and I believe he’ll do better on it, but we’ll just have to see.

    As for Kenobi having a child and being mixed race.. maybe he hooked up with a Tusken Raider in his lonely isolation on Tattooine?


    The second guy looks goofy with that face and big ears…perhaps he could play an alien

  • Vegas82

    Damn it, now I have all these “she’s easily startled” jokes bouncing around in my head.

  • http://www.mediacritiquer.com/ MediaCritiquer.com

    I can’t believe they’re still casting…

  • Cock Punisher

    Maybe Adam is playin’ this guy?…hehe

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    I’m with you.

  • Piablo

    It’s not unlike the transition from 3 to 4. Although the actors changed, Obi Wan and Vader make the transition. But rushing into new characters and transitions is not my big worry…

    The first 3 are about the galaxy plunging into darkness. The next 3 are about climbing out and defeating evil. What’s the next trilogy? If it’s going to be the same thing whether it’s 3 or another 6, I really have no interest. Rise of the sith, fall of the sith. Rise of the sith, fall of the sith. Boring. I am much more interested in the rest of the stories that happened in and around the original 6 movies.

  • darthadv

    The whole charm of Episode IV was “launching us into the unknown” with the opening sequence; you didn’t know people’s back stories and had to figure things out along the way. V tacked on almost soap-opera like elements. VI tacked on more kid-friendly material, especially with the Ewoks. Having said that, I was actually concerned that the original trilogy cast would be relegated to background status, so knowing that Abrams wants them to play a more a pivotal role, at least in VII, is comforting. But, I’m not sure that showing the “gradual” transition from VI to VII of what has transpired is the way to go. I expect the movie to start with an action sequence, and we as an audience start to get payoffs of the original cast slowly showing up in subsequent scenes. SW started out as a sci-fi action series; it should make its comeback as such!

  • CaptainCornHole

    “Many fans have cried foul over this approach, but I think it’s an intriguing way to go. It’s more of a “long game” approach.”

    Dude it’s only three 2hr movies. They should focus on classic storytelling and not cheap nostalgia. It’s fanboy pandering.

  • Howie

    JJ needs to cast the book thief’s Sophie(& sis Isabelle) Nélisse in this movie.

  • BBK7

    Hugo Weaving ha ? so I guess Cumberbatch was dropped then

  • J- Dub

    I heard a rumor that Hayden Christensen has been cast to reprise his role as Anakin’s ghost.

  • Hey berto

    If true – A. let’s hope it’s a cameo or something. B. if it’s not, then maybe a director like Abrams can get some acting out of the guy… because I’m pretty sure Papa George had no idea how to do that.

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  • Bobby Josker

    This is the Mara Jade you are looking for: http://t.co/LVpIdcj3EC

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