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Superman V. Batman Release Date Change Triggers Significant Plot Rumors

Superman Batman Cavill Affleck


I figure after many Marvelous Da7e columns where I talk about the importance of discussion and fandom (and how we should really take everything with a grain of salt until we see it – or unless the person reporting holds the salt), I should dip my little toe into the wading pool of Batman Vs. Superman rumors.

I’ve been in contact with Portland entertainment and geek personality Bobby Roberts who alerted me to a post on a message board for “a nexus of hardcore gamers, enthusiast press, and video game industry developers and publishers” called NeoGaf. Neogaf is not the sort of place movie news regularly breaks, but it does have insight into the world of gaming and design…you know: it’s a passionate community for that slice of the entertainment industry.

However, this morning, a post from user James Woods popped up:

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 3.23.37 PM

And under those black lines are some major spoilers for Batman Vs. Superman, if they are true.

The poster even closes by saying: “My source is someone from the art department that supposedly got shitcanned (apparently a bunch of them were fired). I confirm nothing. Just passing along what I heard. Take it with the proper amount of salt.”

So I got on the internet and sent a few e-mails. I can’t find the group or grouping of people working for Warner Bros or Syncopy Films that has been “shitcanned.” What I do know is that some union contracts allow workers on a production like Batman Vs. Superman to cease working on the project if it doesn’t meet a certain trigger date and moving the film to 2016 has opened that window.

Overall, I can’t confirm that there was anyone fired, but I can confirm some people have moved on.

And before we get to the meat, let me remind you that one of those things that moved on might very well be the draft of the script the below rumors are from. If they’re from anywhere.

What Bobby found lines up with some of the stuff I’ve heard, and we have this whole new “Rumor” category on the site that I should really stand up for.

WARNING – Intense possible SPOILing OR just some fun bullsh*t going down:

Let’s have some fun, shall we?

  • The villians are Lex Luthor and Metallo
  • Batman forms a UN type deal to stop Superman from destroying another city
  • Aquaman is in it, but not called Aquaman. He’s there because the world engine in the ocean did something to the fish
  • Wonderwoman poses as a Wayne Enterprises investor to retrieve an item that belongs to her people.
  • Lex Luthor is in the shadows a lot, a manipulator. Not much face time with Superman.
  • Robin betrayed Batman at some point, leading to a falling out between them
  • The Batcave was super cool looking, and the mobile looked similar to Burton’s
  • Lois is investigating Lex.
  • Metallo “kills” Clark
  • The Daily Planet is bought by Lex Luthor for PR purposes
  • At the end Superman is living in exile, and the Justice League is an government approved superhero team.


Let’s all remember this is fun.


  • Joe K.

    Wow! All of that sounds . . . incredibly underwhelming. I really hope there is a whole lot more to it than that – otherwise, good luck to DC with this Universe and competing with the Marvel Machine.

    PS – I’ll give DC this: I’ll take ‘Arrow’ over ‘Agents of SHIELD’ any day. Good show.

  • Michael__Rassbender

    Batman forms a UN type deal to stop Superman from destroying another city……..
    ok……. I guess …. what ???

  • AlexiasLazar

    Mark my words… they are filming this and ‘Justice League’ back-to-back

  • kapow!

    Depending on all the elements coalescing properly, it could be brilliant. The extra ten months give the creative team more than enough time to make this happen right. I wonder how many tweaks Oscar-winning scribe Terrio has done to Goyer’s script so far?

  • TrustNo1

    No way, I can’t believe any of this!

  • Tey

    It actually sounds incredible! I love how in the end, the “Justice League” ousted Superman. Let me guess, when the real villain appears *cough* Darkseid *cough* and easily beats “The Justice League”. The world will need it’s true original hero.

  • Mister Moustache

    Batman forms a UN type deal to stop Superman from destroying another city
    It makes no sense. At all. Actually, it sounds like some fan-fiction storylines that I’ve read, so I hope it’s bullshit and not WB bowing to fans.

    Although a lot of fans are upset with the destruction in Man of Steel, from a STORY POINT OF VIEW, it’s absolutely ridiculous to have people in that universe blaming Superman for the destruction in Metropolis. WE can argue whether or not he was responsible because WE were watching a movie, because WE know the character as a character, because WE were seeing the fight in details. For the people in that universe, all they know is:

    1) Zod showed up saying that he was going to fuck Earth with an alien terraforming dick if that Kal-El dude didn’t surrender.

    2) The Kal-El dude surrendered.

    3) Zod was full of shit and attacked Earth anyway.

    4) Kal-El dude stopped the terraforming machine and sent the kryptonians back to whatever they came from with a little help from his military friends.

    5) Zod was still alive and threatening Earth. Kal-El dude killed him.

    It’s ridiculous to assume that humans are thinking “Oh, Superman destroyed the city”.

    The true and COHERENT premise should be: “Ok, the guy fought by our side, but does it mean we should trust him? We know what he can do, we’ve seen his powers in Smallville and Metropolis, is it cool to let this dude fly around without someone to control him? What if he turns against us?”

    Now, if that’s the reason why Batman forms this “UN type deal”, then I’m cool with it. But if they come with the “preventing Superman from destroying another city” bullshit just to please butthurt fanboys, so fuck off WB.

    The rest of the ideas are interesting, although I really don’t believe this rumor.

  • Me

    Gee, this will be such a great superman sequel; he’s barely gonna be in it! Warner Bros., stop docking around with these JLA cameos and give us a real damn MOS sequel

  • KillerCrocsBreath

    For the most part, I like the potential of each point. I like Aquaman, Robin, UN and the villains. However, there’s a couple that has me scratching my head. Im not a big fan of WW dressing up as an investor to get an item from her people…She’s WW, she should just take what is her. Also dont understand the JL being a govt org. Why would Aquaman and WW work for the govt?

  • Rey

    I’m getting the same feeling….

  • Rey

    Could be they are making this a jumping off point for solo films…..

  • Kyle

    This plot sounds way better than the Avengers

  • Josh White

    I think it sounds stable, that’s what they need right now, stability this is good news if it’s true.

  • louis bradley

    I hope so!

  • BobL

    Why can’t they just make Batman/Superman? That story alone can hold up an hour and a half. The animation department did a near-perfect job of it with World’s Finest.

  • Nick M.

    Most of these seem quite good and possibly real. 1 or 2 though seem a little weird like why would Batman be involved with the UN? I’ll take it with a grain of salt though until we get some official info.

  • mike payton

    Or surprising, since the third act of the Avengers was just the third act of the Transformers 3, complete with alien wormhole and giant robot snake monster.

  • NihilistZerO

    “it’s absolutely ridiculous to have people in that universe blaming Superman for the destruction in Metropolis”
    People are mostly sheep. If Lex buys the DP for PR he could easily go JJ Jameson and direct all blame at Superman. I like the way they are going with this. Justice League being government backed makes a lot of sense in this context and is a way to “justify” what I always thought was a dopey old fashioned sounding team name. /in this context it’s and “Iron Patriot” styled branding decision.

  • NihilistZerO

    Well he’s the “first” hero as he is around before Superman. He presents himself as a solution to the problem. The aborted JL movie had a Batman that was very leary of the super powered beings.

  • Connor J. Quinn

    I really don’t like the JL UN type stuff. I don’t get what they mean by Batman makes a UN type deal with Superman, he’s a recluse, Batman shouldn’t be affiliated with the government.

  • https://soundcloud.com/lethargicj lethargicj

    Maybe he does that as Bruce Wayne, not actually as Batman. Like Bruce Wayne formed Batman Inc.

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  • Connor J. Quinn

    Maybe. it just sounds weird to me.

  • https://soundcloud.com/lethargicj lethargicj

    How is it ridiculous to have people blame Superman? We live in a divided world where EVERYTHING is debating by talking heads on 24 hour “news” channels. We live in a world where everything that can be turned into a controversy will be. If this stuff happened in real life there would ABSOLUTELY be a segment of the population who wouldn’t trust Superman and who would blame him for causing the problems of the first film. Particularly if you imagine that there is some super rich tyrant like Lex Luthor, who owns his own media conglomerate and would use that to poison the public’s opinion about the events.

  • Ramon

    Hard to see the govt being pro Batman, especially if he has the robots patrolling Gotham as has been previously reported. I could see the team coming together because they think Superman is too dangerous, but I could do without the govt aspect as it seemed like at the end of Man of Steel Supes was turning at least most of the military to his side.

  • https://soundcloud.com/lethargicj lethargicj

    It’s not THAT weird. This is stuff ripped right out of the comics. Justice League has been a UN organization in the past multiple times, with Batman as the leader, as well as a US government sanctioned group.

    Yes, It does bring up some weird imagery to mind of a fully suited Batman lecturing the UN general assembly. haha But I think it’s more unbelievable to think the government would allow a Justice League type group to exist without oversight.

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    I doubt this holds any credibility

  • Mister Moustache

    Yes, but I’m talking about blaming him for destroying Metropolis, that’s what doesn’t make sense. They know the vast majority of the destruction was caused by Zod and his World Engine, which Superman stopped (I’m assuming the military won’t make a secret about what happened and Lois Lane will write about it), they know that he was fighting against Zod and he killed the general, so they have no reason to believe the destruction of Metropolis was his fault.

    Now, as I’ve said, of course the world is divided about Superman, of course there are people seeing him as a threat, but not because “he destroyed Metropolis”, but because he’s a walking mas destruction weapon.

  • Josh White

    And if he wasn’t on Earth Zod most likely wouldn’t have came.

  • Josh White


    Only 2 other people have been added to the sequel.

    They’ve built all of the Smallville sets back so we will see more Superman story

    No supporting character for WW or Batman have been announced.

  • Josh White

    lmfao you just made so much become clear

  • Josh White

    Because they have to do some world-building now that all of these movies are connected.

  • Josh White

    What if we see CADMUS involved rather than something as vague as “The Government”

  • ThisGuy

    Nice! Superman is the leader of the JL, one of the founding members, but in this version he is shamed and then exiled. Also, coming up with other names for our beloved JL is stupid. And if this really did end with a fully formed JL then wouldn’t you think one of these blokes could have confirmed who the members were? It’s all bullocks for the most part.

  • joe

    Oh yeah fish men and Amazonian woman and a robot that runs on green glowing rock is a real step up on the avengers stage setting first movie. Nice blinders.

  • Dave

    yep, it’s january and adsenes revenue is down following the holidays. now we’re posting fan fic as legit rumors, lol.

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  • kapow!

    and if Hitler’s mother had had that abortion, the Holocaust never would’ve happened. stuff happens. in real life. really, really bad stuff. i don’t blame Hitler’s mom, and in MOS I don’t blame SM

  • Josh White

    neither do I, I am just saying that can be something Lex holds against him.

  • NatSolo

    wait 2 years for that? XD don’t bother at all.

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  • kapow!

    gotcha. btw, i LOVE irony in films. And therefore loved how ironic it was that SM did/will save so many…yet his existence lured Zod to Earth.

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  • CaptainCornHole

    That all sounds super cool to me. I wonder if there is a second Robin like there had been a few once in the comics once the original split from Batman.

  • CarloswithaK

    I am beginning to feel that there may be some truths to these rumors but I do feel that all the ‘details’ are not 100% accurate:

    Let’s start with the villains. We can all agree that Lex Luthor will be in the next film AND very well be the “secondary villain.” Possibly even working with Batman/Bruce Wayne? And why wouldn’t they? They are both rich, powerful, and respected. Now as far as Metallo? Possibly? If it’s true, I see him being introduced as his alter ego first, we see some sort of accident which cause Metallo’s alter ego to lose his human body thus getting his robotic one which is powered by the Kryptonian crystals. The question is how all this will fall into the story, whether Metallo’s alter ego will be in fact John Corben and who will make him into Metallo? Here’s a twist.. what if Metallo is created by both Lex and Batman to get rid of Superman? Hmm….

    Which leads us to Batman forming a UN type deal to stop Superman from destroying another city or from any other global threat for that matter. This I can see happening but not until the end of the film. I think at first we may see him partner up with Lex until Lex reveals hs true colors. Until then, I can see Lex playing the part.

    As far as Aquaman and Wonder Woman being in the film, that is another possibility that I am open to but only if it’s done right. I had already suspected that if Wonder Woman made an appearance it would be as Diane Prince and she would be dealing with Bruce Wayne in one way or another. I was thinking her appearance would act more as a cliff hanger/cameo rather than an actual part in the film where she would meet with Bruce at Wayne Enterprises to talk about “something very special they both have in common” which would lead into Batman and Wonder Woman seeking Superman to form the Justice League. I never thought Aquaman would make it in the film but if the idea is to fast track to build up to the Justice League then Aquaman’s introduction will be important. If he does show up because of the disturbance in the ocean, I hope he shows up NOT as Aquaman but as Arthur Curry/Orin.

    Regarding Robin’s betrayal to Batman is interesting and adds depth to this new Batman’s past (and origins). If this is true, I hope we get an origin film for Ben Affleck’s new Batman with the introduction of Robin. I would like to see Batman face off against some of his classic villains with a new and young Robin by his side. A film like this could give more insight on their falling out AND build upon the new Batman’s/WB/DC cinematic universe.

    Other details like Lois is investigating Lex, Metallo “killing” Clark, The Daily Planet being bought by Lex Luthor for PR purposes and the batcave/batmobile new designs are only minor details to help continue to build the universe. Ending with Superman living in exile and the Justice League forming a government approved superhero team could work but feels boring to me and predictable.

    I really hope these are rumors cause there is nothing better than witnessing a story that is fun, creative, well thought out and worth the wait.

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  • Allen Kayne

    I’ll take ‘Arrow’ over ‘The Flash’.

  • Allen Kayne

    Yeah, we don’t even know if the Rock is in the movie. And it seems (from this rumor) that Aquaman will have a tiny role.

  • Dan Riedel

    Ironically enough, this has EVERYTHING I wanted in the sequel: Lex buying the Daily Planet, Metallo, and Bruce and or Lex working with the government to go after big blue!!!!!

    I really want to catch this opening night then, but again, Affleck is in it so I’ll be waiting for it to be released on streaming. Darn.

  • Allen Kayne

    In the New 52, Steve Trevor heads ARGUS, basically DC’s version of SHIELD. CADMUS is a possibility, which can include a Superboy cameo.

  • beane2099

    If it’s Bruce Wayne working with the UN, I could see that. But specifically Batman? I’m not so sure about that. As far as whether or not people would blame Superman for Zod’s actions – in the wake of a tragedy a lot of folks need someone/something to blame. Who’s left to blame at this point? The Kryptonians are either dead or disappeared. Even with articles from Lois or whoever people would be divided on this. Some would love him, some would hate him.

    But let’s forget the fictional citizens of the movie. From the audience perspective, what brought Earth to Zod’s attention in the first place? Superman playing with that ancient Kryptnonian ship. Zod himself mentions that the signal from that ship brought him there. One could argue that the military might have set the thing off eventually, but they didn’t. The way this story was written the character of Superman has to accept some of the blame for that business. True, he cleaned up the mess and he saved lives, but things still went down and he’s partly to blame.

  • Allen Kayne

    Bruce will most likely not trust Lex and will end any partnership.Wait until the photos and trailer comes out and then judge the movie. Unfortunately, the trailer will come out in a year from now. :(

  • Dan Riedel

    Who would be the follow up villain for JL2 if Darkseid is the first? Brainiac should be the first villain.

  • Allen Kayne

    It could be Brainiac in MoS3 and Starro as part of JL1.

  • Josh White

    WOW that’s so much material to work with and I have an idea that General Swanwick will be playing a big role in the DCCU. That can explain Wonder Woman being involved with the government right off the bat and Superboy should appear waay down the line…they need to focus on their tentpoles first.

  • Dan Riedel

    Agreed. If anything, there should be protests about him being on earth period, not that he destroyed metropolis, because as you stated, he didn’t. Make it where people are afraid he’ll attract something else to the planet, like how Goku did in Dragonball Z.

  • wat

    Pretty decent rumor list. I like it all. Metallo seems pointless, though. But I guess Superman needs to actually fight someone.

  • Frank

    I can see the United Nations asking Bruce Wayne to have Batman look into it. A similar business to Batman Incorporated may be in play if this is a more experienced Batman.

  • Josh White

    I would like to see

    1) Amazo- he gets all of their powers and the Justice League is no match until Batman figures out that not only does he get their powers, he gets their weaknesses as well. He would be used as a weapon rather than an actual villain.

    2) Ares, and an army of undead Amazonian warriors. -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKGx7v6KcX4

    3) The White Martians- introduce Martian Manhunter and they are some bada** mother[frick]ers.

    4) Crime Syndicate- perfect match for each character except these guys don’t have a moral code.

  • Josh White

    They have to find a villain that Superman and Batman can fight where Batman is actually necessary. Kryptonite weakens Superman to the point where he can hold off Metallo while Batman uses gadgets to take him out.

  • https://soundcloud.com/lethargicj lethargicj

    How does it not make sense? There are millions of people in the world who believe a lot of things besides tons of evidence pointing to the contrary. There are people who believe Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans because of homosexuality, you think there really wouldn’t be people who blamed Superman for the damage? haha

    And again, if Lex is controlling the media and spinning the story to put the blame on Superman, he would definitely be blamed by many people.

  • Josh White

    What if they do that and send him off to Warworld where he gets put into a competition and becomes a gladiator and has to fight his way off the planet. This could establish Mongul as a future villain. I even have a brilliant title for the movie.

    Planet Superman!

  • Josh White

    I love Batman Inc.

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  • EJ

    Underwhelming is too nice a word. Sounds AWFUL.

  • http://johnnyray.me/ Johnny Ray

    I had a similar line of thought when I read that. Like, it seems Batman would just take it into his own hands…after all, he IS a vigilante

  • http://www.kabooooom.com/ Chris Stephenson

    I think this is the nail in the coffin of this website as far as reporting scoops. A random post on Neogaf? Really? Here’s what you do when you read something on Neogaf. BELIEVE THE EXACT OPPOSITE.

  • wat

    I highly doubt Kryptonite will be present in BvS. Just doesn’t seem likely.

  • Josh White

    I don’t think the kryptonite we know will be introduced but whatever Lex uses to power metallo might just happen to weaken big blue. I am not saying “kryptonite” specifically but the idea is likely imo we saw what weakens him twice in MOS but I’m not sure how they would use that on a smaller scale.

  • wat

    What weakened him was the Kryptonian atmosphere aboard Zod’s ship iirc. Not sure how that can be replicated but if the writers can manage it, I’m all for it. That is, of course, if these rumors have any truth to them lol

  • Frank

    I’m thinking Lex Luthor will use General Zod’s armor to form either his own suit or Metallo’s.

  • Josh White

    Also, remember the scene where we was fighting the tentacles on the World Engine and it took him up in that cloud and he started coughing and crap. After the battle was finished he was weak and was reaching to the sun for strength he was also sweating a lot, and he didn’t sweat at all in the rest of the movie, I think maybe the world engine created kryptonite or something similar to it. I know it’s far fetched but it’s what I’ve got.

  • Frank

    The World Engine could have already terraformed the rock and when it’s exposed to the Yellow Sunlight it may turn into Kryptonite.

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  • wat

    Sounds reasonable if thoroughly explained in the movie. I like it.

  • wat

    Nice idea. I forgot Zod shed his armor on a rooftop.

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  • Josh White

    Genius…just Genius… SOOO many possibilities for this sequel

  • Tey

    I would love to see The Justice League lay the smackdown on The Avengers.

  • Onyx

    I doubt any of this is true.
    Or maybe I’m just in disbelief that it could be. Lol

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  • http://www.thecenteno.com/ TheCenteno

    This sounds cool.

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  • Batt Damon

    That sounds terrible. If it is true, let’s hope it’s from an earlier draft and that Terrio rewrites it completely.

  • Batt Damon

    Hopefully a page one rewrite

  • Batt Damon

    The Legion of Doom

  • SwagMeOutHoe

    Or it might be something like “Kingdom Come,” where Bruce pretends to trust Lex until he’s found out everything or mostly everything he needs to know about Lex’s plan for Superman.

  • SwagMeOutHoe

    That government approved superhero team sounds like they’re borrowing from “Justice League of America”

  • Daniel Baldwin

    Sourcing a forum? Really?

  • Howie

    What, you thinkin “UN type” deal means batman’s bringing other heroes together to stop superman?(Or maybe even uniting his rogues-gallery to stop supes?)

    Here’s what we do know: Wayne’s satellite crashed in Metropolis. Zod’s suit is at a Lexcorp. construction site, and his body’s in central station. Smallville’s the first impact zone. The other end of the world-engine exploded into pieces in the southern-indian ocean(didn’t disappear w/ the metropolis side.) And Kara’s scout ship also crashed in metropolis(didn’t disappear.)

    All the ABC agencies would be cordoning off(militarily-enforced) & investigating these sites for years. Bruce would need congressional authorization to get his property(sat) back. The public would be wondering why smallville; why lois lane, why’s she taken on the alien ship, and what was she doing in smallville? And why wouldn’t any fed agency surveil her at work seeing her coworker matching superman’s description? Aquaman should know about superman from the whales at the oil rig. WW’s not a thief she would just take what’s hers. Do they know the connotations of batman being betrayed by robin, like a scorned lover, both characters sh/would be above all that. The world/UN would be against america if they backed supes, and unite w/ america if they outlawed superman. While all countries(including china/russia) bordering the indian ocean would be vying for the world-engine debris. Not sure how the UN could be much of an influence in anything.

  • http://thepenmighty.blogspot.com/ filmboy

    I agree completely. That is one of the reasons for the delay. I am all for it if it is done right. These spoilers, if true, could make for a good film. Especially if you throw in Lex reverse engineering the Kryptonian technology to build weapons to combat “the alien”.

  • DCNation2beta

    Que página tan mentirosa!

  • Leon Bright

    Good point!

  • Bill Agans

    well, accordin’ to other reports, batman’s gonna be controllin’ drones from the batcave at some point. that would be a good reason for the whole UN deal.

  • guest

    DC doesn’t need to compete with Marvel Sitcom Machine. That’s like The Usual Suspects competing with Toy Story….

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  • Howie

    Why would batman need drones if he has satellites?

  • Dan Riedel

    Ha! I see what you did there :)

    To be honest, I wouldn’t be 100% against Clark being shoved into a hole until MoS 3, the previous movies played the Clark angle to death, so I wouldn’t mind having a movie where Mongul is a main baddy.

    Although, my favorite Justice League story would make a great film, Panic in the Sky. Brainiac, Mongul vs the entire JLA.

  • Martykus

    Sounds a lot like a Michael Bay Shit Extravaganza to me!

  • Vegas82

    You think Superman just left Zod’s body lying in the train station? For some reason I find that unlikely.

  • Leroy

    pretty sure the “UN type agreement” refers to batman rallying a justice league himself, no government, he makes an agreement with the supers, thus UN type or UN ish

  • Chad Ammidown

    A) Why is there an art department when the movie wasn’t set to start production originally until February and B) Why would the “art department” get fired? It would be an agency.

    This seems bogus before one rumor was even mentioned.

  • Chris

    They don’t work for the government. They’re just government approved. If the rumor is true, of course.

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  • Inv3rtd

    I just rewatched an episode of Justice League Unlimited # 24 on Netflix and I think that would be a good plot for the JL movie or a sequel to it. Lex controls one of their weapons and fires it at earth which causes the people to not trust them anymore. What would make it excellent is the twist at the end of the episode.

    All this can happen in the first half of the movie, with the twist in the second. Or it can setup a sequel. But it might get some flack like Iron Man 3.

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  • Someone

    Acaso no leíste esta parte… “Take it with the proper amount of salt” y esta otra… “Let’s all remember this is fun. FUN” o esta otra… “Intense possible SPOILing OR just some FUN BULLSH*T going down”

    Tranquilo… Rumores y más rumores. Tomalo desde la perspectiva que merece. No hay porque alterarse. :)

  • KaiChen

    The art department is hired months before production. The fact that there is already a Batman suit and Batmobile concepts is sheer proof there is already an art department.

  • Axxell

    It won’t. Not with Goyer and Snyder at the helm.

  • Tyler A

    I find it odd that they’d be willing to accept Wonder Woman(The Feminist Superman) and Aquaman(……Ehhhh that I can see) but “nope sorry supes, you’re too strong noooo”

  • Axxell

    Yes, 50 different sub-plots in a single movie…nothing could go wrong…can’t believe they’d need to stop production to change anything…

  • Steve-O

    Actually, I was kinda hoping the movie would be something similar to the upcoming DC Animated movie Justice League: War, which is based on Justice League: Origin or something, I don’t read DC comics

  • Dan Riedel

    While we’re talking about future films, can we also have a superhero movie that borders along the lines of a Sci-Fi Thriller?

    It would be kind of cool if the Justice League movie was like “The Darkest Hour” or “Body Snatchers.” And make Superman be the first victim to raise the stakes.

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  • Howie

    No I don’t think that. But there’s so much loose ends, left up to interpretation, at the end of MOS; who knows how they’re going to explain it, if at all, in the sequel.

    I’d have Batman squirrel suit in w/ the (101st, vipr, nest, w/e{keeping w/ the Avengers theme..}) military, COD:Ghost style; disguised as a dod liason being the squads sifu(trainer). He makes first contact w/ supes-lois huggin it out, and securing the area he takes the body. Setting up the fight & zod’s suit being the batsuit’s origin.

  • Kevin Walters

    I think Wayne Enterprises should be the one to buy the Daily Planet , after all it was announced to the world that Lois Lane knows Supes identity and Batman will want to use this to get closer to finding Kal. Plus this could lead to some awkward scenes where Bruce is flirting with Lois when Clark is right there, lol

  • Kevin Walters

    How to do Superman films
    [centered around the actions of Lex Luthor/CADMUS]

    “Superman vs Batman”
    -Lex convinces the media that Superman is a public menace.
    -helps reconstruct Metropolis, which jumpstarts his campaign for president
    -LexCorp salvages the crashed ship and Zod’s armor which was left at the construction site
    -Lex is NOT a physical opponent of Superman, just political
    -secretly discovers the properties of Kryptonite, and creates Metallo

    (in between, Justice League, solo Batman, solo WW, solo Aquaman, and solo Cyborg)

    “Man of Steel 3″
    -Lex Luthor becomes president
    -CADMUS is created following the formation of the Justice League
    -Supergirl finds Kal-El
    -using the genesis chamber from the ship combined with human technology, Lex attempts to create a Kryptonian clone, which fails, and creates Bizarro
    -CADMUS captures Kara and gets a DNA sample, Luthor then uses it to create his first successful clone, Powergirl, who will be trained by CADMUS
    -In this movie show Luthor as a direct enemy of Superman, who is stopped

    (in between, Justice League 2, solo Flash, solo Green Lantern)

    The Last Man of Steel movie part 1
    -Doomsday is on a unstoppable rampage across the planet, all other JL members have had no effect
    -Superman is the only member available
    -have Supes take Lex out of prison, and actually have them work together to stop Doomsday
    -finally reveal Luthor’s huge power suit, followed by a scene of epic proportions in which two enemies work together to battle Doomsday
    -In the end, Luthor is killed, Doomsday is thrown into space, and Superman “dies” immediately, and falls down back to earth. How’s that for a cliffhanger?

    part 2
    -show the impact of the death of Superman on the world and on the JL
    -have a huge funeral scene where every member of the JLA attends, and where Martian Manhunter gives his epic quote, “the immigrant from the stars who taught us how to be heroes”
    -after some time, have Superman return

  • Howie

    Not enough motivation for lex, especially if he’s president, why would he care? Wasting so much time, an exorbitant amount of funds, and all just to create something that could possibly turn out to be the same thing he’s trying to get rid of? And then revisit superman returns? eh~

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  • Josh White

    YES. I love this, especially the funeral scene, since I am such a Superman fan I would be in tears and depressed even though I know he would come back. Have a scene where the Justice League are all carrying his coffin in the rain and the ‘S’ is shining.

    Either the picture or this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi8r45Kxmu4

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  • Campbell_Glass

    Yes. Odd.

    Oh, wait. Aquaman and Wonder Woman DIDN’T DESTROY A CITY.

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  • Bill Agans

    u could ask our government the same thing. obviously he uses the drones to fight crime from the batcave.

  • BossmanL

    Ummmm…I’m not terrible impressed with this story line…

  • Webster

    Idk, I read that Superman snapped Zod’s neck on there from someone who’d seen the test screening or something. A lot of people called bullsh*t and look how that turned out.

  • Webster

    Not JUST a rooftop, but a Lexcorp construction site…..

  • James Oda McCombs

    I like that Metallo is in it possibly. That’s…about it