Got an interesting Batman Vs Superman tidbit this morning. With the ultra secrecy surrounding the project, casting breakdowns at this stage are the only things that offer any real clues. The last casting breakdown that I reported about turned out … Continue reading

‘Batman Vs Superman’ Looking For Some Diversity

batmanvssuperman-Got an interesting Batman Vs Superman tidbit this morning. With the ultra secrecy surrounding the project, casting breakdowns at this stage are the only things that offer any real clues. The last casting breakdown that I reported about turned out to be Wonder Woman and now we MAY have another one for a hero.

According to sources, the production is currently looking for a black actor in his early 20s who is also physically fit. Here is the kicker though: the part is for a small role in the untitled Batman Vs Superman movie BUT will be recurring in other upcoming DCU films.

The role also shoots for only a couple of days. At first I thought it was some little role but then I also found out that Zack Snyder has met with hot actor Michael B. Jordan for the role. Remember, Zack doesn’t just meet with anybody. He targets certain actors. When Jesse Eisenberg got cast as Lex Luthor the Hollywood Reporter said the following:

Sources say that the studio and director Zack Snyder aren’t casting a wide net with plenty of auditions to fill roles but are targeting actors from a narrow shortlist of those they want. “Zack doesn’t see a lot of people,” said one person with knowledge of the process.

Interesting. Could it be for another superhero cameo that pays off later? Could it be for John Stewart? Could it even be for Dick Grayson? Remember, the role requires the actor to be physically fit so I highly suspect a hero part. You guys help me out in the comments below.

What character in the DCU could it be?


Many of you have tweeted at me the strong possibility of Victor Stone aka CYBORG. Good call. I totally forgot about Justice League War. Thanks again for feedback guys!

Until the next episode…


  • Nick M.

    If its a small role followed by future roles it could be for Cyborg. Cameo/introduction in BvS and role in JL.

  • elmayimbe

    Victor Stone. Cyborg. Good one.

  • TJW

    Wallace West. Snyder! Look at me! Where the fuck is Wallace!

  • TJW

    Cyborg would be cool

  • Merchant

    My bet is ‘uncredited thug’

  • kapow!

    They beat me to it. Buy yes, Cyborg. He may not even have the accident in this film, just be introduced.

  • Maverick

    I was hoping Michael B. Jordan wasn’t in the Fantastic Four because I thought he would have been a perfect Cyborg. If you are talking about a small role…that has to be Cyborg. If you were going the John Stewart Green Lantern(ahem…DJ) route, nothing is small about that.

  • Kalyeb Gordon

    How crazy would it be if he left the Human Torch role and took up Cyborg? Right age, great actor. Makes more sense than changing the race of a character just for the hell of it.

  • elmayimbe

    Um, no.

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  • Kalyeb Gordon

    that’s what extras are for, not one of the most on-fire actors right now.

  • TheChief

    I think Cyborg would be awesome. Later they could bring in Idris Elba as Stewart.

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    Would be awesome dude

  • Merchant

    Yeah, it was a joke, calm down.

  • Kalyeb Gordon

    if you think I was outraged then I could only imagine how you’d react if I someone was really being serious lol

  • Kalyeb Gordon

    Cyborg makes the most sense for MBJ.

  • Merchant


  • Daniel Dennison

    This movie lacks a talking raccoon. Hence it will fail.

  • Kalyeb Gordon

    …this is sparta..*kicks you into a dark well*

  • Kalyeb Gordon

    but didnt he just land the F4 role?

  • Mr. J

    john henry aka “steel”?

  • AlexiasLazar


  • Mr. J

    elba is locked at marvel as long as they still making thor movies..

  • Mr. J

    actually dick grayson could be a possibility; i remember reading that WB almost casts Marlon Wayans for that role in batman forever…

  • TheChief

    I haven’t heard anything about him being locked. Of course I could be wrong.

  • Dave

    And GOTG will still do better

  • Dave

    yeah, he confirmed it. he aint in this movie, lol

  • Kalyeb Gordon

    that’s what I figured. Would be amazing if he ditched the F4 role and come over to DC tho.

  • BrooklynBeast

    My bet is you’re a coward who feels tough online. Your dad did a good job

  • Barchiel


  • Somnath Das/The Dark Knight

    The rock will be far better than him as john. from any point of view. commericially specially. and he looks like him. and he can play serious part. so 100% with the rock.

  • Merchant

    Now why is that?

  • tim

    Pretty sure its Cyborg, Dick Grayson def not, Michael B Jordan might want to slow his role a little bit before becoming the next ryan reynolds, i mean the boy can act but Human Torch and another hero…come on brotha

  • tim

    i dont think FOX/Marvel has the “do not compete” clause in their contracts like Marvel Studios, thats how ryan reynolds and james marsden did both sides

  • NatSolo

    they’ve been hinting at cyborg a bit so it isn’t surprising, but given that michael b.jordan has been cast as the human torch, i don’t know how that’d work out. chadwick boseman is my pick.

  • Mr. J

    what i mean is that it’s very unlikely for idris elba to play two different comic book characters for separate studios that basically would be competing with each other…

  • Mr. J

    hope dwayne johnson ends up working in this movie; john Stewart would be awesome but it could be some other character entirely (martian manhunter maybe?)

  • Mr. J

    what about martian manhunter? color of skin isn´t that important, right?

  • ibkyjo

    Didn’t Micheal b jordan just sign on for fantastic 4

  • Mr. J

    chris evans played both the human torch and captain america. your argument is invalid.

  • TJW


  • tran wan

    what the fuck…why are you changing the race of some iconic heroes….if they’re white stay white. They already fucked FF4 by making johnny storm black.

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  • Dan Riedel

    Although I HATE the casting for Lex. I will say Zack Snyder is great at getting a diverse cast together – even moreso than Nolan.

    I hate the design for the Cyborg – I hope they re-imagine him as a nano-based humanoid.

    He could also be Aqualad – and his Daddy could be played by Denzel (Black Manta).

  • Dan Riedel

    Hey, if Ryan Reynolds can f*ck up Deadpool, Hannibal King AND Green Lantern, why can’t Idris take a stab at Stewart?

    Just sayin ;)

  • mike payton

    The divide between TV and movies is with the character availability. No Batman / Superman on TV. No Green Arrow or Flash characters on the big screen. That’s why Vibe is going to be on the Flash instead of Cyborg.

    Wally is going to be saved for TV.

  • Merchant

    Dunno maybe the studios dont think black super heroes are worthwhile, not as many people know who they are so might not have the draw power. So instead of building something up, they take a hero/villain with name recognition and change the race (or even sex). Anyone who disagrees with the change is silenced by being called a racist. It’s hailed as a success because ‘diversity’ and the black characters are ignored.

  • TheChief

    Ah, ok. That makes sense, but it doesn’t rule it out. I have heard that Elba was interested in the role so you never know.

  • Frank

    Having Victor Stone/Cyborg in the movie would tie in with the football game filming that took place a few months ago.

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  • AlexiasLazar

    Wrong – Geff Johns’s fingerprints are on everything.

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    Micheal B Jordan would make for HORRIBLE Cyborg.He’s too small to play Victor stone and he’s also horrible for johnny storm. What the hell is Fox/Warner brothers thinking ?

  • TJW

    He’s not big enough? Good grief. This irrational nonsense is why studios give not one damn about what the fans think.

  • TJW

    I was mostly joking, but you’re not entirely right. There’s already an Alfred on TV’s Gotham and another in the Man of Steel sequel.

  • darthadv

    Wish they’d get Chris O’Donell for Nightwing (would make for a nice way for him to come full circle) and LL Cool J for John Stewart (although they’ll probably say he’s too old, but the guy is built like a superhero these days!)… they handle their NCIS:LA roles so well.

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  • Nichkhun

    O’Donnel is looking older than Affleck.

  • Nichkhun

    Years apart, though.

  • Peter James

    He didn’t play them at the same time.

    This would virtually be at the same time (like maybe a year or 2 removed).
    In fact, both movies (BvS and FF4) start shooting THIS year, so it really would be at the same time.

  • Onyx

    Bring on some Cyborg!!!!

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  • darthadv

    True… I wasn’t thinking in relation to Affleck, although for a weary, battle-worn older Batman, Affleck may be too young, but that’s another debate, although I suppose they can make him look how he needs to look. Come to think of it, if he were only 10 years younger, I’d say bring Keaton back as Bats! (that ship has sailed)

    I would also have cast West in some kind of cameo role; I wish DC/Warner would do quick Stan Lee type cameos with West, Carter, Keaton, and others; it would be great little payoffs to the fans. Marvel did it with Ferrigno twice, and I’m sure if Bixby were still around, he would’ve been included.

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  • SALonghorn

    Michel B Jordan voiced Cyborg in the DCU animated movie Flashpoint Paradox. He was good too. But I remember him as Vince in Friday Night Lights.

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  • mike payton

    I’ll say it again… NO DUPLICATION OF MAJOR SUPERHEROES. There’s no Batman on TV. No Flash in the movies. .

  • mike payton

    Static is just begging to be a movie.

  • Oscar

    Michael B Jordan probably said no to Cyborg or whatever hero is being cast cuz he got offered a marvel hero role and said yes before they told him which character it was. Michael is hot right now, marvel is definitely hot, heck if he was offered the role of Mole Man he’d take it. I’m just wondering which actor would fit the role of Cyborg, not a lot of candidates out there. Just watch , when the trailers are out and there’s a lot of hype, and when the movie is a success, actors will be flocking to play any DC character.

  • ChowYunPhat

    He can’t make a movie Super Hero movie for another studio as long as he’s under contract with Marvel. At least, I’ve read that’s part of Marvel’s contracts. That’s supposedly the reason Jamie Alexander got knocked out of the running for Wonder Woman.

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  • Black

    He is being cast as Static Shock you morons


    It’s not nonsense ! If they can find actors that resemble close to their comic book counterparts…why not ? And don’t tell me they aren’t out there. The problem with studios is…jumping on a star that may be hot/ in demand at the moment…sure…it may bring in viewers…but it comes down to them not caring as you put it.
    And just like the studios not giving a damn about what fans think…I can vote with my wallet. I already know, I will be sitting FF4, and Transformers 4, out this year. Bay is still part of the Transformers…he’ll bring nothing new 4th time out. Same old, same old.


    And if the actor had any respect for the source material, he would have declined it. instead, he’s being used…and he’s seeing a paycheck for the reboot and sequels…if they do happen. What a sell out.


    Not really…Martian Manhunter can be either black or white…as long as the actor has some striking features…then again prosthetics will be added in for Martian’s brow. And of course he’ll be airbrushed a hue green.

  • Carl

    Nah he got offered a Fox butchering of a beloved Marvel comic character. I hope he backs out of that walking disaster of a movie for a much more fitting role. Cyborg.

  • Carl

    Oh please cast him as Cyborg and maybe he’ll back out of that train wreck FF reboot.

  • Julius Council

    Yep, its for the part of Victor Stone AKA Cyborg

  • Carl

    Good studios cast roles based on more than one criteria. Looks alone are not enough. Hollywood magic can make an actor look the part.

  • Carl

    Yeah but FF is gonna fall apart and never get released or be so bad that Marvel puts a stop to it with fat stacks of cash.

  • Rob0729

    Many actors have played characters in both DC and Marvel universes. Ryan Reynolds is the most notable, but others have too like Michael Clarke Duncan (in Daredevil and in Green Lantern), James Marsden (X-Men and Superman Returns), Michael Fastbender (Jonah Hex and X-Men), Halley Berry (Catwoman and X-Men), and Natalie Portman (V for Vendetta and Thor).

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  • TJW

    You must hate Chris Hemsworth for not being anywhere close to the 6’6” 640 pound behemoth Thor is “supposed” to be. He must be turribad. C’mon.

    I’m not sure how big you want your actor to be. He’s basically 6’0”, already played a convincing football player, and the rest is robotics and camera angles. “Don’t tell me they aren’t out there” go ahead and find me a 20-something black actor with half the talent and credentials of Jordan that meet your size requirements.

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  • Kalyeb Gordon

    they were also 6 years apart. Who cares about his JS role in F4 back on ’05 those movies were terrible. Everyone knows him as Cap.

  • Kalyeb Gordon

    heimdall or GLJS….it would fly right under the general audience’s nose’s. Bet money they wont spot the switch. Especially since Heimdall is sort of a side character

  • Kalyeb Gordon

    that would just mean he’s playing both JS and Cyborg in roles that may be coming out a year apart from each other. idk man he should just pick one and stick to it. it’s like having scarjo playing black widow AND batwoman in 2 different universes.

  • William Puck
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  • MOS 2 > EVERYONE!!!

    Hahahahaa! No.

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  • oxman212

    It would be cool if that football scene they filmed earlier had Vic Stone playing for Metropolis or Gotham.

    But since they already filmed it maybe not :(

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  • Alex Vidal

    I am a complete DC fan and Superman fan so i am being biased but even i will admit that Marvel is clearly superior right now…that being said. Fox is not above DC, the only role he can get that would be better and eventually bigger than one in a DC film is a role in Disney’s Marvel cinematic universe…no Fox’s.

  • Somnath Das/The Dark Knight

    hm. but he gave sign about john stewart. and i want to see actual martian manhunter look. i mean which version use widely animated television series. jl,jla etc. but he will be better as john. i think that lady from thor 2 can be a great zatanna. she rumour to play wonder woman once we know. yes,she will be fantastic zatanna.

  • Richard Grant

    …Except he appeared in Ghost Rider 2 after making Thor, back when Columbia still owned the rights to Ghost Rider. So clearly that wasn’t a part of his contract.
    There’s never been an official acknowledgement that Marvel has an exclusivity deal in their contracts, and the fact that Jaime Alexander could even be in talks with Warner Bros about the role (which was confirmed by her) means that she couldn’t have possibly had an exclusivity deal in place, or she wouldn’t have had talks to begin with.

  • Andres

    Cyborg IS black. What are you talking about?

  • Andres

    Funny cause Michael B Jordan was already Cyborg.
    He was the voice Cyborg in Flashpoint.

  • Brian Knockin

    that isnt a Marvel movie! And the way the FF looks it don’t seem as if it will be anything great or have a chance to make a impact especially with his character seems better to go this way. Fans will appreciate him as Cyborg where as Johnny Storm can hurt his career just for one pay day. Now if he had been in a real Marvel movie and it was good and true to the character I don’t know but FF no way go to DC if you have a opportunity

  • Brian Knockin

    Better Cyborg then Johnny Storm

  • Orlɛanž

    Your ‘sources’ like gangbanger Lex Luther, right? lol..
    Oh wow, Football scenes in MoS, that totally points to Cyborg lol. Clark reading Pluto, that totally points to Aquaman, also. LR logic.
    Yep, total clickbait, so is the title.

    Wait for official announcements. ,

  • Brian Knockin

    thank you

  • Royce

    It’ll be either Cyborg, John Stewart or J’onn J’onzz but it’s highly unlikey that J’onn is going to be theresince he’s in JSA but who knows he could be.

  • myclawismypenis

    JL-WAR was good, but I felt like it was too similiar to Avengers.

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  • Dan Riedel

    If this IS going to be an outright reboot, maybe he should be Robin.

    A black Damian Wayne – Bruce got himself a taste for choco-tacos ;)

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    Wait, so you’ve gone into the future to see that the Lex LuthOr information was untrue?


  • HoTZ

    Normally, I agree with your opinions…
    What can I say, ya got a good head on your shoulders…
    But, a Darksied vs JL slugfest, was vastly more enjoyable…
    Than the Hulk’s one punch to what, a Spage lizard dragon thing?
    Loki, though fun, ALSO out like a light when the Hulk gets him.
    Black Widow’s little guns, Hawkeye’s whining, Cap’s horrid outfit…
    Thor brooding, Iron Man the big ‘quipper.’ I dug watching this film…
    But, it’s not that great a story.
    Nor is JL: War, but, some fu. With Bat’s and Green Lantern…
    Plus, the Darksied beat-down.

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  • Howie

    Okay here’s the list again of what’d be cool on the big screen:
    Icon – Tattooed Man – Virgil Ovid Hawkins – Hawkman – Connor Hawke
    John Stewart – Troy Stewart – John Henry Irons – David Zavimbe(Luke Fox)
    Wayne Williams – Maxwell Williams – Blackwing – Stoneyard – I.Z.O.R.
    Firestorm – Mr. Terrific – Lee Walter Travis
    Amazo – Darkseid – Brainiac – Imperiex – Vandal Savage –
    Doomsday – Metallo – Black Manta – Black Lightning – Black
    Bronze Tiger – Bloodsport – Amazing Man –
    Technocrat – Josiah Power – Xerø
    Jakeem Thunder – Coldcast – Muhammad X

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  • Daniel Baldwin

    No. He’s still in talks.

  • Merchant

    Yes Cyborg is black however, Dick Grayson and Johnny Storm are not. In the article Dick Grayson is mentioned as a possibility (before it was edited and Cyborg added) and Jordan is playing Storm in the FF4 reboot, that no-one give a shit about.

  • MontandsArm

    Highly doubt it. Jordan is to loyal to director Josh Trank, since they did CHRONICLE together and was kinda his big break.

  • Dave

    JL War was horrible.


    John Henry Irons – Shaquille O’neal didn’t do it for you? lol


    yeah but a few of the movies you mention are a few years part and the only one that is a MARVEL STUDIO’s movie is THOR. V predates Thor by 6 years. The “supposed” exclusive contract cause were written by Marvel Studio’s.


    I guess you don’t get the joke? It was a reference to the show “The Wire”


    Lol! Good One!


    TJW is correct. There was confirmation a week or two ago that Sam Pertwee will be playing Alfred on “Gotham” and of course as well all know Jeremy Irons will be Alfred in Batman vs Superman.

  • Dan Smith

    I believe Diversity was an old, old wooden ship…

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  • Truthhurts

    People don’t need to look into the future to see this information is just false. Michael B Jordan will not be filming any JLA or Superman vs Batman scenes. False false false. Just cause you write for the site doesn’t mean you can help promote its propaganda.

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  • Kaizokuman

    He really wouldn’t need to since the movie is not or a while.

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  • ibkyjo

    I tend to agree but I think more blame lies on the director and producers for offering in the first place

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