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Is ‘BvS’ Actually ‘Man of Steel: Fight or Flight’?


Domain names can sometimes be surprisingly revealing. Most of the time, a domain name is just one of many options that a company is considering for a project title. They want to cover all of their bases, so they register a whole ton of options. A few months ago, we got wind of a list of domains that Warner Bros had purchased, with many of the entries seemingly like potential titles for their upcoming Man of Steel sequel.

Well, it looks like that list of options is continuing to evolve. A new title that has spring up now is Man of Steel: Fight or Flight.  

Personally, I think it’s a silly name for a movie. Sounds more like the name for a Superman app-game for your phone. And, for all we know, that could be exactly what it is.

But what if it’s not?

Let’s play with this for a second, and assume that- even if it isn’t a working title- that it at least offers an insight into the themes of the upcoming film. Fight or flight refers to one’s primal survival instinct. In instances of danger, your brain instinctually analyzes whether to stay and fight, or get the hell out of there. In a simpler, more day-to-day sense, the idea morphs into either staying to confront a situation or just walking away. Bearing that in mind, and the continual whispers that the story will see Lex Luthor and/or Bruce Wayne putting Superman to task for the things that occurred in Man of Steel, I have a theory.

What if one of the thematic elements of the film is Clark wondering if he should keep donning the cape? Perhaps in the face of angry protesters that view him as a dangerous alien, Lex Luthor making him out to be public enemy #1, and Wayne/Batman treating him like an untrustworthy ally that’s only going to attract bigger and badder escalations…Clark contemplates walking away from it all, wondering if his adoptive father had been right all along?

Man of Steel

Could make for some interesting, soul-searching drama leading, ultimately, to Superman’s redemption.

Just a thought :)

Man of Steel: Fight or Flight. What do we think?

SOURCE: MarkMonitor

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  • Frank

    With the rumors about this movie, Fight or Flight actually gives weight to them. Especially with the rumors of Superman going into exile.

  • Orlɛanž

    Sigh… Here we go again.

  • Wally Q

    Man of Steel & The World’s Finest (alt. Man of Steel: World’s Finest)
    Man of Steel: Shadow of the Bat
    World’s Finest

    You’re welcome, Snyder, you hack.

  • Snore-El

    “Fight or Flight”? Is that a question for the audiences support of this movie?

  • Nick Farina

    It’s not a bad title. Beats the hell out of the other domain names they registered.

  • Lazarus St Jones

    Batman V Superman: inside or outside Costume Briefs.

  • Lazarus St Jones

    Man of Steel: I have no mask, but you still can’t tell I’m Superman

  • Nick Farina

    Man of Steel: Shadow of The Bat would be amazing.

  • fanofconstantsorrow

    Frankly, it’s too soon to speculate. We haven’t even seen that Batsuit yet!
    Not worth the brain cells.

  • Tey

    Ummm. SvB all the way!

  • Terry McGinnis

    NO its not the title..This domain was registered in March of 2013 and is set to expire in 2015 BEFORE the movie comes out. It was to be used for promotional purposes for Man of Steel

  • M Teague

    There is no way they are going to call it that because I literally got dumber reading that title. One plus is that it is not a pun, so there is that. I liked the title I made up a few months ago: Man of Steel: Allegiance.

  • Lurk Kent

    the trademark for man of steel: fight or flight was filed three months before the release of the original man of steel and would expire a few before the original release of the sequel. therefore it is clear that this has zero to do with BvS

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    Is it? I’m no domain expert, but couldn’t WB just…renew the domain if it’s something they like?

  • Retro Clark

    Yeah that is the DUMBEST, WORST name for a film that you’d want to have any gravitas to it. I could see that being the name of a comic book one-off or story arc, but a film??? I’d rather have Batman vs. Superman, as unoriginal and uninventive as that was. Here’s hoping that’s just an interim title or web registration. EXILE would even be a better title. Ugh.

  • CarloswithaK

    I think you are right on the money as far as your theory goes. That can totally work and I see that theme being used. As far as the title goes.. totally sounds like a smart phone app.. I really hope the title doesn’t suck. There is nothing worse than having a great movie with a crappy title. -_-

  • TopHat

    If they choose anything other than BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN or SUPERMAN VS. BATMAN, it’ll show how much animosity the film makers really have for the audience.

  • tim

    Man of Steel: Public Enemy could work, i would love to see a nice uplifting title for a change like making the 3rd one All Star Superman or Man of Steel: Worlds Finest, enough of this ominous, dark, and gritty shit

  • scot.evil

    MOS: Dark Knight Over Metropolis

  • HoTZ

    So basically, like the new 52 interpretation of…
    Superman & The Justice League crew…
    That is, until Darkseid shows up.

  • Lurk Kent

    true true true. i was really referred to the time when they filed for it. Isn’t it pretty confirmed that WB didn’t come up with the idea for the sequel until right the time MOS of was released? its a weird title for a film nevertheless. it was probably for a mobile or browser game.

  • Drake

    Man of Steel: I’m Hiding Behind Two Small Pieces of Glass and Metal

  • Nick Farina

    Man of Steel: Public Enemies

  • rsixsmith

    if i could sidebar real quick… was there ever an announcement for or posting of the trailer for DC’s animated ‘the son of bat,an’? on the site? i’m only finding out about it today from a collider posting from 18 days ago. and that’s only because of the zergnet link at the bottom of the page, which i hardly ever look at. if there was, nevermind, must’ve missed it.

  • Josh White

    Man of Steel: Trinity

  • Mr. J

    if you’re right and the main theme of this film is going to be if kal continues donning the cape or not then it’s going to be very similar to TDKR (bruce hanged his own cape and cowl for years and was considering to get back as batman much to alfred’s concern) hope it’s not the case and, altough it would be plausible for him given his enormous regret for killing zod and all the destruction caused i don’t think that happens.

  • Josh White

    The first one needed to be darker in my opinion, the sequel should as well as it features Batman.

  • Hephaestus1

    It just gets better and better.

  • Darth Kaos

    Doesn’t matter. The end result will be the same.

  • Mr. J

    man of steel 2: justice for all

  • Leroy

    Man of Steel: Cape or Cowl

  • Onyx

    I sure hope they have a killer title for this movie.Because nothing that they have registered so far seems very good.
    The members of this site come up with better titles than what I’ve heard so far.

  • Onyx

    Speaking of the batsuit. I hope it doesn’t change in every movie. I’m all for special armor suits or whatever but when he isn’t wearing armor he needs to have his old true blue on hand.

  • Nick Farina

    Man of Steel: Shadow of The Bat
    Man of Steel: Public Enemies
    Man of Steel: World’s Finest

    It’s amazing how fans farting around in a chat can come up with 10x better titles than the powers that be with millions of dollars and all the DC archives at their disposal…

  • MonkeyWork

    That will never happen, as it limits sales of toys, costumes, cups…

    However, it’s about time for a hero to show up in an older suit after a huge fight or two. A Batman or Spiderman type would probably run out of pristine new getups without someone figuring out their true identity. I also just think it could be a cool plot point.

    I’ll give aliens and gods a pass on unlimited wardrobe.

  • Onyx

    I don’t think it would limit sales of any merchandise. They just put out all of the toys that come right out of the movie and then add all of the fodder toys that are also ‘supposed’ to be attached to the same movie.

  • Pyramidhair

    If they insist, just ‘Fight Or Flight’. Lose the MoS.

  • dnno1

    Is this Superman/Batman: Public Enemies?

  • Xmasevebaby

    NEWS FLASH! Marvel Studios is still winning! C’mon, WB…get your shit together,

  • Frederic Girard


  • Josh White

    Those titles could all very well be for games, and apps.

  • Josh White

    What do you want them to do? You’re acting like they aren’t pairing two if the biggest heroes of all time together for the first time in 2016, and giving Wonder Woman her first on screen appearance. Honestly, I think it is impossible to please DC fans.

  • Josh White

    No, the story could take elements from that though

  • Calvin Hobbes

    There’s nothing worse? A crappy movie with a great title is worse than a great movie with a crappy title.

  • Claudio

    heres a dumb idea, how about Worlds Finest? Just saying

  • Orlɛanž

    I think WB is just throwing crap on the wall, and trying to see what works (like they always have done).
    While Disney/Marvel have developed a new strategy that has their entire game plan worked out all the way to 2021, with an epic conclusion.
    No matter how blindly you may disagree, Marvel is a decade ahead of DC right now, and that’s bad news. We should have been got a WW movie, and Flash film.

  • Howie

    Man of Tomorrow

    If they’re going to have man in the title.

  • Howie

    Too brief

  • Paul uk

    You guys obviously don’t know anything about Superman, if you did you would understand the whole wearing of the glasses concept…..maybe you should do some homework!

  • Drake

    Son, have a seat and calm down. It’s a joke.

    P.S. I’m a huge Superman fan and I thought Man of Steel was awesome.

  • aurakle

    Don’t forget who has had the stronger track record. Its WB/DC..up until Sam Raimi’s Spiderman or maybe Blade before that, what Marvel produced was mainly sh** (aka Dolph Lundgren as Punisher, Hasslehoff as Nick Fury)

    It’s the …Tortoise and the Haare.

    Marvel do have a plan, to rush the individual movies out so they can do another Avengers movie. They’re enjoyable and interesting but a bit on the ‘empty side’, DC/WB achieved the opposite with Nolan and now other film makers are now emulating this style of serious film making/story telling.

  • Miguel

    Snyder’s no hack.

    And yes, World’s finest is the way to go.

  • Black

    ILLUMINATI is clearly taking over this movie.. unlike marvel movies.. Lex Luther=Eisenberg= Jew / Superman= Cavill= jesus christ.. anymore questions

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  • Truthhurts

    Why isn’t RDJ in this movie?