Last week Warners shocked the world when they announced that Queens native Jesse Eisenberg bagged the role of Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman. I’m not gonna lie, at first I was on the side of fandom that … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Just Who Exactly Is Lex Luthor In ‘Batman Vs Superman’

Lex Luthor ExclusiveLast week Warners shocked the world when they announced that Queens native Jesse Eisenberg bagged the role of Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman Vs Superman.

I’m not gonna lie, at first I was on the side of fandom that was against Eisenberg and bitched like everyone else. But guess what?

I was wrong. Big time.

On one hand, like many of you, I had preconceived notions of what the character SHOULD BE that was pretty much based on conditioning of watching DC animated cartoons for too many years.

On the other hand, what Lex Luthor is GOING TO BE in Batman Vs Superman is pretty damn cool. More of that in a bit.

There have been some theories of what Lex is going to represent in the upcoming film. My wonderful colleague Drew McWeeney wrote a good piece over at HitFix that you guys should check out as a prerequisite before reading what we have to say. Just this morning Hollywood Reporter dropped a piece that was more inside baseball that didn’t really offer any info new info.

So, just who exactly is ALEXANDER “LEX” LUTHOR?

Kellvin went all out, hit up sources, came up aces, and bagged DETAILS.


For starters, let’s get this out of the way immediately: Lex Luthor is BALD. His head is shaven to be exact. But that is not all. He has another physical trait. You see, Lex Luthor is also into body art and has a detailed sleeve tattoo of the Metropolis skyline on his right arm. Lex is also the richest man on the planet who became a self made billionaire at 18. Lex is currently the CEO of Lexcorp who is one part tech genius, one part ruthless business man and two parts Metropolis street tough. Yes, street tough.

At 14 Lex was living on the streets and for survival was initiated into a street gang. He learned early on that there was someone always bigger and stronger but never smarter. By 15 that street gang was answering to him. According to Lex, strength isn’t everything. RESOLVE is.

So Lex Luthor is the Metropolis street kid turned mogul. My kind of tough guy.

Don’t think of Lex as some goon because his eyes say it all. Behind them burn the fires of unparallelled genius. A powerful intellect enabling him to accomplish anything he bends his will toward. In the boundaries of his mind he is godlike but not a God.

We meet Lex early on in the story when Bruce Wayne first pays him a visit at his 125th floor penthouse located inside Lexcorp Tower. Lex is sitting at his desk in front of an array of computer screens. Take a wild guess what he is watching on the monitors?

The Man Of Steel.

Don’t for a second think that Bruce and Lex are cool because they got no love for each other. They have a past. You see Bruce once called Lex as an amoral, arrogant brat. Lex thinks of Bruce as a trust fund baby. Lex considers he got himself to where he is at by innovation and hard work while Bruce by accident of birth.

Bruce considers Superman an impressive specimen. Lex considers him an alien, and a trespasser that doesn’t belong on this planet. Superman is just one of the reasons Bruce came to visit Metropolis. He has an interest in the city’s tragic circumstances. More like profitable circumstances according to Lex.

The rebuilding of Metropolis is Bruce Wayne’s main priority and is in town to help. Bruce believes pooling their resources would better serve the citizens of Metropolis and Bruce is willing to put his differences with Lex aside and let bygones be bygones.

Lex believes Wayne Enterprises is a powerful company but not enough to challenge him in his own backyard. Lex Luthor is Lexcorp and Lexcorp is Metropolis. Despite the limitations of Wayne Enterprises, there are some things Lex believes he can use the company for. Lex’s secretary will send Wayne the contracts.

In terms of Superman, Lex believes Superman can die. For all it’s abilities its not immortal. Bruce believes there can be a peaceful solution to the Superman problem. One that doesn’t involve going toe to toe with a God. Lex doesn’t intend to go toe to toe with anybody because he believes you don’t get to be a general by charging the frontlines with the rest of the troops.

As Wayne leaves, you know who Lex is thinking about?


But that is another story, folks.

So what do you guys think? Chime in your thoughts below…

Until the next episode…


  • Connor J. Quinn

    “Everything below is subject to change” aka covering your ass.

  • Andrew Wise


    AKA your license to BS.

  • Maks

    So you basically dug up what 90% of the more involved movie community already knows. I mean this story line was the best bet to make this movie epic anyways. Thanks for the story though.

  • Batman

    I’m just hear to read your comments..and smirk.

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner


  • elmayimbesucks

    Worst exclusive over

  • Kalyeb Gordon


  • Connor J. Quinn

    Not sure I’m into Lex being in a street gang, but I love Bruce calling him an “amoral, arrogant, brat.”, and Lex calling him “a trust-fund baby.” that’s great!

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    Agreed we’ll see if it holds up

  • Kalyeb Gordon

    Okay who else thought after the first 2 paragraphs thought that someone else is playing Luthor?

  • Josh White


  • AntmanX

    So Jessie Eisenberg was a gang leader at 15? And he’s Lex Luthor? It would have been nice to see a version of Lex that resembles the comics and animated series, just once. This sounds like caca.

  • Kalyeb Gordon

    yeah I was like “NO WAY IN HELL” but the characterization and the relationship of Luthor/Wayne sounds great

  • Josh White

    Who else thinks they’ve scrapped the whole Batman vs. Superman idea?

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner

    I want to see these 2 go at it in a meeting room or a media event!

  • Josh White

    I’m hoping some of this is true, I don’t think Terrio is changing massive details. It says he is writing based on Goyer’s screenplay so we’ll see Goyer is good at story bad at dialogue and getting you through the story.

  • hayesjam

    This sounds very interesting to me and addresses something that is NEVER addressed in superhero movies: what happens to a city after all the destruction? That’s a cool, original angle and I like it a lot. Frankly this article has made me more excited than ANYTHING i’ve heard about this movie so far.

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  • EaglesBecomeVultures

    How does this guy live with himself?

  • EaglesBecomeVultures

    What makes you say that…?

  • hayesjam

    I would be more comfortable with the prospect of this movie if it was well-established that WB/DC are going a totally different route than what we’re used to with these properties. I think Man of Steel was a fundamental misunderstanding of Superman, but if it’s their M.O. to create something entirely original and not an adaptation of any comic, I can respect that.

  • Michael Roberts

    This wont work on the big screen, but good job. I guess you’re the lesser of two douchebags between you and El Mayimbe.

  • Kellvin007

    For real…Like I’m gonna go out and say “you know what Zack himself told me this so that’s that.” Lets get real I’m not about to rat out the source for no fan trolls on this.

  • Connor J. Quinn

    You may be 100% right with this and then, when the movie comes out you can say I told you so. I think people are just pointing out that it’s very easy to spout off stuff and say “this is subject to change”, in that sense, it’s an irrefutable claim. In 2016, if none of this is in the movie, you can throw your hands up and say,”Hey! Hey! Hey! we said it could change!”.

  • Michael Roberts

    Eisenberg running a street gang? lmao, what is this shit?

  • Tara

    Eisenberg a tough street kid, commanding a street gang – with that whiny wimpy voice of his? That makes this casting sound even worse.

  • Connor J. Quinn

    They always hype this shit up so much, you’d think they’d have the cast of the whole fucking Justice League.

  • Andrew Wise

    I guess Lex has to get that tattoo redone after the events of MoS huh?

  • Sitsaya

    I think we will be seeing something similar to “The Mandarin” in IM3. I’m getting this feeling that the true Alex Luthor will be a different individual and at some point in the story will be revealed….

  • simon

    LOL latino review exclusive, you were right at the begin of the article “i was wrong. Big time” something this site has been for along time now, you guys are laughable, lets just wait for WB to announce the actual facts about the film

  • Renaldo

    fan fic much?

  • kapow!

    Naw, too much time left to speculate. Which is fun. Of course nobody is forcing you to visit LR.

  • Benito Famadico

    i dont know any of your backstories because were all just names on website but these comments on jessie being a gang leader are absurd. gangs are about money not braun. if you make money you da man. this aint the jets and the sharks. i remember when i was young a kid i knew was the craziest fool around. he was a small skinny chinese kid who was very unassuming. yet he would stab you in the face if you pissed him off. he would throw a chair at your dome without hesitation. like the article said its not about how tough you are. its about your heart and determination. the biggest guys in the hood still get killed on the daily . it doesnt take any muscle to pull a trigger. im excited about what i read. im excited about what is to come. it sounds cool to me.

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  • Daniel Stampe

    Honestly I think majority of this statement is bs. No offense to you, but ANYBODY can write up something like this and “claim” it to be true. Heck, you didn’t even give any legit resources. Don’t get me wrong. I like what is written and think it’s a good idea. But right now it just sounds like fanboyism.

    Had you said, “My guy talked to some WB or DC representatives” then I would maybe be convinced. And hey, once the movie does come out and you happen to be right, then my hat’s off to you.

  • Brian Knockin

    It sounds sweet! Sign me up

  • oliver_chang

    Meh, pass.

    Personally I don’t like script leaking, ruins films, and please don’t use “if you don’t like it don’t read it” line, Batman Easter egg ended up on Yahoo headlines, so once stuff gets out its out, no refund. Albeit this one is not quite leaking but flirting with it, and its like, stuff we already know (subject to change right? That means the direction is correct but details may vary, which means its already stuff we know).

    And the whole build up and “exclusive” gives the same underwhelming feeling, for example last time there was a huge scoop on Batman and it ended up been some guy playing Gordon’s colleague on TV, and now another huge scoop on gangster Lex working with Bruce Wayne and plotting against Superman. This would be huge if I was living in the cave last year.

  • Rockthaniel

    How do you figure it was a “misunderstanding” of Superman?

  • Rockthaniel

    How is M.O.S a “misunderstanding” of Superman?

  • Guest

    The fact this all sounds so dumb

  • EaglesBecomeVultures

    So since everything you’ve heard sounds dumb to you, you think Batman and Superman won’t be fighting anymore?

  • Arjun Malhotra

    I actually, think that this is a much better solution to this movie, and is getting me more excited for Lex. Can’t wait to hear more!

  • LAblak22


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  • Whatever

    Had you had any clue that they were going with a younger Lex instead of throwing up Cranston, maybe this wouldn’t come off so much as complete fan fiction.

    But conveniently, it’s all subject to change so you can’t ever be proved wrong. Well played.

    The only scoop here is the one you need to clean up all the shit you’ve just smeared over the internet.

  • dragon_lee76

    Eisenberg better not only hit a homerun in this role, but a game winning grand slam in the 7th game in the world series, a game winning touchdown in the superbowl in the 4th quarter or a game winning shot in the NBA finals. Time will tell….

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  • Shallbecomeabat

    I am a comic book nerd for over 20 years now, but I really cannot see how this news could upset anyone.
    “Wahwahwah, I want a comic accurate Lex.” First… You already get that… every month in the comics. Secondly, this changes nothing for the character in any negative way. It just gives Lex a more interesting background and look. Its still Lex Luthor, but now he has the crime ruler thing in his life since he was 14! This makes him much more badass and scarier.
    I cannot wait to see this movie. I think its always more interesting when the movies take the essence and soul of the comic seriously, but add a few new tastes and spices of their own. If you want predictable (but still good) superhero movies, you still have everything Marvel studios is doing. I loved MoS and I am sure I will love Zacks next film.

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  • Howie

    “best bet to make this movie epic”? Why would you put logic holes in a character like this? If Luthor grew up in smallville; why a gang in metropolis? Why metropolis if he’s a billionaire? Billionaires don’t live in NY, they’ve corp. buildings there, but they got a house in nantucket. Same for any other city, billionaires don’t live there, in presentday real world. They own islands, warm climates, or wintery desolation -discrete privacy. Bruce’s in gotham for (rich)family reasons. Lex is in Metropolis for, a street gang? Banking? Stockexchange? Lexcorp headquarters is there? Billionaires don’t live in cities(they’re gang raped in) cause their headquarters are there, especially if the billionaire grew up in smallville.
    In MOS Lexcorp is a shipping, construction, gasoline(?) company? Presentday real world gasoline-oil/construction companies don’t go tech.
    Why would Bruce ever come in contact w/ Lex, that’s what lawyers are for. In MOS wayne enterprise’s satellite crashes in metropolis, that’s why bruce would be in metropolis, aside from a recon on supes. There’s no reason for bruce to talk to lex about helping out, that’s what charities are for. And if anything bruce would talk to: the mayor, commissioner, federal aviation administration, fbi, congress, governor, and/or any other public official; not someone he’s no respect for. The only reason bruce talks to lex is zod’s armor.

    If batman sees superman as an impressive specimen, it’s not batman vs superman.

  • ganymede3010

    Seriously, why in the fuck do you come to this site if you don’t believe in the scoops that EL works hard to provide us fans? I’m not saying he knows everything (no one does) however he knows enough and has provided enough scoops to be the reigning and undisputed online scoop king.

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  • NatSolo

    honestly, i don’t like that at all. It’s got me imagining eisenberg as a gangster in a film from the 1940′s.

  • james milner

    I like it. It is almost similar to the comics.

  • BrooklynBeast

    I don’t get it. There are already black superheroes. Develop movies about them. If the shield tv show introduced Deathlockk then make a Panther movie or my favorite Power Man. Turning beloved characters into other races is stupid. I’m black and proud but don’t want to see a Black Torch or Puerto Rican invisible girl. These movies are more for the fan boys and not this ignorant self absorbed generation who need everything dumbed down. Never thought I’d ever say this but if you put a Black man in the movie of the hero I don’t want to see it. Background lesser known characters like Idris Elba in Thor or Jaime Fox in Spiderman are OK but major characters is a no no.

  • SpeakingtheTruth

    All of these casting decisions will make this one of the best comedy adventure films in a long time. I chuckle every time I think about it.

  • Dave

    sounds awful. good luck WB. Bring on Avengers 2. What a joke.

  • Daniel Stampe

    It’s just an opinion, bro. No need to get your panties in a bundle. And I came here by another link to answer your question.

  • Facepalm

    Studio: Lex should have an edge. He should be hip and gangster.

    Snyder: It’s called “swagger” with these kids nowadays.

    Studio: Jesse Eisenberg should be Lex! He’ll be great.

    Nolan: I’m out. Don’t mention me in the press release.

    Studio: He’ll be like Dominic Toretto from Fast and Furious, except with a Mac and a squeaky voice. Do you think we could fit in another superhero into this film? What about the Flash?

    Snyder: How about Michael Cera as the Flash?

    Studio: Brilliant!

  • halfdogjury

    Cool tattoo bra!

  • HeartlessXx

    I’d rather wait on WB confirmation than buy that.
    Also retards/marvelfanboys/gayNolanworshippers… Don’t believe everything you read… Lots of money and politics in the background -.- OR these idiots found a thrown out draft! lol Either way keep eating up their shxt.

  • Razor

    You actually believe this “news?” You’re the joke.

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    Not to mention the character has been rebooted a few times by DC comics. I personally find this intriguing. At the least definitely more interesting than anything Pre-criss.

  • Badlands75

    This is a great summation. I truly think this is going to happen. I think that Lex will also believe that he can corrupt Batman to merc Superman. We will have to see what Batman’s motivation is for going after Superman.

  • runner_j

    Very interesting. If that’s what they’re going after with Luthor, then Eisenberg could be an inspired choice.

  • Barchiel


  • Piablo

    And you “knew” this how?? LOL! Derp

  • Piablo

    AWESOME. Sounds like an amazing story and I love the background of Lex. It’s contemporary. I’m excited.

  • JessicaRoss

    Jessie Eisenberg looks like a younger version on Michael C Hall (Dexter) ……..Just saying

    They could pass for brothers

  • Scott Konkel

    This is Great. I hope some of it turns out to be true.

  • Matt Lee

    Well at one point in time, Wayne does own The Daily Planet, easily giving him a reason to go to the city

  • Chongchen Saelee

    Yeeeeah. Full-arm sleeve tattoo? Deliberately shaves head? Is he also a street magician? I suppose a lot of the backdrop will have to be the mean streets, so I won’t pass judgement quite yet. If The Rock is a Luke Cage kind of Green Lantern, then it makes a lot of sense. Batman rounds up the “hood rat” vigilantes to fight the government Superman… or rather, Lex manipulates them to take on Superman. Of course, by the end, they figure this out and join forces, leaving it with a cliffhanger so we will watch the sequel.

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  • elmayimbe

    Wow. Thanks for the compliment and support!

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  • Batfreak

    You used “its” and “it’s” completely backward.

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  • beane2099

    A casting announcement is like Schrodinger’s cat. Until we see the actor onscreen he/she is potentially horrible mediocre and awesome at the same. It’s all what we build up in our heads. We associate an actor with the roles they’ve played instead of the actual ability it took to play them. Since we can’t see ability, we go with what we can see. Some actors like Eisenberg get type cast and when that happens they develop a certain set of acting heuristics for those type of roles. But by no means does that mean those are the only tools in their tool box. Those are the only things we’ve been shown. So at this point, casting Eisenberg for Lex Luthor (whether it’s the young one or the actual one) is nothing but potential right now.

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  • YellarFellar

    I really wanna see this thing take off the ground, but its hard when you have a cast like this, which in itself isnt bad just WAY OUT OF ITS ELEMENT, and put them in roles they shouldnt be playing. I mean i wouldnt cast Al Pacino as The Flash and say “No worries Al, your great, you got this!”. Yeah hes great but the shoe doesnt fit, and when you force the shoe to fit then its essentially not the same concept. you take everything we know about the subject and turn the whole world upside down on its head.. I just dont know. Ill give it the benefit of the doubt and go see it in theaters but i really feel like this movies going to flop. I hope i eat my words on this but i doubt it…

  • thebat

    Sounds like you love to write horrid fan fiction.

  • MichaelSacal

    I hope this is right, man. I hope they don’t screw it up by making Lex come from Smallville. What you describe is a Lex Luthor straight out of the Unauthorized Biography of Lex Luthor by Hudnall, and I hope that’s the one they go with.

  • Danski72

    Lets face it, this film is going to have to be the Citizen Kane of comic book movies to offset the pre-hate, but since the hardcore comic crowd are a very small percentage of the people who will actually go to see it, its absolutely guaranteed to make good box-office whatever happens. Personally I like MOS and Snyders other work better than anything in the Marvel CU, which to me just all feel lightweight and forgettable, so Im onboard. Then again, comic-wise, Ive only really been into Alan Moore and Niel Gaimans stuff, so I have no preconceptions.

  • Convoy

    What the fuck are you talking about?

  • Danski72

    Brilliant analogy sir!

  • Danski72

    The Eisenberg uncertainty principle!

  • Charles Jonathan

    If it wasn’t for sites like L.R we wouldn’t get half of the information we want to know about our beloved movies. The disrespect to the authors from some of the readers of this site astounds me.

  • beane2099


  • Mario Kruzz Zavala

    you said it…

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  • Neo Racer

    Sorry can’t see this guy as ‘tough’ in any way, he’s just not. This is gonna flop bad.
    On a side note, thanks /Film for blocking me on DIsquss because you dont like my opinions. A**hats.

  • Playhouse

    What in the world would make you think this Lex grew up in Smallville?

    And there are billionaires that talk to each other quite frequently. Or perhaps you’ve never heard of the friendship shared between Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, as one example.

    Is this post a joke? Because if not, you’re assumptions have absolutely no basis.

  • Mattman

    Amen, brother.

  • noahwayne0

    This movie is going to be all kinds of bad. I loved Man of Steel and its a shame this is what we are getting as a follow up. WB is so desperate to play catch up to Marvel, its sad. DC has the two heavyweights in comics and this is the best they can do? They should have cast

    Jason Isaacs = Lex
    Richard Armitage = Bruce Wayne/Batman
    Bridget Regan = Wonder Woman
    John Noble = Brainiac

  • CarloswithaK

    Playhouse.. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Howie, I don’t mean to disrespect but your post was more random fandom-rambling and less intelligent-factual base opinion. Take a deep breath and let the movie be. You can go off once the movie is out. :-P

  • CarloswithaK

    This can totally work. I just hope the team behind this is creative and have an intense love and appreciation for the source material. After all, the source material is pretty amazing. ;-)

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  • kapow!

    actually all of this sounds very cool. i love how snyder/goyer are reinventing the DC universe. otherwise, we’d just get the same ol’, same ol’, like Superman Returns (loved Routh but that movie sucked bigtime). Man of Steel made me a SM fan again after a long time of not caring about this character. also, i realize Goyer is super-busy, in-demand, juggling new projects and Terrio has been brought in as writer. but since shooting has begun, there’s absolutely no time for anything but a light rewrite of Goyer’s script. what i’m thinking is T’s also hired to write the JL script. i love both Goyer and Terrio, so it’s the best of both worlds!

  • Darren William Kyle

    Doesn’t matter how cool or crap the story is, Eisenberg is a TERRIBLE choice for a villain in anything. He is a decent actor in certain roles but he has no real chops. The entire thing is slowly looking more and more like it’s going to be awful.

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  • Neo Racer

    Ok…so much for free speech.

  • Kalyeb Gordon

    another person saying a movie’s gonna be a trainwreck due to CASTING lol get over yourself. you sound like if your mom dont make you the dinner you want, you’ll move out the house hahah

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  • noahwayne0

    not just the casting, but the point of the article – a street tough? covered in tattoos? this sounds dumb. and yes, casting makes a difference. Jesse is like the male Kirsten Stewart – has zero range. I think acting is overrated – they are blank slates, but you are either competent or not, those that have been cast so far are not

  • Ather

    “Don’t think of Lex as some goon because his eyes say it all. Behind them burn the fires of unparallelled genius. A powerful intellect enabling him to accomplish anything he bends his will toward.”

    Yet still stymied by a simple pair of glasses.

  • Kalyeb Gordon

    kristen stewart has no oscar noms so i think the comparison stops there. and after all the street tough, right arm sleeve tattoo which doesn’t necessarily mean “covered” and under all of that HE’S STILL LEX LUTHOR. Just a bit of characterization to separate him form the real-estate obsessed luthor’s we’ve had in the past.

  • bmatth6167

    Okay. That all sounds great and exciting and interesting from a certain viewpoint. And certainly part of it is Lex Luthor as we know him. But a lot of it is some other character that isn’t Luthor. I still dislike the notion that you can take anybody in town, shave their head and now they’re Luthor. They could have cast Mark Strong, written the exact same backstory, and no one would have had a problem in any way. I cannot understand an attitude that in essence says, “Screw the core fans, they’ll show up anyway because we say so. They’ll take it and like it because they have no other choice.”

  • estacado

    The B vs S fight isn’t going to be the big finale fight. It’s going to be a minor fight like the one between Thor and Hulk.

  • Dan Riedel

    It’ll be the Rock. Lexington “Steele” Luthor.

  • Dan Riedel

    Bull. In REALITY, such a young billionaire would be busy running his company and INNOVATING, not trying to kill super-heros.

    This is why an older Lex made sense – he hunted Superman for sport.

    Lemme guess, he’ll also be a neo-nazi (to explain his xenophobia) even though he CLEARLY looks Jewish.

    Give me a barf bag.

  • Alex Vidal

    OMG enough with the Mark Strong/Bryan Cranston! they’re weren’t cast! Move on and deal with it -_-

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  • bmatth6167

    Yes, I am entitled to my opinion. I’m also entitled to express. You don’t have to like it, but a polite human being knows how to express himself without sounding offensive, Alex Vidal.

  • Julio Velez Ramirez

    ¿En verdad siguen creyendo las patrañas de El Mayimbe? ¿Por qué no dijiste que Eisenberg iba a ser Lex? Farsante.

  • Chad

    Seriously? Where the heck did you get all this flawed logic?? Every scenario in this move that you are bitching about can have a painfully simple explanation.

  • cyberlarry7

    I always knew Bill Gates was really Lex Luthor – this movie proves it.

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  • Vamien

    You mean false scoops? This guy has never had a correct leak…..never! Yet you swallow his bullshit every chance you get.

  • Vamien

    Bring us more false and inaccurate info that is never correct. Keep to the Latino Review code of conduct by shoving readers constant BS.

  • Howie

    Warren buffett calls bill gates an amoral, arrogant brat; and would have a friendship? Let alone pool resources together?

    All i’m saying is the richest man on the planet lives in metropolis because, a street gang? Look at oprah, she came up/made her career in chicago; she don’t live there, she owns maui. There’s no logic for lex to be metropolis.

  • CarloswithaK

    Three things:

    A. This is a fictional story that takes place in a fictional universe. So throw out all the “realities” of what real billionaires do on a day to day basis. We know this is a DC universe so it’s possible for there to be some sort of connection between all the DC characters.

    B. Lex has always been about business, power, control, fame, image and respect. So it would make sense for him to live in a city like Metropolis where he considers himself to be “King.” Plus not forgetting about the source material, Lex and Metropolis go together just as Bruce and Gotham do.

    C. Get over the “street gang” story line since this isn’t an official announcement from WB/DC. Why is it hard to believe a young Lex growing up in a gang to later become a powerful and wealthy man that is respected by many? That doesn’t seem too far fetched to me.

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  • manting

    most people on earth would be afraid of aliens – especially after they invaded and wrecked Metropolis. Does that mean everyone is a xenophobic neo nazi? Reel it in a little there.

  • manting

    Like Topher Grace as Venom? Worst superhero casting ever.

  • Pingback: Rumores apuntan que Lex Luthor y Bruce Wayne formarian una alianza en la secuela de “Man of Steel”

  • Dan Riedel

    The point is, no young self-made billionaire would become obsessed about an alien. To the point where they’d just completely walk away from their “baby.” They’d be too busy running their company. Especially if it’s the biggest in the WORLD.

    He’d have to essentially delegate EVERYTHING about Superman and not even pay attention to the details.

    He’d tell someone to find who Superman is, find his weakness, and hurt/kil him. He wouldn’t even care to have a face to face interaction with “it.”

    And this is not even analyzing the fact that Lex obviously has an interest in oil if he’s NAME was on an oil tanker. Fact: No one around 30 owns a company or cares to own a crude oil company… only stocks. The only way that’d be possible is if his father was tied to one or if he bought out a company that made it feasible.

    Sorry, I’m a stickler for details, and there’s a lot of holes present here.

  • Peter James

    This is freaking ridiculous it makes my head hurt.

    So you’re saying he went from living on the streets at 14, to being a big-time gang leader and then a billionaire, all in the space of FOUR FUCKING YEARS?!?!?!?!?!?

    Come on now.

    I don’t care how smart he is, that shit is just not possible.

    All other comic book Billionaires (Bruce Wayne, Tony Stark, Oliver Queen) have a more realistic trajectory to their billions that doesn’t involve ludicrous leaps in logic that this one requires.
    And the worst part is that we’re supposed to believe that a Jesse Eisenberg Lex Luthor,, was once a street gang Kingpin?


    Come on, now.

  • Charlie

    “SINCE CHRIS TERRIO IS CURRENTLY REWRITING THE SCRIPT EVERYTHING BELOW IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.” In other words, when this turns out to be WRONG you have an excuse ready.

  • This Guy

    The problem isn’t the gang thing. It’s Jesse Lame Ass Eisenberg trying to pull it off is the problem. Short, whiny Eisenberg a gang leader at 15. Seriously. It’s not this so called fake plot, it’s the actor trying to convince us. It ain’t happening,

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  • mych

    oh L.R. Youre so funny

  • LordElfa

    Because former street gang leaders are big time against trespassing?

  • Barchiel’s love child


  • JOnnyKnows

    Your writting style really sucks man.

  • Josh White

    There is no “reality” per se in this movie, he could always have a team maintaining his business, it will probably become an obsession with Superman after many movies.

  • Josh White


  • Josh White

    There are no guidelines a character in a movie has to follow, If you want the most commonly used comic-book version of Lex go read some comic-books. Nobody has said screw the core fans, you guys will all show up because people LOVE to HATE this movie. I have no right to say that the character will be good as much as you have the right to say the character will be bad before we’ve seen the movie. If the direction they were going in called for Jesse Eisenberg and not Mark Strong why would they cast Mark Strong (even though I think he would’ve done a phenomenal job). We have to wait and see the movie before we can say it will be good or it will be bad.

    Alex was probably talking about the overwhelming complaints about this movie in every comment section about things that will never happen should’ve/could’ve/would’ve can be said all day but in the end it won’t change the fact that JE is playing Lex, so it’s pointless to call it out.

  • Josh White

    How do you know none of these actors fit their roles? There are multiple versions of these characters from throughout the years and the entire cast can pull different versions of these characters off. My only complaints about Gal, Ben, and Jesse are that their voices are all annoying, not for the characters just in general.

  • Howie

    Throw out all realities? What is this a marvel movie?

    Metropolis isn’t a silicon valley, it’s not a trade hub, it’s not an oil town, it doesn’t house the UN, there’s no natural resources, and no ports; all it’s known for is a declining newspaper company. What business?
    Power? Lex for president, not a metropolis street gang corporate owner. Be a king? Lex for head of the BOE, wellsfargo, nato, wto, nafta, opec, bilderberg, nwo, w/e flavor of conspiracies going on in the world.
    Get over this story line? What’s the point?! The whole reason to comment on this article is to talk about this article! Become the most powerful and wealthy man, respected by many -in four years?! Far fetched is an understatement..

  • Pingback: Details Emerge Regarding Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor (SPOILERS)

  • Gib

    Ugh, Lex Luthor is now from a street-gang? Really? Why? Every time I hear about this movie, just sounds stupider and stupider. And it’s not even 2015 or 2016. Gosh, this movie is gonna be the biggest superhero parody since The Green Lantern. Should be very funny.

  • Playhouse

    It’s the biggest city in the world in the DCU. Where else would he be?

  • Playhouse

    For the love of…

    Zuckerberg became a billionaire in less than 4 years with Facebook. Lex is generally believed to be a technical genius, and it sounds like something like that is what he founds LexCorp on in this universe. By the time of this storyline, he’s around 30 years old, which means LexCorp has been around for over a decade and likely diversified the hell out of itself into many areas, something that they’ve done in the comics and in a number of other adaptations.

    As for your classification of Metropolis, do you even know what you’re talking about? There’s a reason why Zod attacked that city out of all the cities in the world. It’s the cultural and financial hub of the planet, kinda like a little known place called New York City in our reality.

    Honestly, take a moment to think about the things you’re talking about before you share them. They don’t make any conscious sense.

  • Howie

    What are you talking about? Metropolis doesn’t even have a narrows. No arkham, no bludhaven, no jersey, get outta here, biggest city.

  • Nicholas Allen Cotner


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  • mike payton

    So Lex Luthor is a genius billionaire gangbanger? LOL. There isn’t enough facepalm in the universe for this shit

  • Pingback: Batman Vs. Superman: Possible Lex Luthor Details Revealed | Star News

  • 4katcat

    I though shooting has been delayed. The movie has been pushed back to 2016 remember?

  • JeffH

    Read Superman: Birthright.

  • Jeffrey Howarth

    “Vs” doesn’t mean there will be a fight. They will clash then team up – like they always do.

  • zurvivalist

    If this is true, I wonder if he got that tattoo before he became rich because aspired to be able to see that view everyday. if so, he’s going to be pissed that half of the skyline is gone because of the taraforming and the fight with zod.

  • Howie

    Eh, Facebook was founded in 2004, zuckerberg worked on it thru college pre- 2004. Zucker didn’t break a billion till 2010, doing math that’s 6years+, not less then 4. And more to the point the article says he makes his money thru a street gang; not an NSA, CIA, and Gov’t funded social-media site used to data mine u.s. citizens.

    Back to not making conscious sense.

  • Alex Vidal

    Was going to answer but Josh covered it in his reply, and btw why did you type out my name when it’s obvious you’re replying to me? O.o

  • Dirty Dingus Magee

    I’m not a fan of the casting, but the pictures and renderings look very good. Visually they all can work, but Eisenberg usually plays a fast talking nerd to some degree. I hope he proves me wrong about him. If he does, he should get an Oscar. as far as the plot, I was hoping Bruce would be as suspicios of Supes as Lex is. I’m disappointed that he welcomes him with open arms. That’s not the Batman we’ve grown to know over the past 20 years. This is the guy who thought of contingency plans for the entire JLA? One last note, I’m glad to see the fantasy elements of this movie are still there. Luthor in a street gang? I’m sure the Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings and Vice Lords will appreciate that.

  • Comic Book Fan For Life

    This is all fantasy from the mind of David Goyer. He’s trying to make Lex a formidable enough guy so that when he challenges Bats or Supes it’s believable because he has street cred. It’s like he took the best bits of Dallas, Melrose Place and the Warriors and put them into Luthor. It’s his fantasy of the character. As far as Bruce meeting Lex. I could buy him paying him a courtesy visit, because that’s what we’ve been told rich people do. Unless you’re rich, you really have no way of knowing. I agree that Bruce would have had the Wayne foundation reach out to the governor and mayor to offer aide and not Luthor directly. Again, this is a fantasy and the kind of the stuff you actually see in a comic book. This kind of reasoning is why I consider some writers hacks who get a lot of acclaim. When you become an adult and live in the real world, you realize how stupid a lot of this sounds. It’s very uneven, but the part that bothers me the most is how trusting of Supes Bat Man is. He knows nothing about him. Why trust him? This is Goyer at his best. I hope the other guy cleans it up or we’ll get another movie very thin in story and character development and long on action.

  • This is why

    Superboy comics from the silver age said Lex grew up in Smallville.

  • Are you serious

    That’s why it’s in the movie, because you’re naive enough to believe that such a fantasy could be “real.” Goyer knows his audience. That’s for sure. You have no idea of the mentality it would take to take over a gang. Think Al Capone, but worse. Seen any fortune 1000 guys ordering drive by’s lately?

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  • bmatth6167

    I wanted to be certain, Alex Vidal, that you were aware I was referring to you. My point, originally, was not to cry over spilt milk. I was saying that I cannot understand any studio making choices that will so obviously upset a large percentage of the people they hope will be paying to see their movie. I used Mark Strong as an example simply because his name has come up in connection to the film, not because I’m upset he didn’t get the part as has been rudely suggested. I’m aware “their are no guidelines a character in a movie has to follow”. I’m aware that movies are movies and books are books. But if you change an established character so much from what it was originally it ceases to be that character and becomes something new. If you want to create a new character, feel free. Do it. Have fun. But don’t don’t slap an established character’s name on it. In other words, if you want Jesse Eisenberg to be your villain, fine. But don’t try and tell me he’s Lex Luthor.

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  • Orlɛanž

    lol.. This is garbage.

  • Orlɛanž

    Wrong article, dawg. You can stop pretending to be black now, OK?

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  • BrooklynBeast

    Watch the first 10 minutes of a movie called paycheck and you might be on board with Ben playing Bats

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  • Alex Vidal

    Well considering there is an arrow pointing to my name in your reply ..i think it was pretty obvious(x anyways no offence dude (btw i never said i was happy with the eisenberg cast) but they own DC, they can do whatever they want with their character just like they did with Bane and Ras in the dark knight trilogy. Like i said man, you’re entitled to your own opinion, i for one know that no matter who they cast (especially an oscar nominated Jesse regardless of whether he fits or not) I will NOT let it take away my enjoyment because I have been waiting for Supes, bats and WW to be on the big screen for far to long.

  • bmatth6167

    One last thought before I bow out of this conversation: Marvel just announced the casting of Paul Bettany as The Vision. Perfect! Brilliant! They completely get the point I’ve been trying to make. The casting of Bettany honors and respects who the character is and has been, yet allows them to make whatever adjustments are needed for the sake of a two hour+ movie story. That’s why Marvel’s movies make billions and Warner/DC’s (with the exception of the Nolan/Batman trilogy, which also got this point, by the way) often struggle to break even.

  • Pingback: PLOT TWIST: LEX LUTHOR Will Have Hair and… Tattoos?! | Unleash The Fanboy

  • Alex Vidal

    Meh i’ve never cared for Marvel, it’s amazing what they have done with their cinematic universe, truly puts DC’s to shame -_- but all their characters (with the exception of Magneto) have always bored me since i was a kid (reading comics and stuff from both DC and Marvel) Anyways yea I want a good movie as much as the next guy but right now i’m just happy I’m seeing these three on the big screen. Well nice talking with ya bud!(:

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  • bfg666

    How does one “look” jewish? Judaism is a religion, not an ethnicity.

  • bfg666

    Uh, seriously? He was particularly bland in this joke of a movie.

  • bfg666

    Didn’t know it was April Fool’s Day yet…

  • Dan Riedel

    Yea, yea, yea, I’m all familiar with the Ethopians that hold the Arc of the Covenant. Or the ones in Asia, or the ones that migrated to Russia from supposedly Egypt.

    Better question, why don’t you show me a person that is a skinhead that looks like they could be Jewish person (of Israeli descent since you want to be techical) ;) Hitler doesn’t count.

  • Mike

    You guys take this stuff so literally, in the comics this in the comics that. Just watch the movie for what it is a movie. It’s a different interpretation from someone else. Im looking forward to how it plays out and THEN ill judge the movie. Not just on guesses and ” insider” info

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  • bfg666

    “This comment was deleted.”

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  • Rob

    Wow! Better not post any positive about the movie! Howie might order up a drive by on me!
    Sounds like he has experienced every possible scenario anyone could come up with.
    All in fun people!
    Maybe Howies should play Lex!

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  • Kent Straith

    To be fair, Michael Bloomberg (who’s as close to Lex Luthor as pretty much anybody) has his primary residence in a massive condo in Manhattan. I’m sure he does have a place in the Hamptons, but he lives in New York.

  • Kent Straith

    Lame Ass is an Oscar nominee. Who’s your pick?

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  • Howie

    Did they say Lex is the mayor of Metropolis?!? Why does bloomberg have a residence in manhattan? You think the people of nyc wouldn’t have a problem if their elected officials didn’t actually live there? Bloomberg is the 108th mayor of new york city!

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  • Billy Marks

    why did you have to remind me of that horrible casting choice. Venom was one of my favorite villains and they screwed it all up.

  • bfg666

    Sorry for the delay, been busy elsewhere. If you’re still around and to answer your question, you can pick pretty much any Zionist you want: not only are they oppressing palestinians big time (seems like they haven’t learned a single lesson from History) but they’re also in blatant violation of their own religion.