Well, the last week or so has been interesting if you’re a Superman fan, hasn’t it? After months of hearing news that pertained almost exclusively to the other characters in his sequel, we finally started to see the focus shift back to … Continue reading

What Is Going On With Superman?

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Well, the last week or so has been interesting if you’re a Superman fan, hasn’t it? After months of hearing news that pertained almost exclusively to the other characters in his sequel, we finally started to see the focus shift back to Big Blue, himself. We had Henry Cavill sightings in Detroit, with excited fans chatting up the actor and seemingly getting him to spill important bits of info. Then, on Friday, we got to find out who Snyder and Co. have cast as Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luthor.

Yes, the casting of Jesse Eisenberg started a firestorm of discussion. It was a meme-ready casting, for sure- with my favorites being about how fans wanted Heisenberg (Bryan Cranston), and instead they got Eisenberg. This has lead to several of our brother sites around the web posting columns about why we should all give the Social Network actor a chance. At this stage of the game, I am neither for or against his casting. It will all depend on the writing. But I will pose this question to the “give him a chance” group: With so many fans all ready having to give Affleck and Gadot chances, wouldn’t it be nice to see one resounding slam dunk with one of these castings? You’re asking your audience to overcome quite a few reservations, all in one film, with a cast like this. It’s not like with Heath Ledger- who people initially were skeptical of- who was surrounded by a resoundingly adored cast in The Dark Knight.

That’s not the case this time. They’re essentially saying, “Hey, we know you’re going to have problems with three of the marquee characters in this film…but give it a shot anyway!” I think a safe bet with Lex might’ve been wiser.


But this piece isn’t just about Eisenberg and Luthor. It’s about the state of DC’s upcoming slate of movies, as a whole. There’s chatter all over the web about a variety of things. There are folks pointing out that WB/DC seems to be moving away from the “From The Makers of The Dark Knight Trilogy” approach- creating some space between Batman vs Superman and Nolan/Goyer. There are other journalists that suspect director Zack Snyder is going to attempt to address the criticisms leveled at Man of Steel with this next film. There are others, still, who view Ben Affleck as becoming the mastermind of the future of DC films. Also, the back-to-back rumors that I first reported on continue to gather steam.

There’s an awful lot to sort through here. But I’m going to attempt to touch on, and respond, to some of what’s floating around the web.

“Eisenberg’s Luthor Is Going To Vilify Superman For The Destruction in MOS And Justify Snyder’s Choices In That Film”

Ever since Snyder killed off, according to him, “5,000″ innocent civilians in Man of Steel, there have been fans who thought such catastrophic destruction was gratuitous. Some have attempted to justify Snyder’s decisions by saying that it’ll all pay off in the sequel. Some also think that the casting of a meager actor like Eisenberg in the role of Lex helps validate that theory. They think he’ll attempt to be the voice of “the little guy”; an advocate for the human lives destroyed in the wake of Superman’s destructive first day on the job.

To that theory, I say: Not so fast.

In order for Snyder to properly address what he did in the first film, he first has to acknowledge that he understands the complaint. From past comments on the topic, though, it’s clear he doesn’t. He thinks the issue is strictly about the death toll and the amount of destruction. That indicates he’s missing the fundamental issue- Superman’s lack of care, or of any real attention paid to the loss of life around him.

The director once drew a comparison to The Avengers and how Whedon “leveled” New York, yet no one seemed to care about that decision. The difference is, in Whedon’s movie, we at least saw the heroes addressing the carnage. They were depicted rescuing civilians, strategizing to minimize the damage, inspiring others to help out, and being concerned about the collateral damage. In Man of Steel, such humane elements were barely touched during the 40 minutes of endless destruction- which is odd for a character whose whole identity revolves around wanting to help others at all costs.

With that in mind, and with the knowledge that Snyder will now have even more creative control, I think it’s a long shot that he’ll tackle things in a satisfying, meaningful way.


Are The Folks At WB/DC Realizing That The Goyer/Nolan Team Was Wrong For Superman?

I can’t really answer that question better than Mark Hughes did so, as I did in an article about Goyer earlier today, I’ll just link you to his thoughts on the matter right here. In essence, though, he points out how Man of Steel fell short of the mark that WB/DC was aiming for, and that it would appear that the studios are trying to quietly shift the course of their DC properties away from the folks that did such brilliant work with Batman.

Villains & Back-To-Back Filming?!

The lowdown, in terms of villains, has been confusing these last few months. We’ve heard Lex Luthor, we’ve heard Metallo, and we’ve even heard Doomsday. Well, Lex has now been confirmed. But who else? Which of the other two? I think it’s fair to say…BOTHHow? Easy.

Remember how I first reported that insiders agreed with my hunch that Batman vs Superman and Justice League were filming back-to-back? Have you noticed how all the news that’s come out since then has seemingly pointed in that direction? So, if we are to assume that this will be the case, then these next two films are really going to be one long film. One crazy production, cut in the middle to make two movies. With that in mind, I’m ready to lay out my own theory as to how this will play out:

BvS will feature Lex Luthor and Metallo with, perhaps, a few well-placed teases of Doomsday- Maybe Lois will have a subplot, investigating weird earthquakes and tremors occurring in an area with no known fault line? While she looks into that, and eventually uncovers that the quakes are coming from Doomsday, whose awoken several miles beneath the earth within a ship that crash landed here thousands of years ago, Superman and Batman deal with Lex and Metallo. At the end of the film, Doomsday breaks free, the other members of the Justice League show up, and it ends on a cliffhanger. Then Justice League will center on a variation of the Death of Superman books.


This whole scenario is just something I cooked up in my head, mind you. But it’s because I’ve heard folks in-the-know mention all three villains, and I’m just trying to figure out how all three could fit into the equation.

Is Ben Affleck DC’s “Man”?

With Nolan and Goyer’s influence being downplayed, and with Snyder’s Man of Steel not catching the kind of fire WB/DC was expecting, some folks think WB has turned to Ben Affleck to help right the ship. After all, they offered him the reigns to Justice League some time ago, and then came back to him when it was time to cast Batman. Then he brought on his Argo writer, Chris Terrio, and now Terrio is being credited as the writer of Batman vs Superman in the WB’s latest press release. Even the consensus amongst common fans is that Affleck was brought on as an actor-director to help make sure Snyder’s choices don’t come off the rails.

There seems to be some validity to it, actually. Though I’m skeptical about how excited that should make anyone. I’m an Affleck fan. And aside from his too high-pitched voice, and lack of ever seeming truly intimidating, I’m very intrigued to see what he does with the dual role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. But what’s his pedigree? What on his resumé makes WB/DC think he’s the man to guide their most important franchise? When Marvel put their films on Whedon’s shoulders, it made sense based on his track record. When LucasFilm turned to Abrams, that clicked because of his past success with sci-fi, action, and resuscitating classic properties (Star TrekMission: Impossible). But what’s on Affleck’s docket that makes him “the guy” for DC?


I’m going to let you answer that question because, clearly, it’s a highly subjective topic and I’m kind of caught in-between having faith and being highly skeptical. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading, cool kids.


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  • Josh White

    Great Article! I do think they are slowly turning in the right direction.

  • El Lioncourt

    I’ve got a weird feeling this will all go in the direction of the Superman Nick Cage movie. May get as far as costume tests and will eventually die. The most interesting thing to come out of it in 10 years will be a documentary how DC managed to completely screw up a movie franchise that writes itself while Marvel made bank setting the example of what DC should have done.

    This all goes back to Superman Returns, when DC could have beat Marvel to the punch with the launch of a franchise, but let SR go too high art. They also let themselves get boxed in by Nolan (for as good as the movies were) wanting to take Batman super realistic and not using him as a franchise builder. The Batman trilogy should have done for DC what Ironman did for Marvel.

  • KillerCrocsBreath

    I just dont understand the criticism of the destruction in MoS. First off, most of the destruction came for the world generator which Kal had to go to the pacific ocean to deal with so there wasnt an opportunity to save citizens. Once Kal’s back, he’s basically immediately attacked by Zod. To me, Snyder addresses the humane issue with Kal killing Zod to prevent the death of the family. Kal kills the last of his race to protect humanity and we see the effect on him when he breaks down in the station. Some people hated that choice but personally i loved it.

  • @chrisdude

    Good read.

    Luthor is the perfect person to hold Superman accountable for his actions. But I agree. I don’t think Snyder gets what went wrong. I’d like to think someone has slapped him upside the head with it, by now…

    Hopefully, Snyder won’t kill Superman before he ever feels like Superman, and, like Man of Steel’s finale, nobody will see it the way Snyder does.

    Basically, I hope you’re wrong about everything. It’s just too bad that you make sense.

  • DAH

    I wish people would stop going on about all the destruction and loss of life in Man Of Steel…it wasnt Supermans fault..he was busy trying to destroy The World Engine to stop the rest of the f***ing planet getting killed!!…..and I liked that he snapped zods neck…was totally unexpected!…..thats what I like in movies…yanno…suprises!!

  • The__Usual_Suspect

    Ben Affleck is DC’s RDJ. You heard it here first.

  • myclawismypenis

    Same here.

  • CellReborn

    I think a lot of people seem to focus on Doomsday being a villain because of the “bertrons curse” thing on the MOS bluray. But nobody mentions the fact that good bit of that documentary of Krypton focused on the city of Kandor. I feel like if anything was worth pulling from that it would be Kando over anything.

    As far as Doomsday himself goes, I don’t really see any good writer wanting to bring him in as a villain. The hero is only as interesting as the villain and Doomsday is not interesting. Yeah he can have to big fight scenes but that’s about it.

    I think it is more likely that we’ll see Brainiac or Darkseid as the villain in Justice League. They have more to offer story wise.

    If people’s main complains about Man of Steel was the destruction, I don’t see why they’d be clamoring for Doomsday. Doesn’t really make sense.

  • @chrisdude

    Well, yeah. You kinda laid out what was wrong about it. They actually wrote a
    story in which a giant machine is killing thousands of people in a
    densely populated city, and the solution was to send Superman to the
    middle on nowhere, on the completely opposite side of the planet. He returns just in time to rescue Lois, and make out in the
    ashes of Metropolis. It didn’t have to be written that way.

    think most would agree that Superman would kill Zod to save lives, if it
    were his only choice. Snyder just didn’t do a good job of making people
    believe he had no choice. (Seriously. He could snap Zod’s neck, but not turn his head?) And it all just looks kind of silly, after
    Superman failed to save so many other people.

  • Guest

    If people’s main complains about Man of Steel was the destruction, I don’t see why they’d be clamoring for Doomsday. Doesn’t really make sense.

  • KillerCrocsBreath

    For me, by having the two machines, Snyder allowed for humanity to have its moment with Meloni’s character taking the plane down. I liked the choice because it didnt put all the praise on Supes. As far as Zod, I think this will more importantly be the reason why Superman no longer kills. But to each their own, everyone wont agree on movie choices.

  • kapow!

    Mario–Great article. I realize a press release listed Terrio as “the writer” but it also stated that he was writing based on Goyer’s screenplay. Filming has begun, there’s no way Terrio has time to write a new script, or even a mostly new script. My guess is Terrio is doing a light rewrite/polish, which isn’t unusual at all. Or Terrio might be mainly responsible for writing the JL script that’s rumored to film back-to-back?

  • Rick K

    Regarding Affleck – i am not a huge fan of him as a superhero mainly because of his Daredevil portrayal. He could definitely be the marquee name for DC and I can see him rising to the occasion as he is a good actor. After all who would have thought the Dad from Malcolm in the Middle would be a popular choice for Luthor amongst fanboys?

    Context – Walter White.

    Context – Affleck sucked as Matt Murdock BUT the script left ALOT to be desired. I am more of a Marvel guy but I think he is gonna kickass. Just keep Matt Damon away and bring Arrow’s universe in line.

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    I know what you’re saying, but the phrasing is notable. WB’s press release, which is how the company is choosing to portray the project to the public- regardless of what’s going on behind the scenes- names Terrio first. It calls him the writer, which is a marked contrast to the way things have been up until now. Throughout the production of MOS, and even in the early build towards BvS, the emphasis has been on Goyer/Nolan, then Goyer/Snyder. Now, all of a sudden, Terrio is the first name they want people to see when it comes to who’s writing BvS.

    I highly suggest you read the Forbes article I linked to. It adds some more perspective on what seems to be brewing over at WB/DC.

  • hero

    Wow we finally get the Superman movie we’ve been waiting for and everybody is complaining about it. Oh I get it everbody wants superman flying around the city getting cats out of trees and helping little old ladies across the street. These are the same complaining people who want to see Doomsday or Darkseid in the next movie guess what people if you think Zod caused damage wait till one of these guys cut loose. I think the movie was excellent a reboot of what Superman needs to be. The damage was catastrophic a just a hair over the top maybe, but you have 1 kryptonian fighting a truck load of kryptonians what did you expect a couple of broken windows and a few overturned cars. Come on people. I really hope they don’t change anything in the way they make the next movie. Personally I think they’re screwing up doing a Batman/ Superman movie I think they’re using that title for monetary reasons only.

  • October_1985

    I am with Mario-Francisco in this. Snyder is not a guy who thinks, he only wants awesome and cool scenes. He does not understand violence, or at least the effects of violence. I still remember how he insisted that he “get Watchmen” that he understood what was about, and then he shows us a Silk Spectre and Nite Owl that are almost if not more violent than Rorschach, and to ice the cake, the crucial point in the graphic novel of showing the reader what Ozymandias plan has cost in terms of human lifes is omited enterely in the movie. We see the destruction of NY, but not one corpse. Same than in Man of Steel. Snyder seems to think that violence is cool and that is, there is not afterthought, I would be very surprised if he MoS2 adresses any of this. In his mind, at the end of MoS, Superman its a whole hero, while for me and a lot of the people is a guy who does not care except for her mother and, strangely, the strangers on the station. He does no attempt to take the fight out of Smallville, even he is the one who takes Zod to the center of Smallville. Then, he is indifferent when the gas station blows. Escapes from the army planes by flying trough a building. Later in Metropolis, when Zod throws him a gas tanker, he tries not to stop it, just flies nonchalantly and let it blow behind him in a building. Sorry, but I dont buy that “he couldn’t avoid it” crap. While watching the film try to do the mental exercise of thinking of Chris Reeve’s, Dean Cain’s or even Tom Welling’s Superman in that same situations and you’ll find yourself thinking “Superman would never do that”. It was just a bad Superman film, made by someone with a poor understanding of the character.

  • October_1985

    Well put. Specially after all that silly empashis in “you can save them, you can save ALL of them”. At that point of the movie I was actually excited, because I thought that was going to happen, because, you know, that’s that makes Superman super. I’m okay with the notion that he could not save everyone, but the level of human loss its inacceptable. Superman failed miserably, to the point that I find hard to believe that people would trust him anymore, knowing that, you know, he being in Earth it is the cause of the destruction. And at the end he just goes happily, riding his bicycle, thinking about boning Lois, totally indifferent to all that happened in the movie. Nice.

    This guys put it better than me:

  • Patrick Bruneau

    Honestly i thought the Batman trilogy was horrible, and Man Of Steel was as bad to me. Mostly cause they made those movies too realistic or try to be as real as possible, Marvel movies keep their movies fun and that is why Marvel is a million light years ahead of DC and that will never change, which is sad, cause i would have love to see fun DC movies

    Tim Burton’s Batman was serious and dark, but was still fun, not a perfect movie by far, but it had some humor and fun moments, the original Superman movies had some serious parts, like Lois dying, ok the spin around the earth was silly, but it had cool moments betwen Clark and Lois.

    Heath Ledger as the joker was a pretty much all agree on performance, but being fun was part of the charm he had, Bane and Ghul ? Boring as hell… they are serious threat for sure, but no fun.

    I remember an interview with George Lucas about the time when Star Wars came out, most movies were dark, serious, brooding then Star Wars came out, it was fun and such, we see enough crappy depressing stuff all over the news, personally i don’t need to see more reality and deep down i think that none of us do.

    Comic books i was reading as a kid were fun, full of adventures, cool looking heroes and villains and i want those movies to have the same feeling, kinda like Marvel is doing.

  • kapow!

    I will read the Forbes article. As for the Warner press release, I’m not saying it’s false, but I cannot find it on the Time Warner or Warner Bros sites. Only on businesswire. Maybe that’s the way WB releases info. I dunno. As for Terrio, I admire his work, so his involvement is a plus. And even though he’s currently “the writer,” he’s working from Goyer’s completed script. It’ll be interesting to see who is listed first as writer when the theater darkens and credits roll. Plus, Goyer is still a producer so I don’t see WB trying to distance themselves from him. If anything, Terrio is Affleck’s guy, plus Terrio’s work is award-winning, so he has the clout to demand he isn’t credited with just polishing a script. Either way, I love both Goyer and Terrio. Cannot wait for this movie!

  • rsixsmith

    “Are The Folks At WB/DC Realizing That The Goyer/Nolan Team Was Wrong For Superman?”: some people think they were wrong for batman.

    “But what’s on Affleck’s docket that makes him “the guy” for DC?”: he’s an authentic comic book fan and an accomplished actor/director.

    ““Eisenberg’s Luthor Is Going To Vilify Superman For The Destruction in MOS And Justify Snyder’s Choices In That Film””: jesus h, you’re still upset that superman was only depicted as trying to STOP the carnage (zod himself) rather than also talking about it? wah, wah, wah. there’s no there there. cavill’s burst of emotion after killing zod said it all. and at the very least, he wasn’t the stone cold murderer with a smile that christopher reeves portrayed in superman II.

  • rsixsmith

    i don’t think that these movies will fail to be made, however i think your points on superman returns and nolan’s dark knight movies are virtually spot on. i would add that wb should have carried on and done better the next time out rather than give up altogether after superman returns. however, there is the fact that nolan was in the middle of his own artsy-fartsy batman trilogy, which complicated things.

  • Gary A. Valenzuela H.

    If they rectify all the bad things that made Clark Un-Super and worse a Bully, then Ben Affleck will gain my respect forever…

  • Gary A. Valenzuela H.

    Fully agree with you, that movie distorted all the things that I was hoping to see. And again I tell to Snyder that a kitten saved, may improve your hero. But instead he gives us a super bully… and a twisted Batman-esque character, the other time I was feeling so bad, ws when I read Speeding Bullets…

  • Hephaestus1

    The problem with Superman is that the people in charge of his comics and films aren’t fans of him. The New 52 and MOS are just not good representations of the character.

  • Gary A. Valenzuela H.

    Mr Incredible saved a kitty, and there was a lot of action in that movie…

  • batdaddi

    I think in my opinion that W/B want to make sure Zack doesn’t screw this up…… cause … HE CAN !!!! Zack scripts are horrible … look at he’s track record in films … Zack is like a Kathryn Upton .. looks great.. the moment she opens her mouth… you realize she’s stupid… .. same for Goyer.. as a screen writer alone… not very good … last good script “Blade”… look what happen to that franchise. that’s why he always has someone looking over he’s shoulder(Nolan)… and rewriting it… same case here.. Chris Terrio ….frankly I’m worried , but Ben will make sure it doesn’t suck…. he’s name is on it .. he can’t afford to be linked to a bomb

  • LegendInMyMind

    “Superman’s lack of care, or of any real attention paid to the loss of life around him.”

    I don’t see how this is a legitimate issue or complaint. Every single aspect of the film contradicts what you and others have taken this to be.

  • CCEkeke

    I had no problem with Superman killing Zod, but I just feel that the writing leading Superman to that point was poor. And to people who felt that he could have contained Zod, I ask how? At that point kryptonite didn’t exist and the Earth had never encountered a being with Zod or Superman’s power levels before.

  • Howie

    Why would they waste the gravity of a movie about the Batman going up against, -versus Superman?!?!! By muddling w/ earthquakes and lois investigating; why would you waste any screentime on anything to do w/ doomsday?! A movie about Batman fighting Superman is massive, an all out war between Batman and Superman! Do you understand the ramifications of what bruce has to do in order to beat a superfluous god?

  • CCEkeke

    I actually don’t disagree in terms of the violence level. You have solar-powered gods fighting each other. I think some people’s biggest issues were that Superman paid n attention to the destruction or even tried to move Zod away from the city to contain the fight. I think my biggest issue with the fight was that it was repetitive. I’d have loved to see Superman use his other powers to defeat Zod given that they were about even in terms of strength, speed and then flight.

  • BossmanL

    There are too many variables going on in this film universe. Maybe WB needs to take a step back and build up to the Justice League movie. Yes, I’m saying they should scrap all these ideas and start over. Just get it right, ya know. Why are they settling for Ben as Batman now? Especially since what Nolan did for the character? It’s a like a step back. If they need to just continue focusing on Superman, build that franchise up. Because marvel is not stopping at what they are doing and they are being successful because they have created their universe movie after movie. Not an entire universe in two movies. They are doing too much.

  • Josh White

    I was just being polite first and foremost, I have my own ideas of what I want this movie to look like. Batman vs. Superman was a good title to bring in the general public, I showed a fan trailer to my class and everybody was pumped to see it in 2016, I told them it wasn’t for sure Superman vs. Batman but they all LOVED the idea but of course there were people who didn’t want to see their favorite heroes fight. I think that Chris Terrio might change the premise of a versus movie in his writing of the script. We never know what it looks like now hahaha they probably didn’t have a title because they were never confident in Goyer’s script good thing Terrio is about and Geoff Johns.

  • Josh White

    I think they have something with this movie, they will do something Marvel truly hasn’t done yet and bring two MAJOR icons together on the big screen, I know we are getting Cap and Black Widow but at the same time she comes wrapped nicely in a box wherever S.H.I.E.L.D. goes, she didn’t even have her own film. Batman and Superman are so well known it’s insane. This is still a Superman sequel, or at least it’s still under the Man of Steel franchise umbrella…it may not be a traditional sequel but it is a continuation of an existing story just like the Avengers was a sequel collectively to all of phase one. We have only added 3 characters that aren’t apart of Superman’s specific lore WW, Bats, and Alfred this is still looking like Big Blue’s movie so i’m not worried…yet anything can happen.

  • Josh White

    Superman had to go to the Indian Ocean (had to correct the OP..Southern to be exact) because they had to bomb the main world engine with the phantom drive so that they could send them all back to the phantom zone. Remember, all of the jets and missiles were being pulled down so they couldn’t attack it, he had to take the other one out first so that they could open the black hole. He didn’t fail to save other people as much as he let the fight go on for too long, it was Zod’s mission to kill all of the human and take Supes people away from him just like Supes did to Zod.

    Sorry my comment is really messy.

  • Josh White

    LMFAO and we don’t know how long it had been at the end of the movie when he joined the Daily Planet Staff. It could’ve been the next year and he was in his Clark Kent gear to lay low, I doubt that but we still don’t know the timespan.

  • Josh White

    Don’t forget the destruction, this will also be the reason Superman always holds back…until DARKSEID!!!

  • Josh White

    The writing needed work I agree 100% especially that scene where Zod learns to fly he kind of just sat there. Also, when Zod gave that speech about his soul Supes just stood there like IDGAF..Goyer needs to go.

  • Josh White

    The only issue with the final fight with Zod was that he was set on killing humans and having Kal see how it feels to have your people die in front of you, he wouldn’t have followed him out of Metropolis he would’ve stayed and done more damage. Zack Snyder said during that live question event for Man of Steel Blu-Ray release that the sequel will address the destruction and that is a plot point. You’re right he doesn’t take the fight out of Smallville but that scene where he hit the corner of a building was because he got shot as he was flying away so he hit the building it was a spur of a moment action from a rookie. He was pissed off when the gas station blew up the dude was messing with his momma! haaha. The whole tanker truck situation is unexplained as well maybe he knew if he tried to stop it, it would blow up anyway idk. It was in a way Superman Begins, so any principles of Superman shouldn’t really have been present in this movie, do you know what I mean? I’m saying that this movie explains WHY he does the things he does (not killing, holds back etc..). I address the flaws you point out so don’t accuse me of a bunch of crap.

  • Josh White

    That context part of your comment actually gave you credibility, you don’t blindly hate things.

  • Frank

    What important info did Henry Cavill give away?

  • Josh White

    He did save over 7 Billion people.

  • Josh White

    valid points with Nolan. Also SR wouldn’t have been a good franchise imo, I think the costume was goofy, BR was kind of skinny, and Bryan Singer wasn’t doing X-Men.

  • Josh White

    I think he will write dialogue that is what needs help, Goyer is great with story.

  • Josh White

    The smallville fight was repetitive but the Metropolis one was good, flying, a little melee, thrown by a cape into a building, into space. It was epic to me. The actual fight only lasted 6 minutes I believe people always say 20 but it wasn’t that long.

  • disqus_DQsEjNW0wZ

    I believe that Argo deserved the Oscar for Best Picture, but not because of excellence, but by it being the best of the 9 films that were nominated for that year. Scenes that should had been visually stimulating either appeared dull and flat such as the audition scene at the Beverly Hills Hilton or drawn out like the climax at the airport. These mistakes are common for an up and coming director such as Ben Affleck. He understands that he knows that he has a lot to learn in regards to directing which is why he turned down the offer to direct The Stand feeling that he just isn’t ready to take on such a major project that is way out of his comfort zone. For WB to drop this directionless story at his feet shows that the studio execs have absolutely no game plan for this franchise. They are hoping that Affleck will be the golden child to save the day, but it is slowly looking that he is going to turn into the scapegoat like Gavin Hood in Wolverine; another film with way too many characters and a story that wasn’t strong enough to support them. I’m sensing that when MOS2 gets made, it is going to ripped a part in pre-screenings and in the editing room reducing characters to either small appearances (Black Widow in Iron Man 2) or removed completely (Mary Jane in Amazing Spider-Man 2 ***sorry Gad Gadot, but I think Wonder Woman is not going to make the cut in this soccer team when it’s time for the big game to start***)

  • Frank

    I didn’t really see how the Avengers invasion and Man of Steel invasion should be compared, at all. The Chitauri created shock and awe, and were mindless drones who even bumbled in one scene, while the Kryptonians and General Zod were highly trained combated soldiers that barely gave Superman a moments’ rest. Rather than looking at Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye for comparison to Superman, the comparison should be looking at either The Hulk, Thor, or Iron Man. They took care of the heavy hitters; Leviathans.

  • Frank

    I enjoyed the Smallville fight because it was used to properly bring the United States Military and Superman on agreeable cooperative terms. Neither of them were able to handle the situation alone and the only way to defeat the Kryptonians was to work together.

  • @chrisdude

    I understand the scenario. I just think it was a poor writing decision to take Superman away from the action, while people are being slammed into the ground. Buildings crushed. People running for their lives. And never, throughout the battle, did they show empty streets that might lead you to believe a certain area had been evacuated. Nope. People everywhere, the whole time. Death, death, death.

    Meanwhile, Superman stopped the world engine in the least heroic-looking way – from the other side of the planet. Then he returns just in time to save Lois, like that was some big whoop.

    It just felt wrong. And, “It just felt wrong,” pretty much sums up all the criticism and complaints this movie has garnered from fans and critics.

  • Howie

    If you want geoff johns go watch gl, i don’t. Terrio changing the premise? Never confident in goyer’s script? Probably didn’t have a title? What are you talking about, where’s all these ideas coming from?

  • Brian Knockin

    Nolan didnt make Batman for this sorry he made it just to be a Gotham world not a DC universe

  • https://soundcloud.com/lethargicj lethargicj

    “Have you noticed how all the news that’s come out since then has seemingly pointed in that direction?”

    No. I haven’t seen a single thing to support this theory. I’d love to know what news backs this up.

    And how did Whedon prove that he was the right guy for Marvel if Affleck hasn’t? Affleck has proven himself with Gone Baby Gone, The Town and Argo. Whedon made Serenity and majorly flopped.

  • Scott Konkel

    Nice article. You bring up some valid questions and theories. Only time will tell what direction the “Team” will go with the film. Looks like were all along for the ride.

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    Take it up with Snyder. He made the comparison.

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    You haven’t, eh? Guess you’ve missed all the news regarding the rejiggered shooting schedule, Affleck moving his schedule around, the delayed release date, the fact that filming is about to star on a movie that’s over 2 years away, and Cavill supposedly saying he’ll be shooting for the next 10 months?

    As for Whedon’s track record. He’s someone who’s actually written comic books, been very much part of that world, and created properties with large ensemble casts that mesh together, while giving every character a chance to shine- something that is crucial when creating something on the scale of Avengers. So he’s got comic book cred, geek cred (the cult following of his Firefly and Buffy series), and screenwriter cred. Then he turned The Avengers into the most profitable comic book movie ever, and with high critical praise, too. I’d say he proved he was the right man for the job.

    All of your credits for Affleck do nothing to say he could handle something on the scale of a JL movie- or a greater DC Universe, for that matter. They’re great movies. And I like Affleck, but I’m not sure there’s anything on his resume that screams “Make me the man to help stabilize and create your cinematic universe of demigods.”

  • Peter James

    The problem with that is that Ben Affleck is no RDJ

  • Vegas82

    “With so many fans all ready having to give Affleckand Gadot chances, wouldn’t it be nice to see one resounding slam dunk with one of these castings?”

    What do you call casting Jeremy Irons as Alfred? I haven’t seen anyone say anything bad about that one.

  • Frank

    It was referenced way before Zack Snyder did the live show with Amy Adams, Kevin Smith and Henry Cavill.

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    He’s definitely a good choice. But with all that’s seemingly going on in this film, it’s hard to think his role will be all that large. So the castings I’m focusing on are the top tier characters that are set to anchor these next couple of films- i.e. the Heroes and the Villains.

    But yes, the supporting cast continues to look solid. Irons makes a lot of sense.

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    I’m sure it was. But I’m talking about the comparison HE made.

  • Frank

    I believe the comparison Zack Snyder made was more about the consequences about the damage that were different between both movies. The writer of this article goes specifically into the comparison between an entire team taking on an alien invasion rather than just one man.

  • Frank

    I just noticed that the writer of this article is you.

  • Frank

    I’m not sure if you linked it before I read this and I happened to miss it but thanks for putting up the link to the article about Henry Cavill and the information!

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    To paraphrase Snyder’s quote, he says something along the lines of “In Avengers, they level a city, and somehow that’s not a problem.”

    So his focus, in comparing the two films, is how they both had mass destruction- yet his gets flack, while Marvel’s does not. And I respond to this comparison by pointing out that it’s not the destruction, on its own, that is the issue. It’s the way it’s handled in the story.

  • Mario-Francisco Robles


  • Frank

    In Avengers, there was a building that fell after a Leviathan went through it in and Iron Man focused on the Leviathan rather than the building falling. I just feel the stories are different because the situations are completely different and that should also be mentioned when arguing about addressing the destruction.

  • charles bronson

    you’re a pussy. the avengers movie sucks. its like a tv movie. why do you care about the people?

  • Howie

    Sorry to interject but Affleck’s Oscar proves he’s got what it takes, by “industry standards”, to handle a JL movie. But odds are snyder’s directing JL. If WB’s handing out 3-picture deals, JL will be his third, he’ll want to do it, get it done, and get on with his life -enough headaches already.
    “Whedon’s screenwriting cred”? You’re talking about the project he was doing before Avengers, right? ..Wonder Woman? Oh yeah, that was greenlit and went on to make millions!… ? Whedon’s not the reason Avenger’s is the most profitable, i mean consider all the other hugely profitable films he’s created: serenity, much ado, or cabin in the woods. Huge numbers.. or not. If anything Whedon is the reason Avengers didn’t make more. Marvel could’ve had the director of xmen3, direct avengers; and it still would’ve made more money than those three whedon films combined, oh wait, x3 did make more -a lot more. Overrated’s okay but then again facts are facts.

  • NatSolo

    returns was never high art. the problem is and always has been lack of a collective vision. returns came out a year after begins did, and it had nothing to do with that batverse. it was a lovesong for reeve and donner. right off the bat they fucked up the possibility of a cohesive universe. 2 years later they wanted to make jl mortal. even though nolan’s bats was still kicking.

    i remember reading that nolan never really planned for a trilogy, so they could have kicked the dccu right after tdk with a batman still in his prime.

    i think heath’s death was pretty much the last straw for a nolan dccu universe though. if he was still alive he definitely would have been involved in the 3rd film.

  • October_1985

    You make valid points, but I can not agree. The movie clearly shows that Clark has been playing the superhero game for a long time before wearing the suit, and he is pretty good at it. He saves an entire school bus when he is a boy, he saves a lot of people in the oil platform, and both times he does it flawlessly. We can assume that this has been happening for a long time, “for some, he was a guardian angel” and all that. So I cannot accept he is rookie, all the contrary. For me, the most heroic point he reaches in the movie is the rescue in the platform. That is Superman. From that point is all downhill.

  • Josh White

    My head..

  • Josh White

    At the end he saves an entire race. We have to remember out of the 5,000 people who died he still saved 7 Billion. I think deep down he always wants to help people but this time he’s dealing with someone who is out to hurt him and the human race so it’s a bit different than the oil rig. He had to make the decision to kill Zod and that was probably a lot harder than it looked, some people get trigger shy when they have the option to shoot someone so just imagine having to snap someones neck.

  • Josh White

    Very true, I enjoyed the military presence in this movie as well and the relationship that formed between them and Supes which is probably the start of his “boy scout” attitude.

  • Josh White

    Hopefully along with Affleck and Terrio he will have little input but it is good to see different names attached to the project. I am not sure what aspects of GL he worked on but the movie did have some redeeming qualities *sinestro*.

  • Frederick McCain

    Here is my problem with Doomsday being the possible focus of the third film, I don’t think the world in this Universe cares enough about Superman that his death will hold real value like it did in the comics. Even though he saved Metropolis (sort of) from Zod I can’t imagine the world looking at him as a savoir, more as an alien who’s presence will only bring more destruction. If the second film truly is a versus film then I highly doubt they’ll be able to make it believable that by the end of the film the world loves and trusts Superman, maybe by the end of the third film it will be more believable and then in a forth or fifth bring in Doomsday and the Death of Superman. I still don’t see why DC/WB feels the need to play catch up with Marvel, just take your time and make good films, there is more than enough market share for both. But if DC decides to rush things and put out mediocre films then they’ll always be on the outside looking in at Marvel’s success.

  • Joe

    I’m with you. Who really wants a whole sequal developed into ‘entirely’ a Batman Vs. Superman theme. That’s just a tentative title… it’s not even the title! And let’s be realistic… Batman can’t compete with Superman. nobody can, that’s why he’s such a tough character to pull off on screen. Thor does it right in regards to him battling those in his world, and his brothers trickery. Superman can’t. Lex Luthor and Kryptonite? SEEN it before! Boring! Batman using his smart intellect to take down this superhuman man of steel? Yeah, boring too.

    I loved the Doombsday comics… and how else would you involve J.L.?

  • Joe

    Seriously, they took out probably 100 buildings alone just flyin-fighting. And as Superman was smashing through endless buildings upon buildings, his suit and hair looked as sharp as ever. That’s what was wrong with MOS.
    Another thing… Did he bring his razor in his abandoned ship before he became Superman? Because I’m pretty sure he had a full beard walking in there…

  • Josh White

    Thank you! I would actually like the white martians to be the villain for Justice League. It would introduce Martian Manhunter.

  • October_1985

    Its the army, Prof. Hamilton and Lois Lane who save the entire race, Superman just destroys a machine that was to be rendered useless anyway when the black zero blow up and then destroys whats left of the city fighting with Zod. I agree that the decision to kill Zod should be harder than it looked, but the movie make a terrible job with that scene and at the end it looks ridiculous and forced… Seriously, Superman can snap his neck but cant make him to turn his head? If is so worried about the people about to be carbonized… why he doesnt use his hands to cover Zod’s eyes?

  • David S.

    100% AGREED

  • Josh White

    What would he have done after that though? I agree he should’ve killed him another way but he had to kill him not because of the family but because of the trouble he will cause later on and they have no way to contain him now.

  • Josh White

    When they were flying and fighting they didn’t take out buildings Superman was thrown through them but none collapsed.

  • David S.

    I think that they are casting young people to such significant roles because of the time in years that took place to put a film on a theather (pardon my english, it´s not my native language). Lex definetly will have secuels, also Wonder Woman.
    So, I think that there´s the main concern to them. That´s why we´ll dont´t have a proper Lex and Wonder Woman, according to the physical image in the comics and other iterations of the character.

    Having said that, I must say that I don´t look at Ben Affleck as an OLDER or WISER version of Batman. Even compared to Chris Bale he seems younger.

  • Convoy

    A perfect example, and I think you mentioned this, is when Zod kicked that fuel truck at Superman. Instead of stopping it he just casually floated over it, letting it destroy the building behind him.
    NYC was leveled in The Avengers, but they did the best they could to minimize the damage in the situation they were in. They had no choice but to fight in the city because that’s where the wormhole and the Teseract was. Superman didn’t even try with Zod. He kept the battle right in Metropolis

  • Howie

    Joe & Josh you both need to stop w/ these statements you’re pullin outta your a$$, and stick to the facts.
    Fact is the announcement made at comic-con was a quote from dark knight returns; of batman, the man, who beat superman. Fact is the production thanked everyone for coming out(to the football game) to film Batman vs Superman. Fact is the world engine’s in pieces in the southern indian ocean, and had three lights similar/alluding to brainiac. Fact, lex is bald. #baldberg

  • claudiomario

    As much as i want to see that story line, i have to agree. it needs time.

  • Adam Edwards

    Ok lets put this in perspective, given the fact that the scale of these movies is supposed to be global, And yet so many people claim that Supes “Failed” to save anybody. Conservative estimate of Earths population 6,000,000,000 high estimate of death/injuries = 100,000 percentage of human death/injuries is still one thousandth of 1 percent. Compared to a death percentage of 100% if the world engine plan succeeded…….where is the problem

  • DAH

    exactly!! high-five!

  • DAH

    no not rasors…..but they have a laser chamber basically ya just walk into it and it shaves ya…it was on the deleted scenes on the blu-ray…

  • http://www.geekbotmedia.com/ Geekbot

    >wouldn’t it be nice to see one resounding slam dunk with one of these castings?

    I really like this sentence. This encapsulates what we’ve been thinking at Geekbot. Well said.

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    Unfortunately, your figures and reasoning are irrelevant to this conversation.

    Similar to my response to Snyder’s stance, I guess I need to remind you: The issue doesn’t have to do with the numeric death toll, the destruction, or any of what you seem to think it’s about.

    It has to do with the way it’s handled by Superman in the context of the story and what is shown on screen. The way the action was shot, the story was told, and that Cavill was directed to act, didn’t seem to allow any genuine emotion or reaction to creep into the atrocities that were going on around the action.

    I don’t care if only 1 person died, on the whole planet. The Superman that I’m a fan of would feel the weight of that single loss, and will have done everything in his power to stop it, or to try and save them.

    Hope that clarifies the issue for you.

  • Andrew DeCriscio

    I completely disagree to this casting not being similar to heath’s in dark knight bc dkr had just as many casting shocks as well as the entire trilogy. Jesse will do great just like heath.

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    Really? What was a widely-known and accepted casting shock in those first two Nolan Batman movies?

  • Dan Riedel

    Love this article and hypothesis.

    I REALLY hope Doomsday (or better yet, Brainiac with Doomsday in tow) is the JLAs first villain, it would be VERY fitting, as he’s not the ULTIMATE god villain Darkseid (who needs to be saved for JL 2).

    The only thing is that I don’t see Doomsday being in yet ANOTHER crash landed kryptonian ship. I’m betting he will either be from Kara’s crashed ship, or perhaps the last male ever cloned by the Amazons (if they are in fact, Kryptonian).

    He could also be a fail-safe for Zod in case if his original planned failed. I just hope they don’t merge Doomsday with Bizarro, which could be yet another scenario.

    God, I wish I were a producer on this, because JL would be an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT BEAST from any other major superhero movie to date. Sci-fi horror reminiscent of a mash-up of Body Snatchers and Friday the 13th. And Superman would be DEAD by the second act.

    We’ll see what happens, but yes, Doomsday should definitely be at least A villain in JL. Fingers Crossed!

  • Dan Riedel

    The problem is that there’s this perception that CAN’T work in Nolan’s world. It’s bull.

    Wanna know why? We haven’t even SEEN aliens yet. So introducing aliens in the Nolan universe would throw EVERYTHING we know out the window. Laws of physics, space travel, technology – everything.

    Superman CAN work in Nolan’s universe. They dropped the ball by not starting from there.

    And if they are going to go with an older Bruce Wayne, Alfred should be DEAD or in a wheelchair. Like really, how much sense does it make for a Butler probably as old as the Waynes to still be alive WORKING when Bruce is a 40+ year old man? Especially one that goes out every night fighting guys who are shooting at him. THAT, my friend, isn’t realistic.

  • kapow!

    M. I think u may be overemphasizing what general audiences care about. They are cool with Henry. And Affleck. Many don’t know Gadot yet. Actually, I think people are ready for something fresh. That’s what Snyder seems to be doing with this Lex casting and even the entire DC Movieverse.

  • kapow!

    SM was all alone and untested when fighting a troop of battle-ready Kryptonians. The Avengers had a whole team of heroes and the full might of SHIELD. Not really fair to compare the two scenarios (and Snyder only compared them because others did first)

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    That’s truly all beside the point, Kap. No one is talking about the tactical logistics involved. We’re talking about the way the story was presented, and the way Superman was depicted. Amidst all the chaos, we didn’t see any of the care/concern/heroism that should have been present in a Superman film. We just saw Superman angry and punching things.

  • KaracterZero

    I don’t really get the destruction complaints to this day or why people somehow blame superman for that…Zod and the other Kryptonians attacked earth in metropolis and on the other side of the planet…he fought them where they attacked, with a giant ship no less…I don’t see at all how it’s different than the avengers, except that people went into MOS looking for issues from the start…
    I also don’t get the idea that Superman didn’t save people…in the Smallville fight sequence he repeatedly saves soldiers over and over…it’s fast and matter of fact, but somehow those saves don’t count?
    On top of that the whole story is based on the fact that he’s been wandering the globe just saving people in secret…and they show you one big save on an oil rig as well.
    The same goes for the final battle in metropolis…AFTER he finishes destroying the world engine (no one really to save around there, except EVERYONE by destroying it) he goes back to metropolis…he saves more people during that, AND the final climactic moment with zod, he kills him to save a random family…during the fight with zod, buildings are leveled by two super powered beings fighting…it shows their power and the fight began and mostly took place in the already destroyed area from the world builder…they fly around a little and smash some sides of buildings and stuff, but that’s not new to superman or to super hero battles…in avengers the same type of stuff happened…yet they get a pass for not drawing the action away, but superman doesn’t? On top of the fact that there was a TEAM of them and just one of him…(FYI, I loved both movies, so not hating on anything here)
    People can not like the movie but the “Destuction Porn” complaints and “he doesn’t save people” complaints don’t hold water if you ask me…
    I do hope that in the sequelish thing they do give us a couple random superman saving civilians scenes like the plane sequence in Superman Returns or something to that effect, just to show he’s been on the job for a while after the events of MOS and saving tons of people and gaining trust around the world…

  • KaracterZero


  • KaracterZero

    agreed, in MOS he JUST learned how strong he was…he wasn’t even sure what he could do…now he knows more and has to walk a fine line…

    As for the neck snap, people seem to assume that he knew it would kill Zod…in reality he had no idea…he just tried something, and apparently it worked…it was a bad ass scene I thought…shocking really…but I think it worked…think of another super hero / comic book movie where the death of a villain at the hands of a hero held as much weight as that did…usually it’s just: Kill bad guy, make witty quip, happy ending…or maybe crush their hand, and throw them in an foggy pit and leave their fate ambiguous at best…then make a funny quip…

  • kapow!

    The way I see it, Kal-El is on a Hero’s Journey, of which Mos was only the first leg. I’m glad he was not a full-fledged perfect hero and made many, many mistakes. That’s how we all learn. Unfortunately, SM had to get up-to-speed during a worldwide apocalypse. His mistakes, all the deaths, will likely torment SM and add depth to this character in the sequel. Not to mention, if all these events had actually happened in real life, the death toll would’ve been much higher anyway. If anything, Snyder scaled back the destruction (and yes, I typed that with a straight face, lol )

  • KaracterZero

    He was clearly pained in the end of the movie…and I did not just read that scream and holding lois as just being mad he killed Zod, I’m pretty sure that agony was in the entire ordeal…he did not feel that he won…it did not necessarily end on a high note, which can be criticized…but I think he did show pain and what happened…more so than most comic book movies…he just didn’t whine and cry while he was busy trying to save the world.

  • Josh White

    ahahha, the Zod part surprised me when I first saw the movie. I think he is even stronger than we saw, his father said he has to test his limits to know how strong he can get. (Jor-El)

    P.S. we haven’t seen him take a dip in the sun yet…

  • Josh White

    Zack Snyder said it was about 5,000 dead.

  • Josh White

    He did stop it, he killed that son of a b****

  • KaracterZero

    He is a rookie at fighting against a bunch of other super beings…that’s different…even in the cartoons when he fights someone like doomsday or whatever, he or they get thrown through buildings or cars get tossed…I don’t see how that type of stuff is new to superman…you are right though…he is “Superman Principles” come from Clark, not the suit…which I think he had, but they kind of just talked about it, and only showed the oil rig thing…from then on it was just battling the kryptonians which gives us less chance for that…though i’d argue he saves soldiers multiple times in the smallville battle if you watch it again…

  • KaracterZero


  • Eze_Valluco

    Ok I gotta jump in this convo b4 yall stop responding.. I need sum feedback.. fist of all the destruction in Avengers was balanced off by the Awesome super heroes that faced the unknown alien threat.. I mean come on fukkin Iron Man the Incredible fucking Hulf actually caught on camera fukking kiking and chewing up alien Ass!!! OMFG AMERICA WOULD BE GOING CRAZY FOR THESE HEROES!!.. They were already legends and myths around the fuking globe.. and Captain America? Man what more can you ask for? Not to mention the Media and how they were made by “Shield” to spin the story to calm down the public.. I mean you dont know New York exists till you actually go there wtf does shield care they tell sum cheese stuffer in wisconsin.. aka the Sandy hook effect.. Sandy hook were all actors..according to conspiracy theorists.. can you prove that wrong? Unless you live there you dont know.. rokerfellars grandkid went to that school for godsakes.. point is alot goes on behond the scenes especially cover ups.. (Shooter) mark whalberg is amazing he should jump into the Marvel universe.. second that Mark zuckerber wannabe jew fuck was hired just cus of that hes a jew fuck.. (gal also) the real question here is wtf havent we gotten any racial diversity? Besides white people and jews which I cant tell apart.. WW GL even Lex can all be not white/Jewish.. too many fukin white people.. and where are the fukin Latinos.. we watch movies too you know.. its 2000 fukkin 14 or 16 by the time yu finish.. show sum fkn diversity.. Lex would be way better portrayed as the darker skin character he was in the Superman animated series.. tall muscular dark intelligent seductive hell he should get Lois Lane wet just with a look her way.. that could of been a sub plot.. boning supes slutty reporter which is a real life characterization of all reporters.. this casting may be the worst in movie making history.. mark my words.. all of these characters will have a dull nonsensical and unbelievable chemistry no matter how you write it.. and for christ sakes alfred is the same age as BATMAN!! wtf?? And how is Lex younger than batman?? That trillionaire punk wuld be no match for Batman.. and gal gadot?? Her age?? Everyone will be semi retired by the time phase 3 dc univsese comes around.. and why is every1 talking shit about supes dying?? How does incorporating doomsday = doomsday dying?? These retards are obviously not following the comic books.. doomsday can just be a dumb clumsy zod that smashes shit.. he doesnt have to kill supes.. and for christ sakes please no more lois lane sub plots that bitch couldnt act like a reporter if she got a 10 million dollar raise.. if anything she shuld be considered a semi hero..bitch climbed over glaciers wearing spandex and one jacket with no ski mask.. shulda killed her then and really “surprised” the audience.. since they love surprising us Zod damn much.. pun intended.. these losers will choke harder than manning at the Super bowl.. and their up against the fukkin Seahawks aka Marvel aka Whedon.. this isy opinion some one please reply and talk shit afgue or agree withe for supes sakes.. pun intended.. o and btw Afleck was the bomb in Phantoms!!! Lol

  • Josh White

    This is just terrible.

  • Eze_Valluco

    Thanks I tried so hard.. probly harder than the dikhead responsible for the casting of this movie

  • Eze_Valluco

    Can you atleast agree with me in the racial diversity of casting??

  • HoTZ

    Cool kids? Ugh, Mario.
    Still being condescending, aye?

    What do I think?
    Who cares. I’ll go buy a ticket and enjoy a make believe world.
    Good enough.

  • rsixsmith

    i would have liked to see a darker skinned and more physically imposing lex. but complaints about racial diversity coming from someone who uses the phrase “jew fuck” is surprising. makes you sound like a “retard”. the rock will probably be playing john stewart in justice league, so there’s some diversity, albeit not in the next superman movie. yet. also your writing is terrible, your opinions facile, but your quip about phantoms was hilarious.

  • Eze_Valluco

    Thx man I appreciate your honesty.. I have the new S4 the screen is huge but sumhow they managed to keep the keybored the same size as the peice of shot o used b4 this.. I know right? Shiw me sum Hott Lex come on hes like my idol and im very fuking sexy.. and I come from south carolina where you point out your victims race like right away.. for example You stupid Mexican!! Hey wetback!! Yea those were aimed at me constantly at school.. not my fault.. but he really is a jew fukk haha no jard feelings just talking from a point of view different than yours.. I guess..

  • Mario-Francisco Robles

    Condescending? Not at all. That’s Mayimbe’s term of endearment for LR’s readers. He’s used it in many posts and videos, so I’m surprised you’re unfamiliar with the term. So I adopted it. I think it sounds nicer than Fanboy Nation (his other one). Sorry you thought I was being snide or mean, but no, I do consider all of you the cool kids :)

  • Kurt G. Buttstadt

    I just hope we get whales again… :)

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  • El Lioncourt

    I’m right there with you about not seeing how Nolan’s Batman couldn’t work in a real DC world. Warner should have stopped with the first two, skipped the crapfest that was Rises (as much as I love Anne Hathaway) and used Bale’s Batman in a World’s Finest movie.

  • @chrisdude

    I agree that was likely how that moment was intended to come across. And, if you go into the movie with presuppositions about who Superman is, and what he would feel, you may decide that’s what it meant. Much like my Superman fan friend said, during the end credits, “I have to think Superman was using his x-ray vision to spare people.” The wording there is key. “Have to think.”

    When SO MANY people walk away without feeling what was intended to be felt, and Superman fans have to use their imagination to resolve the conflict between what they saw on the screen and who they know Superman to be, there’s a problem.

    This perceived lack of emotion and reverence for all this destruction and death, and the missing sense of hope and joy, are probably the most complained about faults in the film.

  • HoTZ

    Hmmm. Well played, sir. ;)

  • KaracterZero

    At the same time “So Many” people came out of the film loving it…hence these discussions…so really it’s just a matter of taste I guess…Part of me feels like people brought more “baggage” for lack of a better word to this movie…So many reviews I read after it was release gave it negatives and then cited the original Superman movie as to where this one went wrong which I think it not a fair comparison…personally I love both, but I like this version better…but that’s just my opinion…
    I’ve watched MOS on DVD since reading reviews and reactions and through a lot of it, I found myself pointing out counter arguments out loud to myself to most of the big complaints I’ve heard as I watched it…
    When you’re comparing to a classic, especially one that many people grew up loving from childhood, I think that puts the new film at a disadvantage…I don’t think the comparisons are fair because the original is seen through childhood eyes and nostalgia…don’t get me wrong, the original is great…I love it…but I love this too…I think it didn’t get a fair shake from people…There are really no other comic book movies that have had to deal with that like superman did…batman maybe, but not to the same extent I don’t think…
    But to each their own…here’s hoping the next one is awesome…

  • Tim

    Okay.time for me to step in!
    Kal-el was not SUPERMAN in the film, he was just a guy who put on the costume when the zod invasion was happening because he felt responsible for everything!

    remember how fast everything went for him? finds the ship. Sees jor..sees zod..EVERYTHING JUST CAME AT HIM, he didn’t have time to think , just act! imagine if you found you’re real dad? in an ALIEN ship? and found out that another alien. From your alien home world is coming to do bad on your planet! I know kal is alien, but at the end of the day he is human, that’s what great about superman,he’s human. But he’s not!

    …he didn’t have time to sit down and soak all this in! the guy is confused, scared and doesn’t know anything to be honest! people need to realise this was a realistic approach to superman, this guy is meant to be relatable (minus the powers) and he reacted how we all would in some cases!

    Kal-el is just a big kid in some ways, who never knew who HE actually was! he’s lost, he was an alien amongst men, his childhood sucked!
    he made mistakes, like any human does…that’s the point of it,HES HUMAN (not literally human but u get me) what can a man do! Clark cant save everyone, even with his powers he just cant.

    Man of steel was not a campy fest,it was real to the bone.you have to understand it from clarks view,HE IS CONFUSED AND ALONE AND HAS TO FIGHT A WHOLE ALIEN ARMY..WHICH I MAY ADD ARE ALL ENGINEERED TO BE WARRIORS.

    The destruction in the film was great and it made you realise…superman wouldn’t allow this? BECAUSE HE WASNT SUPERMAN,HE WAS SUPERMAN FOR 10 MINUTES HE DOESNT KNOW ANYTHING!

    He was a farm boy,now he ends up killing an alien from another world?
    you guys need to think about it! kal wasn’t superman until the last lets say 20 minutes.

    im not a man of steel fanboy BTW,infact I hated it first time I watched it! it a great film! you guysjust wanted some campy ‘save cat in a tree’ kind fo superman.
    this was a realistic take on supes,darker and grittier as well.

    He became superman at the end of the film, man of steel 2 will probably show him officially as superman.

    On the other hand,i don’t really like Snyder in some cases,i hate his casting decsions.

  • October_1985

    I don’t agree with a lot of the things you say, but you make some well argumented points, I admire your reasoning. I love to see people defending what they love with passion and intelligence, kudos.

  • Truthhurts

    No, most people know who Affleck is and the over consensus was concern with a “let’s see what he does” resolution. Then Gadot got casted and again it was a forced “eek? really? ok maybe she can do it” then Eisenberg got casted and people were again “What? really? Maybe because of that one movie where he showed he can play a rich arrogant ass but I guess we will see”. Do you see the pattern here? Typically with a big budget (especially superhero movie) you want people to respond with “Wow! that’s awesome”. Marvel is guilty of it too, how many people heard Chris Evans and went “Wow! great choice” but most people did love the other casting choices. I believe what Mario is saying here is generally speaking a big budget film wants more “Wow! great casting choice” responses than “hmmm, I guess they can do it” responses

  • Truthhurts

    I was going to jump in with a similar response to that Idiot Mario who doesn’t know anything about comic verse or how it would affect movies. If Superman is going to die and everyone is going to go “oh no we are sad now” well then he needs to do more to make that world really feel it. Granted you can’t have 75 years worth of Superman saving people to get that feel but maybe MOS2 he does something amazing and shows some sacrifice, then Justice League he shows he can be a leader and rally the troops to overcome a really dangerous foe, THEN MOS3 we can see superman battle Doomsday or let be a slow burn and he fights one more villain with Doomsday subplot leading to Justice League 2 where he dies at the end, and we’ve had several films for this world to truly care about Superman. Of course more than likely this wont happen at all and Doomsday will be a throw away villain with some silly action sequences and superman dies and comes back in a really convoluted way.

  • BetterthanBronson

    Charles Bronson is a pussy. He died of Pneumonia. What a sissy. Unless you mean the British prisoner who is also a pussy who fought a bunch of hacks and often got his ass handed to him. Bottom line, Bronsons are pussies.

  • Youareanidiot

    Unless they plan on making Alfred a bit more of a hardass in this movie, Iron is a horrible casting choice. So he’s older and british? oh great idea, lets make him Alfred. What qualities and films has Irons shown to prove he would be this “Great’ casting choice? Let’s get Daniel Day Lewis while we are at it.

  • TruthHurts

    Whedon didn’t direct Cabin in the woods he was just a producer on it. Drew Goddard directed Cabin in the Woods. I think its a bit unfair to compare Serenity (a movie based off a fairly popular cult tv series) to X3 which was a huge budget movie based off a large fan favorite series. Same with Much Ado About nothing which was more of a passion project.

  • TruthHurts

    Obviously all of this is speculation and until MOS2 comes out we can’t say for certain how Snyder and his Superman/world will react to what took place. I agree the next sequence of everyone happy at the planet was not the best idea, but full consequences hopefully will be portrayed in MOS2, if not then all criticism is valid.

  • Deadlinereporter

    He revealed who is playing Doomsday

  • Truthhurts

    I think what hurt the movie was right after the big scream of killing zod and the weight of it all, we show fun clark showing up at the planet and people cracking jokes. Again this could be months after the event or more, but time doesn’t seem to indicate that so theoretically its like “next day everyone is fine”. I get ending on a happy note, but perhaps a little less action and little more time dedicated to that would have resulted in a better ending.

  • SnyderFTW

    I’m still confused

  • @chrisdude

    I agree that the comparison puts MoS is at a disadvantage, and I agree that it’s not fair.

    Snyder said that MoS was made as if there had never been any Superman movies. But that doesn’t change the fact that the old Superman movies defined the character of Superman, and the tone of Superman stories, for much of the world. They just chose to ignore nostalgia. Which is fine. It just meant that those inevitable comparisons were never going to help them.

  • Drake

    To counter your first paragraph, did you forget that it was stated that destroying one machine wouldn’t do diddly if the other wasn’t destroyed? What would have been the point of sending the military to the other side of the world with a warp drive/portal generator to take out an unoccupied world engine when they were closer to Metropolis AND the aliens they were trying to get rid of? That’s about the only reason the military sent Superman to the Indian Ocean. Otherwise, don’t you think they would have thought about using Superman as a distraction for the Kryptonians while they bomb them out of existence?

  • rsixsmith

    thank you. also, when you’re a kid, you don’t realize how utterly out of character it is for superman to make zod, ursa and non as mortal and weak as humans and then to kill zod and smile when lois does the same to ursa. it’s actually pretty psychopathic behavior. then he goes out of his way to take revenge on a human at a truck stop. is THIS the superman that all of these complainers love so dearly? the one they can respect so much more than one who dodges a semi? i can agree that goyer could have done MORE to show a superman concerned for humanity’s well-being, but i don’t agree that there wasn’t enough or that he was a cold version of the character. i think in order to believe that, you have to ignore much of what preceded the climax.

    anyway, it pisses me off that supes snapped zod’s neck, because we’ll definitely never see wonder woman do the same thing to max lord. and even if justice league ever went to that story line, it wouldn’t carry as much weight. jk, not really pissed at all :)

  • rsixsmith

    again, superman’s actions at the end of superman II are scary in reality. he kills someone as weak as a human. praiseworthy? i think not. able to be overlooked? clearly.

  • rsixsmith

    i don’t think superman was AS bad as the nolan dk films in terms of seriousness/darkness (though it was too serious), but you have made a really excellent point and probably the most important one in terms of the difference between marvel and dc movies. i think that dc has really got a problem in goyer. hopefully, some new blood on the script(s) can turn things around.

  • @chrisdude
  • @chrisdude

    Just goes to show how much of a difference presentation makes.

  • rsixsmith

    yeah, that the right tone can actually make superman and his girlfriend literally murdering people look cool and like justice to a child.

  • @chrisdude

    I get the sarcasm, but that IS what happened.

  • jamthemaj

    Well said and couldn’t agree more. I’m getting pretty sick of hearing the BS complaints as well.